The Love Between Six

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  1. H A C H I R O U ♦ S H I R A K I
    ☠ Yandere ☠
    Okushiri Station | Gloomy Happy Gloomy | Interactions: N/A​

    Hachirou Shiraki was on his way towards his job, which was located at the famous Dizuni Park. He had a rough morning that Saturday since his sister end up rousing him from his sleep with a loud racket. Unfortunate for Haruka, she had to deal with a cranky Hachirou as he went through his morning routine. By the time that he was done and finally heading out of the house, he had down two mugs of coffee and had left with another, which he was sipping on now as he made his way towards Okushiri Station. Upon reaching his destination, he descended down the familiar stairs and waited behind the yellow line painted upon the platform for his train to pull up.

    As he waited and sipped his coffee, his mind wandered to his job. Or, to be more specific, his co-workers. A particular new one who just started not even a week ago. A smile crawled upon his features, but was hidden by the rim of his coffee cup. Aria Fujimoto was a new employee of Dizuni Park, and she was amazing in Hachi's eyes. Words couldn't describe just how much the ginger adored her. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one who felt that way, making his pleasant smile contort into a scowl. His happiness only lasted for a short few moments, and then he was back to brooding for the morning.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the sound, and sight, of his train. He patiently waited for it to come to a complete halt and slide its doors open before stepping inside, mindful of his footing. Quickly finding himself a seat, he was in his own world while everyone else boarded the train. Soon, the doors slid shut and they were on their way towards the Kita District. Another day in the life of Hachirou Shiraki was beginning.

  2. A K I H I K OM I Y A M O T O
    ♛ Oujidere ♛
    Omotesando Station | Sleepy -> Awkward | Interacation: Hachirou @Kitsune
    In the early morning hours, Akihiko had woken for yet another day at work. His eyes had been tired as he had gone about his daily routine, dressing up to go to work. Even if it was Saturday, he had work today, because his workplace was none other than the renowned Dizuni Park.
    He yawned as he approached the station in Omotesando where his train would arrive. He was five minutes early and stood relaxedly as the train pulled up. He stepped inside, minding his own business and rubbing his eyes. A few stations down, a familiar redhead entered the train and sat down, lost in his own thought. Among the young men at Dizuni Park, including Aki himself and this redhead, they all had one thing in common.​
    They were all in love with the new employee at Dizuni Park, Aria Fujimoto. The redhead's name was Hachirou Shiraki, and among the guys that he called his rivals, he had to admit that Hachi was one of the ones that Aki didn't have such a hard time interacting with. Standing up against one of the walls in the train, he observed Hachi for a few minutes before he slowly walked over, taking the vacant seat next to him.​
    Suddenly, he was overcome with awkwardness. They'd been working together for a while, but they were outside working space right now, and it felt really... weird. Mustering up his courage, he looked towards Hachi, catching his attention as he muttered a greeting. "Good... Good morning, Shiraki-san." He managed. He sighed inwardly in relief that he managed not to stutter. It was hard to be confident like he usually was when he wasn't in his prince persona.​
    But that would be nothing new. He twirled his thumbs nervously as he waited for a reply.​
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    The Silent Giant

    Okushiri Station | Indifferent → Affectionate → Indifferent | Interaction → the station's cat
    There is a saying: The early bird catches the worm. And of course, Hayato has always believe in that particular saying after having experience working in a farm for nearly half of his lifetime. Ever since childhood, Hayato, had already been used to waking up very early—4 o'clock in the morning to be exact—to start his chores before heading out to school. And that didn't change even after living in the city for 3 years now. But today was saturday, so in this case going to work. As always, Hayato had an early start, cleaning his room—making sure his futon was folded and placed inside the cabinet, dusting, wiping the floors and windows. After having cleaned up properly he would then go over his homework before taking a shower then after make breakfast for himself—that, if his aunt Setsuna hadn't made breakfast already. Eventually, after breakfast, he'd start heading out to go to Okushiri station where he'd wait and take a train to Dizuni Park.

    As always, Hayato arrived at the trainstation an hour early, just plently of time to mingle with the stations fury feline which he had first discovered since the first day he had setted foot on Okushiri. The cat—which he named as 'Debu-sama'—was Hayato's first ever "friend" after coming into the city. Everyday for an hour, Hayato would sit next to Debu-sama on the trainstation bench—where Debu-sama has claimed and sleeps on—and Hayato would everyday feed him leftover food he had for breakfast and of course, his daily calcuim intake—milk. Then after Debu-sama has it's full, it woild eventually sit on Hatayo's lap while Hayato would proceed in brushing it's lovely black hair. The red bandana on it's neck was Hayato's gift a year after they first met—call it a symbol of their friendship.

