The Lost,Remain's.

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  1. (Looking For some One to Play Ashley, And Other's to play the Member's Of the Gang. And If you like it, Send me a Message, Telling me I should Keep to Making Them. Or If I should Stop, Or try a New approach To thing's. And yes. The Member's of the Gang Can Be Female and Male's.)
    -Johnny Sat In The Home That Belonged to His Ex, Ashley, She Liked Him And he Knew It, because she was Alway's Saying Thing Such as I love you. And thing's along the Line, And If it was Not For the Ice (Coke) She Snorted Daily, Maybe He would To, But Maybe If she Could clean Up, And Talk to Him without Being in trouble, Or High Then he Would be Able to relax when He was Around Her, He Was dressed in his Normal Attire Black boot's With Metal Loop hole's, Black Jean's a Black T-shirt Along with his Faded Leather Jacket, Which Sported the Lost Logo On the Back of it Along with the Word's on it, He was Caucasian, About Six Foot, A muscular Build. Shaved Head, He was sitting On the Sofa, Looking Over Ashley's Stash Of coke He had Found. Teeth Grit, He had Alway's Wanted Best for Her, tho With her it was just as if He could Never achieve that Goal. But his Mind Then focused On the Remaining Gang Member's, Beside's him There were Still about Nine, Scattered Accross the City. He pulled Out His 9MM Automatic and Set it On the Table Standing. Ignoring the Drug's. He then Pulled Out His Phone and Checked the Time, The Member's Of his gang, Knew He was Here, and so did Ashley. But strangely. He Was looking Forward's To seeing her. If she would Show up.-
  2. ((Haha See how hard was that? I'm okay with things about her. It seems like I get to mess with personality as see fit but a drug addicted love struck gang member... I know how to play the typical version to her. When you say "trying her luck" do you mean sexually flirting or just being the gambling type of everything when given the chance?))

    Her anger flared. She was empty on her favored obsession. At least she thought she it was gone. She stumbled in through the door letting it fly and hit and dint the wall. Her foot collided with the nearest furniture item. Good thing the wooden table wasn't expensive. She would have hated her self after the withdrawal would calm. After the wood splinter and flew all across the room, her body turned around. Her sapphire green eyes widened as her temper simply dissipated. A smile spread across her face. Compared to him she was short. 5'7 to be exact. She leaped towards him until she saw her stash. She backed away and looked at the floor. "It's not what you think..." For some reason that was all she could say. She knew some sort of scolding was going to happen. She tried to quit but the withdrawal took its toll on her. How could she explain that? She couldn't. He didn't want her on the Ice. She wanted to be with him. Make him proud. Ashley knew it wasn't going to happen. She dusted off her worn grey jeans that hugged her legs comfortably then pulled down her army green tee. How could she make it up to him? Again, she probably couldn't.
  3. Well this was just her fucking luck. Her bike was sputtering out after that huge crash. "Fucking Harleys. Ruining my beautiful 'busa." She rummaged into her backpack looking for her cellphone. A trickle of blood ran down her temple, while even more blood ran down her arm following her dragon tattoo that wrapped around her forearm. Her black quarter sleeve t-shirt was drenched with sweat in the hot sun. She adjusted her septum piercing while spitting and snorting out dirt. She couldn't find her cellphone and was sure it was gone.

    She lit up a cigarette and sat on her bike. "Well Johnny, looks like our reunion has to be delayed." She picked grass off of her pierced tongue. She was sick of this rural shithole that she found herself. Her black shorts and white laced stockings were torn and stained with blood as well. A sight for sore eyes she was sore. Sighing she got up and tied her dark red hair into a ponytail. "Looks like I'm trekking on foot." She made her way down the street, her eyes set for one goal.

  4. (More sexually. But as i said, You can alter her abit.))

