The Lost That They Will Never Forget

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  1. "Got a secret. Can you keep it?"

    A group of friends, are all close to one another. It all started during the summer, after their 8th grade graduation, some of the classmates took a trip to visit artifacts from around the world. So they returned to school their ninth grade year and meet a guy named Michael. Michael was fun, energetic and had taking a liking in his new friends. Well so, throughout their years at Rosewood Academy, they've seen each other relationships, heartbreaks, breaking points and so forth. It was then the unthinkable happened. Michael did not come to school one day nor the days following. Did he transfer to another school? Did he dropout? No one knew what happened until later on. The evening news had a breaking news story about a homicidal murder in their town. A high school student to be exact. As the evening news blabbed on and on about the details. They finally said the name. Michael. Who could do this? He was such an innocent, sweet guy. Everyone's heart was broken as they cried for nearly for hours. They all texted each other, seeing if they saw the news. They all texted back yes. The next day was a school day, everyone there was crying their eyes, especially the group of friends friends. The school went on to resume classes the next following days, as one day, a few days before the funeral to be exact, the group of friends got a weird text message, from an unknown number stating that: "Be afraid. Be very afraid." It was a scary text to read but now the story shall begin...
    1. Please be able to post more than 3 sentences and a paragraph.
    2. Respect my roleplay, decisions and your fellow roleplayers.
    3. If you are going to be gone for a minimum of two days, please let me know.
    4. Be active in IC and especially OOC.
    5. Romance is encouraged but nothing too explicit.
    6. I want diversity. Meaning different genders(Male or Female), races and sexualities.

    Character Skeleton:
    {This is just the info needed. You may dress your character sheet up anyway you like}

    Brief Bio:
    Connection to the dead friend:

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Valentina Hernandez
    Age: 17 years old
    Nickname: Val, Nini
    Nationality: Italian/French
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Popularity: Delinquent
    Classification: Junior
    Personality: Valentina is a sport active friend that enjoys to have fun and do anything that gets her heart racing. Like drinking. Val is definitely a drinker but she makes sure that she doesn't drink to much in public, it would be troublesome to get caught up. With a wild spirit that doesn't enjoy being told what to do, Valentina has always lived her life by her own rules and ignores those who try to force theirs onto her. If she doesn't want to do something, she's not going to do it. Even if she has to fight nail and tooth. Speaking of fighting... well, you can say that there were definitely a lot of fighting going on for Valentina, which is why nobody really messes with her anymore. They leave her alone and act as if she would just suddenly come out and punch someone. Okay, she's done that but in truth she had a reason for it. With a deep loyalty to her friends she tries her best to take care of them all, even daring to get into a fight with anyone who hurts them.
    Brief Bio: Valentina has a lot of siblings and has grown to be the protector of her family, which still seems to be growing. Since she was 9 years old, her always arguing parents finally got a divorce. Valentina use to live with her always drinking father that did nothing but complain or go to bars and start unnecessary fights, which Valentina had to sometimes... intervene, physically. Finally after 2 silent years, her mother decided to move Valentina in with her... and her new family. A family which Valentina can never feel comfortable with, always letting them know that she didn't truly belong into the 'family'. She tries her best to keep in touch with her little siblings that had went to go live with their grandparents.
    Connection to the dead friend: Best friend and fell in love with him
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  3. The Jock, green

    | Jacobi "Jay" Sanders | 18 | The Jock | Senior | Bisexual |

    Jacobi is a very sexy, young male. He is an African American male but his skin complexion takes on a mocha color than anything else. He stands at about six foot three and weighs one-hundred and forty pounds of pure muscle. You will not find an ounce of fat upon his luscious, sculptured body. He has a nice smile, which is accented by milk chocolate lips. Jacobi has a series of tattoos. He has one upon his left breast and another placed upon his upper left arm. He also has both of his ears pierced that he keeps diamond stubs in. Overall, Jacobi is a very attractive, young male and he thinks that all the ladies want a piece of him.
    Jacobi is very full of himself at times. He doesn't really care if people hates him but he also let's his ego get the best of him sometimes. He also has a sarcastic side to him, which sometimes causes him to lash things he really don't mean towards others. Jacobi also has uncontrollable rage, which makes him wants to punch the nearest specimen in sight. Overall, he is a nice, charming male who loves almost everyone he comes into contact with.

