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  1. IC Thread

    Guardian Angel (open)


    Name: Agent Annabelle "Anna" Engel, M.D.
    Codename: Guardian Angel
    Birthdate: August 4, 1984
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120 lb.
    Occupation: Surgeon, Medical Researcher

    -ANGEL System: Anna uses a breastplate-and-gauntlet system called ANGEL (Augmented Nano-Generated accELerated repair system) that produces and fires darts loaded with ectoplasm that enhance the native healing rates of those they strike. The ectoplasm's effects have a limited life span and abate a few minutes later. However, the ectoplasm usually has enough to time to stabilize and heal a given target. Anna can set the ANGEL system in reverse, wherein the ectoplasm functions like a debilitating poison to cripple a target.

    -Medical Training: Anna is a highly-competent surgeon with extensive knowledge of bioengineering.

    -Hushcobb Agent Training: Anna has basic training as an agent and knows the basics of hand to hand, firearm use, and military protocol.

    Bio: Dr. Annabelle Engel was a prodigy who flew through her studies like a rocket into orbit. She graduated from a surgical residency, held a PhD in bioengineering, and was invited into the Hushcobb organization as its head of biomedical research by the age of twenty. Though stunningly beautiful, she cultivated an icy and standoffish veneer due to most people looking down on her due to her youth throughout college, medical school, and residency. She developed the ANGEL system for potential use by field medics and Hushcobb agents on the battlefield.

    Hayato Tennou (open)



    Name: Agent Hayato Tennou
    Codename: None
    Birthdate: December 11, 1984
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 200 lb.
    Occupation: Hushcobb agent

    -Tennou Clan Training: As a member of the Tennou clan, Hayato was trained in monster hunting, acrobatics, athletics, combat, stealth, survival, and weaponry. He had basic training in firearms and explosives. His preferred fighting style was the Tennou clan's karate and sword techniques.

    -Master of Housewifery: Between the Tennou brothers, Hayato was the only one with any domestic skills. It was his personal duty to ensure that he could cook, clean, and otherwise handle any household chores, largely because his brother was incapable of it.

    Bio: Hayato Tennou was the chatty, friendly, and irrepresible younger brother of Agent Crossfire. They grew up in Japan in the Tennou clan, which had a long history of training successful monster hunters. Hayato studied the clan's ancient techniques and, along with his brother, became a successful monster hunter. The brothers' achievements caught Hushcobb's attention and the two were eventually recruited into the organization. Hayato was notably friendly with virtually all of his coworkers. He ended up in a relationship with Dr. Annabelle Engel. Sadly, he was killed while on a mission; his death had a lasting impact on both Dr. Engel and Agent Crossfire.

    Hagane (open)


    Goggle Interface




    Name: Sanosuke "Sano" Shirigaya
    Codename: Hagane ("Steel")
    Birthdate: May 18, 1984
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 160 lb.
    Occupation: CEO, Engineer

    -Hagane Armor: Named after the Japanese word for "steel," the Hagane armor is Sano's personal prosthetic. It is an exoskeleton that sends neurological signals directly from the brain to his limbs, allowing Sano to walk despite his paralysis. The Hagane armor is also equipped with wrist-mounted small caliber pistols, a hip-mounted grenade launcher, a goggle-mounted HUD with a targeting computer and multi-spectrum sensor and analyzer, an on-board computer system, and hand-mounted computer interfaces. It is also reinforced for ballistics and explosives resistance, submersible combat, surge protection, and has its own self-contained breathable atmosphere. The base armor does not have flight capability, but an attachable flight pack enables flight and swift underwater movement at the cost of using a significant amount of the armor's power supply.

    -Genius-Level Engineer: Sano is, first and foremost, an engineer without peer. He can build, repair, deconstruct, and analyze virtually and piece of technology given sufficient time. His engineering skills are paramount to creating and maintaining the Hagane armor.

    -Corporate Resources: Sano is the founder, owner, and CEO of Shirigaya Enterprises, a corporate technological monolith. He has access to immense wealth, technology, and other resources.

    Bio: Sano was nothing short of a genius. Even as a child, he was a technological marvel who seemed to instantly grasp any concept related to chemistry, computers, engineering, or mechanics. He graduated with degrees in those fields by the age of ten and was building his own inventions well before then. Once in his twenties, he founded his own tech company, Shirigaya Enterprises, and quickly amassed a fortune through his designs and patents in the aerospace, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, and weapons industries. However, tragedy struck when an experiment gone wrong left him paralyzed. Unable to admit defeat or wallow in depression, he built the Hagane exoskeleton to help him walk again.

