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  1. Welcome to the Lovely Inn of Madame Caroline!

    Greetings, guests,

    I'm sure that for many of you this is your first time visiting the Lovely Inn of Madame Caroline. As the manager of this establishment I feel only the utmost obligation to inform you of where it is that you will be staying. There is a rich history here on the isles of Caroline and it is important for you to know every bit of it as to ensure that your stay is, to be as frank as possible, casualty free!

    Now, I'm certain that you are all aware of the curse of Madame Caroline, herself. Why else would you want to visit a haunted inn, after all? For those unaware (you poor, poor bastards), the Madame died in the late-1700s at the hands of a creature only known as the Witch of the Isles. Rumor has it that the only way to satiate the Witch's thirst for blood by killing the visitors of the isles. Some call such a rumor hogwash. Those were typically the ones that died first.

    Mind you, we haven't had a death here at the inn since 1892 and we're almost certain young lads and ladies like yourselves are in questionably safe hands. With that said, I'd love to welcome you all to this lovely little inn.

    Yours truly,
    The Manager

    The Game Itself
    As visitors of the inn, you are all tasked with on main goal: stay alive. While the task at hand might sound simple enough, your job is made more and more difficult as time progresses through the game.
    Each visitor is assigned a role and a task to help ensure the survival of everyone at the inn. These people are simply referred to as Visitors. One person, before the game begins, is assigned the role of the Witch. It is the Witch's goal to kill everyone that visits the inn. As the game progresses, the Witch will elect one Visitor to die at random. The dead Visitor now becomes a Hauntling. There are two ways of completing the game.
    1. The game is won if the Witch kills all Visitors.
    2. The game is won if the Witch is killed.

    The Roles of the Visitors
    During character creation, there are roles that can be personally assigned to each Visitor. These abilities allow for certain advantages against the Witch or Hauntlings during confrontations or events. They include:

    • Clairvoyance: The Visitor receives messages from the Higher Entity warning of events to come. There is one warning given before a Visitor dies.
    • Repulsion: The Visitor can use Holy energy to remove a curse from one person. This can only be used after a character death or during a Hauntling attack.
    • Necromancer: The Visitor makes a pact with the Otherworld in order to revive one Visitor. There is only one revival to use and it cannot be the first Hauntling of the game.
    • Persuationist: The Visitor can convince/control one player at any given point in the game to do as they say. This includes using their abilities as they please. The use of abilities inadvertently through Persuationist counts as a use of the skill, and all rules that applied to the skill must be adhered to (e.g. the Necromancer can only use their skill once, even under the influence of a Persuationist).
    • Unborn: The Visitor is automatically revived upon dying. This skill can only be used once.
    • Protector: Following the death of a Visitor, the Protector can elect to use a protective barrier to prevent another Visitor from being affected by curses. This is used once following a death scene.
    • Medic: The Visitor can restore vitality to other Visitors. This can only be done if the Visitor is harmed by another Visitor (even if that Visitor is being controlled by the Witch). This can be used once before a Visitor dies.
    While some skills sound better than others, it is important to note that having a well-rounded Visitor skill pool is effective in playing. Keep that in mind while creating your characters.
    Visitors cannot elect to kill other Visitors outside of Witch controls or Witch trials.

    Roles of the Witch
    The Witch will be determined before the game begins. The Manager will send a private message to a Visitor informing that they have been randomly selected to play the role of the Witch. In order to protect the identity of the Witch, the Witch must message the Manager to preform the Witch's deeds. A personal letter from the Manager will be sent to the Visitor the spell had been cast upon, informing them on how they should act. The Witch can:

    • Curse: This can cause a Visitor to lose their ability following a death scene.
    • Control: The Witch whispers a deed into the ears of a Visitor and they are forced to comply. Deeds can include, but not limited to, murder, maiming, and suicide.
    • State Change: The Witch casts a spell that alters the mood of another player. Moods can switch from extreme anger to bought of sadness and depression. Can even cause a brief period of insanity. This skill can be used up to twice following a death scene.
    • Ethereal Sleep: The Witch places a slumber spell onto a Visitor, rendering them useless until the Witch wakes them. The Witch can then proceed to torment them within the dream scape. This can be done at any time during the game.
    • Memory Manipulation: A Visitor is convinced of an event that did not happen. This can be done up to two times following the death of a Visitor.
    • Transformation: This can either be done to one's self or to a Visitor. The transformations range between inviting animals or grotesque monsters.
    The Witch must also kill one Visitor every 12 cycles. The timing and spacing of each cycle is determined by the Manager and is posted on the IC thread for all to hear. The event of the death will then be broadcasted by the Manager, right down to the last gruesome detail.

