The Lost That They Will Never Forget

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  1. Jacobi Sanders | The Jock
    Jay woke up at approximately five in the morning. His breathing was heavy as he couldn't stop thinking about that text message he seemed to have gotten a few days ago. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with his index finger then stared at the clock, again while groaning. Today was the day of Michael's funeral and didn't want to say goodbye to a dear old friend of his and others. His mind was really scattered at the moment as he heard his mother knock on his door. "Honey, you alright in there?" She asked sweetly. Jay was convinced that his mother was Psychic because she always knew when something was ultimately wrong at the very right time.

    "I'm good, Ma." Was his response as his mother walked away from his door. Jay got out of bed with another groan and a deep sigh then walked over to his closet and pulled out his attire for the funeral. He did his morning routine of taking a shower, brushing his teeth and among other things before stepping back into his bedroom. It was now fifteen minutes past six. He was up early because he had to be there early for the visitation process, which he hoped wouldn't make him cry. God, he could feel the tears running down his cheeks already. Jacobi was getting ready then stared at his cell phone, which he hasn't picked up in about a week. How could he? There is really no telling how many missed calls or texts he has.

    With the shrug of his shoulders at the thought, he grabbed his cell phone but didn't open it then gave himself one look over in the mirror before exiting his room. His mother was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast as he walked over there towards her a planted a kiss on her cheek. "Morning, Ma." He sang sweetly while setting the table for himself, his mother and father. "So..." His mother whispered and responded by telling don't. Basically don't start with whole grievance speech. His mother nodded her head then placed the plates down for breakfast just as his father was coming down. "No time for breakfast, there has been a serious accident on the main highway, got to run." He exclaimed while exiting the house.

    After a quick breakfast and talk with his mother, it was now ten minutes till seven and he was already late. But luckily, the word of the major accident reached word to the funeral home and he used that as an excuse why he was late. 'God, forgive me.' He thought while staring at Michael's lifeless body. It was a rather devastating sight to see and he turned around, only to be instantly hugged by Michael's mother, who was weeping her eyes out.

    Today was going to be a very long day, he could feel it.
    Jennifer Sanchez | The Queen Bitch
    A rather lanky, medium height silhouette of a female could be seen, staring out of her bedroom window with a cup of coffee in her hand. She stared at the neighbors houses then took a rather quick sip from her coffee. 'Yuck!' She thought to herself then walked over to her bed and sat the cup down on her nightstand, kneeling down and reaching underneath her bed for the Vodka bottle, which she poured into her coffee. "Much better." She muttered after taking another sip. Jenn didn't really start drinking until Michael's death - Heavily started drinking when she received that anonymous text message, which still sent chills up her spine at the very thought of it.

    Jennifer often wondered who else received the message because she knows that she is not the only one. She walked over to her phone and unlocked it with her thumb print. She shot Wren, a girl she has recently taken a liking to and even asked her to join The Icy Hearts. [Hey. Want to ride to the funeral together? Even if you do not want to, I'll be there in twenty. :)] She hit the send button then threw her phone back on the bed.

    She really didn't want to go to the funeral but it was a chance for her to say her last goodbyes and get a few things off of her chest, even if it is a little bit too late - It still needed to be done. After changing into a fresh clothing, Jennifer stained her lips with red lipstick, brushed her long, brunette colored hair and placed on some jewelry. She evaluated herself over in the mirror then grabbed her clutch purse, car keys and cell phone then headed out of her room and outside, checking the door to make sure it was locked.

    "Oh, well, hey there, Jennifer." A male's voice said as she turned around with a smile and saw a guy named Nathaniel aka The Boy Next Door. "Hey..." She quickly got into her car and started her engine then rolled down the window and winked. "Bye." With those actions done, she sped off into the streets, leaving a few tire tracks in paved road. She placed a pair of sunglasses onto her face then kicked up the jams, singing along to Jessie J's newest hit Bang, Bang, which also feature Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

    A few minutes later, she pulled up into Wren's residence and blared the horn, repeatedly. She smirked a little bit then continued singing until the song finally went off. Jennifer knew that she was going to see a lot of rather interesting people, some who she despises and they feel mutual about her and there are some she feels strongly attached to. Jennifer blared the horn again and muttered under her breath. "I wish this Wren girl would hurry the fuck up." She placed her head against the tinted window, waiting for Wren to appear.

    Today will prove to be very interesting.
  2. WREN
    Wren had already been awake for two hours before the text from Jennifer arrived. She smirked. Wren did not know why Jennifer wanted the other girl anywhere near her -- Wren was pretty sure she terrified everyone -- but she could take a decent guess. Jennifer wanted something.

    Wren was more than happy to take Jennifer's request -- well, any request actually. Wren loved what she did. But a request from Jennifer was promising. The popular girl would probably pay whatever ridiculous price Wren presented, which was guaranteed to be more than what she would generally demand.

    Wren checked her phone. She skimmed over the mysterious text. She wasn't sure why she had been associated with the dead boy -- Wren had only ever interacted with him once, when he requested her to collect some money for him. And, Wren had been invited to go to the funeral. Why? She hadn't known the boy at all.

    Wren skulled the rest of her piping hot coffee (not feeling the heat at all because she physically couldn't feel pain) and changed into her funeral attire -- a black long-sleeve shirt with lace sleeves, black tights, a black miniskirt and black pumps. Wren carefully applied her dramatic-looking makeup, and clipped a black bow into her loose, dark-chocolate curls.

