The Lucky Battle (Dice System)

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  1. (Post your character here)

    The United Kingdom has become a war zone all because 16 rare artefacts have been scattered around this country. Everyone is searching for it and will kill anyone who gets in the way.
    Once 1 person has all 16 artefacts that person will become god of this world and win the game.
    You can be any character you want, from making your own to comic characters remember you can die. but you do respawn Character sheet at bottom

    One post at a time unless stated below.
    1st you can move to the next area if you wish. You can only move to 1 area along, if the colours are touching or the black line is touching them. (See map)

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    Write in detail as much as you want but what you find is up to the die roll (D20 (20 sided die))
    1-15 nothing
    16-19 item
    20 artefact (If artefacts already taken in this area treat it as 16-19 item but add 5 to your die roll)

    Item Roll list
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    Minor ring of protect 1-7 (Roll a D6 on a 6 you don’t die ring gets destroyed)
    Ring of protect 8-11 (Roll a D6 on a 5+6 you don’t die ring gets destroyed)
    Major Ring of protect 12-15(Roll a D6 on a 4, 5+6 you don’t die ring gets destroyed)
    The AWESOME ring of protect 16 17 18 (Roll a D6 on a 3, 4, 5+6 you don’t die ring gets destroyed)
    Amulet of heal 19 20(If you die, you don’t die the amulet crumbles and gets destroyed instead)

    Item usage can be made by making a quick post saying using item whenever applicable.

    You can only search once until someone else has posted
    Don’t post what you have got until the next post when you can move and search/attack/defend once again.

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    You can attack a person who is in that area. The defender will have no choice.
    The winner will get ONE artefact if the loser has one (Loser’s choice of which one), and a Die orb. These Die orbs will give you +1 to any die rolls after you rolled. If you want to use these then you can make another post just saying using orbs
    Loser dies and spawns at his/her spawn point but loses TWO artefacts (Loser’s choice one to the winner and 1 back in its area)

    The fight
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    The attacker (in as much detail as they want) posts how they attack. If you want to talk through the battle like anime does you can do while fighting. The fights could last a while. Then roll a D20
    1-4 miss
    5-19 hit
    20 one hit Ko

    If the attacker got 20 then defender is dead you have lost (Defender describes there death) unless item saves you, start the fight again.
    If the attacker got 1-4 then defender now becomes the attacker, start the fight again.

    If the attacker got 5-19 then defender has to dodge
    1-4 failed dodge
    5-15 dodge successful
    16-20 counter attack

    If the defender failed the dodge the attacker can post how you die. unless item saves you start the fight again
    If the defender dodges successfully they have to wait for next attack start the fight again.

    If the defender counter attacks he is now the attacker. Post again immediately with your attack and start the fight once again
    I will do an example fight but it be very basic fighting with at least detail as possible I have to make it pg13. I would like to do this in mature but if needed I can do both I’ll see what the numbers are like.

    While in a fight please wait 24 hours for next post if no reply then they have died and lost the battle and the winner will choose artefact.
    When posting please keep lists of your inventory on the top of your post including your artefacts.

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    Character's so far
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    Name Alex Star
    Aka: Duct tape man
    Age: 21
    Strengths: Can do the impossible with duct tape
    Weakness: Stanley knives
    Re spawn area: West midlands


    Name: Alison Braebek
    Aka: Pinprick
    Age: 27
    Strength: Shooting things.
    Weakness: Being shot.
    Respawn area: Scotland (North)

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  2. Artefacts: 0
    Items: 0

    Alex Star heard the rumors of the 16 artifacts. He thought it was possible and with the mastery magic power of Duct Tape he could be the new god of this world. If Alex and his Duct tape can't fix this world then he just needs more duct tape. As he approached his large rock in West Midlands he place duct tape over the rock, he was so quick putting the tape up it was done in a few seconds. His final product on the rock was a door, which he opened and walked through.

    Inside was his home, he made his home how he liked it. Since there was no windows he put tube lighting up which lit up his rock nicely. A comfy sofa bed was on one side of the room facing his 50 inch tv which had the latest games console. In between the sofa bed and tv was a table with a laptop on it. Lastly there was a fridge Kettle and microwave at the end and a large work surface. It was simple but he loved it. His toilet and shower was a rock over if he needed it. As he walked in he grabbed his laptop and downloaded the map on his phone and was ready to go.

    As he left his rock through his duct tape door he held his roll out and the door unraveled itself and back on the roll. He thought West Midlands was a good place to start searching. Since he was near the River cole he started looking around the banks
    Captain Scrubz threw 20-faced die for: Searching 1st part of the bank Total: 14 $dice
  3. Alison Braebek
    Items: 0
    Artifacts: 0

    Allie isn’t entirely well-balanced. Her therapist had her labeled as a psychopath after she pushed her second grade teacher off a balcony. Nowadays, she hides out in an abandoned house in the Scottish lowlands, far from the prying eyes of society. Knowing she can easily ‘win the game’, she has decided to lie, cheat, and steal herself all sixteen relics.

