The Lost soul of Ravens Perch

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  1. The relentless howling winds of frostbite gale have proven themselves a worthy adversary. The rolling pearl dunes of fresh snow reflected the sunlight gloriously, their glare testing her emerald eyes as she traversed this hostile realm. The distant cries of yetis pierced the silence, a harrowing reminder that Jade was not alone. The enigma was out of her element, far from the stale air and stagnant temperature of her home. This world of light and cerulean skies, proved difficult for one conceived in a tempestuous world.




    The open spaces seemed a threat when compared to the cramp systems of tunnels that made up her ancestral abode. Yet the distant cries of birds, star littered evenings and cycle of the moons told of a splendid beauty, one she was deprived of as a youth. Often she wondered if the stories of her ancestors from eons past were true? Could one of blacken heart and shriveled soul truly have dwelt in such a world? The day light drained her of her strength, whilst the frigid winds tested her endurance and will to survive. Even during noon, Jade's legs became heavy as they numbed under the wintry grip of the snow.





    For years this wasteland was her home, living as a nomadic loner, keeping her distance from the races of this world. For she had experienced more than once the welcome one of her birth received, torches and sword brandished towards her, as groups marched with a single intent, to kill. She could not fault them for their ill budded and ill placed perspectives. As a being neither dead nor living, with no hole in heaven or hole, she proved an unknown factor. Most beings of celestial heritage harmed mortals, considering them as insects that dared to scurry from the light of their glory.Yet this was not her way, however this didn't matter, all that truly mattered were the perception of those around her.





    Perception...the very word evokes a chill down her spine, one that would make the foulest of winds green with envy. Perception had proven her most gruesome foe, followed next by none other than solitude. These two antagonists could not be stopped by steel nor magic, no physical force could retard their destructive path. No matter how fast her flight, it always lurked behind Jade, reaching out as if to suffocate her under the sheets of ice and snow.





    Winter was ending, soon the snow would melt under the beating rays of the sun. The smell of spice will hang heavy in the air, promising festivities for those who called this land their home. Yet no such luxury awaited her, she was doomed to watch from afar, panting, thirsting for but a drop of companionship. Long ago she proved foolish enough to assume such a life was best, that she was not meant to mingle with her neighbors. But season after season of silence, she began to second guess the validity in her logic.





    No wolf, no matter how strong, can survive without the aid of the pack. The only thing that drove her through such troublesome times, that forced her to endure the tumultuous snow and relentless predators of the land was instinct. With each setting sun she felt her grasp on her mind slipping, as more and more ground was given to the beast that lurked within. The instinct that once had proven her strength, was slowly killing her.




    A heavy sigh parted from those luscious lips, as those emerald eyes did narrow, attempting to ward off the chilly gust of wind that kicked up flakes of snow; hurling them chaotically throughout the dreary scene. In the distance she could make out the rolling columns of blacken smoke, the only sign that in the distance lurked a small settlement. The humans of this village tolerated her existence, a soothing notion to this weary and tortured soul. Still it was not enough, tolerance was not acceptance, tolerance was not companionship.




    The insipid venom that was loneliness once again had begun to sting within her. Causing her facial muscles to contort as she flinched. There perched on a stone column she peered out into the empty distance, wondering how many others were like her? How many others sought a place in a world that cared not for their existence? A morbid thought that did little to ward off her inner turmoil.




    Casually Jade's fingers drummed against the porcelain like bone mask that obscured a portion of her picturesque face. This demonic mask was part of her, a testament that hinted toward her insidious heritage. The nefarious blood that coursed throughout her veins, a taint that most would much rather seen stricken than linger. With eyes gazing heavenward, and slender hand stretched toward the sun as if it grasp it. She pondered the fate of her twin brother, who shared the same grief and fate as she.




    Jade knew it was not wise to dwell on such thoughts, but she could not avert her gaze from the truth of her existence. Suffering from a duality, part of her wanted to become the monster most thought her to be, whilst a portion of her wanted nothing more than to be known by the contents of her character. Though seldom did such an absurd notion seem plausible.




    There on Ravens perch she rested, the infamous home of the demon, the man slayer, the omen that the church had labeled a mutant unfit for life. The locals knew of her nest, but feared to uproot her, less her unnatural strength and wrath barrel down on them.

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  2. In the small settlement, there was a very small inn where most of of the settlements members gathered at night. There was a young man who had just come home from a long journey to help his mother run the inn. On his first night back at work he had noticed a beautiful women with emerald eyes walk into the inn as he was about to ask his mother about the woman she handed him a platter filled with various foods and drinks and told him to bring the woman her usual. As he was walking over to her he noticed that she seemed very lonely and that none of the other usually friendly members in the inn were paying much attention to her. As he set her food down on the table he stared at her curiously. "Is there anything else I can you, miss?"
  3. That night at the Inn, There was this young man named Hunter. He started to come to the Inn every night for a few weeks already just for somewhere to go. While he was there, he noticed again the beautiful girl with emerald eyes that went there daily.

    Hunter first found out about this girl when he kept having dreams about her every night starting about a month ago. Hunter realized what it's like to suffer for a very long time and that everyone abandoned her. Hunter knew what it's like to go through awful times like that . The more Hunter had dreams about this girl , the more he found about this girl.

    When she started going to the Inn about a few weeks earlier, Hunter was really shocked to see that she was real. Since then, he tried a few attemps to go talk to her since she is really needing someone to talk to her. But he just did'int have the guts to do that.

    Hunter said to himself "Now is the time" "Go for it" and then he started walking towards the girl. when hunter was getting closer to her, the girl was watching him as he was getting closer. This made him more nervous. When he was just about there, a man that works at the Inn already beat him to the girl and gave her a platter of food and drinks. Then he asked "Is there anything else i can get you, miss". Then they started to go into a long sort of deep and emotional conversation. When that was happening, he hid behind someone sitting at the next table over and started eavesdropping. While he was doing that, he heard the girl say a name. He could'int really hear anything from them because of all the people in the room. He tried to figure out what she was saying. "I think she said her name is jade" Hunter said." I just found out i did'int even know her name" Hunter said. After a long conversation the worker finally left and Jade looked behind her and saw hunter hiding." Crap , she saw me" Hunter said. After that he got up and ran off.
  4. After having what seemed like the longest conversation with the woman , Thomas walked away from her after finding out her name and realizing that she ordered the same thing every night, because she didn't want to make anyone go out of the way and talking her into telling her his favorite food he went back into the kitchen to make it for her when she noticed one of the new regulars strangely running away from the direction he just came from. He spent a lot of time preparing Jade's favorite dessert and brought it back out to her, while bringing out his supper as well. "Uhm, Jade...Do you mind if I sit with you, I'd rather not sit in the back and eat my dinner by myself tonight?"
  5. ((Ravens perch is not a bar. Ravens perch is a rock formation where she lives somewhat away from the human settlement. I am sorry if I wasn't clear.))