    -Johnny watched her walk in but he had kept Silent. He adjusted himself back onto the Sofa in a comfortable position. And watched her.- ~Yeah, Well it look's like It is, I tell you to Stop and You Don't Baby. I mean come on.~ -He called her That Alot, Tho it was obvious His feeling's for her Were Going downhill.And getting worse Everytime He saw her.- ~Here is the Money You need. But stop Spending It On Ice.~ -He stood and Grabbed The bag of Ice, Lifting It, He pulled Out His Knife and Slashed the Bag. So it Spit out the Drug and It Filled the air. He then Moved toward's Her, But probably toward's the door.-
  5. Her body trembled as is jut wanted to fall take in what she could. Her eyes looked into his. He was angry. Disappointed. How was she suppose to just quit? She fought the urge and even thought of how he would react. She'd look pathetic... In front of him, that wa the worse feeling ever. He grabbe him and hugged him tight on his way out. Her head rested against his chest. His heat beat echoed in her ears. "I'm sorry." she couldn't say it enough. She knew he wasn't going to forgive that easily. She knew they had to get our to very one else but she wanted the moment. Even if he pushed her away, Ashley still had that second. Her withdrawal settled a bit. It wasn't going to last. She was going to break if he left her in that room. Ashley still had no clue how she was going to 'fix' her problem. "I love you." Her mind shifted from the withdrawal. Her hands rubbed his body as her body brushed against his. "How about you and me... Have some fun." she winked and began to nibble on his neck. Ashley threw her self at him almost daily. She hoped one day he'd give in knowing already once her addiction was over. It was worth a try.
  6. -He pushed Her back.- ~You lay off that Ice and i will Consider The thought of there being a Us. And clean this Place Up.. ~ -He had grabbed her Hand Before She could Fall Back And after He stood Her up He walked Out of the Door. He Made No Hesitation. To walk Outside Of the Apartment, He saw his bike and walked over. He sat down On it And Thought he saw Something off In the distance. He started It And Then Moved His hand Back to give the bike gas. And he headed toward's the.. He was not sure. It seemed to be a figure In the Distance. He figured he could offer some kind of Help.-
  7. Hearing the roar of a bike she squinted looking to see who it was. She had shed off her short revealing a black wife beater. Her name, Lilith, was tattooed across her chest with the letters DNR underneath. There was her Do Not Resuscitate form bastards. She lived up to her name and disobeyed any orders. Death was something she actively pursued and wished upon herself frequently.

    The dragon tattoo that snaked around her left arm was barely visible under the blood. The zombie pin up girl on her other forearm and her binary code on her bicep popped with the colors underneath the sun. She looked scary. Like all gang members should. But it wasn't something she could help. That's just what came with the job.
  8. Katina trudged up the door. She breathed in and looked up at the sky, it had been a long time since she had been here. She stared at her bandaged hand before actually knocking. The bandage had begun to fray, though she had just put it on yestersday to hide her wounds from her most recent fight. On her other hand she held her black jean jacket which she had gotten when the gang was at it's strongest. She had treasured it since. Now times were different. Tearing her gaze away from the ground, she hit the door three times hard making sure she was heard.

