The Love of Childhood Friends

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  1. ~They have been friends since they for as long as they can remember. But now that they are seniors in high school suddenly their viewpoints on each other change... What could this mean?
    -My Quick Character info-
    Name: Mana Night
    Age: 18
    Look: (Look at picture below)
    "Yes! Senior at last!" Mana smiled as she opened her front door wide opened. The sunlight shining on her beautiful fair skin. "This is going to be the best year ever!" she said out loud, people looked at her but of course knowing Mana, she simply didn't care. She just simply smiled at them and gave them a small wave, "Good morning!" of course they all couldn't help but smile and say 'Good Morning' back. It was hard to ignore her kind and sweet nature. She walked over to her next door neighbors house and knocked on the door with a smile on her face. 'I hope he is as ready as I am.' she thought to herself.

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    Drexel (Drex) Barnes
    Age 18

    Drexel awoke to the sound of a hand pounding on wood. Next came his mothers voice 'Drexel! Get up! Manna's here!'

    He groggily slammed his bare feet down on the wood floor next to his bed. He stood and groaned as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. 'Why is she always so early....' He mumbled to himself as he slid on his khaki colored levis. On his way out of his room he grabbed the black element backpack from under his desk and a cotton white undershirt. He hurried down the stairs still sliding on his socks and shoes.

    He swung the door open still pulling his shirt over his messy dark hair and then over his fairly flat stomach. He was no supermodel, but he was pretty fit. "Hey Manna" he offered to the girl, cracking a grin at her apparent excitement. He brushed his hand through his hair to semi straighten it up and slung his back pack on. "What are you so excited about?" He asked her with a slight chuckle.
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    Mana smiled, "Well good morning to you too cranking pants," she giggled, "You know why. We are finally seniors! Now hurry up" she said childishly and tugged on his arm, "I want to stop by the ice cream shop for breakfast!" she smiled, yes she was weird like that.
  4. Drexel allowed Mana to drag him as she usually did on similar mornings to this one. "Ice cream for breakfast? Isn't it usually soda and pizza?!" He joked as she let up her grip. He caught up to her and adjusted the straps to to backpack.

    "You look exceptionally nice today. First day senior impressions." They finally made it to the front of the ice cream shop. There was a picnic table in front with an umbrella. Drex threw his backpack up on the table and stepped over in front of Mana jokingly.

    "To start a good year, breakfast is on me" he pulled a five from his wallet and threw it down on the ledge of the ordering window.
  5. "Yeah! You are the best Drex!" she smiled and hugged him then ordered her favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. As she waited she laughed a little, "I cant believe it, next year we will be in college!" she looked up at him and poked his side, "We are still going to the same college right?" she smiled. They have been best friends ever since they were in diapers, they have always been such close friends. She couldn't imagine him not ever being in her life.
  6. He hugged her tightly, smiled, and retreated to the table while she got her ice cream.

    "Well mana, if they'll even let me in" he joked. With his grades and ACT score he basically had his pick of schools. And it wasn't even that he was very smart, he just applied himself.

    He actually hadn't put a whole lot of thought into where we was going to go... "What schools are we looking at again?" He asked her for the first time actually paying full attention. She had talked all summer about different schools in state and out of state, but he mostly had just nodded his head and focused on something else.

    Somewhere in the middle of her run down of the schools, Drexel stopped her and said seriously, "we're gonna be late!"
  7. She looked at her watch, "Oh crap!" she hurried up and finished her ice cream, "Come on!" she stood up, luckily the school was within walking distance. They rushed to school and got there in 3 three minutes, luckily for Mana she was on the cross country team, but she didn't want to leave Drex in the dust. She was not out of breath when they got there. She turned and smiled at Drex, "Ready?" she hoped this year will be a little different.
  8. Drexel once again brushed his hair with his hand, took a deep breath and nodded. He offered Mana his arm the way a gentleman woulda lady. He laughed a little bit and said. "This is a big moment Mana.. Seniors!" And they entered the school.
  9. She smiled and locked arms with him and walked in. When they walked in Mana looked at all the smiling faces as they walked to their first class, English with Mrs. Brown again. Mrs. Brown was the best teacher there in Mana's opinion. She smiles and greeted the middle aged blonde haired lady, "Hello Mrs. Brown!" she said in her usual cheerful voice. Mrs. Brown finished organizing her desk and looked at Drex and Mana, "Oh hello you two! Glad to see you two are both in my class again, you guys both make this class interesting!" she smiled and noticed their arms are locked, "You know, you guys would such a cute couple!"
    Mana blushed deeply at this comment. 'What?!' she thought, 'Why does everyone say that?'
  10. Drexel simply took things in as usual, always waiting for the right moment to add something interesting or humorous to his surroundings.