    “I’m going out now, Babsy. Take care of things for mummy.” Alison kissed her stuffed rabbit on the forehead and, strapping a loaded pistol to her waistcoat, headed out to find whatever blew her way.
    [Alison has rolled 1 20-sided dice with results: 20 [Total: 20 Average: 20]]
    As Alison walked down the lane, she came across a little girl selling trinkets. “Hello, dear! May I see what you’ve got there?” The girl showed her a basket with several figurines. One of them Allie recognized to be an Artifact. She picked it up, looked up and down the empty road, and then smiled down at her. “You’ve just made my day!” Alison pulled out her pistol, shot the girl cleanly between the eyes, and continued on her way.
  4. (On the Occ I've explained how to roll if you don't mind using that one please for next time)

    Artefacts: 0
    Items: 0

    Alex was determined to find an artifact he found nothing down the banks and he walked all down the banks. It could be on the other side but it was getting warm so looking in the river down at the bottom seemed like a good idea.
    Captain Scrubz threw 20-faced die for: Bottom of the river Total: 20 $dice
  5. Alison Braebek [Scotland (North) - Scotland (South)]
    Items: 0
    Artifacts: 1

    Stowing her newfound treasure in a knapsack, Allie headed to the Northern Scottish Metro Station with the intention of visiting the southern side of Scotland.
    Using a doctored Metro Pass, she easily infiltrated the transportation network and was soon speeding towards the adjacent province.
  6. Artefacts: 1 (Midlands)
    Items: 0
    Current Location Midlands to North West

    Alex couldn’t believe his luck he went for a dive just to cool off and thought it never could be on the bottom of the river so close to home but here it was, now in his hands. It was beautiful. The look in his eye changed they sparkled and he could see that in the reflection of the river. *Eye’s don’t sparkle like that* he thought.* It must be the artefact* thinking to conclusions. As he was floating in the sea he thought of which way to go now. There was a good wind forming round and if he flew he’ll be in the North West very soon. As he climbed out the river he pulled out his duct tape out and as it unravelled by itself a silver mini plane was made. Alex jumped into his plane and headed off to the North West in search of his next artefact.
  7. Alison Braebek, South Scotland
    Items: 0
    Artifacts: 1 (North Scotland)

    Alison hopped up the stairs out of the metro, humming a little ditty she’d heard on the radio. She stood in the middle of the grand city square and gazed up at an old statue of a war hero brandishing a rusty sword at the sky. “What a laugh.” Off in a shadowy corner of the square, an antique shop stood solemnly, as though it didn’t wish to be seen. Shoving past a young boy, maybe three or four, she ignored the cries of the indignant mother and entered the store.
    “Good morning, madam! What fine items do you have in stock today?”
    The store owner, a pudgy woman nearing her sixties, smiled warmly. “Oh, I have just the thing for you, dearie! Now, where did I put it…” She turned and climbed up a rickety ladder to rummage on one of the top-most shelves of merchandise. “It’s very pretty… Just like you, dear! I do love to see the young take an interest here. Ah, here we go!” She climbed down, step by step, clasping a small item in her hand. “Thank you, madam! I happen to be looking for a series of antiques. Surely a sweet woman like you has just what I’m looking for.” The woman opened her hand to reveal something metallic shimmering in the light. Allie’s heart began to beat as a sinister look came onto her face – was this another artifact? So soon?
    Koene threw 20-faced die for: What is the object? Total: 14 $dice
  8. Artefacts: 1 (Midlands)
    Items: 0
    Current Location North West

    Alex was flying over Manchester, he was enjoying the air rushing through his hair but he was getting hungry he thought to himself that it was a good time to find something to eat. He landed on the outskirts of Manchester in the nearest field he could. As his plane unraveled back on his tape roll he looked around taking in the sights. It has been a while since he came up to Manchester.
    Captain Scrubz threw 20-faced die for: Search Total: 36 $dice $dice
    Captain Scrubz threw 20-faced die for: What Item? Total: 18 $dice
  9. Alison Braebek, South Scotland
    Items: 0
    Artifacts: 1 (North Scotland)

    Alison’s eyes dimmed. It was just a delicate brass flower, painstakingly crafted by some poor sap with nothing better to do. The woman looked up at her expectantly, not even noticing the subtle change in the girl’s attitude. “Ah, yes, quite pretty, madam! But I’m not sure I can afford something so lovely… What about that blue elephant? The one right up there?” The woman was undaunted. “The elephant? You have a fine taste, dear! That was hand-carved by a monk in the Andes, made from the finest lapis lazuli. Here, have a look!“ She made her way back up the ladder, wobbling slightly from the altitude. As she stretched, the ladder began to tilt. “Oh! Dearie, would you—“ The two locked eyes and for the first time, the woman saw the evil residing within the young girl. Allie gave a swift kick to the ladder.

    “Officer! Oh, officer, you must come immediately! There’s been a terrible accident in that shop over there. A poor lady… I think she’s dead, sir! Oh, come quickly!” Allison looked to be on the verge of tears. The officer stationed by the old statue ran in the direction she motioned, not noticing the light jingle of newfound cash in her pockets or the look of satisfaction as he left. She sauntered to an adjoining street and hailed a cab, claiming an incentive if he got her to the suburbs in good time.
    Koene threw 20-faced die for: Anything in the suburbs? Total: 34 $dice $dice
  10. Artefacts: 1 (Midlands)

    Items: 1 awesome ring

    Current Location North West

    Alex was just about to walk off into town when a shine caught his eye it sparkled and nearly blinded him. As he tried to get away from the shine he wondered what it was. As he got closer he noticed it was a ring to be more precise it was the awesome ring. He’s having some good luck at the moment and thought * this is where the bad luck hits in or is there a yan to my yin.* He wasn’t going to make his paranoia get him down though. He picked the ring up and placed it on his finger knowing it will help one day.

    He walked up to the nearest road and with his duct tape he made a bicycle so he can ride into town.
    Captain Scrubz threw 20-faced die for: search Total: 4 $dice
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