    She took extra time descending the stairs, just to antagonise Jennifer a little more. On her way out, Wren picked up her purse, which was readily loaded with a notepad and pen, for when she had to take whatever Jennifer's request was.

    Jennifer's car was parked in the driveway, and the impatient driver was blaring the horn. Wren smirked and climbed slowly into the passenger seat.

    "Hello, Jennifer," said Wren, acting sweet and innocent, though she knew Jennifer was fully aware of her real personality. The sadistic side in her was always dominant; Wren loved to screw with people's minds.

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  3. Spencer had been awake pretty much all night, but he still managed to oversleep. He'd been awake until about four AM, until, eventually, exhaustion had gotten to him and he'd passed out on his bed. He'd hardly been sleeping since Michael had died, and even less since he'd gotten that weird text. So when he did finally fall asleep, he managed to sleep through his alarm. He only woke up when his mother heard the insistent beeping of his alarm and checked on him. Spence brushed off her concerns, and eventually, she left him alone to get dressed.

    He sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. He genuinely didn't know how he was going to make it through the day. He was past the stage of crying now- he just felt hollow and empty. He wanted to go back to sleep and sleep for the rest of his life. He'd already been going through a rough patch, and then he'd gotten the news about Michael.

    He forced himself to stand up and get dressed. Every single action felt forced- probably because it was. He went to the mirror and looked himself up and down. The circles under his eyes were so dark, it looked like he'd been in a fight and had lost badly. He was aware that his clothes almost emphasized how scrawny he was, but he just shrugged it off, ran a hand through his hair and headed downstairs. His mom smiled sympathetically at him, and he forced himself to smile back.

    "What do you want to eat, honey?" She asked. He shook his head. "I'm not hungry." She frowned at him. "Spence, you need to eat, it's going to be a long day." Part of him wanted to yell at her, tell her that she had no idea how long the day was going to be and that she should just leave him alone. But instead he just shrugged. "Have we got bagels?" She nodded and put two on a plate, handing them over to him.

    Once he had eaten, she drove him in to the funeral home. She had to go to work, and reminded him to get a lift home with somebody. He nodded and got out of the car. Grief wrapped around his chest, suddenly making things harder to breathe. Michael had been one of the only people that he'd actually felt okay with. He was the only one of Spence's friends who knew the full extent of his sexuality. How was he going to deal with this?

    He went in, his eyes on the floor to avoid looking at people. Eventually, his eyes flicked up to look at the coffin. Another wave hit Spence and his hands curled into fists. Spence turned away, feeling choked. He walked away from the coffin, feeling like he'd made a huge mistake. He shouldn't have come. He knew nobody here and chances were, nobody knew or cared about him.
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  4. Logan awoke with a start from his alarm, he sighed and got up slowly. He had slept maybe an hour the entire night, he was exhausted, both physically and mentally. He glanced at his phone, since getting the message, he had been wary of getting messages or calls. The morning sun was just starting to filter into his room. He was up way earlier then he needed to be, but he needed to leave early if he wanted to get there on time.

    He walked over to his closet and got dressed slowly, hating every second of it. He shouldn't have to get dressed for Micheal's funeral, Micheal shouldn't even be having a funeral..He shouldn't even be...dead. Logan walked over to the mirror to inspect the damage that had been done last night. His eye wasn't swollen, but it was a unnatural shade of light purple. Logan grabbed some concealer from his drawer, which was hidden under a fake bottom, and put it around the bruise. He had become good at it, after years of practice. He checked himself over once more before grabbing his phone and slipping into his pocket.

    Logan walked out of his room and into the kitchen, it was quiet. His dad was snoring on the couch nearby, he wouldn't wake up for at least another few hours and his mom was upstairs. Neither of the would be up, hopefully, until he got back. Logan glanced at the fridge, but he wasn't hungry. He hadn't been hungry since Micheal died, plus he felt like if he ate he would puke it up once he got to the funeral house. He took a deep breath before going back into his room and going out the window, being on the first floor had its advantages. He placed the screen behind some shrubs and started walking over to the funeral house.

    The funeral house wasn't that far of a walk, and by the time he got there, the visitation was just starting. He bit his lip and looked at the ground, maybe he could just run away from this, go back to the house and just sleep it away and it would all be a dream. He was about to turn around too, until he thought about what Micheal would of said if he had done it. He clenched his teeth and walked in. He saw the coffin and almost collapsed, his legs felt like jelly. He let out a choked gasp but quickly covered it with a cough. He looked away and wandered over to the window, and wished, not for the first time, that he had been one to die and not Micheal.
  5. Tobias had woken up pretty late on the day of his friend's funeral, probably because he had spent the entire night sitting on his bed, his head in his hands, and a few pills of white goodness to keep his nerves from exploding in his skull and then passed out around five int he morning. Not only was he to travel to the funeral home today and lay Micheal to rest, but he had received a rather unpleasant message a week or two ago that had scared even him. He was unsure if the other inhabitants of the group had received the same text, and he wasn't going to be the first to bring such a touchy subject matter up. Especially, not today, not when everyone was feeling the grievances of the world. Tobias rushed around his four wall bedroom, throwing on the iron-pressed black suit the Mrs. Hermsworth had laid out for him the night before, running a hand through his unwashed hair, and finally jogging down the hall, black shoes in hand, to pound on the door of his roommate, Alena. "Al?" He nailed his fist against her white door more than ten times, leaning down after every third beat to hurriedly throw on his shoes so he could make the visitation process and not look like a total douchebag. "Fuck, we are late!"

