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  1. Centuries ago, the land was lost to the Ancients of the Sea, who unleashed the Abyssal Gate and drowned the world in an attempt to erase humanity. But the whales, massive behemoths that still had ties with those of the land, became new shelters for humans, going skywards to preserve the races of the earth. Their backs turned to soil, and they grew enormous, becoming arks that floated amongst the clouds.

    In the present, mankind travels from whale to whale on artificial wings, powered by magical energy. But the hatred of the Ancients never faded, and with every rainfall, monsters haunt the backs of whales, corruptions of flora and fauna that are bent on exterminating all life they see.

    For that reason, a special branch was made, the Zeroth Section of the Military that oversees the destruction of such beasts. Men and women from all over the world are selected and trained in order to combat the abyssal threat, and now, in the season of spring, new graduates leave the nest and take flight, into their professional life.

    Name: Kaylee Veritz
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Profile picture. 5' 2" 109lb
    Personality: Timid and shy, but overall kind.
    Magical Devices: The Veritz Family Crested Braclet, allows her to use her offensive and defensive magic. Bio-magic wing set. A pair of wings that all humans now possess. Kaylee's wing appear slightly like fire in light flames.

    Taking a walk with his sisters on a nice weekend.
    Name: Ier-Briar Myrmesta
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 6’1, weighing roughly 200 lbs.
    Personality: Brash, stubborn, and friendly, Ier-Briar expects people to either do as much as him or step aside and let him do everything. Is chivalrous, but that can be interpreted at chauvinism as well.
    Magical Devices:
    Fortress – A magical device that has a default form of a small dagger, Fortress can transform into any weapon at any size, granted that there’s enough magical energy to use it. While most can only change its form into two or three other ones, with a set limit on its size, Ier-Briar has no such limitations, and the versatility of this weapon in his hands has gotten it another name: Ascalon.

    Bio-Magic Wing Set – Attached to his armor, it sprouts out wings of silver and steel when activated, capable of cutting as well. It specializes in short bursts of speed, as opposed to prolonged flight.

    Name: Pray Meyer
    Description: Headmaster of Regalia, Pray Meyer is a woman in her early thirties that, while often bemused by the antics of her graduates and her students, is still a stickler for the rules.

    Name: Sharr
    Description: Ring Operator and Guard of Carnhol, Sharr is a gruff but gentle person, a man with a fatherly aura. An orphan, he understands from his own shattered childhood what other orphans search for, and takes his responsibilities rather seriously behind that relaxed smile of its.

    Regana-Hier, a sky-whale the size of a small island, pushed through a cloud, leaving a foggy contrail in its wake. Like most sky-whales, only one city could be seen on its back, the academic city of Regalia, which trained those that would soon join the Zeroth Sector. It was spring, but on the balmy equator, it felt more like summer, an oppressive heat beating down on the back of the whale. While Regana-Hier was pretty much an island, it was still an island capable of thought, and its love for tropical weather had given it the moniker of the ‘Summer Whale’.

    And while Ier-Briar wasn’t opposed to sunny weather, after three years of it, he really missed winter.

    Standing on the roof of one of Regalia’s many skyscrapers, the red-haired graduate sat at the edge, swaying his legs back and forth while enjoying the occasional breeze. Unlike the many down below who were looking for friends and squadmates, he had been specifically ordered by Headmistress Pray to stay in this area to await for his partner. It irritated him that he wouldn’t be able to pick his own teammates and have the freedom to decide who he worked with, but at the same time...the young man should have realized that when he got put into an advanced curriculum one month into his first year at Regalia.

    He was special, and apparently, his mysterious partner was too.

    “Ah…what a pain…”

    With a flop, he laid down onto the cool stone floor, gazing up at the blue sky. Looks like there was still some more time to kill.
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  2. Kaylee wasn't the best at time management, so obviously she was running late. She had taken to flying to go a little faster. Her wings were different from most of the other, maybe it something to do with this special power that she possessed. Also, while most couldn't fly for more than about ten minutes without a break, Kaylee could fly what seemed for a limitless amount of time as far as she knows. She soared past the buildings on Regana-Hier and landed atop the meeting place of her and her new ally.

