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  1. Welcome..

    My name is Lyrical Machine, but you can call me Lyrical. I know in the description, it says a 'prestige' level of writing, however, what I expect from you is not perfection, but rather effort. Here are some simple guidelines..

    <> I require some sort of plot line.. Without a plot line, is a story that will most likely die
    <>Proper grammer and spelling.. Grammaticaly correct people make my day
    <>Please most as much as possible and DO NOT just drop the role play, please inform me if you wish to quit
    <>I'm open to practically any kind of role play
    <>I understand that some posts will be much shorter than others, and that is perfectly okay
    <>Please plan to finish the role play, I've never had a finished role play and I would like one

    That's not too much, I would think. Now as I said, I'm not too much of a closed book when it comes to topic. I'm up to any kind of role play, and I like to work out a plot with my partner, that way we can both be happy with our role play and establish our roles. But as a reference, here are some topics I enjoy doing;

    <>In the Medieval time period, mostly
    <>Fantasy is a big topic of mine, I enjoy dragons, elves, fairies, and magic of all kind
    <>I'm into action and uniqueness
    <>Any sort of Yaoi just makes my knees melt!
    <>I'm into a few different anime (Host Club, Wolf's Rain, DNAngel, Vampire Knight, etc.)
    <>Any kind of rock band, I'm all for it if you're into a role play about bands
    <>Cat clans, wolf packs, dragon tribes, any sort of animal group
    <>World of Warcraft is main go-to, if you can do some sort of WoW, it's an instant 'yes'
    <>Anything you can think of~

    So other than that, I don't have much more to say other than I hope we can establish a role play or two!
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  2. Hello, I'd love to make a Yaoi role-play with you cx
  3. Ooooooooh! Yay! Over OCs or what? Do you watch Host Club? o///o
  4. Ah Host club referring to ouran high school host club or something else? If something else I'd be willing to look into it if that's what you'd like to do . Although I was thinking OCs.
  5. I was referring to Ouran, but if you'd rather do OCs, that's fine with me ^^
  6. Oh no I'm totally up for doing Host Club.
  7. Okay, if it's fine with you ^^
    So what are your pairings from there that you like?
  8. Hikaru x Kaoru
    or MorixHoney
  9. I really like the Hitachiin twins. I ship them. Badly.
  10. I understand completely because I do too. It's kind of hard not to ship them .
  11. They're so cute like sigh that's my fandom right now, nothing but the twins. Uh.. This is an awkward question, but, you weren't planning on libertine, were you?
  12. Oh no not at all I mean I do do that but I have a few of those going so I was hoping for something a bit more fluffy.
  13. Oh.. I was planning on something more in the middle, I guess.. Some fluff and some of the other yeah.. The only problem is that I'm a teen and you're an adult role player so I don't really know the exact rules on libertine between the two.
  14. Oh the middle works I should be more specific . I wasn't planning on something strictly libertine. Well since your it depends because they have a section for teens yet I'm not allowed on that one and your not allowed on the adult one yet if we were to role play through Pm then I believe that it would be okay.
  15. Okay, that works.. How far are the limits on the libertine, though? I've never quite understood, sorry.
  16. Well as for libertine , I'm not exactly sure . I've seen all sorts of different kinds that include rape and bdsm to mpreg and such things so I don't know for sure if there is one .. You don't have to be sorry.
  17. Okay, so shall we start this role play tomorrow, since I'm off to bed? We could start the conversation now and carry it on tomorrow :)
  18. Yes that works with me because I should get to bed myself .cx
  19. I could go for some yaoi fantasy stuff, if you're still looking.

  20. Hi there! I just want to clarify that doing libertine content through PMs with someone outside your age group would NOT be okay. O_O That can still get people in trouble and banned from the site. The rules about our age groups are very important and the only way we can legally allow ALL our players to play these kind of scenes.

    Thanks for being careful!
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