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  1. (One x one between @Aine & Redblood)

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    • Will be updated with history and info that's revealed during the rp so that things can be easily checked if forgotten.

      Name: ? (nickname Vera)
      Age: ?
      Sex: Female

      Brown hair to the chest, brown eyes, pale beige skin.

      Other appearance info: some cuts and bruises. Odd hospital like clothes. No shoes. A code is tattooed on her arm close to her hand.

      History known to other character:
      Non so far

      History not known to other character but revealed to other player through flashbacks:
      History unknown for now


      Rp history so far/important events:
      • Woke up in a jungle without any memories, met a girl without memories. Chose nicknames, Elena & Vera.

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  2. Saying she wasn't feeling well would have been an understatement. Quite an understatement. To give you a better idea of its magnitude, it would have been like claiming that Spanish inquisition had a tiny dispute with women suspected of witchcraft. Her head was pulsing with raw pain to the point it was as if one hundred teenagers had thrown an illegal techno-party in her skull, gotten horribly drunk and demolished everything in sight. The rays of sunshine were forcing their way under her firmly shut eyelids with discretion of an especially determined door salesman and she would sacrifice her right eye to put a pillow over her head to block it out, but she had to settle for her arm as no cushions were available. Actually - as her brain registered with a significant delay - the sharp pebbles pressing against her back suggested that bed wasn't available, either. This hypothesis could easily be confirmed by opening her eyes, but that would mean voluntarily murdering her sight.

    No, it was better to just lie on the ground, ignore obtrusive questions that were beginning to form in the back of her mind - questions like 'What am I doing outside?' - and wait for the problem to resolve itself. After all, this had to be some kind of weirdly realistic dream, right? Well, either that or drugs-induced hallucination. She remembered neither agreeing to camping without a tent and a sleeping bag in some remote, god-forsaken wilderness nor consuming a narcotic substance, but the latter still seemed a little more probable than the former. Taking drugs wasn't her most beloved hobby, but worse things happened in the spirit of the 'YOLO' acronym, especially at parties. Yes, that made perfect sense. Sleeping it off seemed like the wisest course of action. And so the girl rolled over onto her stomach in a valiant attempt to avoid reality, but reality had a funny habit of kicking you in your face to get your attention when you least expected it. Or, in this particular case, poking you relentlessly until you gave up.

    "Ugh... Just five minutes, mom," she mumbled vacantly and tried to fall asleep again, but that was kinda impossible with that other person still poking her even after she had clearly voiced her discomfort. How big was the likelihood of them leaving her alone if she just... started pretending she was actually dead? Practically miniscule considering the fact I freaking spoke to that person already! Geez. Understanding that resistance was futile in this case, the girl finally opened her emerald eyes and sat up slowly. She blinked a few times, her gaze traveling from the girl who looked like a mental asylum escapee as pictured in b-grade horror movies to the stick she had utilized as a torture instrument, and it was all it took to convince her that this whole situation couldn't be a construct of her mind. Too bizarre to be a dream and yet not psychedelic enough to be a hallucination, the girl had to accept it as reality.

    "What? I, uh, my name is..." She trailed off, suddenly looking like a student of philosophy that had been asked to explain a theory of relativity. What was her name? And why did she not know something so crucial to her identity? Hell, even people with less than 60 IQ points typically knew their names and while she wasn't too high and mighty, she would like to think her IQ exceeded 60 points. A frown spread over her face as she began massaging her temples in order to alleviate the headache.

    "Actually, I'm not sure. I don't remember, but you can call me 'Elena' for the sake of practicality. I don't appreciate people screaming 'hey, you' when they want to address me and I kinda like that name. Anyway, who are you? What's going on? And put that stick away, please. I'm not gonna bite you unless you give me a good reason," she responded, sounding more tired than annoyed.
  3. Did she just call her... Mom? She was barely awake though, so she poked a bit more for the girl to actually get up. She jumped back a bit, wondering if she would be attacked by this stranger, though luckily it did not seem like it. Maybe she should have figured back at the mom part, but even serial killers could have families, right? She waited for a reply from the other girl, but she seemed to have quite the trouble figuring her own name out. Eventually she came with a reply though, but it was not one she wished to hear.