    The Devilman (open)



    Name: ???
    Codename: The Devilman
    Birthdate: ???
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 200 lb.
    Occupation: Terrorist
    -Phasing: The Devilman can turn himself into a black mist that can pass through solid objects and float through the air. He can also turn into a black mist to nullify the effects of physical attacks.

    -Stealth: The Devilman moves in absolute silence and is eerily stealthy.

    -Teleportation: The Devilman can vanish in a cloud of black mist and reappear anywhere within line of sight. Under certain circumstances, he can even teleport intercontinentally.

    Bio: The Devilman was a mysterious vigilante and terrorist who suddenly appeared stalking crime-ridden streets and gruesome battlefields across the world, meting out brutal justice on evil of all persuasions. In addition, he struck out against military installations aligned with the United States. Urban legend held that he was the avenging spirit of an innocent man who met a dark end at the hands of an evil man. He was a silent, deadly creature of shadow and fear that could not be stopped by guns, explosives, or the courage of mere men.

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  2. punk girl - Bing images
    Covered in tats. Will describe IC.
    Name: Erika Hennessy
    Codename: Sidhe
    Birthdate: March 19, 1997
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 108lbs
    Occupation: Hushcobb agent

    Telekinesis: Erika is able to levitate small objects with an enormous amount of control.

    Mind over body: she's able to alter her body by commanding the cells in her body. She can make muscles grow, increase breast tissue, and manipulate her melanin and hair color. It's a slow, painful process, and usually not useful in a fight.

    Leftover psychic powers: while not aware of it, there is some small part of her that survived the mind break, and can sense certain dangers.

    Mind break contagion: this only happens if another psychic tries to meld with her mind. The shrapnel of her shattered mindscape will cut apart the mental projection of anyone who tries to enter. It can take months for the other psychic to pull their mind back together.


    mismatched eye color - Bing images
    Name: Zeroth
    Codename: Changeling
    Birthdate: ???
    Height: varies - 2ft-14ft
    Weight: varies - 4-500lbs
    Occupation: Hushcobb agent
    Shape shifting. He can make himself look like anyone, and turns himself into monsters to fight. Multiple arms, multiple heads, tails and wings. The one thing he can't change is his eyes. Those mismatched brown and blue are always there.
    Bio: For hundreds of years he did what changelings do - take the place of an infant in the household and feed on the human breast milk he needs to survive. Despite being able to grow fangs, he can only eat soft foods, mainly milk and bread.

    It's not so easy sneaking around in the present. He got caught, Hushcobb chaining him up in the Inversion Lockup with wrought iron chains on dozens of his arms and legs. Many Fae hate forged iron, and changelings are no different.

    Name: Wyatt Pasternak
    Codename: Spectre
    Birthdate: October 31, 1970
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 0lbs
    Occupation: Hushcobb agent

    Phasing: can pass through solid objects. He can also choose what parts of him are solid, so he can be gas and solid at the same time.

    Invisibility: being a gas he can spread himself thin enough that he can't be seen.

    EMF: as a half ghost, Wyatt naturally interferes with electrical equipment.

    Possession: not an easy trick. He can inhabit most bodies for a short period of time, their will eventually pushing him out.


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  3. Haven't finished yet because I don't know how far you want me to go with the first post. Was guessing you wanted some space to fit in a reply before her escape attempt begins.
  4. i'm ok with your post going up to the breakout; my next post was going to have Ferrara and Engel go "oh, great what now?" when they realize monsters are loose
  5. here's a thought for you for the Crossfire/Devilman are brothers idea:

    They're of Japanese descent, from a clan with a long history of dealing in the supernatural. In fact, the clan was originally dedicated to hunting oni (ogres) and bakemono (monsters) and other evil spirits in ancient times. Only certain members of the clan could fight such creatures with any chance of success; in ancient times, such clansmen were considered blessed by the actuality, they had superpowers (such as Crossfire's enhanced reflexes and triple pupil).

    The clan's secrets were passed on over generations, up until the modern era; now, there are fewer of the clan dedicated to hunting monsters, but those who do are utterly devoted to their craft.

