The Madhouse, Group-home for the Insane

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  1. Intro
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Welcome to the Madhouse, home for the insane! Where anything and anything can happen! Well, except a cure for madness of course. Here at the Madhouse, we provide an environment for all of the insane to live in peace, or chaos, whichever they prefer, but we are not responsible for anything that may happen after moving in. [/BCOLOR]

    Hello, me again!

    I will be making a RP taking place in sort of like an apartment building for the insane, were people can RP as any insane character or OC that thy choose. It will be a rather modern just for fun RP, where people that like RPing insane characters can do so. I'm already working on the group but I am wondering if people will be interested in something like this or have any ideas or suggestions.
    Thanks! Zero out!
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  2. Sounds cool to me
  3. Me me me meeeee

    Hey, what if in this Madhouse beside insane characters something will happen ? Like unknown deaths or missing people. And out of nowhere this insane people to actually have an idea, but no one will listen 'cause they are INSANE and they have to search for a normal person and things will go on. Just an idea...... just an idea.
  4. Yes this could happen, there will be the ability to be a sane character, but there will be a very limited number of these. The normal characters are more or less tired of dealing with the insane ones, so one of them could be behind it as a plot twist, seeing that most would assume one of the insane ones would be the cause.

    Thanks for showing interest!
  5. A twist of a plot twist? What if one of the sane people has his/hers brother/sister in the madhouse. And after taking a new name and everything and starting to be sick of helping the younger sibling to plan those murders puting her sibling doing the CRIMES !
    OR ....
    She/he on the road to insanity, to create a cure, the sane one force or makes the insane sibling doing the "missing people" thing....

    Maybe a little to much, right?
    Thanks ♥
  6. Sure, why not?
  7. I'm game
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