    From down the same hall, a young Indian girl erupted from her bedroom with an angry expression upon her face. "Eh! Tobias, I don't appreciate your level of noise." The young man in question reeled his head at the girl, practically snarling like a dog, "Is Al even in here?" The girl replied with a devious smile before slamming her door shut and retreating to the blissful state of sleep, a state Tobias wished he could crash into right this moment. He growled slightly, taking the stairs two at a time and screeching to a halt in the large family kitchen only to meet face-to-face with his worst nightmare. His house-mother. "Hello darling," she cooed, packing on the sweetness with a kiss to his forehead, which melted his sour mood just a bit. Annabelle Hermsworth knew exactly what day it was for her two eldest children in the house. It was the day they had to lay one of their best-friends to rest. "Alena is waiting outside in the car with breakfast. I would hurry if you want to make the visitation process." Her smile was sad, but delicate as she retreated to the fridge to grab herself something to drink. The older woman knew that today was not today to lend Tobias any advice, he would either retreat into his cavern of loneliness, or lash out at the first person that walked down those stairs.

    "Thank you, mom," the brunette muttered, feeling terrible for the past few nights he had stayed up just to get high in the lovely room this women had worked so hard to give him. He felt like a scumbag, but truthfully, feeling like a scumbag was mod likely going to help him out on this fine, fine day. He did a complete one-eighty, not needing to grab his keys that hung from the rack before leaving the house because his dear roommate had already snatched them up a half-hour earlier. Why the ginger had not woken him up sooner, who knows?! Tobias just wanted to get this funeral over with and maybe spend some quality time with his friends. he slipped into his dark Chevy Impala, turning the key and letting the baby purr for a moment before pulling out of the estate driveway. "Well, thank you for fucking letting me sleep in. We could be late," he hissed through gritted teeth towards the young lady in the passenger seat, who was staring down at her hands that fiddled with the plastic wrap around the duos breakfast: warm french toast sticks and a small container of maple syrup. At the sight, Tobias relaxed slightly, keeping his eyes trained on the road and only making his way towards the funeral home.

    At this point, he wondered how the rest of the group was fairing. Damn... Jay, Jennifer, Wren, Logan, Spencer... Alena... Kenzi... This is going to be the longest day of our lives.

    Ten minutes later, the two teens exited the car, bellies full of sweet french toast and hearts full of sorrow. They walked into the main building, immediately walking up to Micheal's family and paying their respects before taking a gander at Micheal himself, who lay lifeless inside his sleek, black coffin. Tobias could only stand there for a few minutes before speed-walking out of the funeral home and waiting outside for one of his closest friends. He may be tough, but this was too much, which lead him to take out a smoke from his pocket, light it up, and stick it in between his shaky lips. The tears were threatening to come and the male needed a getaway task.


    Unlike her male roommate, Alena had not slept a wink that night. In truth, she hadn't been sleeping more than an hour or two each night since they found out about Micheal's death. It was probably the text more than the death, but Alena kept telling herself that it didn't matter either way, she didn't think she was ever going to get a good nights rest again. The gut-feeling in her stomach that appeared after that message was received had not left her and with each day leading up to Micheal's funeral, it only got worse. She cried in the shower on many occasions and she knew the day of the funeral was going to be filled with the waterworks. Alena dragged herself out of her Sleep-Master bed, sulking out of her room and down the hall into one of the bathrooms that the ten kids shared. She brushed her teeth slowly, swallowing the frothy substance more than she spit it out, resulting in a tummy-ache to enhance the pain in her gut. After her hair had been dealt with (a feat easy enough for the day), she retreated back to her pale pink room to put on one of the darkest pieces of clothing that she owned. It was a simple a-line black dress that hugged her torso and flowed out at the bottom to barely touch the ground in the back. She paired the garnet with a pair of black heels and a small black clutch that only held the essentials for the day: a mini-pack of tissues, peppermint chapstick, her cellphone, and the tag for the dumb thing. She wanted to return the items as soon as this was over, they would only hold painful memories of the day.

    The trek down the stairs was slow and she only met eyes with Sarena, the youngest roommate in the house, before finding herself int he large Hermsworth kitchen. Annabelle stood there, wearing her usual morning outfit that consisted of yoga pants and a comfy shirt, the stove was on and she was humming along to an unknown tune as she cooked. Alena said nothing as she sat at the bar. Annabelle understood her adopted daughter's silence, continuing her work until the array of seven french toasts sticks were placed in front of the ginger, neatly wrapped in plastic and adorned with a cup of maple syrup. Alena smiled at the breakfast platter simply standing up to thank her house-mother with a hug that lasted longer than a normal hug would. It was a hug meant to mend the young woman, to push her towards salvation that hopefully came at the end of this day.

