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  1. Two well known Youtubers make a plan to be in the others videos for their fans. They may think its just for the fans... but it becomes more. Much more.


    Name: Spencer James Croft
    *Nicknames: Spence, Spenny, Red, or Redoxagal.*

    Youtuber Name: Redoxagal (Red for short)

    About Channel: Gameplay and commentating.

    Age: 20

    Height: 6ft

    Body Type: Athletic/ Muscular

    Personality: Spencer is a very outgoing and funny guy. He is loyal, smart, kind, and cares alot about his friends, family and of course his fans. He makes friends very quickly and easily. He is however very stubborn, however he doesn't get mad easily unless you mess with the people he cares about, or if a game is simply being annoying. He is also very tough and can be sarcastic.

    Bio: Spencer lived in Scotland until he was 12 years old. He moved to Illinois with his mom, dad, and little sister. He made new friends quit easily. At the time his accent was quit thick but as time passed his accent became more faint yet it was noticable. Spencer always loved video games, boxing, drawing, and music. He was actually quit good at those things too. Once Spencer graduated college he moved out of his parents house, to Ohio so he could own his own house and start college. By this time he started something he always wanted to do. Gaming videos. He was a huge hit, his commentating, reactions, everything was just hilarious. He and his channel became quit popular pretty fast and after 6 months he was actually getting paid to make videos. However to Spencer it wasn't about the money, he just simply enjoyed doing it. He loves his fans. He isn't just known for his commentating, he was also known for his red hair and his Scottish accent.

    Looks: Pic Below except he smiles alot XD. And his eyes are more of a deep green.
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