The Love of the Young

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For jovianthundergod and donequis.

Fantasy Romance

Setting: A rather large village


Renkhal Jharvit
19 years old, 5'10", 210 lbs

A flighty young man, Renkhal goes by the nickname "Renk" when amongst friends. He is the town messenger boy, delivering among the town and sometimes going outside of the town when necessary. He has longish brown hair and striking green eyes. He carries a short sword and a slingshot when he leaves town, but prefers not to carry them while in town.

Renkhal's father is a mercenary, which Renkhal wants to be one day when he can afford a better set of weapons and can travel farther to do more dangerous tasks. Because of his father's profession the man is barely ever around, leaving Renkhal alone in the village with his mother, a sickly woman that tends to go into coughing fits when she does too much.
Kita Frenwoar

16, 5' 7'', 187 lbs

A timid yet strong person. Kita has always wondered in the arts of the arrow and bow and has strong, lean muscles from long years of practice. Although he secretely spends his time playing in a small lake in the forest and singing to himself, imagining he was telling a story to the children. He gre up with his father, his mother dying at childbirth, but his father had been killed only a few months ago in a bear attck. He's a breed of elf that struggles to get along with the humans and he always afraid some one would see the symbol that marks all of the children of the tree on his chest, just over his heart or the dark green vines that swirl down one of his thighs. So he never goes out without clothing on. His family had come to the village, learning their language and ways of life to escape the cruel elf king that had taken over their kingdom.

He fears everyone, but he isn't to cruel to help out as much as he can, hoping that if he is ever found out, no one will suddenly just hate him.
DOH >.< He has shaggy super pale blonde hair with two long bits of bangs at the side of his face, ragged bangs nearly hiding his eyes. His eyes are a beautiful cinnomon brown color with flecks of gold in them, his skin pale, but lightly tanned
It was a warm spring afternoon, the sun high in the sky, birds flying through the air and sining, trees rattling and swishing from the breeze... It was Kita's version of a perfect day. He'd been out swimming in the chilly lake all morning, singing softly and allowing himself to contact his fellow trees and learn of the metter of his own elf kind. He was able to sit and sunbathe nude on a rock until he dried completely before heading into the village where he was now, smiling and weaving with the other women and telling a story to a few children that sat around him in his melodicly, slightly high voice.

He loved this day, although he'd had to comfort another woman after that messenger guy Renkhal ditched their breakfast date to deliver a message to the mayor of the city over to tell him that their cheif would love to have dinner. Ugh... human men were so rude!
He was smilng to himself as he finished the basket at last, wrapping up his story as well with a smile. "Alright, now, who want's to come with me to pick som herbs?"

None of the children wanted to help so he shrugged it off and headed back out into the forest, wondering why the forest was so unsettled as he appraoched the medicinal glen.
The chief had a task. Which wasn't all that surprising. And even less so that Renkhal was the one being requested to perform it. Renk took hold of the note and grinned, one hand resting on the short sword at his waist. He would be going out of town for this one, he had been told.

"You can count on me, sir!" he exclaimed excitedly.

Renk delivered the note without any trouble so he took his time returning, forgetting by now all about the breakfast date that he'd planned for that morning. He whistled along the way, ears only half listening to his surroundings. He wasn't worried. He'd traveled this same path countless times and nothing ever happened.
Kita knelt and picked a few cloves to use when he felt a cold, sharp pain run down his back. The forest! Oh no, he was in trouble if he didn't e- at the sight of two angry trolls astride two large boars he panicked and dropped his basket, yelping in pain a terror as an arrow grazed his leg and toppled him just as he reached the roads edge and scream as on troll hopped off his steed and lifted him up in its rocky hand, nearly crushing his arm. He struggled to try and escape, kicking and punching, but it soon tired him and the troll grinned, reeking of rotting flesh.

"Help! ANYONE! HELP!!" Kita cried desperately, panicking. He didn't want be eaten either!
Walking along with nothing in the world bothering him, Renk was surprised to hear someone yell for help. Hand going to his sword, he looked in the direction of the yell to see someone fall over and two trolls poke out of the trees on boars.