    She grabbed the platter of food and walked towards the front door where the rack of keys hung. Alena had not bother to wake Tobias because she knew what he did at night and that he needed his sleep more than anyone. She also knew it wouldn't be long before he woke up, realized the time, and came bounding out of the house. Thirty minutes later, this exact scenario occurred and the ginger-haired female simply let her comrade vent before showing off the breakfast their mother had made for them. He quieted afterwards, and they continued onward toward the funeral home, picking apart the french toast sticks and letting the silence fill the car. When they arrived, Alena kept behind Tobias until they met with Micheal's family and Micheal's mother took her into her arms. The elder woman sobbed and Alena could feel the tears stream down her own face. This was torture. Afterwards, it seemed Tobias had left so Alena occupied herself with conversing with her other friends.

    "Hello, Jay," she greeted, her slight Russian accent becoming more prominent with her jittery nerves, "How are you holding on?"
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  6. @Ghosty
    Kenzi had been staying at her parents house as a visit. She had heard of the recent death of Michael and it had struck her hard. More like a stab in the face. How could this happen? It brought the wallflower to tears and soon enough her crying stopped when she received a rather eerie text message from a anonymous number. Maybe Michael didn't die. His death was probably planned by the person who texted her. Or maybe the anonymous person knows who done the murder. Whatever it may be, she was more scared then shaken. Scared of the number, and shaken over Michael's death. But of course, Kenzi said nothing. Something like this can't bother her on this big day. His funeral.

    The brunette had been up all morning with her mother choosing various dresses for the funeral. Dressing in and out of many black gowns. For the most part, Kenzi rarely wore dresses and didn't own much. Especially black dresses so it was quite hard. She was used to the form fitting style as fashion, not cause her body type, however her mother felt that since it was a funeral she had to be appropriately formal. So the two were at odds with one another.

    "How about this dress?"

    Kenzi asked. A long gown that was somewhat fitting but not to tight. Her mother inspected the dress and shook her head."No." She responded. Kenzi felt the urge to reject."But mom, It's longer.. And not to short or tight!" Nonetheless her mom was very adamant on the decision.

    "Smaller or larger, they still look like ASS. Now go try on this one."

    She ordered, giving Kenzi one of the other black dresses. In the past hour, she had already worn about several dresses total and therefore was not feeling it."CLASS NOT ASS HONEY!" Her mother yelled as Kenzi walked out the room to change out then into a new dress and that's when her father stepped into the same room as her mother."She goes from Virgin Mary to stripperella for this funeral, like no. A funeral is to pay respect, not to impress. We need to find a happy large." Vented the mother."We don't have to agree. if I don't like it, that's all that matters!" She shrugged before her daughter stepped back into the room. Kenzi wore a strapless dress that was tight from her sides and flowed out waist down. For several seconds the mother stared and told her orders such as to turn around and whatnot and blinked."Oh sweetie! That's perfect. See!" She said, noting the look in her daughters face. A large grin.

    But the grin had also lasted shortly, for five seconds as she looked down and began crying. Of course as parents whose job was to support their kids unconditionally they stood from their seats and took their daughter in their arms tightly as she silently sobbed again. For the most part in her hands. It was as if a switched turned on back to reality for what she was really wearing this out fit to.

    After five minutes though, Kenzi merely grabbed her black suede pumps on a hurry as her parents rushed after her to go into the car and drop her off. It was a free ride, so why not? Kenzi didn't have shoes, and merely wore the ones she was stuck with wearing since she wore these upon arriving here and her parents began to take off into the road.

    - Half an hour later -

    Kenzi soon finally arrived to the funeral. The whole ride she was quiet, and the first person she noticed was her bestest friend, Tobias."Thank you, Bye..." She muttered as she opened the door and stepped out. Her parents said their byes to her and Kenzi approached Tobias. The place nearly wanted her to burst to tears again, but she couldn't bring herself to. Besides her face left the markings of her already crying before arrival and she looked up ever so slightly and smiled."Hi, Tobi-bear." She sniffled and greeted him slightly lowly. She then looked over his shoulder and walked away from him to go through the long visitation process before hearing her parents yell for Tobias."Tobias! Hiii!" She said, the father waving behind the mother as he honked his horn. Kenzi jumped and immediately turned around, nearly jumping over Tobias, back and wrapping her arms around his neck from behind."Mommm!" She hissed with embarrassment. "Daaadddd!" The female began to wave roughly, the type of wave that meant,'Go away. Now!'. The parents shook their heads with a grin and waved again as a goodbye before rolling their windows back up, slowly leaving. Kenzi hopped off Tobias and grinned, face palming and shaking her head before turning around and beginning to walk again."I'm sorry about them.. They... obviously love you. And they normally shun guys." She muttered to the male who was very tall compared to Kenzi's height alone.

    As usual Kenzi was quiet with the whole visitation process. In fact, she didn't plan on coming. But as respect she had too and felt the need to. It would be better then taking all the guilt of not going and Kenzi didn't once eyed the coffin... She eyed other things in her surroundings. Other people, the wall, and the ceiling. Conversations were good too with Michael's relatives who were familiar with her.. But she didn't want to talk to them either. Now she had a fake kindness, and in actuality felt more avoiding and dead. Kenzi didn't want to participate, but when she did look at one point, she merely froze and started to helplessly daydream deeply before snapping out of it and rubbing her eyes."How long.. Will this be? And where are the others?" She asked as she pinned the pin of Michael on her dress. Right over the knot of the bow located at the side of her dress."I honestly just want to get out as soon as possible. I can't deal with it, I've got it heavier then all of you guys." Kenzi said with a heavy sigh. It was hard not to cry, but she was adamant about saving it for later. All her venting about his death as-well until it was time to go. But it wasn't and she sticked by Tobias' side for once, with a more quiet nature that seemed dead despite her smiling happily around -which wasn't meant to be disrespect-.

