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  1. "We'll get you for this you dam-" The man was cut short as a sword ripped through him and he sagged to his knees, as the blade slid out the bandit fell to the side; watching his own blood drip onto the ground as the light left his eyes. The cause of his death was a young man around nineteen and he also the death of the bandit's companions who laid around him in a circle, also devoid of any life. "Nope, you won't be doing a thing." Reagen muttered, swinging his sword to rid it of the blood before sheathing it and started to walk away from the bodies and back to his horse. The snow white stallion dipped his head when his owner came over and felt the middle of his head stroked before Reagen mounted his saddle and stretched. "Well, I guess we should hurry on back to the castle. It has been ten years after all and I'm curious why the king called me back."

    "I do hope there's lots of food to eat~" The young man said excitedly as his horse, Snowfire, broke into a trot and their destination came into view. "I wonder how much everyone has changed."
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  2. Anna walked around her kingdom in drags and her brown hair tied up in a bun. If the guards found out she was sneaking out again, her parents would never let her hear the end of it. It was always, "Anna! How are these people going to take you seriously when you rule over them someday when you keep treating them all like they're your friend?!" Or, "Those peasants will never look up to a princess who spends her days disobeying her parents!" Anna thought to herself sadly as she watched the children running past her in the village. They looked happy, and they were poor! Anna never seemed to be happy, not the way her parents are trying to raise her; to be a spoiled brat princess. Why couldn't everyone be treated equally? She wishes she was a peasant sometimes. Just to know how it feels to be free for once. She sat down by a tree and pulled her hair down as it reached passed her shoulders. She didnt care if she got caught anymore. It would just be the same lecture everyday
  3. Reagen rode at an easy pace, seeing how he techincally was a freelance knight right now he wasn't too worried about being late. The king and queen sent him away at a young age for special training at a harsh island so he wasn't too estatic about seeing them after so long. Though the rumors about the princess was something he was interested in, supposedly Princess Anna treated everyone equal despite their status. If those rumors were true it was certainly something and a rare trait for royalty, most loved to stand above their subjects and think of themselves as superior. But the one time he had met the princess she certainly seemed that way; considerate and nice to other people. That's when Reagen and Snowfire arrived in the village that borded the castle and the knight looked around curiously with a smile and waved at those how waved at him. As they came to the outskirts he noticed a young woman sitting by herself under a tree and hopped down from his horse, making his way over to her with the beast following just behind. "What's with the long face?" Squatting, his green eyes looked at her and grinned. Reagen then plopped himself onto the ground across from her and picked up a blade of grass.
  4. She looked up at him in utter shock. Did he not know who she was? She was the princess yet he casually walked upon her. She was about to ask why when she remembered what she was wearing; rags and not her regular royal clothing. He must've seen her as a peasant. Finally, she had the chance to be someone other than The Princess of Anima. What he could she tell him? She was the princess and she wishes she was not? No, she had to say something a peasant would say. What did peasants always become sad for? She finally got it and looked down more sadly to give more effect.

    "I'm hungry and I can't afford any bread.."
  5. He grew very curious upon seeing her reaction to him, his green eyes glimmered slightly with it. Perhaps it was odd for someone to approach a complete stranger and be a bit concerned for them? After eight years of being in the wilderness with an old knight really made social skills a person's social skills lose their edge slightly. Or maybe he no longer seemed approachable to some people, though that thought seemed idiotic since he always smiled or grinned with a cheerful expression. Then he was quite surprised by hearing her answer, smiling slightly as he nodded and stood up.

    "Oh, ok then." A soft whistle escaped his lips which was soon replied by a snort as the white stallion trotted over to them. Opening a flap to one of the saddlebags, he rummaged through them until he found what he wanted then turned back towards the girl and sat down once more. "Here, take these then." The knight stretched both hands; in the left, a whole load of bread and in his right was a medium sized pouch full of coins.
  6. Her eyes widen, looking at the gift. Did she know him? He did look familiar, those green eyes. Even so, why would he give a random stranger so much money? She had never thunk such act of kindness still exist. "Dear God no," She put up her hands to refuse the kind offer, "Um..I can manage." She didn't want him to know she was lying, she didn't want to lie in the first place. Suddenly the royal caretaker from the kingdom came. He didn't look much older than her and he obviously seen this scam as he shook his head and yelled at her, "Hello, Princess Anna! What are you doing in such vulgar clothing? We should be discussing your marriage arrangements! " He teasing bows.

