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The Lost Riders

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tritsteel, Aug 26, 2014.

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  1. Paris... What a city. A place for love, good food, beautiful women... And Dragons. For some reason those creepy bastards found France, and Europe in general, of their liking. It must be the weather, said Aaron all the times the question popped out. Aaron Riley Sanderson, Captain of the Lost Riders. Or as people knew them, those crazy bastards who hunt down evil stuff. Yeah, that may be a pretty vague description, but as soon as something bigger than an plane appeared, you wanted them for the job.

    "Right right! No! Left, leeeeft!!" Yelled Aaron as the armored humvee he drove opened his way through the narrow streets of Paris. "Where the hell is that thing!? I can't see it!" Replied the co pilot trying to locate the blood dragon who was causing panic over the city. "Behind Us! Get in!" Said the gunner who quickly got into the car before the dragon puked fire over them. "I just painted it you asshole!!" Yelled the gunner as he got on his position again and fired upon the dragon again.

    "Keep it steady damn it!" Demanded the gunner. "Stop playing with him and take it down already!" Ordered Aaron. The chase took them to the Eiffel tower, and without any real care, Aaron drove the humvee straight into the park in front of the tower. "That thing is coming for us!" Said the co pilot. The crimson dragon flew around the tower, visually injured, and then proceed to charge against the team. Aaron pushed the throttle and raced his way against the dragon as the gunner kept firing against it. "Come on!!"

    The mythical creature flew real close to them and then, a few meters away, it crash landed, creating a cloud of dust and debris. Aaron braked and turned around, stopping at a safe distance. "Ozone! You stay here! Provide covering fire!" Ordered Aaron. The man on the gunner seat nodded and after reloading the mounted gun, he kept a close look at the cloud as the other two advanced forward.

    "I can't see a thing..." Muttered the other man. The breathing of the dragon could be heard close, but into the cloud of dust there wasn't any visibility yet. For their surprise, the dragon shook its wings once, not enough to make it fly, but enough to dissipate the cloud and take the two men by surprise. "Watch out!" Said Aaron as the dragon refused to give up and breathed fire against them. "Distract him!" Ordered Aaron to the other man, who began to open fire at him with tracer bullets. Fun fact: Monsters got really pissed off when exposed to the intense light of bright burning chemicals.

    With the huge creature distracted, but not for much more, Aaron ran towards it and climbed on top of it, trying to keep the balance as he got as close to its neck as he could. Climbing those things was easy enough, its big scales made the job pretty simple. Walking over it? Totally different. But with enough skill and as muck of luck, he got to put a charge of Thermite explosive between its scales at the height of its neck before the dragon shook him off. "Fire in the hole!" Yelled Aaron covering himself as he pushed the detonator.

    More than a explosion, the Thermite caused a quick and bright fire-burst which burned the creature's neck, and with a loud pain scream, the dragon finally died. Rest in peace, infernal creature. Thought Aaron as he got up. The dead corpse of the huge creature lay over the grass as the other men got close to Aaron. "Well... That wasn't all that hard..." Said him. Ozone slowly drove the Humvee next to the two men, honking with a funny rhythm as he got close to them. "So... Captain, when will we get more reinforcements? Or spare parts. Sasha really needs a new transmission." Said Ozone patting the humvee. Aaron took a look at the dead dragon and sighed. "Let's just get back to base. I heard there were some new recruits coming in this week." Replied Aaron.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.