    There he laid on his back, staring into the blue sky. "I hope he's nice..." she whispered to herself as she approached him slowly. Ier-Briar caught a glimpse of red hair and shadow. "Um...Hello, are you my partner," she had to pull out the paper provided to her to remember his name, "Ier-Briar?" She spoke quietly, but calmly. Never been good at talking to new people.
  3. Ah, so it was a girl. Ier-Briar felt like he recognized her from somewhere. Maybe from a second year class or something? Ultimately, though, he couldn't quite place her face, and gave up on that endeavour. Standing up and bringing out his own piece of paper, the young man scratched his head and yawned, before saying, "Then you must be Kaylee Veritz, eh?"

    It would have been better if she had been a man, because her quiet nature didn't exactly inspire any confidence in her skills, but he'll just have to make do. Worst comes to worst, he'll just let her take a back seat and do everything himself. "Well then," he smiled wholeheartedly, offering her a callused hand to shake, "Nice to meet you! May our partnership be prosperous and long-lived, yeah? Just leave the front line to me, my lady."
  4. He seemed much more perky than she had imagined, and a bit cocky. Kaylee liked that. She returned his smile with a soft one and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you. I assure you that I can handle myself in a fight." She had lied about this slightly. She had the aptitude to be a potentially good fighter, but she never practiced on the monsters. Even being familiar with them, she had yet to fight them. "So, they're telling us that we're going to be some special unit of two. That seems a bit dangerous, however, we're supposed to be adept with the magi-tech stuff. Do you know what that means?"

    Kaylee seemed quite formal for her age, though she wasn't uptight or anything of that nature. It was obvious to Ier-Briar that she was just an extremely polite person to people she had yet to meet. She always spoke quietly though, sometimes he could only make out mumbles in her voice.
  5. Her handshake was flimsy, like a wet noodle, and Ier-Briar was similarly disappointed by that, brushing it off as another sign that Kaylee was a definite example of the fairer gender. He hid it well though, and nodded as she spoke in that quiet, almost subservient tone of hers. Scratching his chin, the young man mulled over her question for a moment or two. The question had an obvious answer to it, but at the same time…was that the answer she wanted? Or was Kaylee questioning the whole ‘eggs in one basket’ method of thought that Regalia followed?

    Ier-Briar played it safe at the end, however, and said, “Well, probably means that we’re individually worth three normal people. Don’t know about you, but I was put on an advance curriculum one month into my first year, and I can freely control my magical devices, without using preset defaults. Guessing you’re the same type of person?”

    “But geez, speak up louder, will you? It’s not like we’re in a lecture right now.”
  6. Kaylee listened closely to his answer and assumed this would be the point. She could fly as long as she liked, but she never tried the limit of her spells. "Oh, sorry is this better?" She spoke upto a more normal voice. "I was more or less drug here against my will. My family is no long with me, and I have these special powers or whatever."

    She held out her hand and pulled back her sleeve revealing her magi-tech bracelets. "This is my magical device. It's the Veritz Signet Braclet. I call it Nyx though. It allows me to channel many types of magics ranging from firebolts, defensive shields and healing powers." She had to bend her neck back to look up. "I'm new to this but I can still fight. I wont let you down." Her expression went from a kind welcoming smile to a serious stare. She wasn't taking their situation lightly.
  7. An orphan? Must be rough…though seeing how she was forced to attend Regalia, it’d make sense that she was given a scholarship to pay off tuition and living expenses. As Kaylee revealed the bracelet, however, Ier-Briar narrowed his eyes, intrigued. The Veritz Signet Bracelet? So it was a tool that was passed down from generation to generation? And it was also a magical device capable of utilizing many different spells as well...