    Usually it was him following her, now for this case she was clinging to him. It was an urgent gesture she was doing and instead of being guard dog it seemed as though to Kenzi that with her behavior he was probably going to change to Therapy dog duty, as he is fairly dog-like towards her. Her hand was clinging onto his muscular arm slightly loosely as she looked around quietly. Thinking of what to do with her black hand purse in the other hand and placing a finger towards the edge of her lips. She was truly pondering.

    dress (open)


    hairrrr (open)

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  7. Valentina~

    Valentina awoke to a hangover and the fact that she felt like crap hadn't change from before she had drank anything yesterday. Micheal's funeral was today... what was she supposed to do? Before his disappearance Valentina always awoke to knowing that she'd see him later on in the day. That him and the regular group would always stay together. Now... now he's gone. Her long dark brown hair was messy as she still lay on the bed, tears formed at the corner of her eyes and all Val could do was cover her mouth to keep from letting out any sounds. Her father and his family would be awake by now, probably trying to think of a way to keep Valentina from getting to depressed. This family was always smiles and it seemed that negative energy had no room anywhere. Which meant that Valentina didn't fit in with these people. Being happy was the last thing on her mind right now.

    "Oh god..." Val whimpered to herself before slowly getting up, her hand held her temple while those beautiful hazel eyes of hers scanned the 4 empty bottles of beet and a bottle of green apple vodka that barely had a drop left in it. It felt like everything was going in slow motion and Valentina was just moving along with it all. What weighed on Valentina's mind was that she never got to tell him how she felt, all those emotions she held for him had nowhere to go anymore. Val stopped walking when the feeling of bile rising in her throat made it all worst. Her feet were quick to bring her to the toilet in the connected bathroom and in seconds she was throwing up all that she had both drunk and eaten last night. All the energy in Valentina's body was gone but that didn't stop the girl from turning on the warm water to the shower.

    Slowly taking off her clothes Valentina ignored the broken girl in the mirror of the medicine cabinet and just jumped into the water, the warmth of it seemed to calm her down a bit. A cigarette. That's what she needed, smoking one on the way to the funeral home would make things far better. After about another 10 minutes Val was finally out and getting dressed in a fitted black dress that stopped a bit longer then mid-thigh, the open toed heels were pretty but right now Valentina wasn't interested in looking nice today. She didn't apply any make-up and instead replaced it with dark yet fashionable. Having cute things use to be her thing, now she wore whatever was found in that closet of hers. Instead of leaving her hair down, Val put her hair up in a neat bun with a few strands hanging around her face.

    Once finished with getting dressed Valentina made her way to the smaller pair of stairs in the house, which led her down into the kitchen that had both her father, his wife and his wife's son in there. Great, the first faces she gets to see in the morning are ones that she wants nothing to do with yet can't find a way to leave. Well, that's until she turns 18 years old. Valentina finally noticed the suite that her handsome father was wearing as well the formal dress Amber, his wife, had on.

    "Why are you dressed like that?" Valentina asked cautiously to the both of them, her step-brother gave the two adults a look which Val saw the couple give to each other as well. No, no, no, no, no. They weren't thinking of going were they?

    "I'm going there by myself, one of you will be driving me but I don't want a bunch of strangers going to his funeral like you actually knew and cared for him," Val hissed angrily before grabbing and apple and making her way to the car in the parking lot. 5 minutes later Amber came outside and got into the driver's seat. Another lucky event, Amber gets to bring her. With a roll of her eyes Valentina took out a cigarette while they drove, sparking it as she rolled down the window.

    "You're only 17 years old, you shouldn't be smoking. Where'd you get that from?" Amber looked over at Valentina with wide eyes, knowing fully well this was something Valentina would do.

    "Listen Amber, I'm sure we've had this talk before but you aren't my mom so don't tell me what to do. Heck, even if you were my mom I wouldn't listen to you. Anyways, thanks for the ride. I'll see if one of my friends can drop me off later on," Valentina gave Amber a hard look as she took a drag of the cig. When they got to the funeral home Valentina stepped out, putting the cigarette out and placing it back in its box.

    Time to get this over with.​
  8. Jacobi Sanders | 18
    Jay had walked outside the funeral home and sat down on the top step, tears streaming down his cheeks as he wiped them away. His eyes glanced up and saw that people were starting to arrive for the funeral, which was going to be long for him. Jay stood up and greeted people as they walked by then saw that off in the distance, Jessica was arriving and she had her little sidekick, Wren with her. His lip quirked up with disgust when he saw her get out of the car.

    He really had to bite his tongue hard when she made her presence felt by looking at him. His eyes rolled down to Wren. "Hey Wren. How are you doing this morning?" A slight smirk appeared among his facial features as his eyes looked and saw Tobias and Alena. "Hey, hold on." Jay muttered while walking up to Tobias and giving him a high five then looking at Alena after hearing her question. Jay nodded his head while answering her question. "I am holding up good, I guess."

