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    When Aria Fujimoto, age 21, starts her new job at Dīzuni Park, a park that is the main tourist attraction in Okushiri, love begins to fill the air. Five young men all start falling for Aria and they fall hard, creating rivalries like no other. But Aria happens to be clueless to the feelings that they harbor for her as she becomes close to each and every one of them, not sensing the competition between them. Will she ever realize their feelings? What will happen between the six of them? Will they be able to move on to greener pastures and newer loves? But the most important question is... who will succeed in capturing her heart?

    FIND OUT IN...


    Out Of Character

    This is the OOC thread! (Obviously, Kitsune, duh.) It is strictly for random shenanigans, roleplay progression, discussions, and just overall gushing of the story as we go along. DO NOT post your Character Sheet in this thread, please. There is another thread specifically for that. This separation is all for the name of neatness and organization, so let's try our best to keep it that way! Now that we all understand, you can scroll down to find more information on the roleplay—both story and the roleplay in general.

    • The Love Between Six is a story that focuses on a young woman who is trying to get used to her new job. While she goes about her daily life, she is oblivious of the efforts that her male coworkers put forth in regards to gaining her affections, and keeping other competition (especially one another) at bay. All of the guys couldn't be more opposite from one another for they all fall under a different "dere" category. As if having five regular guys sought after her wasn't enough.
    • Okushiri
      Okushiri is a (made-up) bustling city in Japan. It is home to over 3,000 people at the moment, and is steadily growing as more babies are born and more people move in. If Okushiri had an American counterpart in terms of structure, it would most likely be New York. It has many tall buildings and quite a lot of Jumbotrons attached to said buiildings. Advertisment is everywhere and there are stores at every corner. There's never a dull moment in Okushiri. Not even when it's the wee hours of the morning. The city stays alive twenty-four hours and it has its occupants to thank for that. Traffic is quite terrible, but walking is just as bad. It's crowded on the sidewalks as much as it is on the streets, yet everything somehow runs smoothly. There are three key places in Okushiri that will play important roles in our story. They are the Ki Shopping District, Okushiri Station, and Dīzuni Park.

      Ki Shopping District
      The Ki Shopping District, which is a little ways away from the heart of Okushiri (so less hustle and bustle), is quite a popular place among the residents. Many like to visit the street that is decorated with different stores, food places, and entertainment spots on both sides. It's a great place to spend time with your friends and family. You could shop for a while before going to grab something to eat while not having to travel far in between. It's also a perfect place to have dates.

      Hana (Flower Blossoms)​
      A flowershop that is either the first thing you see, or the last. It depends where you enter. They are the most recommended flowershop and are filled with friendly, positive workers. The shop is very tranquil.

      Aisukurīmu Paresu (Ice Cream Palace)​
      An ice cream parlor that is famous for its fruity flavors. It's very cute in its design and is always filled with people. It is located across from Hana.

      Ginga Dezāto (Galactic Desserts)
      A café that is frequently visited because of its unique theme. Everything is galaxy related and doesn't seem to be overwhelming. Instead, it's very intriguing and leaves people awestruck. Not to mention that their desserts are "out of this world!" It's located a store down from Hana.​

      Fukusō Neishon (Attire Nation)
      The clothing store that rests between Hana and Ginga Dezāto. It has a very casual, cozy theme. A few of the things sold are sweatpants, sweatshirts, and beanies. The clothing is considered lounge clothing.​

      Bideo Gēmu Enporiamu (Video Game Emporium)​
      The arcade that is constantly packed with kids and teenagers alike, along with handfuls of adults. They have games of all and any kind, along with tables to sit down and eat. Unfortunately, it's usually pretty loud. It's located next to Aisukurīmu Paresu.

      Ki no Eigakan (Ki Cinemas)​
      The movie theater of the Ki Shopping District. It's a store down from the arcade. It is always packed, just like everything else. It has quite tasty, yet cheap movie snacks, which is what really draws people to it.

      Yōsho Garoa (Books Galore)
      A bookstore that may seem small on the outside, but is overflowing with books on the inside. They have comics, nonfiction, manga, and more. They even sell things like bookmarks and merchandise for different popular series. It's located next to Ginga Dezāto.

      Reitō Wandārando (Frozen Wonderland)
      A skating rink that always has children, teenagers, and adults packed into it. It's a great place to hang out, have parties, or even dates. It's located next to Yōsho Garoa.