    He had heard of those types of magical devices before. Type-Grimoires, devices capable of fulfilling multiple functions. Discontinued due to their high mana consumption and low chance of success, compared to more stable, simple magical devices that were capable of doing only one thing. If Kaylee was someone capable of using such a tool effectively, then it’d definitely make sense why she’d be partnered up with someone like himself.

    Oh, and that look in her eyes was getting better. Nodding at her confirmation of her abilities, Ier-Briar said, a smile on his face, “Won’t let me down, eh? Well, doubt we’d have anything else to do today, so how about we swing by the Arena and have a friendly little bout? See if you can put your money where your mouth is, Kaylee?”

    She didn't look like she had any battle experience, so he'll go easy on her. Maybe limit himself to 'normal' weapons only.
  8. Her ears perked at throught of the challenge. She took a moment to think, then said, "well, I don't have anything to do for the day and the best way to get to know your partner is to fight them. I could also use a little practice with my primal magic. Don't take me too lightly though," she smiled. "I'm a better fighter than what you might think."

    She readied her wings to fly. Flames seared in the air from their essence. "Shall we fly then?" She smiled to him and neared the edge of the building.
  9. Primal magic? Her Type-Grimoire magical device had his curiosity, but now, that term had Ier-Briar’s interest. Looked like his partner really did have a few interesting tricks up her sleeve. Did the rest of her family have such power as well? Unlikely, seeing as how they’re dead, but then again…who knows? Rolling his shoulders and cracking his wrists, the red-haired man whistled as wings of flame burst from Kaylee’s back. The heat could be felt from a distance, and didn’t seem to affect her own body at all. How convenient, having fiery wings that didn’t burn your hair.

    “Oh? You want an aerial battle? Or did you just want to show off your wings?” A bemused smirk surfaced, before the young man closed his eyes, activating his own wings. With the sound of a dozen drawn blades, jagged wings of steel burst from a silver magical circle behind his back. They hummed like that of a tuning fork, a harmonic resonance that burst into life as he hopped up…

    …and bolted into the sky, backflipping 30 meters upwards in an instant. As if inviting her through a door, Ier-Briar bowed down towards Kaylee, gesturing her to follow.
  10. Kaylee closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had never liked heights, even though now she could fly. Her wings folded in and turned blue, then she fell forward and began to dive bomb. Her hair and skirt flowed in the wind until she spread her wings and spun to a stop. Almost instantly, she had turned around and began flying back as flames were left in her wake. She flew to oppose her ally.

    "Knowing how you fight will help me learn how to support you better. Please, don't go easy on me. Now...what element should I use?" She thought to herself for a moment until she held out her hand. Water formed ina vague shape across her hand. Suddenly that water froze, and formed the shape of a sword. "Ice. Now, you begin." She readied herself for his attack. She looked calm and collected, eyes focused on her opponent.
  11. From red wings to blue ones? Ier-Briar narrowed his eyes as he drew out his dagger, spinning it in one hand as he watched Kaylee fly up to the same elevation as himself. She was insistent that he doesn’t hold back against her, and finally, sighing, Ier-Briar said, “Alright then, no holding back. We end this when one of us gets a decisive blow in, alright?”

    At least she was aware that her role was to support him, being a girl and all.

    As water condensed in the palm of her hand, turning into a blade of ice, Ier-Briar poured his own magical energy into the Fortress. Glowing radiantly, the dagger thickened, extended, twisted, and finally took the form of a two meter long lance. It shone silver in the sunlight, and slowly, deliberately, the red-haired youth directed the tip to the center of Kaylee’s body.

    “Here I go.”