    "What about you?" He raised a brow up at her then walked alongside with them both as they walked towards the church. His eyes peered around Tobias' towered body and saw Kenzi, his little guard dog it seemed like, clinged to his arm. "Oh, hey there, Kenzi." He offered her a little wave then turned his attention back towards Alena.
    Jennifer Sanchez | 17
    Jennifer shook her head at Wren when she entered the car. "I have a job for you, of course." A sly smirk came across her delicate facial features as she looked over at Wren. "You know that guy, Jay, right?" She eyed Wren again. "I don't really like him that much but I think I am losing my touch to get rid of people." She said as she pulled up to the parking space and got out.

    She clicked a simple button on her key chain and it locked her vehicle. She walked beside Wren then walked right past Jay, who spoke to Wren and not her. "She is fine. No time for conversation." Jennifer flipped her hair then continued walking, her heels clicking lightly against the marble floor. She walked by Micheal's parents and offered her respects as she glanced at his body in the casket.

    Jennifer didn't really show any emotion. She wasn't sad but she felt guilty. She never really apologized for embarassing him dramatically in front of the whole school that one time. She shook her head to herself then turned to see her other friends entering the funeral home. "Psst, Tobias.." She said and hoped that he would look her way. She patted the seat beside and wiggled her finger for him to come and sit beside her.

    "Tobias is one person I would love to date but we became too close of friends now." She muttered towards Wren then looked at her. "You know, who do you like?" She raised one of her delicate brows up at her.
  9. WREN
    Wren offered her respects to Michael's parents. She hadn't known the kid at all -- well, no. She had done one request for him and then spoken to him for a little while. Anyway, she had never been close to Michael. She had barely known the kid. Wren didn't like having friends -- she thought they simply got in the way.

    "Yeah, I know him," she said monotonously to Jennifer. "I nearly snapped his arm completing a request in sophomore year."

    She let that sink in as she followed Jennifer to Michael's coffin. On any other occasion, Wren would only have been following the queen bitch to kick those heels out and hopefully snap Jennifer's arm. But Wren wanted the request. Then she would think of some elaborate plan to 'accidentally' hurt Jennifer.

    Michael looked peaceful, almost like he was sleeping. His face looked normal. Wren probably wouldn't have been able to tell he was dead, if she didn't already know. Wren distinctly remembered when Michael had set the request for her. "Don't hurt anyone," he had explicitly told her.

    Which Wren believed was ridiculous. Why would anyone come to her if they weren't prepared for her to use violence? It was how she completed a fifth of her requests.

    When Jennifer took a seat and directed Tobias to the one next to her, Wren sat on her other side. "I don't like anyone," snapped Wren. "Why would I secretly worship someone and pine over them when they don't like me back? The whole fucking concept it idiotic." Wren knew she would get away with whatever she said to Jennifer, as she was the only one who could really complete any request. "So I presume you want me to get the Spanish druglord to screw you?"

  10. People kept arriving. Spence managed to work up the guts to talk to Michael's parents. They'd never met, but Michael's mother hugged him as soon as he said that he'd been friends with Michael. That only made the twisting in his chest more painful. Ironically, the only person that Spence wanted to see right now was Michael. He was the one person who could actually make Spence feel less uncomfortable and actually come out of his shell. But that wasn't going to happen.

    Spence looked around, and a figure by the window caught his eye. He looked about as uncomfortable as Spence felt. He thought for a few moments, and the guy's name came to him. Logan. The more Spence thought, the more he was sure that he'd seen this kid hanging around with Michael a few times. Michael would tell Spence to go talk to him. Spence swallowed and walked over, twisting his hands a little.

    "Hey. Logan, isn't it?"
  11. Logan was looking at the sky instead of talking to everyone. He had seen Micheal's parents come in and even though he had stayed at their house, he didn't know how to greet them. He felt like he would just break down in tears and then that would make everyone else cry so he didn't bother. He fiddled with his tie slightly and took a deep breath. He felt like he was back to the days when he had nobody to talk to, where all he could do was sit in the corner and entertain himself.

    Logan jumped at the sound of his name and turned. "Uh, yeah, hi" He said and looked over the boy. He had seen him a few times around with Micheal but he hadn't known a lot of Micheal friends, he was a year younger after all. Finally he remembered having heard Micheal call out his name while in the hallway, laughing about some sort of joke or something, "Your..Your uh Spence right?" He asked and bit his lip. He didn't want to give the wrong answer.
  12. As soon as Kenzi showed up to cling to the male, Tobias pressed his lips firmly together and simply let her do her thing. He didn't want to ask any questions because he already knew the answers and there was no point in putting anyone in that position today. It was easy to tell that beside the female, Tobias physically relaxed and he hurriedly took the tobacco stick from his lips and rubbed the glowing end against the nearest cement surface so when he tossed it into the grass-- nothing burned down. Jacobi came out of the funeral home a few moments later and the dark-haired boy was not surprised to see the big, jock man had also been shedding more than enough tears. Tobias returned the high-five and brought Kenzi closer to him as they turned towards the church, "Come on," he whispered to her, but then averted his attention back towards Jay and Alena.