    Roles of the Hauntlings
    Hauntlings are the ghosts of dead visitors. While a Visitor might remain dead for the duration of the game, it is not the end of their role, per say. Hauntlings have various abilities and tasks as the game progresses. They can either:
    1. Help kill the Witch
    2. Help kill the Visitors
    Therefore, the role of Hauntlings are very important as to who gets to live and who dies next. There are several traits Hauntlings can take on:
    • Resonance: Hauntlings can give hints and clues as to who the Witch might be. These clues can be accurate or purposefully deceitful.
    • Omnipresence: A Hauntling can know about what other people say/do, even if they are not there directly. This allows the Hautling to know about everything that is going on everywhere as opposed to where they are currently interacting, giving them an upper-hand on knowledge.
    • Transcendence: Hautlings can present themselves to others in a physical form. While in physical form, the Hauntling can interact with other physical objects.
    • Dreamwalking: Hauntlings can infiltrate dream spaces and interact with living Visitors.
    • Possession: Hauntlings can possess the living. This does not mean that the Hautling can utilize the powers of the Visitor.
    Hauntlings can also attempt a kill. While Hauntlings cannot successfully kill a Visitor, the attempt itself renders a Visitor incapable of using their skill until the next death scene. Hauntlings do not need to make their intentions anonymous, so they can strike whenever they please.

    Witch Trials
    If enough information is gathered, a Visitor can call to order a trial and accuse someone of being the Witch. In order to kill the Visitor in question there must be a a unanimous decision to kill the Visitor.

    If the Visitor is the Witch then the Visitors have successfully survived the Lovely Inn of Madame Coraline.
    If the Visitor is not the Witch then there is a curse placed on the remaining Visitors (as specified by the Manager) and the newly deceased Visitor becomes a Hauntling.

    Layout of the Inn (open)
    The inn has four floors, not including the attic and the basement. Each floor contains nine suites which are numbered by the floor number, followed by the number of the room (e.g. suite 14 is found on the first floor and is the fourth room on the floor). The first floor also includes a lobby room, adorned with red carpets and golden furniture. There is also a dining hall located right next to the lobby with a table that could seat up to twenty guests. On the second floor, on the opposite sides of the rooms is a spa which includes a sauna. The third floor contains a sun room with lush plants and a great view of the isles may be seen. The fourth floor is still vastly under improvement as the Manager elected to add on a personal theater for future Visitors to enjoy. The attic and the basement are kept secret from the Visitors as the only access to them is by a set of keys that only the Manager has.

    Character Sheet Template
    The character sheets themselves are rather simple.
    • Name
    • Age
    • Occupation
    • Skill of Choice (one per character)
    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • Background
    • Additional Information

    Enjoy your stay!!

    The Lovely Guests:

    Lizzi Maple
    Rosario Juana "RJ" Diosdado
    Kristen Fairbound
    Bexley Thomas
    Elliot Rowan
    Alana Zōu
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    • Name: Elliot Rowan
    • Age: 32
    • Occupation: Photographer for Time magazine
    • Skill of Choice: Clairvoyant
    • Appearance: Black hair that's trimmed and above his collar and green eyes. 5'10' and thin, not much muscular strength to speak of.
    • Personality: Laid back and likes spiritual things. He isn't religious, but he has always been fascinated by ghosts and magic.
    • Background: Elliot has worked with Time magazine for a couple of years doing little projects, but now they are giving him a big break and ask him to capture photos of what locals claim to be a haunted house.
    • Additional Information: he does not like pickles.

    It's still in progress...
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  2. Sure thing!!
  3. This looks really well made! I expect this to be very popular, so I'll quickly add my character:

    Name: Lizzi Maple
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Trainee Nurse
    Skill of Choice: Medic
    Appearance: Lizzi has a short and not very muscular build, with pale skin and delicate hands. Her face is pale other than her bright, rosy cheeks, and she has a pair of big, bright grey eyes. Her hair is very long, almost reaching to her hips, and coloured a golden-brown.
    Personality: Lizzi is quite shy, and doesn't really open up much to people she doesn't know. She has a sense of natural kindness about her, and will always stop to help somebody who's in need of her help. Unfortunately, she isn't very brave - the sight of blood took some getting used to, and she's absolutely terrified of the usual things such as spiders, snakes, etc. She plans to try and become a more courageous person one day, but... it just isn't in her nature.
    However, sometimes certain things can trigger Lizzi to become a different person altogether, and actually become extremely brave for the sake of others. If she ever gets close to somebody or witnesses the death of somebody close to her... it can cause her to change wildly.
    Background: Lizzi comes from a lonely house nearby the woods, where she lives with her mother on little wages. Lizzi's father recently went missing, making her a little confused and much more on edge than usual. Lizzi never grew up in school to be much of a talker, making her a very common victim for bullies; she never likes to talk about her past experience in schools, and she's thankful to finally get the opportunity to do something she enjoys: nursing others back to health. She hopes to get out of the 'trainee' phase and become a fullly fledged nurse, hopefully with some decent pay so she can organize a search party for her father, and to improve their lonely little house.
    Additional Information: Although Lizzi is shy, she's very gullible and trusting of others. Although she tries to contain it, she also has a love of nature - in particular, she loves small, fluffy animals - such as mice or rabbits. She doesn't know why, she just thinks they're adorable, and may get very distracted when she sees said cute animal. This makes her quite easy to manipulate if you know her well.