    "Ya dead yet?" She said loudly. It was a joke she had with Johnny, though now it had lost it's humor and turned a sort of bitter reminder for her. She hoped he didn't see it that way. Ildly she wondered if they would notice her new tattoo. It was a peacock that started from her right shoulder and ran down her back. It started colorless at the body and flourished into a bright array of blue, purple, and green at the tail. It had a closed tail that draped down her back. Surely it was slightly visible, she had a tank top after all. Yet with the whole day ahead of her, she doubted it was going on the top of her list.
  9. -He had Rode down the rode for a While His mind thinking. And the figure came More and More into View, He was Unaware that Katina had stopped bye. And he was Not there to answer the Door. No Ashley Was. And that Could be bad. But He did not Know This. So he kept on riding Thinking Of other Thing's. Untill He got to The Figure. It was a Girl. And One he Knew, He grinned When he saw Her and Then Pulled up next to her.Planting his feet on the ground.- ~Well don't you Look Well?~ -He said Sarcastically- ~That piece of Junk break Break down on Ya or something?~ -He asked a eyebrow Raised.- (Computer Is about dead And I dont know if i can get it to charge. I will try. :P)
  10. Lilith scowled at Johnny. "I'm sitting here bleeding all over the place and you call my baby a piece of junk?" Her scowl soon turned into a grin. She opened her arms with a smile on her face. "How do I look Johnny? Am I all grown up now?" She certainly had grown more since the last time that they saw each other. Her curves were more sultry and she had grown more pretty. However, she still cursed like a sailor and was more tatted up than an inmate.
  11. -He Let out a small Laugh. - ~Yeah. You look different all Right. Nice. Beside's all Of those Tatoo's. Did you Do Some Time And lose Track of Time? I mean Sheesh.~ -He could not help but grin before he waved her Over.- ~Come On and Get On. Ill take you to the Club house and Then Get you cleaned up. Then we will come For you're "Baby"~
  12. She rolled her eyes. "You'll treat my Hyabusa good. I still hate these fucking harleys." She climbed back on the book of the bike and hugged Johnny tightly. "I missed you." Smiling she hugged the man she had loved for all her life. ‚ÄčIf only he knew.
  13. ~When i come To Pick It up you Can Come if you want. And Uh, I missed you to.~ -He then Slowly Gassed The bike. It did not Take Them Long to get There. And He had Not rode That fast , Inside The Death metal Roared This place was Trashed A week ago. But Him and Afew Other's had Gotten Everything Replaced - ~Sit down.~ -When they walked in there was a Bar Which he Pointed to one of the Stool's. And walked behind the counter. He grabbed a Bottle Of alcohal. Then Bent Over Under the Counter He grabbed a Roll of Gauss. He then Walked over and Set it down.- ~You need Anything else Go to the Doctor's. We ain't got much here No more.~
  14. She looked around the place. "Goddamn, this place has turned to shit." Turning to Johnny suddenly serious she asked, "What the fuck actually happened just kinda disappeared." She bit her lip ignoring the searing pain from her cuts and bruises. Something serious had to have happened. Someone was hunting them down. At least they were hunting her.
  15. ~Billy. Our old President Of the club. Got Arrested Again. He was Talking Inside Trying To Put Me away By being a Snitch. So We broke Into The Prison And Killed Him. We have a Bounty On our head's. Yes. ~ -He spoke While Cleaning Her wound's.- ~We Killed Him. And We also Took Brian Out of the Equation Because he is a Two timing Weasel. But No one Liked that Prick anyway's. And that Fucking Guido Ray. We Put Me And Some Russian Looking Guy on Mission. We Robbed Him. Of The diamond's. That He had Me collect. And he did not Like That. Well The Money that The Diamond's Were worth atleast. He killed Jim. And Now We have To worry About His Goon's. Along with the Angel's Of death. We Took alot of them Out. but there gang Still remain's active around town. ~ (Pretty much copying the story From The game. xD)
  16. Lilith sighed, "Johnny...," she bit her lip in hesitation, "I'm sorry for leaving you all alone." She got up again. "How are you and Ashley?"
  17. -What she said About him and Ashley made him Laugh. He shook his head.- ~She Is addicted To Cocaine She say's she is trying to stop, But untill she Does. i don't want anything that Really has to do with Her. And it's Fine. No big deal.~
  18. Lilith smiled at the thought of Ashley gone. "So...have you been looking for someone else?" She pushed her hair behind her ear. Oh God, what am I doing? I'm acting like a prissy girl. She shook the thought from her head and bit her lip again.
  19. -He Leaned back against the Counter top. And Looked around.-~ Nah. I have not Really been talking to Anyone. So I guess i don't Really Know many Women Except you,Ashley and Afew other's. Thing's have been To Heated up for me to try To find some one.~
  20. Ashley finally cleaned the ice off the floor. She sighed and walked out of the house. Her eyes were puffy as she sat there trying to figure out what to do. She wanted to keep Raine close to her no matter what. Her eyes shot over and her body began to tremble out of anger. A girl was with him. Jealously raged. They headed onto the old dump. She was practically out of the picture and there was another girl closing in on him. He let her?

    She threw her fist at the nearest person. It collided with a big broad fellow. He had a goatee going on and his hair was slicked back. He fell to the ground and quickly looked up at her. "What the hell man!" His body reached it's feet. He even acted as though he had no clue who she was. This was perfect. A smile cracked on her face. If she couldn't have Raine she was willing to practically kill anyone who denied this fact. Maybe even take the succubus role and have fun with them first. She chuckled a bit thinking about all she could do. In reality though, she loved Raine and didn't want anyone else.

    The man threw his fist back at her catching her gut. "Oof" This man should have never did that. Pain shot through her but Ashley ignored it as her foot collided with his face. Her fist followed after her leg reached the ground again. "Don't fuckin' hit me asshole!" As he fell back to the ground her feet continuously kicked the guy. This guy was better than a punching bag.