The Love Of A Beast



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Rose walked through the forest, holding a blanket over her light blue dress as they walked. It was freezing out in the woods and the blanket wasn't doing her any good. With her were about 4 men, her uncle and his friends who were sort of like family to her. They've been walking around for a couple of day so far, looking for a new town to move to after their old one was burned down. She wasn't used to being stuck to sleep outside and it proved to be very uncomfortable to her. So far she's managed a bit but it resulted in getting very little sleep. Being in the forest like this though with very little with them worried her greatly. Especially whenever she'd hear the sound of a wolf's howl. It was dangerous to be out here with all the rumors and stories going around about beasts that roam the night. Just the thought of it made her shudder.

"Are we almost there?" She asked as she tried to get herself somewhat warm with the blanket as she pulled it tighter around herself, her forest green eyes looking around the forest nervously. It was so dark with very little moonlight that she could barely see anything. The cold wind lightly blew through the loose curls of her raven black hair, which stopped a little bit past her shoulders.

"We just have a little ways to go and we'll be at the clearing that's up ahead." her uncle then told her before she started to trail behind them all a bit. He glanced back at her for a moment.

Rose frowned still. "I wish it'd hurry up.."
His pack was in the mood for a hunt. Why not, they hadn't been out on a kill for a while despite having everything they needed in their territory. He gathered up those who wanted to go, getting about a dozen of his wolves that were interested. They decided to eat plenty before the run, not knowing what they'd find while they were gone but knowing that if they ate well now they could last a week if they found nothing. At last light, they headed out, many leaving behind families.

They traveled all night, and slept during the early morning hours. Eventually they came across a burnt village. Disinterested in the corpses they found there, the wolves moved on.

He caught the scent of the survivors short enough thereafter. The game was on. Giving a howl to scare the humans, his wolves yipped excitedly.
Rose soon jumped slightly at the sound of a wolf's howl. She quickened her pace and moved closer to the group of men in front of her, really wishing this would hurry up. But they still had a while to go. So as she stayed close to her uncle she refused to look around or even listen to anything else that may be near.

Wolves were her greatest fear when they meant harm and were hungry. They were always scary during those times. She heard the wolves in the forest, and hoped it was at least normal ones, not like the ones in the stories. The thought of running into what the villagers called, a werewolf, was definitely something she wouldn't want to do.

After walking for a few more minutes, they could see the clearing in view..
They were close to the humans, now. He could smell them. Motioning for the wolves to surround them and keep around them, he edged closer to get a good look at what they were up against. Five humans, one being a female. He was grateful that they were a little stronger than normal wolves, because going against four adult males would have been tough otherwise. Wishing for a moment that he had at least half a dozen more wolves as a precaution, he moved back and yipped for the signal to go around. They would move into position.

Tonight would be a great hunt.
Chills suddenly crept up Rose's spine as she thought she heard the sound of leaves crunching beneath someone's feet off in the distance. "Why does the forest have to be so scary..?" she asked herself quietly as she then looked back ahead as they went into the clearing. She highly doubted that being in a clearing was a safe place to be, but she stayed silent. While two of the men went and got some wood for a fire she laid her blanket out on the ground where she would lay. She wasn't hungry at all tonight and honestly just wanted to sleep. So she laid down once her uncle said she could go to bed and they'll wake her in the morning. But she was so tired and exhausted that she fell right to sleep as soon as she laid down, facing away from the camp. She doubted anything would be able to wake her..
Seeing a chance with the human's pack being broken up, he motioned for those nearest him to go after the two that moved back into the woods. He looked back into the clearing, studying the remaining two men. Soon he could hear the attack start; hopefully a couple of other wolves joined the ones he sent. Knowing the sounds of the men would alert the other two, he howled to gather the wolves there if they hadn't gone already.
At first Rose thought she heard something, but it wasn't fully enough to really wake her for she just pretended it was the wind. If it was something, she didn't want to wake for fear of it being something horrible. So she curled herself up tighter, trying to block out any sounds, though she couldn't fall back to sleep.