    She couldn't remember her name either? That's odd. How could they both have amnesia? Could she even trust that what this girl said was true? That was up for discussion, but it would probably be quite the challenge to get out of that jungle alive on her own. Being two would make it easier to stay alive and help each other. If one didn't know the answer, maybe the other one would. Though trusting a complete stranger that might or might not know their own name, and might or might not know who she was, was definitely a questionable action. She wouldn't trust her though. If they could work together until they figured things out, it would be awesome, but she would still keep a close eye on that girl, just in case she tried something fishy.

    The stick had been lowered, but she did not drop it just yet. She wouldn't use it if she didn't have to, but she wanted it there in case that girl, Elena, did something. "You... You don't remember?" She asked the other girl. "Neither do I... That's really strange. People don't just drop onto the ground in a jungle with amnesia." It was too weird, and definitely suspicious. Elena might be lying about her condition just to make sure she would trust her.

    "Uhm... I guess for now you can call me... I don't know.. Call me whatever you want. I'm way too bad with names." She then added, almost immediately regretting her decision of giving the other girl free hands in the question. While she couldn't come up with a name herself, she would rather not be stuck with something horrible because Elena felt like giving her something stupid sounding just for shits and giggles. "And the stick stay by the way. You're not the only thing I might have to defend myself from." She then mentioned.

    It was certainly true. They were stuck in some sort of jungle, and there was no way no scary animal was around, ready to attack them at any moment. They had to be able to defend themselves at any given time, no matter if it was from one another or from a beast that wished to eat them. Little did she know that the beasts in that jungle was much more dangerous than she ever could imagine.

    "We should find a way out of here before it gets dark. I can only imagine what might attack us once we no longer can see too well." It seemed like she already had slept one, or maybe even a few nights outside without any deadly accidents happening, but she couldn't remember it, and she didn't know if they had stumbled across something dangerous before. If only they could quickly find a way out of the jungle and into civilization, then they might be able to find their way home.
  4. Huh? This highly intellectual thought was the only thing her mind could come up with at the moment and while it was far from impressive, it summarized this situation quite well. So they had both waken up in the middle of nothingness with no recollection of their identities and how they had gotten here in the first place? Elena could practically hear probability getting slapped in the face in the distance. Could this be a strange coincidence? She didn't want to look like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists who wore tinfoil hats on their heads in order to prevent aliens from reading their mind, but something seemed to be off about this situation. Amnesia wasn't contagious. According to her limited knowledge, it was also one of the rarer illnesses of mind; moreover, when it struck, it usually erased a certain portion of the memories, not everything. And yet here they were, not remembering something as basic as their own names. "That's kinda creepy," Elena admitted as she stood up slowly, feeling slightly uncomfortable talking to her companion while having to look up to her. Her legs felt horribly weak - as weak as if she hadn't used them in centuries - but the thought of collapsing in front of a total stranger was so embarrassing it kept her on her feet.

    "There has to be a logical explanation, though. I mean, look at our clothes. Maybe we're... patients of some mental health facility that deals with amnesiacs? Dunno, it may be a little far-fetched considering the fact we've mysteriously gotten out of civilization, but it would certainly shed some light on this." Elena extended her slim, almost bony arm so that she could see the tattoo on her hand; while most people of her age had gone for cheesy inscriptions in Chinese or mythological beings, her skin was decorated with a barcode. "You know, I kinda doubt I would choose this design for myself. It's probably a good way to keep problematic patients under check, though. Do you have it as well? Anyway, maybe they were transporting us to a different hospital, but there was an accident so we ended up stranded here?" It seemed that once Elena started weaving her theories, no power in the universe could stop her; her tendency to seek answers despite having no real grounds for her speculations may have been a little annoying, but she simply couldn't help herself.