    Sadly, Jacobi doesn't know who his real parents are since they gave him up for adoption at a very young age. He was raised in a foster home until the age of ten when he was adopted by a Caucasian family. They took him in and treated him as a member of the family, which he now was. The mother couldn't bare children and the father brought him home and he was instantly loved. Growing up, Jacobi was in a lot of trouble but the day his adopted father laid down the law, he straightened his act and joined the football team and never stopped playing. Now in high school, he cannot believe his friend is gone and wonders if he should take his football career to the next level or not.

    Connection to Michael:
    Jacobi and Michael played football together and use to always compete to see who was the best.

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  4. @Karma200
    Maybe I should clarify a few things:

    When I say popularity in the character sheet, I mean are they a band geek? Cheerleader? Jock? Where do they stand on the popularity pyramid?

    And as for classification, I meant, are they a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or a Senior.

    Sorry, I should've specified from the start of this.
  5. The Russian Mystery, yellow Alena G. Czvechem
    Alena "Al" Gertrude Czvechem | Eighteen | Bisexual | The Mystery | Senior

    Nickname: Al, Ginger, Lena
    Age: Eighteen (18)
    Nationality: Russian | Moscow, Russia
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance Logistics
    Height: 5 foot 8 inches (172cm)
    Weight: 135 pounds (61kg)
    Hair: Ginger/Red
    Eyes: Light Blue/Yellow/Dark Blue

    Alena is tall, with legs that seem to go on for miles and a sense of curves, but not too much. She is incredibly pale with a mass of array of freckles covering her body. Her face is very square shape with a butt chin to even it out and a nose that fits perfectly between her oval eyes, which accentuates a pair of thin, pink lips. Her lashes are dark compared to her hair as well as her eyebrows that are kept pristine after a trip to the mall. Her red locks are cut short and almost pixie like, but they hold gentle curls after Alena gets out of the shower, which most people say give Alena that look of "just got out of bed." Alena has a set of nice choppers, except for the fact that she is currently having issues with her wisdom teeth, but, like everything else about Alena, not a lot of people know about that unless your her dentist.

    Popularity and Classification
    Not extremely popular, but known throughout the school as the Russian girl with a big brain, a smart mouth, and a conniving grin. She's the Unknown, the Mystery. She is also a Senior at Rosewood.

    Alena is incredibly calm in any situation to the point that some claim it's scary. She spends her time reading up on Criminology and Forensic Science, which was just a simple hobby that led her to be the first of the group to be questioned after Micheal's death. Of course, she came up clean, but that didn't stop her friends from rearing an ugly head at her for awhile. Throughout those days of isolation, Alena kept a cool demeanor in the daylight and then at night she would escape through her bedroom window and travel to where Micheal was found for hours of investigation tactics. She is hard-working and is unable to admit when she is wrong, which classifies her as hard-headed as well. She uses her brain to pass all her classes as well as help out others who are willing to pay. On the outside, she looks like a goody-two-shoes, but those around the school know that Alena harbors an inner personality that depicts her as a strong leader, a business woman, a snake, a diplomat, and the best spy you'll ever find. The school knows her so well because most hand over their parent's money so Alena can find out some dirty secrets or cover some up. Her group of friends do not know this information though, nor do they know much about her past or her hobbies. She seems to be the only one out of the group that the others are unsure about, but that doesn't stop her from proving that she is trustworthy and willing to do anything for her friends. And her friends have simply shrugged off the fact that Alena is a mystery because of the fact that she works so hard to show that there is nothing wrong.

