The Lovers of Zeus

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  1. Lovers of Zeus
    Zeus is very well known for his title: King of Gods, being the harbinger of lighting and smite. The suave God is also known for his insatiable lust, fathering over 30+ children with many different women! (imagine that child support bill!)
    He had complete access to the world, and it's women, taking full advantage of his supreme power. To put it simply...Zeus was a man whore.

    Often times he would disguise himself as an animal, appealing to women (and sometimes, even a boy or two). After this he would bed them, either by gaining their trust; or by force. Due to the suspicions of his wife, Hera, he was forced to hide his lovers away, in fear that they would be harmed or his demigod children may be destroyed by her jealous wrath.

    Though his lovers were killed, disfigured or completely transformed, it did not stop Zeus from taking on more lovers and fathering more children.

    This is where the challenge comes in:

    Write a scene in which Zeus seduces a character, male or female, promising them the chance to bare a God's child. In all of his glory- he will love them and run, leaving them at the mercy of Hera. This can be done in any setting you'd like! In this challenge, Zeus could be anyone! Feel free to be creative and use as many literary elements as you'd like!

    For any information on Zeus' past lovers and children, this site is really informative :

    If you're curious about more mythology regarding Zeus, check out the wiki!:

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  2. The rage in my head is enough to expel, like a volcano, ready to explode. It is justified. More important than anything else within this celebratory decorative dining hall. Even much more than she at my side. Sitting in her golden-laced, red velvet cushioned throne chair. Like a queen. My queen. Desirable yes, but of no real value at the present time. As I've said, no importance, though when it is all said and done my heart would foreverly be enthralled by her. Hera.
    The rage in my head is profound. Excited in one aspect, infuriating to another. Why must I be confined to this throne chair, masking a domineering expression, grateful to be revered by those in this room? I could care less. My mind already divided, settled on the true importance. I planned my escape, somehow, between the dancing fools, the abrupt tunes played upon harps. I despised it all. The looks by my followers. Their acknowledged heads, distinguished bows, and she, still at my side, piercing me with eyes so round, azure, waiting for a reaction. Trying to see whether or not her fears were right or obscure. They were right, oh wise and jealous Hera.
    My own insightful hues seek out what captured my attention the moment I came to reside on my throne. The coy beauty easily attracting males throughout the room for she danced alone, to the haunting tune, her little bare feet riddled to the red carpet as she turned. And my beating hidden vessel turning with her, aching to take her to more discreet locales where we could be alone. Me and this ivory-flawless-skinned treasure. Her hair is a chocolate brown, tied up, and aware from her smooth face, silver pins kept it in place. Her own face has a heart shape to it, innocence. Once or twice we make eye contact. Her emerald thin windows burning into mine, her pink lips pressing together as though she had some question to contemplate asking. I know it was for me.
    Her lithe body twirls again. The naked flesh hidden under a sleeveless white gown gathering like a waterfall behind the back of her legs leaving the front, just a little, exposed. I almost shake my head, at her brazen nature to lure me into noticing her. She will be coy, at first, but like the others, this one will give in. They always did.
    The celebration would endure longer. I wanted no part to it. I throbbed to make that woman my own, to hear her joyous screams, damp body, beneath my own. I could no longer wait. Nothing else was important, only her, the nameless one ceasing her frivolous dancing to now walk in ease to the side. Merging in with the crowd. I can see her trying to not to look at me but this fails, I catch her. I give her a brief, yet concrete smile, before turning to the violent one sitting near me.
    "I am in need to breathe fresh air." I tell her. Lies.
    Azure, unsure eyes, pin my own, hesitation reads in her parting lips.
    "Only a moment love," I continue. "Rest your worries, I am not a man to sit long for these functions."
    "Only a moment." Her low words, quivering lips.
    Enough time.