    "Are you sure you want me to choose something as personal as a name for you? It is kinda flattering in a sense, but I've known you for like five minutes. What if I choose something you hate and then I won't be able to stop using it because it will be too ingrained in my brain? Have you thought about that possibility?" Elena asked, her expression as serious as if she had been tasked with solving Sophie's famous dilemma of which child should she sacrifice. "Okay, I'll try my best, but don't say I didn't warn you if you feel traumatized afterwards. Names are important. Hmmm... Now that I think of it, you kinda look like Vera. Does Vera work for you?" She personally couldn't imagine how anyone could hate such a pretty name, but then again, world was full of people who apparently thought naming your child 'Peach' or 'Dixie' not only shouldn't be punishable by death, but that it seemed like a great idea. How could Elena know which category did she fall into? Vera proceeded to point out that the stick was actually multipurpose - ie. that it didn't need to be used against her specifically - and then she proposed their next course of action.

    It didn't even occur to Elena to question their alliance; wasn't teaming up natural under such circumstances? If she had to be lost, then she preferred to be lost with someone equally as confused as her and a fellow amnesiac seemed to be perfect for such purpose. Besides, everyone knew that two heads could come up with better ideas than one and two pairs of hands working towards the same goal increased chances of success immensely. What she did question, though, was her approach to handling this issue. "Hey, wait for a second. Maybe we should think a little before actually wandering off to wilderness. That stick is awesome and everything, but do you really want to rely on it when the jungle could be full of dangerous animals? Maybe we should.... I don't know, find some sharp rocks and create an improvised spear. Or - and this could be the best solution - we should build a camp here, start a fire and wait for somebody to rescue us. If I'm right, then there are people are looking for us in this very moment and moving around would only undermine their efforts. This place seems relatively safe, so we could turn it into a waiting spot."
  5. Kind of creepy? did she really just say that? The girl thought to herself. Two people having complete amnesia in the middle of a forest wasn't just kind of creepy, it was shutter island material, and even more so when she started to speak about mental facilities. She shuddered. Maybe it wasn't as bad as she imagined it to be, but from all the movies she had watched, she had gotten quite the bad image of them. Funny. She remembered movies, history and books just fine, but nothing about her own life. Who were her parents? Everyone had parents. Did she have any friends? Where did she use to play as a kid? When she tried to remember, it was all just a blank slate. It was annoying.

    She checked her hand for the bar code, hoping it wasn't there. That would definitely prove that Elena's theory was wrong. But alas, it was there. "That doesn't make sense." She refused the theory. "If there was an accident, shouldn't we have found ourselves with people from the facility then? Or at least with a dead body. There's no one here, and no car that indicates that an accident has happened. I think we would be slightly more beat up if the accident was so bad they couldn't even stop us from leaving the scene. If anything we've probably escaped... But I can't imagine myself doing something like that if someone tried to help me." What did she know about herself though? Nothing. Maybe she was that kind of person, but at the moment she didn't have the memories to give her that personality. Did the personality change though? Of course it did. Different experiences made you act differently. Without the memories of those experiences, could they truly be the same person as before? She might not be herself at all anymore.

    "Whatever, people usually don't call other people's names, except if they want their attention. So I doubt you'll need to use it a lot except for in your own mind. Just choose something." She commented, and waited for the other girl to choose a name. She didn't have a mirror, so she had no idea what she looked like or what would fit her. If she chose herself it would probably just become something like Ana or Kim, because they were short. And it wasn't like she could choose her real name either way. It was their parents that had chosen their names, so names were always out of the owner's control. At least until they were older. She was fairly certain that in most countries, it was possible to change one's name once you were old enough. Eighteen probably. Maybe twenty in some countries.

