The Lost Ones

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  1. [And it has been decided--
    --that we are all b r o k e n
    We are all twisting
    S e a r c h i n g
    We are all Lost Ones]

    God had left with no sign of returning. It was sudden, in the night, with no word to his angels. God had left when the world began to crumble and crack apart. Human souls became sucked away by mindless demons, never gaining the rest they deserve in Heaven by Lucifer's will and though the seven archangels' efforts were great and steady, it perhaps wasn't enough to prevent another war between Heaven and Hell. This time, with no help of the Father. Fighting, fighting, suffering loss on both sides, Lucifer and St. Gabriel eventually turned to those who suffered the most loss: humans who have scrapped every last bit of sanity or hope they have for the future of Earth. Among everyone, those who are selected are known as mediums.

    Mediums are handpicked judging on their clear perception of their surroundings, their mental endurance to suffering, and, of course, their loyalty and faith. A medium can be persuaded by the archangels or the demons. If persuaded by the archangels, their task is to gather the lost souls that were stolen by demons and transfer them to Heaven while the archangels are away battling Lucifer's angels. If a medium is selected by a demon, their job is to take and steal as many souls as possible. Their reward? Any wish that is reasonable; granted the job is finished.

    And as for those poor, lost souls stuck in between. . .

    "Be strong."

    --A message from both sides

    Time is running thin. Will you become an archangel or demon responsible for the demise and safety of these souls? Or will you become a humble medium serving each side to fit your wishes? Or. . . are you lost?


    Soo, that was my soo super dramatic intro. If it is too vague and confuses many people, I'm sorry and I will edit/explain more clearly. Basically, Earth is caught in a war between Heaven and Hell and both sides are using humans for their own benefits by racking up souls or sending them to their proper place(depending on which side you're on), all the while waiting for God to return. <3 Join up, join up, your membership is valued! <3 I hope we get a lot of interest! Mwah~ :bunny::drunk:
  2. Co-GM here.

    We will have intermediate/adept writing level standards.
  3. What he said! '-'
  4. You got me interested! I've got a demon planned out (maybe an angel too if multiple characters are aloud?)
  5. Rika will correct me if am I wrong, but I do believe they are.
  6. Yes, they are allowed! Welcome aboard! c:
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