    Glad to see Mrs. Brown as well, he greeted her with a huge smile. "People are going to think your senile talking like that Mrs. Brown!" He laughed and ducked behind Mana before she could catch him with a ruler. While he was cowering behind Mana he looked back at the half empty class room. He put his hand on her waist and squeezed playfully before asking her where they were going to sit. He jumped back from her a bit as well so he didn't get smacked for tickling her in front of everyone.

    While eyeballing the thirty or so seats he spotted a friend of his from the baseball team. "Find us a spot and I'll be right there.." He said as he dashed off a bit to say hey to Nate.
  11. Mana laughed when he did this and jumped forward a little so he wouldn't tickle her anymore. "That wasn't fair!" she said with a smile and when he went to talk to Nate then searched for a spot, she eventually found two next to each other in the middle. Before she walked over to the seat she gave everyone in the room her usual bright and warming smile, "Good morning everyone!" then she headed to her seat and set her bag in Drex's spot so no one could take it.
  12. Drexel hustled back to the seat saved for him just in time for miss brow to start the opening comments. It didn't take long before started the first lesson. Drex pulled a yellow paper notebook from his bag. It was one of the same type that He and Mana always used to write notes and doodle.

    He started drawing. Before he know it, he'd drawn a flower.. It was quite obviously a rose. He had let his hand draw freely and that was what needed up on the page. In fact, it basically was the whole page. So as usual, he wrote a little note 'just for you' and threw it over to Mana. He pretended to be looking out the window because he was sure that Mrs. Brown had seen him pass the notepad. She kept talking, but he still played it as if he'd been paying attention to a bird he'd spotted just out the middle window.
  13. Mana looked over at him and smiled, the next page she wrote, 'Thanks! (:' then she started drawing, she just let her hand do its magic. By the time she was done it was obviously him that she drew. They were both excellent artist, she handed him the notebook without looking at him.
  14. Drexel loosely took notes on the lesson while he watched Mana draw from the corner of his eye. He accepted the notebook from her and opened it to the drawing. He smiled.

    He tore it out carefully and folded it in half. He planed on putting it with the drawings in his bedroom that Mana had done.

    He then jotted down, "Wanna come over tonight to look at schools?" Which actually meant for her to come over and look for schools in his room while he played video games. He chuckled at the picture in his head of them.
  15. She smiled, "Sounds like a plan." suddenly she felt a tap on the top of her head, she turned around to see Mrs. Brown smiling at her. 'When did she get there ?' she though lt then suddenly she smiled back, "Oh nooooo! Mrs. Brown has striked me with her magical ruler!" she put her hands to her her chest then played dead, dropping her arms and tilting her head back with her eyes close and her tongue sticking out. The class laughed a little.
  16. Drexel laughed at the antics. Just as Mrs. Brown got back to the front of the class room, the bell rang. Drex winked at Mana as she brought herself back from he dead.

    He stood up and pulled his schedule from his back pocket. "Physics.. With Mr. Smith." He said indifferently. He liked Mr. Smith. Drexel and Mana had gone to a few astronomy club star gazing meetings that Mr. Smith headed. "What do you have?" He asked as the room began to empty.
  17. She stood up as well and pulled out her schedule, "I have... Art class with... Mr. Roberts! Yay!" she smiled, she loved art, and she was excellent at it. She checked the room number, "Room 211. What room number is Mr. Smith's?"
  18. "He moved to 108. First floor, same wing. I'll walk ya to the stairwell." He said happily. He stared for the door. "Hey Mrs. Brown, watch it where you point that ruler.. The death toll is already 1 and it's only been one period!" He said looking back at Mana.
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