    Finally a name was said, and she thought about it for a moment. It was short and easy to remember. She didn't particularly like it, but it was just a temporary thing until they found out their real names, and she didn't hate it completely either. "It's good enough." She approved, and hoped she could memorize it quickly. It would be bad if a dire situation arouse and Elena started to warn her, using her new name, and she didn't react fast enough. Hopefully they would be able to make it through without such incidents though.

    Listening to Elendra's idea, as she once again bounced back to the institution theory, Vera wasn't too sure if she liked what she heard. "But... What if no one's searching for us? If no one comes, we'll be sitting here for days or weeks, wasting valuable time. If we don't find enough food, we might starve and not have the energy to move on a later date." She argued. It was more based on fear than logic. She just wished to find a way out, and she wanted to get out before it became dark. Somehow the though of being out there at night, when they wouldn't be able to see anything, scared her. How come this girl didn't seem frightened at all? This situation was extremely bad, and they might die no matter what they did.
  6. I'm going to say it once again: Huh? When Vera put it like that, some kind of escape also made sense. What didn't made sense was their motivation for such an act; why would a mentally ill person abandon the only place that might be able to help them restore their memories? Well, maybe explanation lies in the phrase 'mentally ill person.' Elena didn't really think amnesia could influence her intellect enough to make her take such a questionable choice, but then again, she wasn't a doctor and diseases affecting brain could be treacherous. What if one of the metaphorical cogwheels in her head had gotten stuck for some reason, the whole complicated system collapsed and her ability to think rationally simply stopped to exist for a while? It wasn't that implausible; stories of patients turning on their doctors because they felt threatened for no reason weren't so uncommon. Headlines in the newspapers reported such incidents with distressing regularity. Still, that hypothesis was kinda difficult to swallow. Elena just didn't feel like a madman; sure, every madman in the world probably thought they were perfectly sane so it didn't exactly prove anything, yet her thought processes didn't seem to suffer from lack of clarity.

    "I wouldn't scrap the 'accident' theory so quickly," she said after a moment of deliberation. "I mean, yeah, you have a point, but it's also possible that we managed to get away from the scene of the accident before we fainted and forgot about it. Amnesiacs are prone to relapse, especially if they experience something as traumatic as, say, witnessing someone close to them die before their eyes." Elena had no idea where had this piece of information emerged from, but something within her knew it with the same kind of certainty that spring would come again after winter. "I don't know, it sounds plausible to me. Certainly more than the possibility of us escaping from a hospital. Why would we do that? It's freaking hard to talk about myself when I know... well, exactly nothing about what makes me the person I am, but I don't think I'm an edgy kid that would do something like that just because she can. I'd need a good reason," the girl concluded, her tone resolute and firm.

    Her colleague then proceeded to accept her new name, but it appeared that it would be the last thing they could agree on. "Well, would you prefer to go into the woods without any forethought and die there?" Elena asked in a calm tone; it was almost as if blood in her veins had been replaced with ice. "Yeah, it's possible they're not looking for us, but that doesn't change much about our situation. Jungles are usually large by definition; it's easy to get lost and it's even easier to kick the bucket if you're not careful enough. Okay, how about a compromise? We build a camp here as I suggested - with fire and everything, partly because it can attract attention to us, partly because fire repels animals - but instead of sitting on our butts, we explore the territory that surrounds us. If we find out civilization is nearby, fine, that's awesome. If we find out we're out of luck, at least we'll have our safe spot. If they're truly looking for us, they'll still be able to locate us because of that camp. It's a win-win situation, really. Or do you have a better idea?"