    ((This'll be interesting, I couldn't have picked anyone who would be less terrified of a situation like this xD))
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  4. Name
    Rosario Juana "RJ" Diosdado
    Photographer/Aspiring Actress

    Skill of Choice

    RJ is tough in nature, and it shows: her lightly muscled, tan skin is evidence of all her former labor under the sun and in the tempting shadows. Her intimidating build is enforced by her height: 5'11. Her face is sharp, harsh, contrasting with her big warm brown eyes and short mess of wavy hair. She has a tattoo of the crucifix on her neck and usually wears v-neck black shirts and baggy pants.

    She doesn't intend to be intimidating, though her naturally harsh, nearly angry honesty is enough to drive most friendly people away. RJ is initially cool, calm, and concentrated on whatever task there is, even when having to cooperate with others (which she has a hard time with), but will snap at the slightest push of her buttons - anything regarding her family, her insecurities, or her values. She is short-tempered, practical, and often has a no nonsense attitude when it comes to work - her comfort zone, which she devotes most of her time and effort to. Whenever she is outside of work, she tends to be more susceptible to all sorts of anxiety, with the most frequent and notable one being around people.

    As a result, her natural response is to respond with aggression, whether faint or actively, to hide her glaring insecurities. It is difficult for her to make friends, but when she comes across people who are patient enough to get to know her, she is willing to sweat, bleed, and shed tears for their sake. She probably won't have second thoughts about it either.

    When faced with adversity she seemingly can never overcome, she will continue fighting alone to her death - unless there are people she would rather die for instead of herself.

    RJ was born and raised in the city, far from the countryside, where she developed a thick skin and street smarts from having lived in the streets with her mother, who struggles finding any job, let alone as a qualified actress, because she is transgender. Just as the both of them were near death from starvation, her mother met an agent looking for cheap talent and RJ scoured the streets and managed to snag a job at a Chinese restaurant. The small agency threw RJ small modelling/commercial jobs when she was younger, and she handled them pretty well but became more interested in being behind the camera. As she continued her schooling with gradually increasing support for both her and her mother, she continued dabbling in photography and was even sponsored a few short term courses by her agency that grew wealthier by the minute. She now works as an apprentice for a high fashion photographer but was just ordered to take a break and manage her itchy temper.

    Additional Information
    • RJ is not exactly religious - she is spiritual, and often resorts to short prayers when in need of guidance. Her mother is a devout Catholic despite their Church having basically exiled her.
    • Her view on death? Another opportunity to be used wisely. She feels she will be responsible for her death, and would rather control how it would contribute to a cause.
    • RJ does not mind being openly affectionate once you have her heart. She is extremely protective and only ever feels truly useful that way.
    • She is an aspiring actress, only in a sense that her mother wants her to follow her footsteps despite their value of freedom. It's mostly a family business thing.
    • RJ does not identify strongly as either male or female, and is technically genderqueer, but does not mind being referred to with she/her pronouns or being considered a woman. With her short hair and tall, muscular stature she is sometimes referred to as a guy by most acquaintances.

    I just really, really like this idea! It's a wonder why it isn't popular already.
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  5. @glaizedonut Welcome to the inn!! And here's to hoping we get some new folks soon so we can get this show on the road. Lol
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  6. Might be interested in this! It is strikingly similar to a game I am currently running but with wonderful new approaches. Let me think on it. I don't want to join and then be overwhelmed with all of my other RPs. :)
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  7. I may be The Repulsion. I'll apply in a few minutes.
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  8. @Jerelin We'd love to have you. We've been waiting for a good party to get this ball rolling. Lol

    @The Silver Paladin Roger that. :)
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: "Kristen Fairbound, pleased to make your acquaintance stranger."