    The air burst as his steel wings rattled. With a speed even greater than what he had shown before, Ier-Briar dashed towards her, intent on piercing through whatever defenses she may muster up.
  12. Her blade met his with a loud clang. "A head on assault. An okay tactic for fighting feral beasties, but fighting someone nearly as intelligent as you, you should probably use a little strategy." She wasn't very strong, so Kaylee uses a projection of a thick spear of ice to push Ier-Briar off her. However, he was fast enough to dodge it. "You're fast. I can barely keep up with you. Let's try something fun then! Ice Spear Shower!" Icicles formed around her, nearly 10 of them. She swung her hands forward and the spears launched at him. "I like to make creative attacks, what do you think?" She smirked as he dodged the icicles and prepared her defensive state.
  13. Wow, was she seriously analyzing his attack pattern and making judgments already? A fierce smile surfaced on Ier-Briar’s face, like a feral beast that had found an entertaining prey. As she parried his lance, the momentum of his dash caused him to continue moving, flying out of the way of her spear of ice and landing behind her. It gave the Type-Grimoire user enough time to generate more spears of ice, however, and ten icicles formed in an instant, before being launched towards him at high speeds.

    “Creative attacks? For someone with such versatile abilities, it looks like you limit yourself to head-on attacks as well!”

    Fortress gleamed once more, this time becoming a tower shield with the face of…a cartoon depiction of Ier-Briar emblazoned on its surface. Without wasting any time dodging, he dashed in once more. The icicles shattered upon impacting the shield, his shoulder shaking with each blocked spike. It held strong, however, and he closed the distance before her defenses finished. The shield melted into a gauntlet, formed over Ier-Briar’s right fist, and jabbed out towards her chin.
  14. How was he so fast?! Kaylee couldn't determine his speed at this rate. She should make a better distance between them quickly. "Hey! At least I used a ranged attack, staying out of your reach. You charged me head on, recklessly!" He neared in on her, in a shock of instinct she had to use her Shell Magic. WHAM Too late. His fist met her chin and she flew back. Ier-Briar was strong, but Kaylee was smart. Upon the closing in of his fist she formed an ice type barrier around her chin. It wasn't finished so she took a blow, but it definitely soften what she would've felt.

    She shook her head and rubbed her chin. "Dang, you have quite the arm. You forced me to use my Shell Magic. Phew, that could have knocked me out." She formulated what her next move would be. Rushing in was a bad idea, but now there was some distance between them. Her sword disappeared and she formed a lightning bolt in her hand. "The Wrath of Thor!" She tossed her lightning bolt at him, the voltage was kept down, however, to where it wouldn't shock him lethally if it connected.
  15. “It’s not reckless! It’s confidence!”

    She was definitely breaking out of her shell though, and Ier-Briar was pleased with that. Gone was the Kaylee that was all quiet and mumbling, and now, he could see someone that might be halfway decent for a partner. Shaking the ice crystals off his gauntlet, the red-haired youth prepared to charge once more, but widened his eyes in surprise as lightning crackled in her hands. Laughing out loud, he reverted the Fortress back into its dagger form and disabled his steel wings, falling freely through the air.

    “Well now,” he said jovially, “That just isn’t fair!”

    With a thunderous roar, a bolt of blue lanced towards the Fortress, smashing into it and turning its surface white-hot, practically impossible to use for the next little while. Activating his wings once that attack had passed, Ier-Briar grit his teeth and activated his wings once again. Steel blades shot out his back as he resisted the heavy sense of vertigo rushing through his body, forcing himself to fly upwards once more.

    Kaylee was definitely dangerous at a distance, so he’ll grapple her and force her to stay in melee range.

    Closing the distance, he reached out for the collar of her shirt, intent on grabbing on and pulling her close enough that attacking him with her elemental magics would be equivalent to attacking herself.
  16. 'Shit! He caught on to my plan!' She tried to back away but wasn't fast enough. He grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her in. Although, she was a distance fighter, she was smart enough to keep a few tricks up her sleeve. She grinned and said, "hope you like the heat!" In no way did she expect to harm him with a slow move like this, but it might get him off her. She quickly thrusted her wings to send them backwards, making her weight more dominant over his. This fluently led to a series of spins, the flames heated up to amount with the oxygen it was taking up. "Phoenix Tornado!" She must have mad a name for all her moves from what it sounds like.
  17. Ier-Briar almost lost his grip when Kaylee began demonstrating her own aerial maneuvers, spinning as flames surrounded the two, slowly sucking away oxygen. But her clothes were made out of strong, high quality materials, and Ier-Briar was too stubborn to quit just because oxygen deprivation might cause him to black out. Retaining his grasp onto her, he ignored the heat of the flames and embraced her tightly, his own wings resonating with power as he let out a final burst of speed.