    Her eyes widen and groans "Marcus!" He laughs and he hands Anna her crown, "C'mon, you must change. You're lucky I cover for you, your parents would be in flames! Especially if you're going to meet a new man to be betrothed to. I heard he's a knight named..Ronald or Randy or something." He grabbed her hand and took her away. Before they walked away Anna looked back at the knight who had given her such gifts. She dropped them on the ground next to him and walked away.
  7. He retained his hands in their position with relative ease and they did not shake. That was thanks to the eight years of grueling and incredibly harsh training he had been put through during that time. Though it was surprising to see she had not taken his offer yet; why was that? Rejection...odd. "Huh?" Why reject food and money if she was hungry and could not afford to eat? Whenever someone was hurt or starving, it physically and mentally pained him as he was a knight and as such it was his duty to also protect the people. That's when a voice was heard and the knight's eyes widen slightly, Princess Anna was the girl before him, but he quickly regained his composed expression. His childhood friend had really grown during all these years but it was still nice to see she still retained her kind and caring heart.

    Though already Reagen wasn't too fond of this man, too much arrogance with this one. Then his interest was peaked slightly. Betrothal? First he had been summoned here by the king for some unknown reason and now he learned Anna was going to be betrothed? And anyway, who was this Ronald or Randy, he knew a lot of knights but none of those names rung any bells. Looking at the bread and coins, Reagen picked them up and stood up, noticing a small peasant boy he tossed them both to the child before turning back towards the two figures leaving. "If you don't mind, we'll be accompanying you." Taking ahold of Snowfire's reins he followed after them. "Your father has summoned me princess, though he did not tell my master or I why."
  8. Her eyes widen as she looked at him and nodded. Was he not mad at her? For lying that is. She's seen those sparkling green eyes somewhere as if it were in a dream. He was handsome with a charming smile. Marcus chuckles, "Just like that? You're going to let him walk along with the princess just like that? What if he's here to kill you?" Anna rolled her eyes, "If he wanted to kill me, he would have done it before you showed up." He thought for a comeback, "What if he's a spy?!" Anna groaned and rolled eyes once more, "Why would he give me money?" Marcus kept walking thinking of one last comeback, "What if he was going to poison you with the bread?!" Anna groaned as she rose her voice, "I gave it back!" Marcus started laughing and playfully hit Anna's arm.

    Anna looked at Reagen, still not remembering who he was. What did her father want with him? He seemed like a simple knight. Would Marcus be replaced with Reagen? As her new escort? As much as Marcus seemed to annoy Anna, he's been taking care of her as long as she could remember. Why would he be replaced? He's very trusted by her father. If that's not the case that Reagen is present, then why is he here?
  9. Seeing now his horse was content, he let go of Snowfire's reins and the horse trotted behind the trio as Reagen grinned at the princess. Then his grin dimmed slightly when Marcus began to talk and the knight rolled his eyes with a sigh. Even after all this time the care taker was still incredibly annoying and barely tolerable. "She's correct, and even if I wanted to at this very moment I could kill you in twenty seven different ways before moving onto her." He grumbled while sliding both hands into his pockets. "Seems kindness with no strings attached is even rarer now." Reagen then commented before listening to the two contuined to argue. Poison bread, was that even used anymore? Hopefully he wouldn't be subjected to Marcus' idiocy the entire time he was at the castle. "Goon..."

    Returning his eyes to the road, the knight hummed softly while fixing the sword that hung horizontally across the back of his waist. It was an odd way to wear a sword but the sword it's self was quite odd; with its large purple orb centered in the middle of its hilt and the engraving of a soaring falcon on it pommel. Feeling a pair of eyes looking at him, Reagen looked to see Anna staring at him. "What? Is there something on my face?" Curiously he grinned at her.
  10. Marcus gasped dramatically an Reagen's remark, "Goon? I prefer eccentric." He leaned into Anna's ear, "Twenty-Seven different way? Sounds like something a spy could do." Anna looked at Marcus blankly before bursting into laughter. Marcus smiled at Anna and started to laugh with her. It seemed his odd ways and remarks made Anna laugh and that seemed to be all that mattered, that Anna always kept a smile on her face. The three of them, excluding Snowfire, entered the castle. They waited to be greeted by the king and queen.

