The Love of a Vampire

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  1. After months of being on the run from the murderer that slaughtered her entire family before her, a young princess finally came across a small village on the south side of her once beloved kingdom. She was only 8 at the time but she was definitely old enough to remember what happened that faithful day and since that day, she has been haunted by her past.

    Now almost 10 years later, a week before her 18th birthday, the young princess is caring for chickens, tending to the garden, and making sure the younger siblings have eaten and ready for school. She loves the inn keeper more than anything in the world. She gave her a place to stay and someone to love her like their own. She was almost 18 and there have been no talk of kicking her out. The inn keeper specifically said that she could stay as long as she wanted and in return, the princess helps around the inn and the village.

    It was then that a young dark, mysterious young man came into the inn looking around with that cold gaze of his. He took off his top hat and his eyes met with the young princess. They were all knowing and they made her heart leap out of her chest but he held a secret no human could contain.

    After their meeting, she dreamed of that night. She hadn't thought about it in years and she hasn't had a nightmare in months. She thought she was doing so well. She could finally sleep at night.

    She remembered those fangs sinking into her mother's throat and that shadowy face with glowing red eyes as he stared at her. He let her live but for what? So she could suffer in silence while she tried to move on with her life?

    As the days went on, they became longer and she slowly became weaker. She didn't sleep anymore because she was so afraid to see her mother and father's death over and over and over again. She cried every night. She was broken inside. She wanted to forget but how could someone forget when they were reminded of it every single night.

    One night while she was watering the garden, she fainted. She was so weak and so brittle that she couldn't work anymore. She wanted to die. She hadn't felt like this in years but she wanted to die and if that meant overworking herself and starving herself then so be it.

    When she felt herself moving on, there was a sudden rush of life flowing through every bone in her body. She coughed as blood drizzled out of her mouth and there stood that man with the dark eyes and the handsome features and every perfect bone in his body staring at her with those worried eyes of his.

    The taste of iron stung at her tongue and she looked at him with pained eyes. "Did you just give me your blood?" She asked him but he didn't respond. It was as if he didn't even know what he did.

    She didn't understand why he did but he knew exactly why he did it. He had to redeem himself after he murdered her parents in cold blood.
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