    Alena was born in Moscow, Russia to a pair of poverty-stricken parents. As soon as she was born she was hurriedly sent off to go live with her Grandparents in Omsk, Russia, which wasn't too far from her birthplace. She grew up in the Russian culture with her loving Grandparents until it was time for her to get into high school. At that age, Alena had been wondering what the American States were like so she simply asked if she could sign up for an Exchange Program so she could travel to America by herself.
    Her Grandparents thought it was a great idea! They signed the paperwork and the summer of Alena's eighth grade year was spent packing and getting ready to take the plane ride to America.

    For the next four years of high school, Alena would be living in a home with ten other Exchange students that were graciously brought in by the owners of the large house: Mr. and Mrs. Hermsworth. They were wealthy, but they were no snobs. They put up charities all across the globe and eventually opened up their home to any Foreign child who wished to see what the American Educational System was like. Alena loved it with the Hermsworth's, but as soon as she turned eighteen she moved out and into her own apartment so she could finish up her senior year in the solitude of her own home.

    Her Russian background is known by her friends and she met them all her freshman year after the Foreign Exchange Assembly, but they do not know that her parent's stopped writing her when she turned fourteen and her Grandfather just recently passed away to leave her Grandmother alone. They do not know that she was thinking about returning to Omsk after the funeral, but has not done so because of that one text message.

    Connection to Micheal
    The first to introduce Micheal to the group after someone paid her to find out why he was the only new kind at Rosewood Academy. Some of the popular snobs were just making sure there was no new competition when it came to Homecoming Court. So Alena was getting friendly with Micheal and then decided to bring him into the group. The rest is history.

    The Spanish Druglord, #2F6FD9 Tobias C. Salvatierra
    Tobias "Toby" César Salvatierra | Eighteen | Heterosexual | The Druglord | Senior

    Nickname: Toby, César, El Diablo
    Age: Eighteen (18)
    Nationality: Spanish | Alameda, Spain
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Appearance Logistics
    Height: 6 foot 4 inches (193cm)
    Weight: 150 pounds (68kg)
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Grey

    Tobias towers over the rest of the group, which is pretty hilarious when you realize that The Jock is just one inch shorter than him. He is just as fit as Jacobi as well, sometimes working out with him on the weekends or when they just need a day to themselves. Unlike Jacobi though, Tobias stays fit to keep his reputation and image in tact behind the school. If he was scrawny and portrayed himself as vulnerable, then he would never have the working business he has now. He diets regularly, eating the necessary proteins and vitamins to keep himself looking like an absolute God. Or that's what his past flings have claimed. His natural Spanish skin only tans more and more when he's in the sun and the only marks or blemishes that cover that mocha skin are the black&white tattoos that cover his body. His sleeves were done in many countries when he traveled, but the one wrapping around his neck was done when he got to America except it was just recently finished. The one on his back is the one people ask about the most, but he has yet to explain that one. His face is squared at the top and then travels down to an upside-down triangle shape. He has thick eyebrows and short lashes with a nose that goes well with his pouty lips. Tobias is also known for forgetting to shave, so he always has this 5 o'clock shadow going on. His black hair was just recently cut-- shaved more at the bottoms so it travels up into a thicker forest of hair and then even more so at the very top where the hair turns naturally curly. He slicks his hair back usually, but on lazy days he lets it fall down over his forehead. His ears are gaged and that's the only part of him that is pierced. He thought about getting his nipples done, but eh...



    Popularity and Classification
    Very popular with the stoners, outcasts, and druggies that are found lurking in the back lot behind the school, but known by the entire school. He is the school's own Druglord, the Spaniard. He is a Senior at Rosewood except he will not be graduating.

