The Mafia (A Mobster Story)

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  1. This story will begin during the great depression of america, 1930, Florida. Why did i pick florida? I like the fancy, flower shirted mobsters more than the regular gray and black ones but that won't be a restriction in the rp. I also picked the year 1930s because Al Capone was still living during that era, and yes, he will be in the rp. The setting will mostly revolve around your character, being a high position in your Mafia being forced to adjust heavily due to the sudden depression state of america. How will your business handle this? How will you earn as much as you did before? How will things work now that most of the population are without a home to live in? All these questions and more to come. This rp won't have much ''combat'' scenes, it will mostly focus on the drama and plot aspect and also the inner workings of the mob. Which position will you take in your Mafia is up to you, you can even be the boss/Don. To keep the story interesting and unpredictable other members can make underboss bios for your Mafia in turn gaining some control over your Mafia. This story will most likely be full of twists and turns, betrayal, revenge, gore, death, and multiple deals with other members and players. What does Al Capone have to do with all of this? Well i tend to mix him together to get the plot thickened, he'll most likely make everyones life a living hell.

    I also tend to make this into a ''Clan'' so we can have multiple threads concerning each Mafia, side plots, and main plots and other stuff related. Any questions, please ask. I hope i get interest!
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  2. Hmm...
    Alrighty, well, I'm interested! ^^
  3. I dropped this idea already, sorry. I'm currently in the works on a more structured large scale rp at the moment. If you prefer you can join that one, but i'd ask you to PM my inbox if you wanna know more about it/and or interested.
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