    Thus bringing us to the brothers, which will involve renaming Devilman's alter ego into something appropriately Japanese. Dramatic narrative being dramatic narrative, it only makes sense that the two brothers are as utterly different as they could be: two sides of the same coin, the best of friends, yet polar opposites.

    Crossfire is the superpowered heir of the clan, the only one with powers between the brothers, and thus the only one who can traditionally become a monster hunter; his brother, the future Devilman, was born completely normal, yet grew up knowing about the supernatural as a result of his family heritage. Crossfire encouraged his brother's desire to fight evil and secretly taught him the family's arts, even though he is forbidden to do so.

    After many years, their transgressions are discovered by the rest of the clan. Punishment is meted out. The clan exiles Devilman for violating family tradition...but in a show of loyalty, Crossfire voluntarily joins him in dishonorable exile. Together, they fight evil alone for a time...and are recruited by Hushcobb.

    Hushcobb proves to be a time of prosperity for the brothers, where they can use their skills to the fullest in combating the supernatural with the resources of a dedicated organization. They befriend Annabelle Engel, with Devilman starting up a relationship with her.

    However, disaster strikes the brothers. On what is supposed to be a routine hunt, everything goes wrong. The monster they were sent to destroy proves too powerful to Crossfire, Devilman, and Engel to defeat...but in a desperate move to save his brother and lover, Devilman seemingly sacrifices himself to defeat the monster. Nothing is the same for Crossfire or Engel after that.

    Unbeknownst to either, the brother being transformed into the Devilman.

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  6. Like... but early on - the first time we tried doing Hushcobb - I was going to have Crossfire get his powers from making a deal with a Fae. Maybe Devilman was the honorable one in the family.

    And I'll finish it tomorrow. Might be late, since I have to do my mom's lawn after work.
  7. perhaps then neither brother had powers, but a deal with a Fae got him those powers and thus he became a candidate?

    we could add that as a wrinkle in the brothers' relationship - they are super close, so Crossfire may feel honorbound to help his powerless brother since he got some, generally by teaching his brother the family's monster hunting skills
  8. I can picture that being a point of friction between them. Crossfire essentially cheated his way to honor.

    Hushcobb is like S.H.I.E.L.D. - it's meant to do good, but those who work there aren't exactly pure.
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  9. I'm down for that.

    By implication, that would mean that Engel and Crossfrire are probably more cordial than he would be with virtually everyone else, since Engel was his brother's lover prior to his supposed death. We can probably characterize that by Engel being the only person who actually refers to Crossfire by a childhood nickname, or his actual first name, or some other term of endearment that no one else at Hushcobb has the stones to call him by. Conversely, Crossfire calls her "Anna" rather than Dr. Engel like everyone else does

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  10. I like that. Truth be told, I don't know what his actual name is. Again, something I deliberately kept open. Don't want anything too exotic.
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  11. Almost done with the breakout. What sort of monsters did you want? Was thinking a Cthulu type for one. What else? Maybe a Jersey Devil? Dinosaur?
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  12. Think I'm done with my first post.
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  13. cthulhu type...better make it a fishman, since theyre more monstrous and less "waaargh, my existence warps reality and makes you insane"

    jersey devil i agree with


  14. Aw. I actually was going to make the madness part a point in the fight. The warning was going to be not to look in its eyes, but Erika ends up doing that anyway. It doesn't effect her because she's already crazy. Actually, I wanted her to freak HIM out before killing the monster.

    But fish man is alright. Gonna have to give the town a public pool now.

    Glad you like Jersey Devil.

    Werewolf... Hushcobb has one working for them in the Archive. Not sure about the double standard there.

    Not sure what a wendigo is.
  15. wendigo are eternally hungry humanoid yeti men

    they spawn from regular humans who cannabilize other humans durings times of great crisis--such as being stranded on a mountain without food
  16. Okay...freaky, but I can work with that. Kind of sounds like a ghoul.
  17. So we should eventually do that...but probably not right out the gate, you know?

    Tentacle monsters seem like a next-level-up type of monster, when we should still be killing proverbial giant rats in a basement or something ;)
  18. posted.

    I'm making an assumption that all of the heroes will meet up in the village itself.
  19. Yeah. Just let me take a look...
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  20. [​IMG]

    better idea for devilmans look


    if you envision this figure covered in shadow, he would get a very distinctive and recognizeable profile (kind of like how everyone can instantly recognize batmans silhouette due to pointy ears). would add to that 'oh crap' moment
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