    Not waiting for Vera's answer, Elena began scanning her nearest vicinity for items that could potentially serve as weapons; getting her own means of protection was a wise route to take no matter how this debate concluded. She had no reason to think Vera wouldn't help her in time of crisis - they were in this mess together, after all - but relying on others too much was a clear path to hell. Everyone thought primarily of saving their own ass when shit truly hit the fan; it was practically encoded in human psyche. It didn't take long for her to notice a stick half-buried in the leaves, so she reached for it. The sad part of the whole story was that the object apparently wasn't as lifeless as it seemed to be at the first glance. The thing moved under her touch; Elena recoiled swiftly, her eyes widened in horror, but that couldn't stop the giant snake from brandishing its teeth and hissing angrily.
  7. How did that girl even know such things? She did have amnesia right? On the other hand, Vera also had it, apparently, so how did she know anything about anything? She knew that she had a lot of information floating around in her head, but how had she learnt it? When had she learnt it? Who had taught her? So many questions, and so few answers. It was quite frustrating. Maybe she was too impatient. Maybe they should rest for a bit and collect their thoughts. Arguing about what had happened or what they should do wouldn't help anyone. But the thought of possibly being a mental patient still felt unsettling.

    "Maybe you had a good reason." Vera mumbled, though she wasn't sure what that good reason would be. If someone had wished to harm them, and no one believed them, then maybe they ran away to protect themselves, but that theory sounded a bit too... Weird. Who would want to harm them? She just had this strange feeling that someone wanted to hurt them for some reason. Maybe it was because they were stuck outside in a jungle like environment, without any knowledge of their whereabouts, and with no idea how they would survive. It should have been enough to make anyone quite paranoid.

    Vera sighed and looked at Elena, not completely sure about the plan. Attract attention huh. For some reason she wasn't to found of that thought. As if it would lead bad people to them. But once thinking rationally about it, she realized it was a rather stupid thought. Even if they had been chased by someone, how big was the chance that they would have followed them into a jungle? And how big was the chance that they could even get to a jungle if they had been chased? That probably wasn't the first hiding place someone would think of. "Oh fine. We'll go for your idea. Let's just be careful with whom we might attract... I have a really bad feeling about meeting someone bad out here." She definitely didn't want to tell Elena about her paranoia. She could just imagine how out-laughed she would be for thinking someone wanted to harm them in a jungle, but still, they should be careful. If they attracted the attention of a stranger, they wouldn't be able to know if it was a friend or foe from first glance. Keeping their distance at first would probably be for the best.

    Suddenly Vera could hear a hiss. A snake? It didn't come from where she stood though. Turning her head a bit in an attempt to locate the danger, she quickly noticed the snake close to Elena. "Stand still." She shouted to the other girl. If she upset the snake further it would definitely attack, and they couldn't know if it was poisonous or not. "Stand perfectly still and breath slowly. It won't attack if you don't move." She hoped. Most snakes didn't. Most people only became bitten because they stepped on a snake or panicked when seeing one. While Elena had touched it, it might not attack if she just kept still from now on. "I'll try to avert its attention." Vera then continued nervously. She picked up a small stone and threw it on the opposite side of the snake from where Elena stood. It didn't hit the snake, but it should get close enough for the snake to react on the vibrations in the ground. She weren't sure if it would work without any other living creature on the other side of the snake, as snakes saw body heat instead of motions, but if it knew that something disturbed it on the opposite end, then maybe it would turn away and escape. She picked up a few more stones and prepared to throw them. If its attention was put on Elena, then the stones would be thrown close by, once its attention was diverted, she would attack the snake. If she hit it while the attention still was on the other girl, it might just see her as the attacker simply for being right in front of it. Better avoid that scenario.
  8. Oh, Vera didn't have to lecture her about remaining motionless. Elena couldn't move even if she wanted to; the creature's golden eyes seemed to freeze her in place, rendering her limbs useless. Comparison to the legendary Medusa who could turn her enemies to stone came to her mind and - believe it or not - it did very little to calm her down. "Alright," she nodded while watching the viper intently, careful not to make any excess noise. Did snakes even rely on their hearing as much as other animals? Could she possibly provoke it by being too loud? Elena didn't exactly claim to be an expert on reptiles in general - hell, she was glad she could spot the difference between an adder and a grass snake - so her fears may have not been justified, but she didn't feel like taking unnecessary risks at the moment. No, Elena was going to focus in Vera's advice, which meant staying quiet and doing nothing to attract the snake's attention. Of course, that was easily said than done, especially it seemed her own heartbeat sounded louder than war drums.