    Often times, Hayato would hear gossips from girls and old ladies/men saying how cute Debu-sama and Hayato look despite their physical appearance—Hayato being tall and scary looking while Debu-sama being fat and well, mean and detach looking itself. But overtime, they eventually grew accustom to them and eventually leave Hayato and Debu-sama alone. Although sometime there were some attempt in people wanting to talk to him but the moment Hayato would look up to them they'd eventually back off as soon as they see Hayato's eyes glaring at them—but really, he was only looking at them. But hey, what else was new?

    Eventually, the train would arrive, Debu-sama, knowing it was about time for them to part would then get off of Hayato then proceed to his next sleeping spot until it was time for Hayato to come back in the afternoon. Having covered with cat hair all over himself, Hayato would dust the cat hair off of him before proceeding to go inside the train, find a spot then taking out his earphones and a book, sit down, reads the book while listening to music, all for the sake that no one would bother him because really he was a shy person afterall.
  4. Aria Fujimoto
    The Clueless Harem Queen

    Home Okushiri Station | Happy Rushing Even more Happy | Interactions: Aria’s mother

    Aria and her mother sat at their table, eating breakfast together, one that Aria had gotten up earlier to make them before she had to head for work. Only Aria needed to work today, as it was a Saturday, one of the busiest days for an amusement park.

    “You’re going to miss the train if you don’t get going,” Aria’s mother said to her as Aria was still finishing up her breakfast.

    “I won’t. I’ll make it,” Aria replied back with a smile. She ate everything on her plate, and then put it in the sink to clean later, finally realizing that she needed to leave. She grabbed her things, said bye to her mother and headed out into the morning sun, rushing towards the train station to make it on time.

    Aria was almost out of breath by the time she had made it to the station, and her speed had slowed down significantly as she wasn’t one for doing a lot of running or other physical activity. But, somehow she made it and she slipped her way through the doors of the train just as they were closing.

    “Just in time!” Aria said to herself, and smiled again after she caught her breath.

    She looked around to see if there was a spot to sit, not really wanting to stand if she didn’t have to. She found one not too far away and took a seat down, placing her bag on her lap as she waited for the train to start moving and head for the direction of the park.

    The girl wasn’t very observant, so she didn’t even notice her co-workers through the crowd, waiting on the train as well to head to work just like her. Aria simply had a happy, but maybe slightly dumb look on her face as she waited. She was excited about work. Weird to admit, but she was. She found it fun to dress up as a princess and make the kids she saw happy. They loved that they could see their favorite princess and seeing their smiles made Aria’s day. So, work was fun for her and she enjoyed the people she got to work with. They were always so nice to her.


  5. (: Deredere :)
    Location: Okushiri Station (Kita District) | Mood: Relaxed | Interactions: The people of the station

    What a day it had been. Yuuta had by now, figured out that if he woke up early and headed out before Setsuna was awake. Today had been the first day he tried it. Well, it seemed Setsuna wakes up pretty early. And she was ready to take chance. So Yuuta's morning played far from the way he intended, running as fast as he could away from a money starved woman armed with a spatula(Which she managed to slap across his face with one good strike). But after a while, she gave up the chase, as Yuuta was left by himself nursing the wound he had received.

    He was left with very little to do, so he just began walking for a while. It was early in the morning, the sun hadn't quite peeked over the horizon. The streets were empty, mostly filled with men and women in business suits. Sooooooo boooooring... Yuuta however, needed a little fun. Just taking his time to enjoy himself, he walked all around town, his guitar strapped to his back. He eventually found himself in the Kita District, as he subconsciously wanted to be able to see Aria. After all, he loved her. And he wanted to play for a large crowed (But mostly for Aria)

    He made his way to the station, pulled out his guitar, and began playing and singing. Passersby gave him looks, some stayed to watch, some tossed him some money, and some payed him no mind. But he didn't care about any of that, really. So long as they heard him, He felt that he was doing something to make their day better. And he stayed there playing for a while.​
  6. Bunko Shimizu
    The shy bookworm
    Location: Okushiri Station Ki shopping district| Mood: Excited > nervous > optimistic| Interactions: Sherlock