The two remaining men at the camp looked to the woods when they heard something. They stood from where they sat and just started to walk into the forest to see what it was..
Watching the camp, he was pleased to see the other two men head towards the woods. He heard a triumphant bark and knew they were done. He ran to them and saw that they were indeed done with their kill. He motioned that more were coming, and ran off to see who was being left behind.
After a couple more minutes something felt terribly wrong and it was enough to keep Rose awake. Something was wrong but she didn't know what. It was just a feeling she was suddenly getting. She sat up, unable to sleep as it is and saw that no one was around. That worried her. Why would they leave her without saying anything? Something had to have happened. Once she got up she picked up the blanket again and wrapped it around herself, making another attempt to get it to warm her up a bit as she started to walk away from the camp. She had to find her uncle or one of his friends, anyone. They have to still be here...
He watched from the shadows. She was alone, and the perfect victim for a sole wolf. Yet he couldn't bring himself to strike yet. He watched as she awoke and looked around. He ran around in front of her and growled, for some reason unable to allow her to leave the clearing.
Rose didn't even make it to the opening of the clearing where her and the group entered at. A rather large beast looking thing was suddenly in front of her. She could already tell what it was, seeing as how it looked almost like a wolf. There had to have been more around, a pack no less. She made not a sound as she slowly started to back up and hide the fear she was starting to feel.
He sat down in front of the woman, studying her. He didn't feel threatened; what could this woman do that could even potentially harm him? She didn't seem to be armed in any way. Her movements were too restricted by the blanket and clothing she wore as well. She wouldn't be a fun prey, but they couldn't really let her go.

He could hear his wolves finishing behind him.
Rose watched as the wolf sat down. At first it seemed odd but then she heard more sounds in the forest. It was waiting for the others. She couldn't just stay around, but where was she going to go? She had no home, and if what she thought was true, no one to even go to now. But though she had nothing to lose she still didn't want to die, she was only 19 and did not want to go out this way. She'd rather be from natural causes if she were to die young, not possibly mauled by a pack of werewolves. So she looked around, trying to listen to where the other wolves might be coming from, to find a way out of the clearing as she continued to create a distance between her and the wolf...
Slowly, one by one, the wolves started emerging from the trees and encircling the woman. It wasn't until one made a move to snap at her ankles that he moved again, jumping in front of the wolf and snarling. The others back up a couple steps. What was going on?
Rose looked around herself as she saw more wolves emerge from the forest. She then stopped walking when she was surrounded and they started to circle around her. The fear was now clear in her eyes and she didn't know what to do. Even if she did have something to defend herself with, it'd be impossible for her to take on a werewolf, let alone a pack of them. She then stepped back very quickly when she noticed one and went to go after her but was stopped by the one that seemed to be the leader of the pack. It honestly made her relax a small bit, but definitely not much. She didn't know why the wolf did what it did with refusing to let the other after her, but she figured it was probably because the leader wanted to do the killing himself..
He looked around at the other wolves, daring them to do the same. Then he moved to sit in front of the woman again, studying her once more. What made her so special, he wondered, that he would deny his pack the blood?
Rose remained absolutely silent. She didn't even know what to say to any of this. What she did instead was watch the wolves carefully, just trying to understand what they were planning. She then saw the leader sit in front of her once more. It was almost as if it was studying her, but why?
He stood and motioned for her to follow. The wolves around her seemed puzzled by this, but did not question him. When she did not move, he took the end of her dress and tugged, dropping it after a moment and walking a couple steps before stopping to look back at her. He would take her to their den. Then he may learn of why she is different, and it would keep her from telling others of his pack.

It would be a long walk, a full day most likely, but he would make her follow. He must know more about her.
At first Rose wasa confused as to what the lead wolf was trying to do. Did it honestly want her to follow? She didn't quite believe it, but when it tugged on the bottom of her dress that pretty much told her that it really did want her to follow. When she looked to the other wolves around her, she could tell they were just as confused about this as she was. But, to risk being hurt in any way, she gather the courage to start following behing the leader to wherever it was it wanted to take her...
He led the way, occasionally stopping to make sure that none of his wolves was taking action against his commands and to make sure she was still following. Though, he shouldn't think she wouldn't be, given that his wolves were always in sight in the trees even if they weren't right beside her anymore. He also wanted to make sure she could keep up with him. It wouldn't do if she fell behind...