The Lost Ones

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    Peter Pan has become obsessed with finding a companion. He's ignored his Lost Boys, brushed off Tinkerbell and devoted all of his time to trying to find a new Wendy. He visits London nearly every night trying to locate the perfect girl, but so far his attempts have failed. While he's gone his Lost Boys have become annoyed, and they constantly wonder what happened to the great leader they chose to follow so long ago.

    One night though, a raid on Pan's hideout while he was searching for a new Wendy changed everything.

    The pirates charged into the camp with the intent of destroying Pan and all of his followers, but found frustrated boys who were eager to find a new calling and leader. And so the Lost Boys went with the pirates and swore their allegiance to Hook. Much worse, Tinkerbell left to live in Mermaid Cove, turning into a creature filled with rage, as fairies are too small to feel more than one feeling at a time and when she had left, Tinkerbell had felt betrayed.

    When Peter returned to find his hideout empty and his guardian and first friend gone, he was devastated. And alone.
    He was so terribly alone, he couldn't stand it. He traveled to Tiger Lily's village in hopes of being cheered up by her company, but found that the Natives were upset with him for indirectly increasing the ranks of the pirates. This shocked Peter as he knew his Lost Boys had gone but to where he wasn't aware.

    Peter traveled to Hook's ship with the intention of 'rescuing' his boys, but was shocked to find out that the boys had joined the pirates of their own accord, and even more than that, the Lost Boys were now Lost Young Men and not eager to return to their former leader.
    With Peter consumed with sadness, Hook launched an attack, injuring Pan badly. Peter fled to his hideout and just managed to his bind his wounds. After a day of rest, Peter decided to fill his hideout once again with laughter and happiness, but this time he would do it differently.

    He decided to not only recruit Lost Boys but Lost Girls as well (and maybe he secretly hoped one of those Lost Girls would be a New Wendy, but that was a secret!). He decided that after recruiting his new Lost Ones, he would get Tinkerbell back as well, get revenge against his treacherous lost boys and fix things with the Natives.

    • So I need quite a few people. The max amount of characters a player can have is 4.
    • Real images will be used and Peter will be played by me, but he will be more of an NPC, unless someone else can play him reasonably.
    • Tinkerbell is an NPC, the Natives are NPCs, and so are the mermaids and pirates.
    • The year in London is 1917 (so thirteen years after Peter first met Wendy), and although most of the Lost Ones will be orphans and lower class, some can be middle and upper class.
    • If you want to play Peter then I need to see an rp sample, and know that the FC for Peter will be Jeremy Sumpter. The age range for Lost Ones is 5-12.
    • I will allow 3 Wendy Darling descendants, but realize that none of those kids should be over 8 years old. And no one user can play all 3 descendants.
    • I will allow 1 relation of Hook, but obviously this kid would not be a pirate nor would they know of Hook's career or location. I do require that they have the last name 'Hook'.
    • Jane Darling does not exist in this 'Peter Pan'.
    • For the purpose of this rp, the only requirement to fly will be 'thinking happy thoughts' not 'pixie dust'.
  2. Quick question , could the relation of Hook be in their teenage year's or not?
  3. The oldest they can be is 12.
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  4. This is awesome!
    I'm interested!
    Count me in :)
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  5. May I join?
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  6. Awesome, thanks for joining!

    Of course, thanks for joining!
  7. Is there another OC with the CS or not yet?
  8. Love to give this RP a whack. Count me in if you'll have me.
  9. Awesome, thanks for joining!
  10. Might be interested
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  11. Ooc will be up tomorrow, as will IC.
  12. @Thingtastic
    I was wondering if Shayla claimed the Hook decedent
    Or if it might be open.
    If it is i would be interested in creating a character for the spot

  13. This is actually really interesting and I would love to join this if it is still open
  14. @Shayla
    Were you claiming Hook's descendant?

    It is still open, but I'm a bit busy right now, so it won't be up as soon as I'd hope. Expect the OOC and IC in the second or third week in May.

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  15. May I join?
  16. Of course!
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