    "Watch not me, rather you enjoy this dine, I shall not leave you long." Giving her no more room to talk, I rise, bodies abruptly stop until my raised hand places them back in motion. I strike my movements in between loyal followers, their bowed heads do nothing to tame my urges, I need only the coy one. She is near now. As easy as an escaped breath. I see her looking at me directly now, emerald eyes wide, she knew not to refuse me. That with the look I gave, She had to come, to find a way to follow otherwise I would cast her down right where she stood.
    Fresh air? No. I make my escape through the western palace walkway giving looks to those wanting to follow me, to make sure I was safe. Why would I not be? Fools. My patience grows thin as I wait, around the corner nearest to the walkway, how dare she make me wait, is a thought crossing my mind. It is when a small group has emerged that I see her amongst them, looking around, for me. Once the group has moved elsewhere, I sneak forward, my iron-clad grip ensnaring her wrists, I yank her towards me. Her head barely reaches my broad chest, she has to look up just to look at me and when she does I can see the fear in her eyes. No matter.
    "You will not turn away from me." My teeth clench.
    "S-Sire...your..." Her voice is rather entrancing. I must hear it further. I ignore her warning about Hera, I know that is what she wants to tell me. With this girl in tow, I twist her around toward a nearby room, the door slams, and locks. She cannot escape.
    The open balcony sends through a breeze of air in the otherwise darkened night. It is enough to send the silk, dark red curtains to blow up and down. I'm against her little body, my rugged face turned down to look at her, my lips lowered to hers and I know all fight will stop. I bring one arm around her back to support her, feeling her soft lips return the wanted gesture. Only a moment I remember promising Hera and should I take longer then no doubt she'll come searching. "You are mine," I tell the girl between our rough kisses. I guide her to the made bed, her body dropping upon it, legs parting for me.
    "No one else shall have what I am about to take for it is mine." My hands press down on the bed, I crawl toward her, never once stopping my eyes from looking into hers as she did for me. "If you dare defy me I will put you into the sea where no one will ever look upon you again." I kiss her again, my weight heavily on hers, my body set between her legs. "I promise you." Wrath is in my words, she'd best understand them. Her holding onto my back proves her competence. I kiss along her chin slowly. "I will love you eternally, as my own, the child you will have for me will have the highest regard and Hera...though she may become vexed, her anger will not stop us." Promises made to her, though my heart would remain with the woman who sits beside me on my throne.
    The coy girl believes all in which I say. She utters my name. Low. Like the whispering wind. Her head turns to the side as that wavering hair comes loose to spread out.
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  3. Olympus.jpg
    I watched Him sit upon his throne looking down unto the mortals below, nothing was enough, and like a man the world should it in all, Belong to him. My eyes were heavy to watch my son be raised by the hands of mortals, all their fates so fragile. Easy to cut with a knife, how they scurry like insects at the threats the gods bring down on them. I turned to look and again He was gone, would I ever please him as a mortal could. I came to the edge along the mountain and before I leapt I looked into Apollo’s light, plunging to the mortal realm. My skin flew away as my hair shortened into a dark brownish shade, all that was gold faded to dull and my, eye opened as I stood in the fields of Athens.

    Upon the water’s surface a reflection looked back at me of flesh, touching myself, high to low. What different notions filled me was this what he searched to feel, He would never. Nothing was enough. I sat beneath the tree beside the water and ran my fingers through my hair, the sounds of the plains rushing in my ears. A man approached me, He starred at me. My husband never looked upon me like that, I thought. He came closer to me and I held up my hand to stop him, but this mortal façade was weaker than him. I succumbed to his desire for me, this new feeling made me wonder if I should ever return to my high perch in the mountains.

    I twisted around him as he intertwined himself with me, and we danced, it felt like a dance. Moments I couldn’t keep my eyes from closing. Sounds and moans came from the center of me I never heard before. He ravished me and I basked in the feeling of it all. This was enough. Suddenly it was over, when I looked into his eyes He was no longer the same man, a lion crouched over me. Baring his teeth down at my face, then darting off into the plain. I knew then what he was and for a moment I smiled in a hope to savor the emotion forever. Alas my smile quickly faded, eyes seeped tears. All of these emotions I could not bear them.