    Okay, okay, okay, no need to panic. It's probably not going to attack me; I just disturbed its sleep so it's pissed off. I mean, that's a common reaction. I'm also not the nicest person around when someone forces me to get out of my bed. It should leave me alone once it recognizes I'm not a threat and I'm too big to digest comfortably. It's a human trend to seek out senseless conflicts, right?

    Little did she know that nobody had bothered to educate this particular animal about its moral superiority to humans, and it wasn't going to act like a cutesy little critter from Disney movies. The snake observed her with the kind of lazy composure people usually showed when skimming through a restaurant menu, its tongue tasting the air to catch her smell. Elena's instincts told her to get away from the snake as far as possible, ideally on the other end of the planet, but the connection between her brain and body was still terminated. Meanwhile, Vera attempted to distract the animal with some rocks; the intent to save her companion was certainly noble, but the execution left something to be desired. A viper wasn't a dove. It hadn't been programmed to flee when shit hit the fan. Well, at least not before attempting to destroy the source of imminent danger first.

    The snake hissed violently and before Elena realized what was happening, its venom soaked fangs sank into her tender flesh. A surprised yelp escaped her lips as she fell to the ground, her left trousers leg turning crimson with fresh blood. The perpetrator had disappeared somewhere in the bushes already, but it couldn't undone the fact the poison was already circulating in her system...
  9. "SHIT." Vera dropped a stone to the ground as Elena was bitten. That plan had failed big time. She should have known better. If they had been perfectly still then maybe the snake would just have left, but no, she had to try and distract it instead. Maybe she should have watched more animal planet growing up. Or maybe she had but couldn't remember it. Either way, she didn't have any time to think about it. Vera darted towards the girl and didn't care about being careful for the potential danger of another or the same snake.

    "Whatever you do, don't panic and don't move. The poison will spread faster if you do that." She warned the girl. Even if she already knew that, it might be hard to think about it once having been bitten by a snake. "Oh God... We'll have to get it out somehow." Vera continued as she took a look at the wound. It didn't look pretty at all. How could two so small wounds make such a big problem? "Okay, I might have an idea. I heard somewhere that you can suck the poison out, at least partly, and even if you get poisoning symptoms you'll have a higher rate of surviving. Just hang in there, I'll definitely take care of it."

    It wasn't the best plan in the world. If she swallowed that poison she might get sick, and quite frankly she wasn't sure if it even worked. Who had told it to her? Where had she read it? Where had she seen it? Was it a scientific article or just a rumor? There was no time to think about it though, she had to spring into action immediately if she wanted to have the smallest chance of saving the stranger beside her. She wasn't sure if she could survive completely alone in a jungle, so at the moment, either they both died, or they both survived. There were no one survival options on the table. Not when their situation was so uncertain.

    Vera started to suck on the wound, and then spat it out when she needed to breath. The taste of iron was horrible and it was hard to believe that any poison was in that wound. It tasted nothing but blood to her. That didn't make her less paranoid though as she accidentally swallowed just seconds before she was meant to stop sucking and spit it out. Vera turned away as a coughing fit took over when some of the blood landed in her windpipe. Would she die of suffocation or poisoning? Was there any poison left in Elena? Would the poison be effective in the stomach or could it only do harm when it was in the blood stream? She guessed most of those questions would be answered very soon.

    "You know what. This day really sucks. I don't know about you, but it's probably the worst day of my life." Vera complained as she finally stopped coughing. She might not remember her life, but it couldn't possibly be as bad as this day had been. What should they do now? Just wait and see if they would die of poisoning or hunger? If they moved around too much with poison in their bodies, they would die faster, but if they couldn't find food or water they would die within seven days.