    He had seen Jennifer and Wren pull up, but he honestly was beginning to feel ill and if one even made eye-contact with him he knew he would blow chunks. He shuddered, yet smirked, thinking about the scenario that would occur if that happened. Not only would he be ruining one of his best-friend's big day, but he would also be ruining either one of the girl's nice dresses. He had been so lost in his thoughts that he had barely noticed them entering the church and finding their seats in any one of the pews. He looked around at the decor and strings began to pull at his heart until he felt that it may explode. This was a funeral. A funeral for Micheal.

    Tobias wiggled his arm out of Kenzi's grip and hurriedly threw it around her shoulder so she fit into his side nicely. The two were very close, so close that the proximity of one another made both parties feel better than they did before. Tobias kept his unreadable, chiseled expression, his eyes erased from any signs of moisture at this point, but he was sure Kenzi could feel his body shaking around him. He had never had to live through something like this and at this point-- he didn't know if he would be able to. A noise made him whip his head around until he came eye-to-eye with Jennifer. She was calling him over, but the gesture simply made his eyes furrow in anger and he quickly shook his head and directed Kenzi towards and empty pew that would fit their little group. "Does she have no consideration!?" he hissed between clenched teeth. He turned his head and basically plopped his forehead onto Kenzi's shoulder. He began to pout and sigh, not really ready to get through the ceremony.


    Alena shrugged at Jacobi's question, walking beside him into the church. She had nothing to say about Wren or Jennifer. Some would say the red-head had a bit of chip in her shoulder over Wren, since she had her own business going on around the school, but really Alena could care less. The high school was not the only place to get her two weeks pay and it was evident that Rosewood was well known for it's group of gossipers. She came up with a generic answer and stayed behind Tobias and Kenzi, her black clutch swinging limply in her left hand. "I could be better Jay."

    She followed the others into the church and decided to seat wherever the others did. She offered a small smile to Micheal's mother, who had come over here as soon as she could so she could continue to be the greatest hostess even in this time of sadness. The russian girl continued to talk to Jay, just so she could keep other things on her mind instead of the hollow look that occupied Micheal's face, "So how did you sleep last night? I'm sure I speak for most of the group when I say that I..." she sighed deeply, "...I didn't sleep a wink." A shaky laugh exited her pink lips as tears began to silently stream down her face, but she began to wipe them away furiously and try to keep a smile on her face. There was no way Micheal would want anyone to bawl over his death. He would be so calm and professional if the situation was reversed with another-- and the thought made Alena's eyes water even more and she had to begin a slight breathing exercise to keep herself together.
  13. Valentina walked into the funeral home and took a seat, her nerves were all over the place as she tried her best to keep calm like always. Be the smart mouth everyone knew you were. Sure, there were a lot of people who disliked her lawless attitude but it was how she was. A few people walking by gave her a look of disdain before acting as if they hadn't just judged her in less than 3 seconds. It irritated her but then her eyes fell on Micheal's mother who had tears falling down her eyes as a few people comforted her. Valentina knew Micheal's mother because she use to come over at random times in order and if Micheal was busy she would hang out with his mom until he was finished. Oh, to lose a son... it was wrong for a parent to have to live and their child passes away.

    "Ms. Johnson... I'm so sorry, I wish I was there. I-I-" The usually strong Valentina began to lose words when she walked over to Micheal's mother and when she seen Val, Micheal's mom pulled her into a hug that felt weak yet strong. Valentina wasn't use to hugs and stiffened up a bit but then she calmed down and hugged the weeping woman back.

    "It isn't your fault Val, things were meant to happen... even if it was far to early," Her voice was shaky and Valentina could feel the woman's tears slipping down her neck but she didn't care about that. After a few more moments of talking Val decided to sit down next to her in order to keep her company, it felt wrong to leave her alone right now. It was like re-watching her mother break down from the divorce she had with Val's father, her mother hadn't been the same since then but this was a different scenario that involved death. No one should be alone when experiencing such a thing.
  14. He nodded as Logan asked him his name. "Yeah, that's me." He looked at the other boy. He could see the traces of dark circles under his eyes- but who didn't have them? Logan was far from bad looking, Spence had to admit. He looked down at the ground, before looking back up at the other boy. "Guess Michael was the only close friend you had too, then." Everybody else seemed to be clustering in small groups, talking about whatever. But it was just the two of them by the window. Spence didn't want to be alone today, so he figured that Logan probably didn't want to be either. He wondered how he and Logan had never met before- then again, Spence had kept himself to himself. They could have met, he'd probably just forgotten.
  15. @Ghosty
    s Kenzi was nearly snuggled against the side of Tobias by his own arm, it had made her take two steps closer to him and she seemed unfazed by this movement or position. In fact, it was rather comfy and warm especially with the height difference and she merely momentarily wrapped her arm around his side before placing her arm back down. The weight of Tobias arm was something she had also grown accustomed to and she looked around as they stood there.

    Then she also heard it. Jennifer whispering for Tobias. Wait.. Jen-Jen? Well... It shouldn't be surprising that she knew Michael... But it didn't feel right with her here. Nonetheless Jennifer was her other best friend -surprisingly!- and just when the wallflower was about to smile and wave as she walked towards Jennifer, She was immediately shifted to sit in another area with Tobias, to which she gave him a crinkled face and wriggled her nose. Hopefully Jennifer wouldn't take the obvious gesture wrong."You're being rude...!" Kenzi whispered as Tobias directed her to a empty pew upfront and away from Jennifer, who was across the room and behind them. She straightened out her dress before sitting beside him and stared at Jennifer worriedly. She would have to apologize later before leaving, as Kenzi was often apologetic. Soon the brunette immediately looked away, afraid to stare any longer as she attentively heard her best friend as they sat there alone together.