      Guruguru (Round and Round)
      Ki Shopping District doesn't just have an ice skating rink. They also have a roller skating rink as well! The roller skating rink is best to visit at night when they turn off their lights and have neon laser lights. They also have delicious, non-expensive food. It's the building in between Ki no Eigakan and the arcade.​

      Okushiri Station is located in the heart of Okushiri. It happens to be the only station that is located in the city. Many take it in order to arrive at the famous Dīzuni Park. Besides Dīzuni Park, it can take people to the four districts in Okushiri—Kita, Minami, Azuma, and Nishi. The station is always overflowing with people because there's always someone trying to get to another district, or trying to spend a day at Dīzuni Park.

      Dīzuni Park
      Dīzuni Park is located near the Kita District of Okushiri. It's a large amusement park that is heavily influenced by the Disneyland in California. It still manages to have it's own little twists that makes it unique and different from Disneyland. The park is split into two sections—one is the amusement side and the other is the water side. There are different entrances to each side, yet there is also a way to walk through either side to get to the other. Dīzuni Park is the most popular park in Okushiri and is a huge tourist attraction. Some of their most popular rides are listed below.

      Takaku Tobimasu (Fly High)
      A swing ride that is suited for everyone. It's a peaceful ride that spins you around and moves you up and down. It's not super fast, and nothing is sudden.​

      Middonaitotī (Midnight Tea)
      Another ride that is suited for everyone. It's where you spin around in teacups that are of different colors and designs. Not only does the ride take you around and around, you can also spin your own teacup by rotating the circular table in the middle of it.​

      Fantajī Yume (Fantasy Dreams)
      A carousel that has rides ranging from horses to actual seats. It goes at a pretty moderate pace, but is fun all the same. It's a big hit with all of the children.​

      Akuma no Kuchi Dzuke (The Serpent's Kiss)
      A rollercoaster that does have a height requirement to ride it. It's known for its many twists and turns since it's based off a snake's movement. It's also very fast and quite long.​

      Rōdoreiji (Road Rage)
      What kind of amusement park doesn't have bumper cars? You can either ride with an adult, or by yourself, if you reach the height. The bumper cars are all different colors as well. It's the best ride to express your rage, yet still have fun.​

      Sekai no Chōten (Top of the World)
      Of course, an amusement park isn't an amusement park without a Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is considered to be in the "middle" of the park. It's the perfect ride to take your date on, and is always a good way to end your visit. At night, it lights up many different colors, so it's hard to miss.

      Taki Doroppu (Waterfall Drop)
      On the opposite side of the park, this ride consists of a maximum of four people being able to ride inside a log. Like the name states, the ride goes up a steep incline before dropping after a moment of hesitation.​

      Tatsumaki (Tornado)
      Also on the water side of the park, it's a water slide that is shaped much like a tornado, hence the name. A four person ride only; you get into a tube and go sliding down into a funnel shape slide before exiting into the pool on the other side.​

    • Total // 10
      Male // 6
      Female // 4

      ??? (link to CS) - Summary of Character.

      MAIN SIX

      Masaru Ikeda is our darling outcast of the group. One could categorize him as a dandere. He doesn't usually let his true colors show, preferring to hide them behind a façade. His job at Dizuni Park is to portray a famous character who is named "Prince Ruza". // Played by -Vesper-
      — Tsundere // Reserved ( Vio )
      Hachirou Shiraki is our "wolf in sheep's clothing". Don't let his innocuous appearance and attitude fool you because he could snap at any moment if it involves a loved one, much like a yandere. His job at Dizuni Park varies from character portrayals, working rides, or being in the shops/food areas. // Played by Me/Kitsune
      Yuuta Ikehara is our loveable, jobless guy. One might categorize him as a deredere with his laidback attitude and how charismatic he is. He doesn't work at Dizuni Park (or anywhere for that matter), but he does somehow sneak in so he can avoid paying. // Played by Reanimator Bob
      Akihiko Miyamoto is our "prince". From his attitude to his clothes, everything just screams royalty and attracts attention, which he absolutely loves. Much like Masaru, he also portrays different characters at Dizuni Park. // Played by MiNaGi
      Aria Fujimoto is our main girl in the story The Love Between Six. She's quite dense, but has a good heart and tends to attract others like moths to a flame. She's the new employee for Dizuni Park, and is also the center of a harem that's obvious to everyone else but her. // Played by ScarletNova