    Age: "Twenty-Three as of last month in fact!"
    Occupation: "I'm an assistant to a politician."
    Skill of Choice: "Let's see, Persuationist? Hm, fitting."
    Personality: Kristen is a fast-paced go-getter that's very used to her day to day life keeping up with and putting in check fast-paced and sneaky politicians and this reflects in her personality greatly.
    Kristen is very sneaky and underhanded by nature. She doesn't lie, because that would make her viable for lawsuit, she simply makes the truth more appeasing to the other party or uses her words to confuse them into doing what she wants. She usually does this more when she feels cornered, outsmarted or when she's with her employer who she is highly devoted to.
    Kristen is very fast-paced. She's always moving, thinking and keeping busy but she's never doing nothing. Her phone is her life and she's always making calls, sending out tweets, updating social media and keeping (Not by choice hers, and) her employers name on the top of everyone's mind on the political scene.
    Kristen is someone who keeps herself and others to high standards of social awareness and obedience. She keeps up with the trends and mannerisms and expects those around her to do the same. When someone disobeys the social norm she pulls out her well sharpened use of sneak-dissing. A weapon she uses frequently and often along with an occasional double entendre. Though since most people don't get them the more politically cynical side of her personality, the trait is hidden from most.
    Kristen is naturally a person who strives for excellence and acceptance. Her life goals are to stick by her (albeit questionable) morals and never give up on something worth fighting for. She sometimes wrecks herself trying to make everyone else around her happy and sometimes forgets about her own happiness. She puts others needs before hers at most times and is very self-conscious of her flaws.
    Background: She has no special background, to her at least. She was raised in a home of a doctor and a lawyer and lived in a mini-mansion her entire life. She was rather spoiled and had her own debit card by the age of nine because her parents were so busy. She had to learn how to fend for herself quickly and actually enrolled herself in high-school for the most part. She had a boyfriend through high school who she simply let lead her through life- her boyfriend spoke and she thoughtlessly obeyed. She was rather popular and her relationship with her clique went the same way, she simply obeyed orders. In college everything fell apart for her, on the first day she was right in the middle of talking about how her perfect boyfriend never pressured her for sex when he revealed he'd been cheating on her the whole time with her best friend and announced they were eloping. Her fourth year of college she had fully evolved into a shy recluse. That's when her current employer saw her and discovered her potential. He took her under his wing and treated her as at least most equal to him, allowing her to blossom into the spunky person she is today.
    Additional Information: "I..... I like water. Snow, rain, oceans, rivers, tears, sweat.... I simply love water."
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  10. This looks lovely. Might I reserve a spot?
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  11. Is this still open or...? Because I would very much like to play this game ^^
  12. @Nameless It's still very open. lol Feel free to join. I am really hoping to start this thing soon.
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  13. Will fix up a CS today, promise >.< It's been a while since I've done a group RP, haha.
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  14. Nice RP! I would like to join the RP if thine Manager please!


    Name: "Thomas. Just Thomas."

    Age: "I'm 25. That's it."

    Occupation: "I was an Intern to a Horrible Person. A Person I wished I have never met."

    Skill of Choice: "Necromancy, it's the thing I'm good at."

    Personality: Thomas was a curious, skeptical person who lived in a Motel, just beside a Drug Store. He was friendly, cheerful, & was a realist, he had a girlfriend, & he really found a way to get out of scrapes. But then, as he searched for a job, he saw an Ad saying that somebody wants an intern. It said it has good pay, & free lunch. Thinking that maybe this is a job he was waiting for, he went into an office to be an intern to a bussinessman, but then everything changed. His history, his personality, his relationships, his everything. Now, he is shy, jumpy, lonesome, & hotheaded. He likes to be alone in his room, just reading a book. To rather go outside, & relive it all again.

    Background: Thomas lived in a House where he has his own Private Library & has his Air Conditioned Room. He had every comforts of an average family. When he went into college, he telephoned his family & said when he graduates in college, he is going to live in the Motel. Just 5 Blocks away from Home. With promises of visits & gifts, he went on with his life. In the Motel, he still has his Private Library, his Air Conditioned Room, & every comforts of his old life, except for his old Babby, his Private Teddy Bear, which he threw away for he was already a man. He searched all the local newspapers for any jobs that could fit his interests, when he found the ad that changed his life. Turns out, his boss was a worshiper of Satan. He forced him to do rituals, to do Necromancy, to murder, to steal, to worship Satan. He went really good with Necromancy, & he hated it, cursed it, & loathed it with his life. His Family understood, & they advised him to move away from town. He agreed with a heavy heart, he found an Inn & decided to stay there until he can get up on his feet. But he wouldn't believe it. His wound has healed, but there will always be a permanent scar. & it will always affect his life. Until he dies.

    Additional Information: "Fuck Satan. Fuck my Life. Fuck James. I'm a Nobody."
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  15. @Nameless No worries!! I'm sure your character will be just fine. :)
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