    I ripped at the mortal flesh and shot into the sky like a streaking star trailing light to Olympus. Returned to my Glowing skins, stripping myself of any delusions of love my heart hardened and grew cold. Jealousy was the emotion that now filled me. When I entered the throne room there he sat again looking down onto the mortals’ realm. Nothing was enough.

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  4. Arabella walked through the streets, focused on being invisible. Not, literally of course. That would be silly! No, she prefers blending in. Just like at school, at work, she was there, yet no one noticed her.​
    And she like it that way. ​
    Of course, it gets lonely, but her boyfriend, the one person who loves her, makes her feel so much better. ​
    She was going to see him now. As she walked up the stairs, excitement filled her heart, she wondered what they were going to go and do with their one year anniversary.​
    She walked in, and smiled wide, as he greeted her at the door.​
    "Dear, have a seat." he said. Something in his electric blue eyes worried her, they looked strange to her, emotionless, dull. that wasn't like him!​
    "Bella, dear, there is something I must tell you."​
    "What is it, Jace?" She asked, her brown eyes on him confused, her head slightly tilted to the side, as she studied him.​
    "My names not Jace, darling. it's Zues..."​
    She laughed nervously, "What do you mean? what are you trying to tell me?"​
    "I'm the king of the gods, Zues."​
    "That doesn't make much sense. That's a myth. To explain thunder."​
    "I'd be carefull what you say is a myth, Arabella!" anger flashed through his eyes, "That can upset many people, and there are many people who are NOT fun when they are angry!" he took a deep breath to calm himself, as thunder boomed outside, "Besides, perhaps one day YOU yourself will be called a myth!"​
    She rolled her eyes, truthfully, he scared her when he was upset. She'd seen what he was capable of, how strong he was, when they frist met. ​
    "Nobody knows me, they wouldn't call me a myth." ​
    He sighed, "Dear, please, listen to me. Us Greek gods, we're very real."​
    "Think about it Bella Boo," He touched her cheek with the back of his hand. "All around us is Greek influences."​
    "okay.." She murmured, placing his hands on his lower abdomen, where she could feel his rock hard abs. ​
    "What do you say, to you having my child? A god's child?" ​
    "There are many problems with that, Jace."​
    "Such as?"​
    "You should know by now, I'm not dumb. Bad things happen to Half-Bloods." ​
    "Baby, you've been reading to much Rick Riordan."​
    She rolled her eyes, "Tell me I'm not wrong. In all myths, their fates end up badly."​
    "Perseus didn't."​
    "His story is yet to be over." ​
    He sighed, "Perseus, my son. Not Perseus Jackson."​
    She groaned, "Jason, I do not want to be left."​
    "I won't leave you baby, I love you." ​
    "no, you don't."​
    "Of course I do, Bella Boo. Why do you think i'm still here?"​
    "I don't know, probably to have sex with me, impregnate me, and then leave me at the mercy of your psychotic wife."​
    "I love you, Arabella." he looked deep into her brown eyes, looking so honest it was hard for her not to break for him, for her to say she loved him too, and that she wanted him to stay. He knew that, but she doubted he cared. All of the myths were the same. All of his children's mothers alwyas ended up dead. By some horrible fate, some horrible monster. Some didn't even survive to give birth. No, she would not do that. She wanted to live, she wanted to raise her own children, she wanted to love, to be loved.​
    He kissed her gently, at first, then deepened it, wrapping his arms around her, drawing her against his warm, strong body. ​
    "No.." She muttered, and pulled away. "I can't... Zues... I'm sorry." She turned, and ran out of the apartment, disappearing into the crowed, and again, she was Invisible.​