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  1. Welcome, lovely guest!

    Quick traits to have before continuing on:
    • Please be a mature person and at least sixteen years of age.​
    • You have to be able (and willing) to take the plot to random and exciting twists and turns once in a while.
    • You have to seek the development of the plot and the characters before the romance or the 'feels'.
    The Madam is ready to receive you~!

    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, to my digital parlor in this wonderful domain of tall tales! You may call me Vernal, and I hope we will get along splendidly and for many months, nay, years to come. I am a long-time user of the social hobby called forum roleplaying, and would like to consider myself adequately creative and talented in the written arts, taking into account that there is always room for improvement. All genres are worth investigating with the correct state of mind and idea, and as such I will not limit myself to a specific one. I can portray both male and females of varying sexuality as long as the latter do not take the forefront spot in our story. one thing is certain with me; romance, angst and drama are spices to me, they are not the main dishes.

    My most recent cravings and the events you should be aware of are...

    1. Something surrounding bonds of kinship, that they may be between siblings, parents and offspring, or even more distant relations of either blood or affection.
    2. I would be interested in exploring slavery in times resembling our own Antiquity Eras. Do feel free to suggest, otherwise I would be happy to give you my own scenarios more privately.
    3. I would be interested in us exploring the darker side of industrialized societies, adding our own touch to Dickens-like scenarios.
    4. Cyberpunk or even Blade Runner-style settings? Yes, please!
    5. I would like to world-build a community based on Easter or Mid-Eastern cultures.

    I am free of obligations and am seeking a handful of partners!
    For your eyes only... (open)

    “I think you'll find that a lot of things will make themselves clear in the following year, Mister Danaher,” a soft chuckle followed that last statement, the hooded man extricating his pocket watch from his imposing coat and seemed to check the time, the only streetlight nearby enough to act as some kind of illumination making the contraption shine gold for a brief moment. The man, having seemingly come to some sort of inner agreement, tipped his head towards Julian in a parody of courteous farewell and walked back to whence he came.

    The sharp wintry wind whistled hollowly through the narrow alley as Julian was left staring after the swiftly departing back of the mysterious figure that, he was now certain, had followed him for quite some time. Repressing a bone rattling shudder due to both the thought that new certainty brought to his startled mind and the frigid London air common to the area when the Christmas celebrations were so near, Julian hugged his woolen coat closer to his large frame and quickly made his way back to the comfort and safety of his humble home.

    Dark alleys and the sharp sounds common to the docks slowly changed to more adequately lit streets framed with narrow shops crowned by the low income housings he had known his whole life. The labyrinthine pathways leading further into the city were still quite busy despite the late hours, the capital of the Empire never truly sleeping, especially when the destitute were concerned. As such it was no surprise for the dock worker that he had to use much of his great bulk and quite a few of his most menacing scowls to make his way quickly home, his uneasy heart not letting him rest until he was back into his darling wife's arms.

    The set of stairs he took daily could not be climbed faster, and in his eagerness to finally be home, Julian fumbled with his key like a drunkard despite being completely sober that night. Grunting in aggravation, the worker finally shoved the shaking key into the keyhole and unlocked his front door, nearly running inside the sweet smelling haven of his abode and just as quickly closing and locking the door closed in an attempt to feel safer.

    Heart hammering still against his barrel chest, the tall man leaned against the solid wooden panel at his back and breathed slowly, eyes closing in an attempt to calm himself down from his momentary panic. The cheap grandfather clock in the lobby ticked softly in the quiet room for quite some time before he felt strong enough to go seek his beloved in her domain, not wanting to worry her needlessly about his safety while she was so near to giving birth to their first child.

    He had to be strong, and that was with that though in mind along with the warm fancy of a young boy with Violet's warm eyes and his own strong features floating in his mind that Julian made his way to the small kitchen, following the scent of a divine-smelling meat stew.
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  2. Madam, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. Since I am unable to review your roleplay resume due to a known bug, would it be possible for you to send me it through private message or perhaps, you can take a look at my own roleplay resume and see if we could possibly be a great match with the exception that I request a small favor from you- a writing sample.
  3. Of course, A copy will be sent your way. I'll have to ask for you to wait a moment for the sample, however, but I'll hopefully won't be long
  4. Please take your time. I don't mind the wait.
  5. If you're still searching for partners, I would be glad to work out a plot; shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  6. Sure thing, expect me to pass by shortly!
  7. We can take any romance out if you want, but if not that's totally cool too! I wasn't planning on having much romance anyway.
  8. You mean taking it all the way with friendships and maybe if it works organically later relationships of drag queens/kings with the occasional gay bar customer? I'd be up for that.
  9. Yeah! Can you PM me some character sheets?
  10. PM me some templates and I'll go work on some characters ASAP! :)
  11. I added a new craving, and left a sample of my writing!
  12. I am interested in plotting rps with you. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  13. I'm sorry, but I'm looking for someone that can keep up with at least the Adept writing expectation.
  14. I am a good writer and I have been expanding my posts lately. I want to challenge myself and be a better writer.
  15. How about this, try your best to send me a PM with a sample showing the wife's side of things and a bit of what happens next you would guess fit with my own sample and we'll see, okay?
  16. A slave story within the Antiquity Era sounds truly compelling. May I be your partner for this?
  17. Yes, feel free to send me your ideas and we'll get started.
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