    Tobias is extremely funny in any situation he is thrown into. He is known for those dumb puns and sexual jokes that makes the class go into an uproar, but he is no Class Clown. He's the main reason why Rosewood is no longer in the top three lists of schools with a clean background and perfect students. Tobias is the one and only El Diablo. He's the lying bastard who will put his hands up in innocence whenever a stoner points their finger at him for getting caught with the herbs. Tobias looks like a dirty criminal on the outside, and he really is, but he can get out of any trouble by playing the dumb Mexican Foreign Exchange Student who is trying to make a living in America so he can send his hard-earned cashed back to his parents. The school board is so incredibly racist and stupid that they believe Tobias and send him on his way with a hurried apology. He has a very strict way of setting up business and he's ruthless when it comes to newbies in the drug business. He's thick-skinned, brutal, violent, and very, very charismatic with the ladies. But he is like a loyal dog when it comes to his friends. He is always willing to get them out of trouble no matter the cost and he can sometimes lend a silent ear when someone is having drama. He is a family-man and does in fact send some of his two week pay check back home. His friends know that his family is his life and that they are considered family to him. The group of friends knows everything about Tobias, unlike Alena, and they are very trusting of him, but most are afraid to be around him when he's in that drugged-up mood. He can sometimes become irrational in this state and at the same time very laid-back.

    Tobias was born in Alameda, Spain along with four other siblings to a pair of sweet, caring parents. His father was a hard-wroker and his mother stayed at home with the children. Tobias was the youngest of the four so he was constantly babied, but he didn't mind, his other siblings though were always trying to get him into trouble and make it seem like he was the problem child. It was a hard life for Tobias because of his siblings torture. They saw him as a span from Satan himself, even though the young boy looked like "one of God's angels." A quote from his mother.

    Once it became time for him to get into high school and his two eldest siblings moved out to find a life, Tobias decided that Spain was no place for him and he wanted to see the rest of the world. His uncle, José Junior, was a businessman selling anything and everything for his company. This sort of selling required him to travel and Tobias wanted to join.

    After telling his parents that he was going with his uncle for the summer to see the World, he set off with not a single glance back. His parents were worried he wouldn't want to return, but Tobias promised he would be back before freshman year. Unfortunately, he would be unable to fulfill this promise.

    His uncle sold many things and it was only logical for him to be dwelling in the drug distribution industry as well. Tobias didn't learn this until they were in England and there was no way for him to get back home. He was ignorant and vulnerable, easy to persuade, and wanting to stay on his temperamental Uncle's good side. So when José had a good thing of smack he wanted to test out... Tobias was the first he turned to. This began the downward spiral of a young fifteen-year-old. He became addicted to the many drugs and acted out when the two were in public. He got into the drug-selling business and in his travels began his two sleeves. They traveled through England, Paris, Germany, Italy, and even Turkey. Tobias never returned to Spain and he ended up missing both freshman and sophomore year.

    One day, tucked in the outskirts of Berlin, Tobias' Uncle was working a sting operation with a friend with Tobias by his side. The sting went bad though and Berlin police were only able to catch one suspect who had tripped and fallen trying to escape. It was a rookie move, but it's what ultimately saved Tobias' life. The police sent him back to Spain where he was put into a Rehabilitation facility so the many drugs he had been force-fed could be flushed out. The summer of sophomore year was filled with vomit, sweats, and a ton of rashes.

    Eventually, Tobias got cleaned up and his parents decided to send him into the Foreign Exchange Student program that was known around the globe. He packed hurriedly and was sent on a plane that would direct him to the Hermsworth manor. The next two years of high school, plus the next two summers, were only filled with studying and catching up with the years he missed. Luckily, Tobias had always been a smart boy and since he didn't meet his group of friends until the end of Junior year, he had all the time in the world. Despite his efforts, he has another year of high school to finish before he can graduate, but this will roll over into his college years since he really isn't all that far behind now. His friends are sad to know that he won't graduate with them and others are excited that he at least gets to graduate, Tobias simply shrugs. They know he's had a hard life, but they never guessed all their lives were about to get ten times harder.

    Connection to Micheal
    Bumped into him at the end of the school day when Micheal was waiting for his ride. The two talked and hit it off immediately despite their separate backgrounds. Tobias was surprised to see Micheal in their group the next day.

