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  1. It was the first time Rose was told he was about to get in a real assasin mission. she began to lose her hope. Being the daughter of the leader isnt so nice sometimes, for example you are aways guarded and always everyone is overprotective.After finishing her courses she started to ask her father to let her go in a mission, but he always denied it.
    But Today she was called in his room. She was told she was about to go on a mission but not alone-such a surprise right?- she was about to have a partener. the only thing she was told it was that she was about to meet him in the afternoon at the big lake beide the forest. she received a letter which had to gave to her partener.
    In the afternoon she headed there humming silently carying her bow on her back and her green tight clothes shaping her body. her red hair wa spread on her shoulder and her green eyes were searching for him
  2. Lynx was sitting in on a bench by the lake, taking in the different sounds of the people muttering walking past them and then the sounds of their footsteps passing him. They were all light footsteps and those who were in a hurry sounded like bags of grain being thrown into the ground, picked up and thrown back down. He sighed a little bit as he was sitting there, the dark blue blindfold tightly wrapped around his eyes, simply staring into nothing waiting for his partner to show up, the daughter of the clan no less. He had already been warn a fair amount of times that she was a new at everything, but if she was going to be a hindrance, he was dragging her home if it so had to be her cold dead body.
    "Such a late start. I could have gotten the set up done by now..." Lynx complained to himself as he was tapping his hand impatiently on the bench, still looking around hearing a few new footsteps entering the park, but thought nothing of it as he had yet to meet the daughter in person himself so now he only needed the letter which was suppose to confirm her identity, and then they could start rolling out. They were already off to a late start, but this was how it was working with someone new in the business, exactly like him on his own first day.
  3. Rose was quite lost a bit around as she tries to find they way to the lake. she sighed in embarrassment and asked someone to show her the way. the person pointed to it and she ran there gasping for air wen she topped he looked around. she saw someone stayng on a bench. she wasnt sure if it was him but she walked there and asked in a silent voice”lynx?”
  4. Lynx heard her steps from miles away, and was already guessing the person was going directly towards him. Something he was quite correct in as a sweet soft voice could be heard from behind him. "Lynx? Who is this man?" Lynx asked her as he wasn't about to tell her his identity just like that, they were assassins, they couldn't just go ahead and use names, plus he had yet to know if this was the daughter or not. Until he had been given the letter, there was no way he was going to say anything else that wasn't expected from a typical civilian.
  5. Rose blinked a few times then nodded bowed slightly ” im sorry sir.. ” she said and walked a bit away . on her left arm she had the blazoon if the royal familly. she wasnt afraid to show it. she was able to take care of herself. she sat down on the ground beside a tree and started to play with her hair bored. she could tell by his scent its him. it was something special about with anyways. she sighed a bit having no idea what to do next
  6. Lynx almost laughed as the girl walked away, sitting down by what sounded to be a tree judging by the sound of the leaves and the breeze that was brushing through the leaves. He smiled again, letting out a small chuckle as he stood up and walked over to her. It felt as if he had enticed a cat with some food, but then ate it himself, he couldn't just push her away like that. "You know..." Lynx started as he sat down next to her, leaning against the tree looking up into the blue sky, despite his blindfold. "That was too bold," Lynx said as in the blink of an eye, he had put his dagger underneath her chin, using the hilt instead of the tip. "Anyone could be an enemy, walking up like that could get you killed," Lynx said before he took the dagger away, sighing relieved leaning backwards again.
  7. she pouted a bit as she saw the dagger pointed to her neck and scrolled her eyes” bla bla bla..” she muttered childish and sighed ”yes i know... ” she looked at him ” but i can keep myself safe so i have my reasons for being like this..” actually she didnt. she was just still imature and innocent. she was giving her trust to anyone because she wa always protected and kept safe by the guards. now she had the idea that the world its a peaceful place where evryone will smile to her and be a nice person to here
  8. "I just drew a dagger to your throat without you even realizing it and here you are saying you can keep yourself safe. Yes, highly believable," Lynx commented teasing her as he ignored her childish behavior, he was slightly expecting something in the same direction thinking of how they were going to be partners for now. He wasn't going to carry any dead weight though, so if she couldn't keep up that was not his problem. "Now. Let's make some simple rules. One, I'm the boss here not you. Two if you're dead weight I'm dumping you, three don't talk to strangers. Four keep up or get lost. Easy right?" Lynx asked her still aimlessly looking up with his blindfold tightly tied around his eyes.
  9. she listened to him in silence and nodded at his rules./you are quite mean and cold/ she thought for herself as she hugged her knees tighter shivering atthe idea she might die
  10. "You do realize I am blind and cannot see your movements right?" Lynx asked looking over to where she was sitting not entirely sure whetever or not she had confirmed the rules with herself. He probably sounded like some sort of guardian, but being an assassin was never a job to take lightly as one wrong step and your head could be cut off. He stood up, and held his hand down for her with a smile. "The fifth rule is to not get hurt. It's important so I won't worry," Lynx said out of consideration thinking they should begin working on their mission and not just sit around.
