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  1. SEN
    The blankets that weighed down Sen almost seemed to beg her to stay in bed, but the yelling superior at the foot of her bed begged to differ. "Sen, you urchin!" she yelled once more, ripping the blankets from her making the snow-haired girl curl into a small ball in hopes of retaining what little heat she could, but to her dismay the woman's bony cold fingers wrapped around her ankle jerking her out of bed with tremendous strength. Sen yelped in shock of the action, instinctively gripping her sheets and dragging them down with her.

    "Sen, you have a job!" Claudette reminded the girl who was still dizzy from her sleep, her crimson painted eyes lazily scanning the room as the much older woman buzzed around preparing her underlings uniform. In an automatic manner, she began to dress. The dress matched every other maid that bustled around the castle, hurriedly fulfilling the orders of their respective masters, a black with white trim one-piece dress with a full skirt above the knees and a white half apron with lace around its edges, some women with longer hair choose to wear the headpiece that matched their uniform, while most substituted it with a lacy bow holding their hair back in a ponytail. Given Sen's hair being so white, a bow was best since the headpiece was invisible.

    With a heavy sigh, the girl had completed her morning routine of getting dressed and performing the small tasks of brushing her hair, teeth, and so on. She offered herself one last reassuring glance in the mirror, tucking her dagger behind the rather large bow in her apron. "Set to go, ready to kill," she told herself, hurrying out of the room her heels clicking against the tiles as she did. Memories of the King rescuing her from her hell of childhood had made her rather fond of the kingdom, she enjoyed being his shell, his orders were nothing but mercy, and often more in the interest of others than himself. Although lately, the King had been acting violently, asking political murders, enforcement of taxes, and other requests that seemed terribly out of his usual peace-loving character.

    Honestly, Sen was terrified for the Kings well-being.

    Sen performed her daily chores, tending to the garden, assisting the kitchen with preparing their meals, tidying the King and Queens bedroom and quickly shifting over to the relatively large library, stopping now and then to examine the books, taking any that seemed to be a bit out of condition. "Sen, the king, would like to speak to you," a butler announced, his head poking into the room, judging Sen's work. She scrunched her nose at his judgment and placed the book down onto the table surface.

    "Very well, I will be with My Lord as quickly as I can,"



    "It's a political murder again; he wants you to kill a seed of rebellion,"

    She stopped, her final step making a loud click as the words sunk, when the king had saved her as a child she pledged her loyalty to a man who desired nothing more than peace without bloodshed. With a shuddered sigh she turned to face her co-worker a false smile painted on her expression. "I do appreciate your concern, Daniel, truly, but we're nothing more than shells, servants to those in power,"


    "You are in no position to be telling me what the King would like to say to me, and informing me in such a manner that implies I should rebel is considered treason you know?" she hit the mark, his complexion paled at the word, instinctively he reached for the dagger in his pocket, but Sen continued calmly, her hands folded neatly in front of her "I won't report it, but I ask you try not to do such a thing in the future, it would prove to be a problem for not only you but me as well, and the royal family is in my care," a small hint of a threat made it into Sen's words, taking a step closer to Daniel reaching for her own weapon "And if anyone were prove to be a threat to the family, then I'll have to eliminate them, do you understand that?" he was outclassed, and backed down immediately, his hand fell to his side as he took a step away from the crimson-eyed woman.

    She gave him a smile that seemed laced in venom before putting her own hand down, "Additionally, finish up in the kitchen! I have a busy schedule today," she hurried off before she could hear his answer, a small pit in her stomach forming as she remembered what she had in store for herself.
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