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  6. @CrypticWriter How exactly did you make that border around your character WITH the title of "The Jock"? Also, can I make a second character?
  7. @F L Y
    I got the format from a fellow roleplayer on here. I will PM you the format. :)

    And sure! The more, the merrier! But I hope your second character will be a male. :/ I might make a second character as well.
  8. Yes it will be a male! I got sudden inspiration after my female and I think this RP needs a bad boy character. xD
    I would also really appreciate that! I've seen many people do that and I consult the HELP THREADS, but they don't really help me out. Thank you!
  9. @F L Y
    What's a Modern roleplay without a bad boy?! I might make a bitch character. Haha.
  10. OOOOOH. What's a high school without the queen bitch? LOL
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  11. Hey ill have the CS up tonight
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Logan Zanders
    Nickname: Aussie, Z
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Nationality: Australian
    Popularity: The Nerd
    Personality: Quite but loving, Logan is known around school for his brains. He doesn't like not knowing things and is curious as to how things happen and why. He is stubborn and rarely changed his mind once its made up. He likes to be alone at times, but other times he hates that silence that being alone brings. He has a photographic memory which helps a lot when it comes to school. He's a jokester and loves to make people laugh. He has a habit of bottling up his emotions.
    Brief Bio: Born in Australia, he moved back to the states with his family when he was in 7th grade. His parents are both on the wealthier side and he is the only child of the two. He began to notice that he had feelings for guys in his freshman year of high school and became worried about it, fearing that he was no longer "normal". When he came out to his parents, they were both shocked and then angry. They were most worried that this meant that there would be no way for him to carry on the family name and that he would be a disgrace to other relatives. His father, who was known to be a heavy drinker, would beat him every once in awhile, forcing Logan to leave home for several days at a time. His mom did nothing to stop it, pouring a glass of wine and going into her room and turning on the music. He works at the nearby clinic where he steals supplies to cover up the beatings from time to time.
    Connection to the dead friend: Was very close to Michael, he met him when he was still in 8th grade when he was in a library and started up a conversation with him. He saw him as an older brother. He was the first person that he told that he was gay and even stayed at his house a couple times for several days when his home life wasn't going that great
  13. [​IMG]
    Jayson Deblanc


    Jayson is very accepting, he will welcome anyone that isn't rude into their 'Pack' of friends. He is very ambitious and very determined when doing a specific task. He isn't a careful person, he is a risk taker and won't think of things until he gets the consequence. He is confident with himself and will help people be confident with themselves. Jayson is dependable, you can trust him with anything and he will help you whenever you need it. Jayson can be focused with tasks, but has a hard time staying on time and joking around as the result. Jayson is an honest person and will tell you the truth when you ask, except if it's a secret the person doesn't want you telling anyone.

    Jayson has a great sense of humor he will make jokes and make you laugh, even if it has bad consequences. He is very creative but is bad at thinking of ideas. He isn't logical and will just jump into something before thinking about it. Jayson is very loyal and respectful, he won't judge accept if you are debating with a topic such as marvel, Apple, ETC. Jayson isn't responsible and is actually really reckless. He constantly trips over items and falls over, which means he has terrible luck. Jayson isn't patient and will get really mad if he has to wait a while or your hiding something from him.
    Jayson isn't mature and will act immature and stupid a lot of the time. He is very polite with people he hasn't met and adults, but not to his fellow teens. He likes to live in the moment and not think of the future, which helps him succeed. He is really loud and outspoken, when he wants to say something he won't hold back. Jayson's outgoing and a naturalist, he is very adventurous and loves doing things that are dangerous and cool. Jayson will be optimistic sometimes or will be a total downer the next. Jayson is very sincere and cares for his friends and family. He will stick up for his friends even if it means he's going to get hurt.

    Brief Bio:
    Jayson was born in a small neighborhood with his mother, two brothers named jack and David, his sister Diane and his uncle Chris. He hadn't known his father because his father got his mother pregnant at 19 and he left when he heard the news. He was a role model for his little brothers and sister and watched their back everyday. His mother started to get even more bills so she moved them to a rougher neighborhood. They were constantly broken into and the people stole items from their house. Well one day a man with a hood tried to steel his mothers money, but her daughter woke up and saw the man with a gun, she screamed and the man shot her.