  11. she looked at him and took his hand getting up too " so many rules..." she sighed thiking she will get bored really fast. and besides he was the one blind. he should worry more about himself not her who as able to see what was surrounding her
  12. "Rules are needed. If we didn't have rules then what were we suppose to break?" Lynx said with a small smirk and then he looked around the park taking in the different sounds around hearing the steps increase. "There are a lot of people gathering here now. Let us go somewhere we can talk in private. Don't break my rules though, as I won't be your knight in shinning armor if you get in trouble for breaking them. The same with society, that's why we need to look out for each other. It's important," Lynx said as he began making his way out the crowd from the people. "Oh, and the letter. What does it say? I cannot read it after all," He added as it was important to know their target after all.
  13. she smiled a bit amused and followed him through the crowd always walking on her toes. when they passed the crowd she mumbled " first lets find a safe place so we can read it. the letter was for you so i didnt open it" she said as they were walking
  14. "They send the blind guy a letter... How dumb can they get?" Lynx muttered mostly to himself as he walked into an alleyway and jumped into the wall, before he quickly jumped into the next one slowly climbing his way up before he was onto a small balcony and used the fire escape to climb up onto the roof, waiting for the girl to follow after him so they could acquire their target and bring them to their fated doom as quick as possible.
  15. Rose watched him surprised/ i think you see better than me.... how can you do that if you are blind?/ she questened herself and followed him in silence doing the same things as him, climbing to the balcony in silence. she wasnt really sure how to act to not offend him so she decided to not ask anything .
  16. Lynx sat down on top of the roof seeing as the only company they had was a couple of crows fighting over some sort of food, but he didn't comment upon it as it seemed it went fine with maybe just one of the crows dying and the crows wouldn't listen in on their conversation anyway. "Now, what does the letter say?" Lynx asked once he heard Rose's footsteps enter the roof where he was sitting scouting over the town feeling the sun's last shines as it was already sunset and they would soon have to find some place to stay or travel during the night.
  17. Rose jumped beside him and looked a bit around ” thats a really nice view.” she said smiling then looked down at him opening the letter and reading it out loud ” Lynx. First, the reason why this time you got a partner is because this mission is one of the S rank. Your targets are the five demons from the South Continent . 5 demons that think about themselves as leaders of the darkness creating some sort of night creatures. theyre ability is to switch form and appearence so this time you have no picture of your targets. just follow your instinct. you will know that is them because of a dragon tattoo made on their left side of the face. Second...” but Rose stopped and sighed . it was about her. it was wrote that she is clumsy and can get fast injured, even injuring herself. and he was asked to try to take care of her. she remembered his rules and mumbled ” the second paragraph its not important..”
  18. "It is not only a nice view, but I can scout around for enemies," Lynx said to her with a smile still looking around even though his blindfold was tightly tied around his eyes, preventing him from seeing anything, though it looked as if he was seeing something as he kept scouting around the town that was slowly starting to light up like the night sky. Listening to the order he sighed a little bit as S rank missions were always a royal pain in the neck and required a lot of time and to add everything up, there were five targets and not one. The dragon tattoo didn't help him out a lot thinking of how he couldn't see it, but he knew the leader knew Lynx well enough he had his own ways of doing things that those who saw didn't. "Rose I may be blind, but I can read that second paragraph myself if you do not wish to do so," Lynx said as he looked over to the paper, but didn't read it yet simply to see if Rose would read it for him or not.
  19. she sighed and put the paper in her small bag ” its fine... you dont need to read it. ” she said as she sat down playing with her hair ” so... you have any plan in mind?” she was aware that this is going to be hard and she is going to just stay in his way. her powers wont work if she is stressed and if he gets hurt will be all her fault. she kinda wanted to quit now. she was a bit afraid but still couldnt let him alone
  20. "We need information first. The tattoo helps us greatly to identify them and I will need to ask you to keep your eyes open for the two of us. Then we need to travel, they are not in here. I know every single face that crosses these streets, their names, their appearance, their personal life. There is no one in here I do not know. Therefore we must go on a hunt for them in another town," Lynx said as he wasn't going to ask her about what the second paragraph was about as he had already managed to read a portion of it. He only let out a small chuckle, but didn't say a word about it until he stood up and stretched his arm.

    "Let us begin traveling. We shall go to Arvion next, I am certain there is someone there," Lynx said as Arvion was one of the main biggest cities and there was most likely going to be at the very least one man there. They needed to find him, stalk him, find out as much as possible, and then strike when he was vulnerable. Maybe he would train Rose on their way too, but judging by the paper it would be hard for him to train her. Lynx jumped down from the building and landed softly into a dark alley, waiting for Rose to follow his lead.
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