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  1. I’m a major fan of roleplays with romance as the main plot. So, my idea is of a club at a high school where its focus of the members is to help their fellow classmates find love and romance, like matchmakers and cupids for their school. However, our focus as the roleplayers will be the romance between the members of the club. While they are helping others, their bonds grow between them and romance sparks throughout the club.

    I picture this rp as a comedy/romance rp, with a bit of drama and maybe a bit of action and adventure when they get themselves into interesting situations thanks to their attempts of romance for others and themselves. Obviously, it’s supposed an rp full of fun where we all can do whatever we want. Also, I figure we can make it anime style so have anime physics in it where all kinds of things can happen even if they don’t seem to make sense. For instance, maybe there’s something that causes them to switch bodies. All of it would just be for fun and romance and comedy as well.

    I also picture some fun, interesting, entertaining characters so you'll be able to be creative with them. And, they can have interesting reasons why they are in the club, maybe a hopeless romantic or a player, it's your choice. I figure there can be some love triangles or changes in who people like or end up with as well if anyone is interested in that.

    I’d like to have this as a small group of people so that way it’s easy to interact between each other. Since it’s large on romance as well, if you are interested I’d like you to keep in mind about trying to think about making enough characters where everyone in the club would have a match (of any kind of sexual orientation is fine). I just don’t want everyone to be finding romance with their characters except for one person who has no one.

    Is anyone interested in this idea? I’m sure it would develop more as time goes on and if I get some interest in it.
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  2. I'll throw my hat into the ring.
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  3. Me pretty please!
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  4. Mmmm....

    I'll bite!
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  5. Rev it.
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  6. This sounds cool but not really for me, (shocker since I join like every new rp) but good luck anyway^^
  7. Sure this could be interesting
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  8. This sounds fun, count me in!
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  9. @MiNaGi @Shounen Senpai @Nano

    Just casually tagging people I think would be interested (and might be somewhat free by the time this gets up???) >_>
  10. I'm so glad that this is getting so much interest so suddenly. With that said, I'll begin work on the OOC. It might or might not take some time. Usually, I can get an OOC done pretty quickly if I'm in the mood, though I have a nasty headache at the moment so I don't know if I'm in that good mood to really bust out the OOC quickly tonight. I'll keep you updated.
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  11. I'm interested if you give me like... two-three weeks please T______T
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  12. I don't know if I can make everyone wait for three weeks though. But, we can always keep a spot open for you if you really want to be in the rp. I'm definitely willing to be flexible for you.
  13. I'm really interested if this does end up happening. Sounds like fun!
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  14. Yeahhh, that'd be super nice T_______T

    I have my exams so I'm literally on the verge of death right now
  15. I completely understand. I'll save you a spot then.

    It is definitely happening, I'm working on the OOC. I might get it up within the next day or two.
  16. Awesome! I'll keep an eye out.
  17. Since I want to keep this rp more organized, I'm going to save everyone here a spot for when the rp comes up. I will not always be leaving the sign-ups open. Meanwhile, you are free to start thinking about what kind of character you want to make, and what role (such as if you want to be vice-president of the club, or some other role). President is taken by me though.

    When the OOC is created, I'll put the link up here.
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