    "Are you ready?! Wings, BURST!"

    As the two spun around merrily, Ier-Briar’s own wings pushed them upwards at a dizzying speed, the two of them flying diagonally. A tremendous amount of gravitational force was exerted on the two of them as he clung on, blackness beginning to crawl up on the vestiges of his vision.

    If they stopped spinning, then he would win, because that meant she blacked out.

    And then, suddenly, the two of them stopped, their wings losing their functionality as magical chains suspended the two in the air.

    A woman, perhaps in her early thirties, flew up through the skies wearing a coat of raven feathers. Her golden eyes were lively, but her expression was both resigned and disappointed. With a sigh, the Headmaster of Regalia, Pray Meyer, shook her head at the two partners.

    “I should have expected Ier-Briar to engage in such tomfoolery, but you too, Kaylee? Please don’t make such a scene just because you two have graduated.”
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  18. Kaylee, to put it lightly, didn't quite make it. She had blacked out just as the chains gripped her. She hung there, her hair a complete mess. After a few seconds though she finally came to to hear Pray Meyer's words.

    "I-I'm sorry Pray Meyer.." her voice came out upset and quiet, again. "I wished only to get acquainted with my partner. The fight was mostly to help me learn how he fights so I can better support him, but it should have been done within the arena walls. I apologize.." Her hung low, hoping that Pray Meyer would forgive her.

    'That was...exhilarating! I can't think of the last time I had that much fun! Maybe this wont be so bad after all.' She thought to herself, smiling on the inside. She looked over to see if Ier-Briar had made it through that suffocating tornado. "Looks like I lost, good spar." She smiled at him with a big smile, something that seemed out of character for her based of her first attitude when they met.
  19. “Right…” The Headmaster sighed once more, before snapping her fingers. The peal of chimes resounded as the chains dissipated, allowing the two to fly on their own once more. “Should have expected such a result from pairing two red-heads together…”

    “Well, it was my fault to begin with,”
    Ier-Briar said, “So yeah, sorry about that, Headmaster. Won’t happen again. And while I graciously accept your concession, Kaylee, you would have won if we were using proper duelling rules, because you technically disarmed me.”

    He patted her head. “Was too stubborn to roll over and give up just due to that technicality, but still, nice job.”

    “I would say something rather inappropriate right now if I wasn’t still working, but alas…let me get to the meat of this before you two faff about further.”
    Drawing a folio from beneath her coat, the golden-eyed Pray handed it over to Kaylee. “My superiors were interested in how you two would perform, and have cleared the usage of the Fairy Rings for this one incident. You two are to head to Markova-Ulms through the gates and hunt down a monster there. That sky-whale’s currently in the southern hemisphere, so dress lightly.”

    “Of course, don’t just go out there in a swimming suit, Ier-Briar. It’s still an official mission.”

    “Sure sure~”
  20. Kaylee took the sheet if paper and looked over it before tucking it away. "We'll see it done Headmaster, you cancount on us." She grinned teasingly over at Ier-Briar, "and don't worry about him. I'll keep him in check." She laughed to herself.

    That's when she noticed her jaw still hurt from Ier-Briar's punch. She rubbed it lightly. She also took a moment to try and fix her hair, which was nearly impossible without a brush. Phoenix Tornado left it extremely tangled and messed up. The best thing she could do was fix it into a pony tail for now, which still made her hair go past her waist, but barely.
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