The Lunae and the Solie

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  1. The Lunae and the Solie

    The Lunae, a cult of lunar magic users,most powerful at night, have worshipped the moon and her beautiful darkness for centuries. They aim to embody the moon and allow Her light to shine through them, strengthening their magic. All are welcome and empowered in the Lunae. They worship the glory of the Goddess Celene. The leader is often determined by battles of wits and magic. They often sacrifice animals, or a willing human participants in their rituals. Their practices consist of rituals under the full moon, learning magic and how to blend into the shadows, etc. their numbers are small but powerful

    A cult of sun worshippers, the Solie are most powerful during the day and their magic is based on the strength of the sun. They aim to let the sun light shine upon their souls, and their battles are mostly fought with strength and magic combined. The leader is determined in no weapons combat, strength and magic must overcome to lead. They aim to lead the people of the world to the sun God's beauty, and to crush the Lunae and their dark practices. Their rituals require "strength" to be given up. They must all bleed together into a circle, using more and more people the more powerful the spell. Their numbers are large, but only few have real power.

    The Lunae and the Solie used to work side by side, helping the people of the world to unite with the God's and Goddess's wills. But the people grew cruel, and the two cults were given no more reason to work together when the people cast them aside. The two, pride injured, blamed each other for their loss of the people's faith, and soon rumors turned into history as they began to fight against each other. Once blood was shed, (no one knows who killed who first) it was all out war. The two groups were soon violently rejected by the people, as their battle between each other caused unrest, and harm to the citizens. This only infuriated the cultists even more, although the war seemingly stopped, as the two groups hid in the shadows of society.

    Hello Everyone! So I am looking for a Co-GM for this RP, he (or she) shall play the leader of the Solie, help me with plot ideas, help to keep the rp going in the right direction, someone who's willing to take on the responsibility, as this will be a long term RP if it is successful. If you wish to be apart of this role-play, as a player or a GM, please write a reply here in response to this prompt: How did you come to join the cult you joined and/or what is/how did you get your power? Now, keep in mind we all start off with one power, so even if you want to be Co-GM please start out with only one. If you wish to be Co-GM, please let me know at the end of your response. The bio template(while being completely optional) posted at the bottom should not be used until the role-player has been notified that they have been accepted.

    Lunae leader (taken GM)
    Solie leader (PM me if interested Co-GM)
    Lunae cult members
    Solie cult members

    Bio template (optional)
    Loyalties: ( Lunae or Solie )
    Age: (leaders much be at least 27)
    Proof of Magic: (a mark on the body, where your powers originated from)
    Power: (leaders get 3, others only 1)
    Appearance: (can be pic)
    History: optional

  2. interested in being a solie cult member, working on character will post later
  3. Bio template (first draft)
    Name: Eomar Lightsworn
    Loyalties: Solie
    Age: 55
    Gender: male
    Proof of Magic: A scale residing in his palm (scale represents justice, hand is to favor action over caution or thought)
    Power: protect: one other character takes reduced damage for a period of time
    Appearance: height 180cm (5’11), broad shoulders, very muscular, a sturdy brown beard and a mustach to match, a menacing scar from his chin to his right ear, his eyes ablaze with the fire of determination. Sveral nasty scars on his torso and arms, armour: worn but well maintained, weapons: gauntlets inscribed with runes to chanel his magic.
    History: later

    I also have a few questions
    * What are the mechanics like? Combat, stats, ect.
    * Geopolitical: What countries are there? What do they believe? Do different counties have different opinions of Lunae/Solie?
    * What does the world look like? (mabye draw a map?)
    * what is the sun god's name?

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  4. Opps, just noticed the "modern" tag. In my first draft I assumed it was a medival setting, so I basicly made a paladin. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  5. Bio template (second first draft)
    Name: Alan Scofield
    Loyalties: Lunae
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Class: Hacker
    Proof of Magic: An eye on his forehead representing insight.
    Power: The ability to manipulate nearby computers.
    Appearance: height 173cm (5’8), quite skiny, blue jeans, black hoodie, colored T-shirt, eyes blue with a frosty feeling of precision and focus, has a stubble as he can’t be botherd to shave every day.
    History: later

    P.s because I have no roleplaying experience what so ever I'm not interested in the gm position.
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  6. Mechanics:
    powers- each person's power must be related to their character, and to their cult. So, for instance, a Solie character could have control over fire, the ability to create sparks and the lowest range, and blasts of it at the highest range. Co-GM and I will be playing the two leaders, and will start out with powers. A select 4 or 5 rpers will be given the ability in the beginning of the rp to already be powerful, but who it is will be determined by us. Besides that, each other character must start at a low level, and complete quests or battle to strengthen up. The longer you are in this world, the easier it is to power up.
    Solie- common powers for the Solie are healing, control over fire, or earth, or strength/durability
    Lunae- common powers for the Lunae are shadow blending, control over water or wind, or a single shape shift (this can be an owl, a cat, any creature that's active at night)
    stats- I suppose this would be a good idea, hadn't thought of this. But we'll go on a point system, or a dice system if that's what the co-gm and I agree upon.
    how to get in- the Co-GM and I shall agree on a prompt, which rpers must reply to in the comments to be accepted.
    Replies- we can do this based on a turn-taking system if it's not too crowded, but otherwise we can make a couple different chats for the different areas, such as the Lunae Base, the Solie Base, blah blah blah
    Planet: They like on Earth, same planet just with a slightly different history. It's set in America simply because that's the country I'm from, the Lunae and the Solie used to hide in the shadows, having had to move to America from England, where they were begun, but throughout history have twisted the way the world should have gone.
    Opinions: In most countries, the Lunae and Solie aren't even heard of anymore, and those that have merely call them squabbling gangs, but in England, they're a fairy tale told to children at night, portrayed as cults who twisted the fate of England in a direction they would never get away from. In America, they are whispered about, some gangs take up the names, but no one really talks about them much.
    Sun God's name: Solaris sounds good to me
    Lunae's Goals: The Lunae believe in moving forward, not necessarily in doing evil or good, just learning about and respecting the world around them. A true Lunae at their core doesn't feel like they should be held back from any kind of knowledge or magic, even magic that kills, or worse, taints the soul. They aim first to learn, and as a small group, they ~usually~ manage to keep corruption out of their ranks, though the occasional sadist or psychopath does get through.
    Solie's Goals: The Solie believe in bettering the people, and now look down upon the Lunae for using darker rituals, and for killing people and animals. They're a larger group, and though their intentions are pure, those intentions are often over looked or outvoted by a person of power who rose up rather quickly.
    Their Goals pre-split- At one point, the two groups worked together to find ways to improve the lives of the people. The Lunae were scientists and usually more powerful, so they did the research, while the Solie would administer the knowledge to the people.
    Knife: they use a ceremonial knife and generally the palm to get the blood out.

    in case anyone else was wondering
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