      Makoto Arisa is Okushiri's friendly musical genius. He's quite the gentleman and social individual, being good friends with Akiko. He's a self-employed, freelance composer. // Played by TwistedPainter
      Akiko Tachibana is the best friend of Aria, and Okushiri's resident female tsundere. Much like Akihiko, she's of the high social class and such upbringing shows throughout her daily actions. She works as a waitress at Dizuni Park, and is all-knowing when it comes to Aria's Harem. // Played by DANAsaur
      Setsuna Iori is the landlady for Aria and Yuuta, who live in the same apartment complex. She is a woman who is always about business, but doesn't shy away from socializing with her tenants and being there for them. Her job is obviously running her apartment complex. // Played by Reanimator Bob
      Hayato Tadashima is the nephew of Setsuna Iori and tends to help her out around the apartment complex. He has an aloof outer shell, but is a just a shy, good kid behind it all. His time is mostly taken up with school, but he does work at Dizuni Park on the weekends as its mascot, who hands out balloons to kids. // Played by un coin de soleil
      Manami "Bunko" Shimizu is Okushiri's resident awkward bookworm. She is a shy individual who isn't good with words, but has a heart of gold and likes to show it. She works at Yosho Garoa, the bookstore which is located in the Ki Shopping District. // Played by AmerillaRose
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  2. Oh wow.
    Totally interested in this!
    (P.S When I was reading plot, I instantly thought about a character, which would, because of rivalry, fall in love with another man that loves Aria)
    EDIT: (Probably a Yandere/Tsundere)
  3. I'm glad to see that you're interested! Unfortunately, all of the dere categories/the main six have been reserved by the people I previously tagged. You are allowed to have side characters, though! ^^
  4. Oh.
    Okay then ;-;
  5. One step closeeeer
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  6. Damn, y'all put some work into world-building; it was worth the wait! I lost my shit when I saw the name Dizuni Park XD
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  7. I added Face Claim to the physical appearance of the CS so that way it makes it easier for a banner and stuff. I wanted to mention it here in case others are already working on it and don't notice the change on the CS.
  8. Would it be alright to say that Dizuni Park is affiliated with an animation studio, and one of their films is the source of my character's... er, "character"? You know, like he's dressed up as "Howl" from Howl's Moving Castle, if we were affiliated with Studio Ghibli for example.

    Just asking, cause I have a whole story in my head for this fictional film that my guy will be portraying a character from.
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  9. Yeah, that'll work! If you want/don't mind, you could come up with the animation studio, and we can just use that for any other character who wants to portray a fictional film character.
  10. I was going to come up with a princess story for my character's 'character'.
  11. @DANAsaur, I love your character, but the main dere characters are supposed to be male I believe. I mean, we can wait to see what Kitsune says, but they are supposed to fight for the affections of Aria until they start to fall for other characters in the rp. I debated to wait for Kitsune to come on to see what she thought, but I also don't want you to end up doing a whole bunch of work and then have to do something different to your character. You could still be her but as a side character who one of the guys might fall for eventually instead or something like that?
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  12. Oh gosh... I should really start reading the plot amd stuff >_< I thought there will be dere types for females too. Oh gosh.. I soooo want to join this RP but I'm not that experienced with the male characters. Side character could work but I think there's not much excitement for a side character.

    Ugh.. I feel so stupid. *hides under a blanket and cries*
  13. I am the same way, I can't do guys well. Well, I do know that the side characters will be a big part and the guys are going to fall for others throughout so there could be a lot of excitement. But, it's your choice on what you want to do.

    Don't feel stupid, it's an easy mistake. I don't always read everything I should either.

    It's your choice what you want to do, you can wait and talk with Kitsune since she's the GM and I'm just Co-GM.
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  14. I'll just edit my CS and make her a side character.

    As for me being the male tsundere, I'm afraid I can't do it so I'm sorry >_<
  15. That's okay. I'm glad you'll stick around as a side character. You could just keep her as a tsundere anyway, girls can totally be that too. How about we make her and Aria good friends and thus there will be more excitement and attention?

    We'll find someone else to do the male...

    Oh! @RecentlyInsaneRussian, the tsundere male spot is open again if you still are interested it doing your idea.
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  16. I like the idea :) I'm going to edit my CS now.
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  17. Okay. I'll add them as best friends then in the relationships, probably tomorrow because I'm getting off shortly.
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