    "Does she have no consideration!?" he hissed turning Kenzi's shoulder into a personal pillow for Tobias to rest on. Jennifer obviously seemed to get under Tobias' skin in a not-so-great way and she furrowed her eyebrows with concern. Kenzi was always aware of the reputation Jennifer had. She heard it and seen it, but Jennifer was always nice towards Kenzi. Like... Actually nice. But Kenzi didn't doubt that Jenn was also talking trash about her probably, and if she was then who cares? She wouldn't understand why anyways. Jennifer was someone who didn't manipulate Kenzi -yet-, become rude towards her in any way -yet-, or intimidated Kenzi at all... Yet. Even before Tobias' presence. But since Tobias came, Kenzi bonded with him more then Jennifer. Sure, he suited Kenzi friendship wise more then Jennifer, but still. Her and Jennifer still talked and it's only been a few months since they last actually did.

    Kenzi herself sighed. Having two best friends who especially didn't go well like bees and honey was rather conflicting. Tobias didn't accept Jennifer it seemed, or at least not yet -to Kenzi, rather than 'not ever' like Tobias- while Jennifer seemed fixated on Tobias.

    Kenzi sighed and placed a arm over the male's shoulder. She shifted her other hand to cover the side of her lips and in response whispered something back at Tobias who was beside her and still on her shoulder.

    "I can't say anything. She's my best friend too, and I don't wanna incriminate myself... There's also karma." The brunette said before retreating her arms."Be nice for today, please... Or, try. I know her reputation but--At least until the funeral ends." Kenzi added politely as she tilted her head with concern staring at Tobias and shifted her sitting position to crossing her legs, one leg over the other with that perfect straight posture she always bared. She then looked back at Jennifer then looked up front, waiting several seconds before leaning towards Tobias so that it didn't seem like she was talking immediate trash."Or if that's to hard, be nice for as long as you're inside the funeral.. If you're outside, then I guess it's fine." She said before looking up at him and giving a warm smile through all this. Kenzi sat back up again as her hands were resting on her lap and looked about for any others. Friends like Jacobi seemed busy, and spencer, Kenzi also saw Alena who often stuck out like a thorn on a Rose to her. Hopefully the friendship between everyone would still be okay. Although michael's group of friends didn't know each other so well, they were moreover either friends, close friends, or best of friends. Never an acquaintance.. With some exceptions. Then Kenzi immediately turned to Tobias.

    "Hey, Tobi-Bear." Kenzi said, a nickname she assigned him for his personal yet slightly secretive soft spot. Particularly for her the most in which she only called him. At least, she was the only one who was worthy. " What do you think will happen with the circle? Even though we have cliques amongst the circle, we're still a big circle... Wait.. Does that make sense?" She asked, biting her lip in concentration and looking up at the ceiling, an eyebrow raised."No... Group of cliques in the shape of circles inside a box-square thingy!" Nodded Kenzi as she snapped her fingers and foolishly grinned, pointing at the air.... Which would be rude. She seemed to already forget she was in a funeral.
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  16. Logan nodded "Yeah, you could say that..." He said quietly looking down at the ground. He glanced back up at Spencer and noticed that he wasn't half bad in the looks department, but he felt that he would look better if he was actually smiling. "He was like a older brother to me, he helped me through a lot" He said and glanced out the window. He was glad that someone else had come up to him today, so he didn't have to be alone here. He barely knew anyone after all, most of Micheals friends had been in his grade and anyone in Logans grade, well, he didn't talk to them all that often.
  17. Spence nodded. "Yeah. He helped me out a lot as well. Never judged me for anything." He thought back to the conversations they'd had when Spence had first told him about being bi, and then later being demi. He frowned, glancing at Logan. "Wait- Logan? I'm pretty sure that when I ca- when Michael was helping me through that rough patch, he was always telling me, 'y'know, I know this guy Logan, he might be good for you to meet...' He was always on to me to meet this guy, saying that I should meet him. I don't suppose that could have been you?" He asked, turning properly to look at the other guy.
  18. Logan thought for a moment, whenever he had gone to Micheal about needing help he had mentioned a friend that could help him. Though Logan never wanted to meet the guy, for fear that he would mess it all up. He did however remember the name and he believed it to be Spencer. "Uh yeah, I think Micheal mentioned you to me as well a couple times." He said giving a soft smile as he remembered Micheal being like an older brother.
  19. Despite himself, Spencer smiled a little, staring at his shoes. "It seems almost a little ironic that we ended up meeting like this then." He looked around and noticed people starting to move out, heading towards the church. His chest tightened uncomfortably, and he felt like he needed to get out right now. He looked at Logan. "We should.. uhh... probably go to the church then." He said, running his hand through his hair and pushing it out of his face.
  20. Logan was about to say something else when he saw Spencer's gaze turn towards the other people around them. They were all starting to move towards the church. He glanced at Spencer "Uh, yeah i guess your right" He said softly his voice shaking a little. Logan took one more glance at Micheal's body before putting his hands in is pocket, they were shaking and he didn't want the others to see. He kept his head low and started to walk towards the church, following the others.
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