    Bunko had started her day early, just like any other. Waking up around six in the morning to give Sherlock her first long walk of the day before breakfast. Since Bunko moved to the city, she had over come quite a few fears she had involing people. One being that she didn't mind as much as before being in a large crowd of people when walking Sherlock. Most people would ignore her, since she had a 'scary' dog with her. Sherlock was just a huge puppy and loved most people she met. After their hour long walk, Bunko got started on making the two of them breakfast. Eggs & toast for Bunko and dog food & a raw egg for Sherlock. After a shower, Bunko went to head out for the day.
    "You be good while I'm gone, Sherlock. I'll be home in a couple hours, love you!" Sherlock walked up to her and nuzzled Bunko's side to say "I love you too." With that, the book worm was out the door. Normally, she would be on her way to work, but today Bunko had other plans. Earlier that week, Bunko's boss had given her the day off, telling the worker to 'go have some fun, you shut in!' And Bunko wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. So where else would she go than Dīzuni park? And luck enough for her, Bunko had been given a resident's pass. As she wanted for the train to get to the station, Bunko happily read her book, 'The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes'. As she read, Bunko got more nervous about being in the park. It wasn't like this would be first visit, but the thought of being trapped in a crowed without Sherlock was nerve wreaking. At times like these, Bunko would take a moment to 'reread' in her mind 'The Loneliest Dragon' to calm herself and remember why she was stepping out of her comfort zone. With a far calmer mind, Bunko felt ready to face to the theme park and have a good time. It was then when the train pulled up and Bunko got in and found a sit, returning to her book, unaware of the other passengers.

  7. Akiko Tachibana
    The Tsundere Princess

    Home - Makoto's Apartment

    Staring at the mirror, Akiko brushed her long blonde bangs before frowning. It seems like her front bangs grew out again and she was so tempted to cut it off. Of course she knew she can just go to the salon after work to get a haircut but she decided not to.
    "It will be a waste of money.." She muttered, grabbing her blue butterfly clip before pinning it to her hair.

    Ever since she moved out of her parents' house, she became practical around everything. Sure, she shops until she drops and spends all her paychecks on clothes and beauty products but that only happens once a month! Besides, she felt satisfied spending her own money instead of spending the monthly allowance sent to her by her parents.

    She stared at the mirror once again and huffed. She knew that if she cut her own hair, it will only end up in a disaster. She can still remember how she cut her own bangs for the first time and it was cut too short. Akiko had to hide her awkward bangs for months.
    "Hmm, maybe Makoto could do it for me.."

    Smirking, Akiko quickly grabbed her comfortable yet fashionable shoes and stuffed it inside her backpack before patting her pet cat Pumpkin goodbye and heading out of the balcony. She knew by now that Makoto is awake, especially since the two of them have work.

    She peered out of her balcony and looked at the other balconies before climbing out and making her way towards Makoto's balcony. It wasn't hard to do nor dangerous since the two of them live in the same building. As she finally arrived at Makoto's balcony, she climbed in and smoothed out her black ruffled mini skirt before knocking on his door.

    "Makoto! I need breakfast and a haircut! Open up"

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  8. Makoto Arisato
    Musical Genius
    Location: Home, for now | Interactions: Akiko Tachibana (@DANAsaur )

    Makoto slowly opened his eyes. He was face down on his synthesizer... Again. He had managed to work himself to sleep. He was cracking down on his work for this weekend because he wanted at least one day off. He plugged the headphones he already had on into his laptop and pressed a few keys, one to adjust sound, one to reset to the start of the song, and one to play said song. He rubbed his eyes while he listened to what he'd made, and was very pleased with what he'd made. Nodding his head to the beat and humming the notes, while his cat leapt up onto his lap slightly scaring him. He gave the cat a few pets before setting him on the floor. Makoto walked to his room to get himself ready for the day.

    Makoto had put on a clean tuxedo jacket, dress shirt, and dress pants. He gave his hair a quick ruffle before combing it and finally starting breakfast for himself. Well. It was supposed to be just himself but he heard a knock, not from his front door, but from his balcony door. The distinct sound of glass... and the distinct voice of Akiko. Makoto smiled a bit and straightened a few things up quickly before opening the blinds to his balcony. He put one hand on his hip and one on his chin, simply to poke some fun at Akiko before letting her in. He unlocked the door and slid it open for her. "Good morning Miss Akiko!" He smiled and gestured her inside, taking a glance at her hair that apparently needed cutting. "Odd, Yesterday your bangs didn't appear as long... Give me a minute and I'll get started." He had doubled up on what he was making for breakfast, it was just some simple eggs and whatever the hell else would go with eggs and taste good, and started cooking while he grabbed his good pair of scissors.

    Makoto really wanted to get out of his apartment for some reason. He just wanted to go outside, bother Akiko at work, ask Aria if she'd be willing to provide him with more vocals, maybe get another book on learning to play the bass guitar or something... Just ANYTHING. "So, would you like to go and do something after you're done work? I'd like to go out drinking if you have the day off work tomorrow, maybe..? I have my work done for this week so I'll have tomorrow free as well. Which reminds me, I need your singing voice for this piece I'm working on-- if that's alright with you." Makoto sounded fairly excited to just discuss plans. Whether they were happening or not, the idea was enough to make him excited. Besides, he loved his friends, any chance was a blessing to him; especially with Akiko.
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