The lost patrol.

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  1. Sarah heard something crack. 'The hell was that?' Instantly, she ducked down into the snowbank, and searched the area with her eyes. Thankfully, the storm was too heavy, and her feet were hidden, despite sticking out of the snow, they must have looked like a rock.
  2. Character (open)
    Name: Sarah Parker.
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Blond hair. Blue eyes. Quite, gentle voice.
    Picture (open)
    HistorySarah Parker, is an average military unit. Having been deployed less than two weeks ago. Not much is too say about her military record, but she has a small, but noticeable reputation outside of the racks.

    Having been abused by both her father and mother, she was always a girl who did things she did not want to get involved in, but had no choice. Having been used as a drug cartel, alcohol transporter, and once a gang attraction, has a history she keeps to herself.

    She started a military program when she was twelve, and has always stuck with it since that day. At the age of twenty, was finally accepted into boot camp. But her training took an awfully long time due to her fellow rookies.

    She was released into the military at the age of twenty one, and celebrated her twenty second birthday on the field.

    Personality.Sarah is women with a hard, but kind heart. Willing to die, and kill, protecting who she thinks is innocent. She tends to keep to herself while on camp, and only works with groups under orders.

    Misc (open)
    The dog in the picture is sadly, a no-go. I'm trying to make it so the pair gets out there with only their gear.
  3. Miles ducked at the sound of what was probably gun fire. He was a few feet behind Sarah, carrying his own Service Rifle. He ran and slid into the snow bank beside Sarah. He readjusted the strap on the MG and looked at Sarah. "I'm good to go on ammo, how about you?" he said, not much caring if she was out or not. Right now, all bets were off, and the objective was to survive. He wouldn't tell her he didn't care, but it was the truth. A few more cracks filled the air and Miles flinched.
  4. Slowly, she sat back up. "We should be good... Sounded about... Twenty miles, east. You can tell by the echo" She began going through her gear. Her rifle was out, but still had plenty of ammunition for her Glock.

    She had a haunch, and removed the suppressor from her rifle, and attempted to fit it onto her pistol. "Dammit..." Her eyes flicked to Miles. "Miles, I'm out of round for my rifle, but I don't give a damn for that thing.... Tell you what, I give you the suppressor, you give me the one for your pistol. Spare a few clips if you could."

    She was already beginning to shake from the cold, but once they started moving it would go away. So she sat there, waiting patiently.
  5. Miles nodded and pulled out an M1911 .45 pistol and twisted the silencer off. "Keep your silencers, I don't think it'll matter much in the long run." he said, his other hand pulled out a single rifle clip and he handed both of the items to her. He began to do the math, 20 miles was a long way, but they probably weren't walking. A snow mobile can go about 50 miles per hour, and there ain't no way you are out running that. He stood back up and began to get a move on in the opposite direction of the sounds. He checked his radio again; "Overwatch, this is Yankee Patrol, do you read?" and only static returned his calls. He brought his rifle from his back to his torso, securing a grip on it and keeping his fingers just off the trigger. Every few miles or so, they had encountered enemy patrols, but had yet to alert any of them yet. Rules of Engagement were no longer a concern. If they were armed, their ass was grass.
  6. It was her turn to nod, and took only the silencer though. "I can't carry that damn thing for long, I'll just bury it in the snow." She first checked the rifle tosee if anything could be of use. Just her luck, there wasn't. So she just dropped it in front of her, and pushed the snow over it. Then began working on the silencer, twisting it on. It fit, barely, and she hoped that it would have the same affect. Glancing up as he began to leave, she sped up her actions. And when it was finally screwed into place, she checked one last time, and moved up behind him.
  7. The brisk silhouette of enemy soldiers were just in sight of Miles, which meant he was only feet away, to see them in this storm. He froze, brought his fist up as to stop Sarah behind him. His eyes moved and he counted them, 1... 2... 3...

    4 Enemies, 4 fingers rose from the fist, and his hand went back to the grip of his gun, finger now on the trigger. He remained still as a statue. They were a few feet away now, probably not looking back when Miles crept forward again. He brought his rifle up to his shoulder and pointed it at one of the enemies as he strafed past. He know called Sarah to him, the enemies far enough away to move at a normal pace.
  8. She looked at his fist, then turned her gaze to the group. There was four of them, but if you counted the dog then it would be five. Thankfully though, the dog was tied to a tree, and was too busy chewing on a slab of meat to care for them, so it just watched them for a moment then went back to its dinner. When they were father away, she finally spoke. "Either were lucky, or its just going to get worse."

    She hoped it was luck, because if Lady Luck was ever going to shine down on Sarah, it had better be now.
  9. Miles continued up , purposely avoiding the dog. He was now at the fringe of a large pine forest. He waited for Sarah to catch up before he made a decision. The had picked up, and it was very cold out in the open. "What do you want to do?"

    (sorry about length, too early to think.)
  10. "Warm the hell up." It was a joke, but not entirely, rubbing her hands together in an attempt to warm then. She scoped out the landscape with her eyes, looking for an actual thing too do. "Find a nice cave where we don't have to worry about getting shot in the middle of the night."

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