    Anna realized Reagen had noticed her glares and started blushing, "It's not that it's look familiar..." Marcus cut Anna off by pointing at the rags she was still wearing, "You forgot to change! We must do this quick before your father sees you!" Without another word, Marcus grabbed Anna's hand and dragged her into her bedroom.
  11. "No, after all these years I'd say you're still a goon." Reagen grumbled to himself and Snow snorted in response. That caused the knight to smirk slightly, at least it was nice to know his horse was annoyed by Marcus too. Looking at them curiously as they laughed he simply shrugged and contuined on while beginning to hum again. The faster they met the king met the wait for him to eat a lot of food decreased and he grinned cheerfully at the thought. Hopefully the cooks hadn't lost their edge while he was gone and still made excellent food.

    Before the knight could say anything Anna was already being pulled away and chuckled. "You have no idea." Then he proceeded to look around the room he was waiting in before feeling a new set of eyes on him. "Even at this age, I don't appreciate you trying to sneak up on me." A voice laughed loudly before the figure appeared in front of Reagen. "So it is you, our little Reagen the trouble maker." This man was in his forties and one of the knight's greatest knights along with being a father figure to Reagen. Smiling, the two embraced before pulling away and the man, Jarrod, turned away from him. "I'll be on my way since you have a meeting with the king."
  12. Anna and Marcus came back. Anna's once messy bun was now down to her shoulders with long light brown curls. Her rags were replaces by a flowing light pink dress that had proven she was a royal. Last but no least, there was a golden crown on top of her long locks of hair. Marcus dusted off Anna for the finishing touches but Anna just batted her hand away. Marcus laughed and stood back away from Anna and stood next to Reagen and laughed to himself and whispered to Reagen, "After all these still hate me."

    The king, King Logan, came down the ivory staircase with royal attire. He bows at Anna and Anna curtsied and smiled, "Hello father.." King Logan gave a smile and looked between Regean and Anna and said with a grin, "Ah! Good job fetching the suitable man for my young daughter." Marcus grinned, "With pleasure, your majesty." King Logan looked back at Anna, "Anna, you're almost 18. I have come to the realization that you do not want to be given off to some old buffoon who wont protect you. That's why I assigned Regean here to be a suitable knight and protector to become your husband." Marcus smiled to himself, knowing this the whole time as Anna stood in shock.
  13. No matter what Reagen tried to think about Jarrod's visit, it did seem a little odd to him. If it was a friendly visit then there would have been more tormenting of the young knight probably until the princess or king arrived. So why had it seemed the older knight knew something he didn't? But now those thoughts were pushed away once he saw Princess Anna and smiled, she had been cute when they were younger but now she had become a beautiful young woman; the man marrying her was going to be lucky. When Marcus stood next to him, Reagen snorted slightly and whispered back, "Nah, you're just slightly irritating. Plus you stole my cookies when we were kids."

    And that's when Anna's father and Reagen's king appeared, in attendance with the code of a knight, he drew his sword and held it blade down; both hands gripping its hilt. "My liege." He bowed his head before sheathing his sword and straightened up, a slightly curious expression and King Logan addressed Marcus. Huh? If Marcus had brought the man suitable for Anna then where was he, Reagen wanted to see what he looked like. Hearing the king call him a suitable knight had him smile and then grin about becoming Anna's protector but it immediately vanished and was replaced by utter shock as Logan finished. "H-huh?...Husband? Me?" Was it really the best choice? Did Anna even remember her childhood friend from all those years ago?
  14. King Logan smiled cheerfully, "Do you really think I sent you away all these years for no reason? You're my best knight, I'd trust you with my life. I've been watching you, Reagen, that's why I am entrusting you with the LOVE of my life. My only daughter." He pointed to Anna proudly. Anna only had a blank expression on her face and her body seemed stiff. She didn't know him! But goddammit, why did he seem so familiar? It didn't matter. As King Logan walked away, Anna grabbed his sleeve, "Father, didn't you think you should've ask how I felt about all this?" King Logan looked with disappointment, "If you want to be treated as a young woman, then you should first act like one. Women should not be allowed to question a man's decision." King Logan pulled away and walked away.

    Anna just stood there, just filled with shock. She looked at Marcus, "You knew about this?" Marcus looked sadly at Anna, "If I told you what would be happening, you would've of cooperated with me." She looked back at him with anger, "So your job is more important than our friendship? Some friend you are!" Anna looked at Reagen and looked at him dead in the eye with all hate, "I am never going to be your wife..." She immediately stormed off to her room.
  15. Well, Reagen had been told by his Master ,Dom Lavinto, that the King had sent him away for training in order to become a strong knight and possibly the strongest if he could master his sword. While hearing King Logan call him that did cause him to feel happy it was once again replaced by a sense of sadness and the knight lowered his gaze. More than anything he wanted to ask his lord if what Anna wanted mattered, shouldn't she be the one to choose who she wanted to marry; but as a knight he could not. As the two royals talked he sent a glare towards Marcus meaning there would be hell to pay once this was all over and the caretaker was going to regret what happened.

