The Love of the Wounded

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  1. My idea was to have a male, most likely in his mid thirties, just from the war who was sent to the hospital for a gunshot wound to the the side. It was a through and through so it wasn't fatal. But they won't let him leave till the wound healed completely. They have assigned him a nurse to dress and clean his wound.

    Months go by and the war still rages on, the male and the nurse begin to grow feelings for each other. However the man is married. The wound heals and he is willed back into war where he is gone for months.

    He comes home when the war is over to find his wife in bed with another man. A week later they file for a divorce and the man leaves his home, staying at his friends for the time being. While at a fancy ball with his blind date, a woman of 29, he finds the nurse who dressed him with her boyfriend who is drinking heavily. Intent on being near her again and close the distance, he excuses himself from his date to find the girl outside, her boyfriend pressing her against the wall with a knife pointed to her temple, he comes to her rescue and takes her to her home where he spends the night to make sure the girl is safe. (Things move on from there, he can either fall for her again and choose to live with her, or he can choose to leave. This is a choice)

    PM me if you are interested in this. I would like to play the nurse.