The Love Triangle

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  1. This story is about a complicated love triangle; where two women fall for the same man, but in the process of this, they end up falling for each other as well. How will things turn out for the three of them? ​
  2. Thanks for making the thread! My CS is pretty bare, so if you'd like me to add anything let me know.

    Name: Caroline Brown
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    • Cheerful → Caroline is generally happy and bubbily kind of girl. She's talkative and enjoys a good conversation.
    • Polite → She's well mannered, always saying "Please" and "Thank you".
    • Intelligent → She always had the best education money could buy, so she's quite smart.
    • Gentle → She's not one for fighting and tries to avoid confrontation at all costs.
    • Stuck up → She grew up in a wealthy household and can be a bit snobbish at times, sometimes unintentionally looking down at others who aren't as well off as she is.
    • Self-Indulgent → She is used to getting what she wants and can act all huffy when things don't go her way.
    History: Caroline was raised by her mother and several nannies throughout her life, along with her two sisters and two brothers. She never had a father, but she never really had time for one. Her family was always so busy, with gatherings and outings and all sorts of parties. Her mother was incredibly wealthy because of some company her grandfather had run or something, Caroline didn't exactly know how they got all this money. But she didn't waste time thinking about it, she mostly just liked to spend it. Her mother raised her and her sisters to be proper "ladies". They never did much manual work and spent most of their time out getting pampered.
  3. Elizabeth "Liz" Rodrick
    Seventeen | Female | The Rebellious

    * Narcissistic - Growing up alone, with no family or siblings, she became very inwardly focused and selfish.
    * Fearless - She's not frightened or scared by a majority of things and those that do manage to strike fear into her heart at limited to: Diseases & Balloons.
    * Aggressive - She's subservient to no one and doesn't hold back her temper, which makes her destructive.
    * Protective - Those that earn her friendship and loyalty are her number one priority and she'll do anything to keep them from harm.
    * Motherly - Young children are her weakness, she can't help but open her heart to them.
    * Individualistic - She has her own style and doesn't conform to anything.
    * Free Spirited - She does whatever happens to be desire, regardless of the consequences.

    - Grew up in an orphanage and her experiences there have heavily influenced her behavior.

    - Has five tattoos on her body, each of them are hidden behind bandages or clothing.

    - Naturally has blonde hair, but she began dying it pink during elementary school 'cause she wanted to be different.

    - Has no information regarding her family and she doesn't desire to seek them out either.

    - Once was involved in a street gang (family unit that occasionally did minor crimes), but decided to leave once they became too well known and she was putting herself at risk for getting arrested.

    - Has an addiction to alcohol and the pleasures of flesh.

  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Travis Eclair
    Age: Seventeen
    Personality: Hot-headed and somewhat egotistical. He's not afraid to say what he thinks, and always tries to make light of any situation. He is funny and charming and loves to take on challenges. He hates school and usually falls asleep during class. He rarely does his homework and most of the time he skips class.
    Few extra things: He lives with his father and older brother, neither of which really pay any attention to Travis. He has a crappy job at a gift shop. He doesn't have a car so he has to skateboard everywhere.

    -Travis has a large wolf tattoo on his back
    -He is muscular and works out everyday at the gym to relieve stress and to get away from his family
    -He doesn't know where his mother is.
    -He can sing really well even though he doesn't sing in front of people.
    -He has slight anger issues and slight depression; both of which he tries to hide.​
  5. ((I will start it as well))

    Travis road the board up to the large high school building. He wore a black sweater with a red shirt underneath and some, torn at the knees, blue jeans. His blonde mop of hair fell into his face as he pulled the earbuds out of his ears. He looks up at the building as he flips the board into his hand and tucks it underneath his arm. He sighs and checks his phone. It was almost time for first period. He hated school. Always had. His family moved around a lot due to his father's unstable job record, AND his brother's criminal record. This was the fifth high school that he'd been to since seventh grade. Now that he was a senior, he was hoping for this year to just whiz by without a problem.

    He climbed the empty stair case up to the door and into the building. The cool air rushed all around him as he entered and the buzzing of people talking in the hallways filled his ears. He fumbled through his pockets for the piece of paper that had his schedule, his locker combination number, and what locker was his. He headed down the towards the locker that seemed to be in the mingle of all the bodies.​
  6. Caroline stood near her locker, smiling and enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down as she chatted with the hoard of people around her. Her eyes would dart to one person, listening intently to what they had to say, and then shift over to another person as they began talking. In her hands was a textbook she idly clutched to her chest, and pinched between her fingers was her new schedule for the year.

    Caroline didn't want to admit it, but she was nervous for this up and coming school year. This was her last year of high school, her last year of being young, wild, and free. She'd have to become an adult soon, and she was worried about what her future had in store for her.

    She tried not to think about any of that as she babbled along with all of her other friends, assuming they were just as anxious about the school year.
    Someone said something to Caroline, causing her to look up at the clock, then back down at her schedule. Her first class of her last year of high school didn't start for ten more minutes. She was trying to cherish these ten minutes as much as possible.

    The group started to disperse as people began to look for their class rooms, leaving Caroline alone with two other random students who were also reluctant to head to class. She chatted with them with the same eagerness as she had with the larger group.
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