    Diane laid on the ground shocked, her mother went to aid her, she held the wound and began crying. While the man was scared and fled the home. The daughter died in the spot, a few days later they had her funeral. Jayson was now the oldest and had to be a good role model. He watched his family closely and when he was in grade eight he got a job and began paying the bills also. Since they had enough money they moved to a better neighbor hood near his new high school. He then met a group a friends and got close with them, he knew them from grade school and then met
    Michael. When he found out he had died he wasn't that devastated since his sister died.
    Connection to the dead friend:
    Jayson was really close with Michael, he always played football with him since they met. He didn't like him at first but started hanging out with him more and became best friends with him.
  14. The Queen Bitch, pink

    Jennifer "Jenn" Sanchez | 17 | The Queen Bitch | Junior | Heterosexual

    Jennifer is a self proclaimed, beautiful girl and she has the looks to prove it. She stands at five foot six and weighs about one-hundred and ten pounds. She has emerald green that sparkles and shines in the right amount of light. She has long, raven colored strands of hair that cascade down to her mid back. She has pearly white teeth, which are accented by either red, luscious lips or pink lips. She is a girly girl and her dress code tells that. All of her clothes are color coordinated by her and she has a purse to go with every outfit.

    Nice, charming and caring... None of those words describe Jennifer. She is a very cold-hearted person, especially when she doesn't get her way. But that's when her manipulative side decides to rear its ugly head. She is a very smooth talker with her words and she can even hurt someone's feelings with them. She doesn't really care for no one but herself and doesn't really care for what other people think about her.

    Jennifer has always lived a good life, being that she is an only child. Everything she has asked for, she has gotten but when she started middle school, she met these group of girls that made her become a bitch. Ever since then, she has sliced and diced her way through the whole student body and most of the faculty. In the eighth grade, she met a guy named Michael and instantly grew an attraction towards him but they didn't date. She brutalized him in front of the whole school and he has never forgave her for that moment. Now, she is a Junior in high school and is the leader of the school's bitches, "The Icy Hearts". When she heard about Michael's death, it didn't really phase her. She just shrugged it off and kept on going about her day.

    Connection to Michael:
    She met Michael while walking down the hallways of the middle school and immediately grew an attraction towards him. But they have been nothing but friends until the incident happened between him and her. She wanted to apologize but didn't want to ruin her reputation at the time.
  15. @GHOSTY
    OMG! Your characters are so beautifully written and I cannot do nothing but accept them! :)

    Nice work.

    Wow. Nice character. Accepted!

    Is that the guy from Secret Life of an American Teenager? I loved him in that show.

    I love the fact you made a rebel character. Accepted! :)

    I will make a minor character sheet for Michael and start the IC tomorrow.

    Sound good?
  16. I was wondering if my name would actually work if someone tagged me! Haha let me fix that. And that sounds great! :) Thank you for the kind words; I'm excited for this role-play.
  17. @Ghosty
    You're so welcome. I am extremely excited for this as well.
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  18. Gone But Not Forgotten, red

    Michael Johnson | 17 | "Gone But Not Forgotten"

    Michael was the most caring and kind person you would ever want to meet. Even if you just met him, he would've had an open conversation with you for hours and he wouldn't want anyone to be left out of anything. Most people didn't think that Michael had a dark side but he did. He was a very aggressive, young male though he never really showed anyone that side. He didn't want to scare many of his new friends away but showing his aggressive side so he decided to join the football team, where he met a group of nice guys but stayed away from the rest of termites, or vermin as he called them. Overall, Michael was a fun loving, energetic kind of male. He loved everybody he came in contact with and always made them feel welcome, no matter their race, gender or sexuality.
  19. yeah me too, i was using him for my character just because i like him in the show so much!
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