    He closed his eyes with a soft sigh, hung it low and shook his head. This was not how he wanted his and Anna's reunion to be. Then opening them and returning his head to the original position, Reagen met her hateful gaze with soft and sad green eyes. Hearing what she said next tore a hole in his heart, "Anna I-" But it was too late, she had already stormed away and he turned his attention to Marcus. "You thought I hated you before, well, now I do. Not because of what happened but because you betrayed Anna's trust." The Knight turned away from the caretaker and started down the opposite hall. "Before I left I swore to Anna I'd return someday and make her happy, but thanks to you I've done the opposite." Reagen glanced back at Marcus and cheerfully grinned, though it was quite unnerving with the malicious intent coming from him. "I'll be training, don't come near me unless you want hurt." And with that the knight disappeared down another hall.
  16. Marcus looked surprised and grabbed Reagen's arm, "I'm doing her a favor! Look, it's not her fault; she doesn't remember you!" He sighed sadly, still upset that this event happened, "The night you left, she was so heart broken. I found her in her room once crying her eyes out because she didn't think you'd return. She said she loved you and..she didn't want to stay here without you. I tried stopping her but she wouldn't listen to me! I guess some time around midnight she snuck out of her room. When we found her, she had almost been beaten to death and all of her belongings were gone. But I know she still loves you! I thought if she at least saw you again, she'd remember..."

    Marcus let go of Regean, his dark brown eyes looked down, full of regret. "I know she doesn't want any man accept you. She just doesn't know it yet.."
  17. What Marcus said rang in Reagen's ears as he started down the hall and did his best not to show any emotion at what he heard. Showing tears was not something as knight should do in the presence of another person and especially not in front of another man. But as soon as the knight arrived in the training room, he closed the door behind him as tears now cascaded down his cheeks. He had told Anna countless times not to follow him when he left and that was the exact reason why; if something happened he wouldn't be there to protect her! Drawing his sword he lunged in a blind fury and cut a dummy clean in half before spinning and impaling another in the stomach before pulling out.

    Then a hand clashed out as Reagen clamped down on another's face of to his left and slammed it into the ground; causing it to shatter and pieces of wood to go flying everywhere. "Why would she want a man who wasn't there for her when she needed him the most?" He muttered to himself, his once vibrant green eyes dulling slightly as he straightened up and wiped away some of the tears.
  18. Anna slowly came in, wearing less formal clothing. She stopped in the doorway and looked at Regean. She spoke quietly, "I come her to practice my archery sometimes.." She stood out of the way of Reagen and looked away, "I heard you crying. Actually..I heard what you said about not understanding why she'd want to be with you. lose someone important?"

    Anna took out her bow and arrow and started to put it together and tied her hair back so it wouldn't get in the way. "I'm sorry if I was a bit harsh to you. It's not like you knew about my father's plans. I don't think you want ti marry me either.."
  19. Hearing someone enter the room he quickly wiped away his tears before turning towards them. Only to see it was Anna and prepared himself for another hurtful gaze or something like it. "Oh." His voice was soft and somewhat hoarse as he turned away from and kicked the shattered head away from him. Then his body stiffen while he was in the middle of raising his sword to strike at another training dummy; she had heard him crying. "I..I guess you could say I did."

    Swinging down on he object the blade cut through the wood with ease and severed a arm before he twisted it in his grip and slashed it across the chest. "You don't need to apologize." Was his only reply, doing his best to avoid the last part of the sentence. "Have..have you ever lost someone?"
  20. She sighed and sat against the wall. "I dunno..I have this empty feeling at times. Like, there should be someone in my life but I don't know who.." She looked down, feeling as if she was going to cry and blushed out of embarrassment, "Sometimes...I have dreams where I'm a little girl again and I'm playing with this little boy. His face is blurred out in my dreams so I don't know who he is. Marcus was in the dream too; watching over us. As I get more of these dreams, the little boy is much older and he's walking away from me. I'm calling his name but only I can't hear what is it."

    She laughed to herself sadly, "It sounds crazy, I know but sometimes I feel like...that boy is real. Even though I have only seen him in dreams.."
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