The Love Spell Connection

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  1. The kingdom of Valsteria was bustling with the normal folk tending to livestock and selling their crops. Then the trumpet sounded as a group of horses started to walk through the town square. A group of men wearing armor and holding flags surrounded one individual who was the prince of Valsteria. He was scheduled to do an appearance in the Town square and possibly buy some crops. His short dark brown hair blew a bit in the breeze and the holding his reins showed of his masculine features. All the young women giggled and awed as he approached.
  2. There sat Victoria, cold and in a way, somewhat fearful. Isolation wasn't doing her any good and it had been days..maybe a week, since she had seen her maker. In the far distance the sound of trumpets blared loudly. Interested as to what was going on, the girl sprang to her feet and looked out her window, but as soon as it came, her excitement vanished. The view from her window was simply just rows and rows of evergreens and other various trees; and even those were hard to see due to the iron bars on her window. She sank down to the ground and curled her feet to her chest, waiting impatiently for the witch to check up on her.
  3. Prince Darius's expression was full of boredom. This was the last thing he wanted to do but as his father says, "As future king, you must do things as the king does." Of course he wanted to be king, but it seemed far off since his majesty is in the healthiest shape of his life, or so the physicians say. Darius soon came to a stable hand and hopped off his horse.
  4. Eventually, after much time had passed. The witch appeared before Victoria. In her left hand lie a neatly folded elegant red gown, and in her right; an assortment of different hair pins. The old hag cleared her throat, before speaking. "Daughter, are you ready to come face-to-face with the real world?"

    Victoria's eyes sparkled, confusion and excitement clearly visible. "Do you really mean it?, oh please tell this isn't some twisted joke of yours." The witch smiled and walked over to the girl, kneeling before her.

    "This is not some joke of mine, as I am not one to pull such a thing but I do require you to do one simple task as you go into the village."

    Victoria paused, blinking a few times then nodding once. "Anything."

    "All you must do, is make the prince fall deeply in love with you, but while there. You will be posing as a brave and noble knight, understand?" The witch set the gown and pins in Victoria's hand as stood up. "It shouldn't be that hard."

    Victoria was clueless of the witch's cruel plan to destroy the kingdom, but she was careless to try and figure it out. The thought of being outside the cell made her bubble over with joy. She quickly stripped off her clothes and slipped on the red gown but was hesitant when it came to the pins, having no clue how to style her hair since she had no prior knowledge of doing so. She dropped them and ran outside where a white steed was waiting for her. The village was a little ways away so she hopped on and began her journey.
  5. Prince Darius came to a stand in the square, full of fruits and vegetables. The owner quickly bowed as he approached. "Your highness." he said as he bowed. "Hello. Nice stand that you have." Darius said as he picked an apple and inspected it before biting into it. "Thank you your majesty." the owner said.
    Darius salivated the piece of apple with pleasure sounds. "This is very delicious. I will take an entire crate of these." Darius announces before telling his guards to pay the owner 30 gold coins. Then owner praised with joy.
  6. Victoria hopped off her horse and lead it towards a small wooden post outside the village, after securing the horse to the pole she headed into town. Just as she entered the village every man and even some women seemed to be gawking at her. The experience made her slightly uncomfortable. Was there something wrong with the way she was dressed? She looked down at her dress and found no spec of dirt what's so ever. She looked around, trying to remember the face of the prince that she was supposed to fall in love with or something. She had somehow already forgotten the witch's exact orders. All the witch gave her was coins to supply a comfortable life within the village walls. Sighing heavily to herself, she headed towards the market feeling slight hunger pains in her stomach.
  7. As the guards hoisted crate of apples into a horse, Darius headed over to a clothing stand. He knew there was nothing for him, but he knew his mother would want to know about the new clothing, if she was alive. He liked to do things in remembrance of her. As he walked over, a few girls to the side giggled loudly which caused him to look over. The girls laughed louder and waved to him while blushing. Thankfully the girls were pretty, so Darius waved back with a smile, causing them to blush and turn away quickly.
  8. Sounds of yelling merchants filled the air making Victoria's nervousness skyrocket. It had always been the quiet and peaceful type of silence for her. This was like a whole new world to her even though she had only been made a few months ago. Her eyes glanced from stand to stand, examining them carefully. A majority of the venders were selling food or tools; none of which she needed. And that's when she saw it. Her eyes gazed upon a silvery colored necklace with a bright red gem. She made her way towards it, staring at it in amazement. It sparkled brightly in the light and she was able to see her reflection clearly on it's surface. The owner of the stand was watching her, a smile plastered on his face. After returning back to reality from her awe-stricken daze. She briefly looked up at the man before returning her eyes to the piece of jewelry "How much for it?". Hopefully she had enough to buy it, not giving any care for how much it would set her back. She HAD to have it, she had never seen anything so beautiful before.

    "300 gold coins." He spoke, "Normally 700 but since you're such a pretty lady I'll sell it to you for cheap."

    Victoria frowned only having a total of 150 in gold. Sadness took over and she frowned. "Nevermind." Her dream of wearing the beautiful piece had suddenly vanished.
  9. Darius continued walking the stands, observing as he walked. He soon stopped when he saw her. A beautiful woman in a red gown by a jewelry stand. His eyes were in amazement at the beauty of her. After a few seconds, the guards started to check on Darius to make sure he was ok.
  10. Victoria brushed her fingers along the gem once and looked up at the vender with pleading eyes. "Can I please have it for 150?" The man shook his head no, "I'm already giving you a discount as it is, I can't go any lower than that." Victoria sighed, but she understood. "Alright."
  11. Darius couldn't help but approach the young woman. His guards looked at him and each other in confusion. "Excuse me." Darius spoke to Victoria with curiosity and desire.
  12. Her head snapped up and she smiled, recognizing the fellow as the prince the witch mentioned to her. She stood up straight, ruffling out her dress. "Y-yes. How ma-may I help you?" Her tone was gentle and soft as she continuously stuttered. She mentally cursed herself for not practicing proper social skills while being locked away. Not having any idea how to begin any sort of conversation. This task felt like it was going to be harder than it appeared to be.
  13. A woman gasped, realizing that the young woman didnt bow before his highness. "You! Bow before the prince!" The guard yelled, infuriated. "No. It's ok. She's fine." Darius told the guards and then turned back to her. "Are you having a bit of trouble?"
  14. "Oh..I'm..sorry..and no, I'm just lacking a little money that is all." She nervously laughed while shifting her feet. On the inside, she felt fear but she tried her best not to let it leak out. The yelling was just something she had to get used to.
  15. "Was there something you were wanting?" He asked, motioning to the jewelry. He found her so beautiful and he wanted to do anything to keep talking to her.
  16. "Yes, but I do not wish for you to purchase anything for me. I'll just do without." Her smile faltered a bit.
  17. "Don't worry about it my lady. What is it you desire?" Jake insisted, wanting to make her pleased.
  18. Victoria was hesitant to give him an answer but soon she gave in. She turned around to face the merchant who looked to be impatiently waiting for our response. She gently picked up the necklace and presented it before the prince. "This is what I desire."
  19. Jake smiled as he looked at the necklace and nodded. He told the guard to pay the merchant 1000 coins for the necklace, which made him very pleased. "May I?" He asked, asking for the necklace so that he could put it around her neck.
  20. Victoria smiled, nodding. "Yes, of course." She handed him the jewel then spun around on her heels so her back was facing the prince. She moved some of her hair out the way so he could easily hook it around her neck.
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