"Oh hell," Renk muttered, running forward and drawing his sword. He swung at the closest boar, aiming for the legs and succeeding in knocking one down, angering the troll even more. "Run," he told the person he was saving.
He looked up with frantic eyes and bolted back to the village, wincing at the cut on his leg as he slid into the village. The first thing the nearest person did was call for the armed men who ran out to go and make sure the problem was dealt with while the women crowded around him.

"Are you okay dear?" One of the older mothers asked, having him limp to her hut where she knelt to tend to his wound.

He told her of the story, shaking from the adreniline of it all and rubbing at his throbbing shoulder. He felt bad because he'd been getting herbs for the woman in front of him who now broke into a coughing fit and he helped her to her bed where she should have been.

"You stay here, I'll go and check on your son okay?" He murmured, kissing her cheek in a mother child kind of way and left to check up on the situation.
Renk felt an arrow slice by his arm, cutting deep into his upper arm. He winced but looked at the archer and scowled before running forward. Both boars were lying dead now, and that left him against two very pissed off trolls.

"I won't lose!" he said, determined, slicing down just in time to feel a club hit his back. His sword went into the troll he was attacking, almost killing it and losing the sword, but Renk fell to the ground in pain. He was lucky, because that was when reinforcements arrived.
He stood by the gates a little worriedly. Sure that guy was a jerk sometimes but he was brave... and he panicked a little when he saw on man helping him along, the other holding his sword.

"Is he going to be okay?" He asked worriedly, running up to them to see if there were any other injured he could help with. Seeing as only one man was limping, and only a little, he focoussed on Renk.
Renk was barely conscious as the village came back into view, and in his relief he passed out again.

When he came too again, he was laying in his bed, with his mother and another person next to it.

"Huh?" he croaked out. "Wha- I mean, how'd I get back here?" he asked, before remembering he'd been carried. Feeling stupid then, he smiled.

"So," he said, looking at the boy next to his mother. "Were you the one who helped me?"
He looked a bit releived to see his eyes opening. "I helped you... I am Kita. I think you've seen me around the village." He smiled a little. "Are you feeling much better? I'm really thankful you saved me."
Renk sat up, wincing a little.

"Yeah, I'm good. Thank you very much," he responded with a grin. "I'm Renkhal. It's nice to meet you Kita."
"I know who you are. I take care of your mother." He smiled and blushed a little.
Renk blinked. How had he not noticed before?

"Ah, I see. Thank you very much for that as well!" he said happily. "Now, what can I do for you in return for saving me?"
He smiled a little nervously, fingering his bandage a little nervously. "Nothing at all, I don't really care for payment or anything. I just want you to get better."
Renk frowned.

"But if you hadn't gotten those men, and then healed me..." he mumbled. "All right, then we'll try it this way. When you do need something, you come to me, got it?"
"Okay... I will..." He smiled a little. "I'm happy to help. And if you need my help, I'm usually in the forest or with the weavers. Ah, speaking of which, I ned to go check up on something..." He quickly left, heading towards the forest, calmer now that the forest didn't feel upset. He headed to his lake, stripping and slowly wading into the water.
Renk's mother gave him a pat on the head like he was still a little boy, and then left. Feeling tired all of a sudden, Renk fell back into bed and stared at the ceiling for a moment. That was when he remembered that he'd planned something for the morning but couldn't remember what even still.

Standing, he decided a walk would be nice.
He swam happily, relaxing in the water before walking up to his favorite rock in the sun and laying out of it on his back, singing a beautiful song in his native tongue his mother had taught him long ago. The men weren't hunting in this area, so he knew that no one would hear him and get up in arms.
Now... what was he going to do tomorrow? Maybe go fishing? Yes, that sounded fun. He needed to practice some more on his aim to, hitting that feather from one hundred yards was still a bit to off for his liking. So fishing and shooting practice... then a bath. Oh! And Mama Toongur invited him to dinner as well. A good day.

He streatched leisurely, fingers rubbing at the mark on his chest. It was a pretty silver rose with red thorns, a mark of high blood, and then swirling dark green vines around it. It wasn't very large, only the size of three of his fingers, but it always glowed faintly, shining in the sunlight.