The Mafia vs. The Militia

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  1. "Mr. Brody! Mr. Brody!"
    "What do you want Gavin, and stop yelling!"
    "I'm sorry Mr. Brody, please forgive me."
    "Yeah, whatever, now what do you want?"
    "Mr. Brody....the Militia's back...and they've come back with a boom...they blew up our place at the Chase building in Time Square..."

    Mr. Brody slowly stood up in his seat. The Militia... he thought to himself. "Get my men armed and ready. We're rolling out tomorrow first thing in the morning...this means war!" Mr. Brody pressed a button under his desk and his mafia manor fell under high security. He took out his golden glock and made sure it was loaded. He went and decided to take a rest. Tomorrow was a big day. Tomorrow would be the time for action.

    Name: Ronald 'Ron' Brody
    Gang: Mafia

    ((ok so just put your name and your gang in your post, and if you want to you can put your appearance. You can choose other gangs to be part of, but they won't be the main gangs fighting in the war. No dodging bullets...basically no god modding... but at the same time don't die right away. Hospitals are allowed. This is modern gangsters and mobsters, so there can be some spiffy technology used in this rp. Have fun, and don't blow up too many things ;) ))
  2. -The sound's bullet's made his head ring. He crouched behind a dumpster. which had been turned around for the small shoot out, He had tryed preventing the group of Militia soldier's from taking the bulding, But when it blew up sooner than expected. the male was launched to the side. He slammed into the wall His head rocking into it when his body came in contact with it. He fell and dropped his silver plated 1911 which slid under the dumpster, He looked up. His eye's burning from smoke and flame's around him. He he began coughing. Nearly hacking up a lung.- "Logan come on!, " -A man went to help him up. but was shot twice in the back.The car that held the shooter's then screeched off. Logan stood. He wore a black and gold pair of shoe's. Black jean's a Black Tank top and a black and gold jacket along with a Tilted hat. His hair was short and spiked under his hat. His skin Simple tanned color. He moved out off the Alley after grabbing his friend's TEC 9 then he aimed it and shot off five bullet's at the car. It began to swirve off the road. But then it flipped when the tire popped and hit a curb He put the Gun in his pocket. and quickly retrieved his own M1911 then he ran off to a abandoned building to drop the heat. Everyone gang knew though. That this was his gang's territory he spent the day here untill morning. Where the heat had passed and The Mafia would definently be informed of there loss.-

    Name: Logan "Gar" shepherd.
    Gang: Side gang. Not a major role. (He has alway's been looking for a way to get into the Mafia. Therefor he figured he would make a stand at there turf, To protect it. But the odd's were not in his favor and this post would be right before you'res but would also lead to the time you're post would be taken place.)
  3. A young woman walked through the ruins of an abandoned mansion, a duffel bag over her shoulder that was full of her main weapon. She looked around a bit before walking out of the place. She had only been staying there for a night, not really able to find any other place that wouldn't check her bag. She had short dark brown hair and hazel eyes as well as pale skin that could shine in moonlight. As for clothing, she wore light clothing she could move around in. It was a white hoodie with red stripes down either side, a tight black t-shirt, black cargo pants, and regular tennis shoes. She dressed for both the ability to look normal and quick battle. She had traveled from a nearby town, wanting to get away from her strict and stuck-up father who had thought he could run her life just because he was one of the high leaders of the milita. She had always been a rebel, though, often getting into trouble where she wanted to. She was now in a new town, one she had heard her father mention. There was a large smoke cloud in the distance and several gang-looking people walking around. A small smirk crawled onto her lips. "Revenge... moving into a town full of the people Father hates...." She then began walking down the street, cracking her neck lightly. She wasn't worried about being recognized. Only high up leaders of organizations and such would know who she was, and even then she had cut her hair and changed her clothing style.

    Name: Xermallion "Jack" Drak
    Gang: Unaffiliated