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  1. Wrath of the Night Mare

    The Beast is gone, forevermore.

    He wanders far on distant shores.

    But leaves a key beneath the mat.

    For followers to bring him back.


    Texas. The Lone Star state.

    Its a beautiful night on the Marston Ranch, despite the funeral. Grandfather Abe had finally passed away, the cantankerous old coot fighting to the bitter end. John remembered it well, in that hospital room. Looking with triumph down on that vile man. Growing up, all that pain, all that fear? It was worth it, just to look down on him and sneer. He had everything now from the lands to the ranches contents and was going to be filthy, stinking rich with his new plans to tear it up. He savored that bit of news, telling the old man everything as he sat by his bedside only for his grandfather to laugh.

    Weakly, his oxygen mask giving him the life-giving breath he needed, he rasped.

    "You're still as stupid as a twice fried toad. Fancy city education and all. It turned your head, twisted you from whats right. So I'll give you something to remember me by. You and that town of traitors, agreeing to dig up our lands. Let our family curse rest once more on your shoulders boy. You and all who follow in our line!"

    John left him to die alone. Disgusted at the old man, at his utter belief in such things.

    But he still couldn't quite erase the chill running up his spine.

    That had been a week ago. His people had come, they were getting set up and overall? Things looked to be just fine.

    In the distance, the sound of a horse screaming echoed over the plains.

    John turned curiously.

    Was that a light?

    He stepped out to the gate, peering out curiously. That didn't seem like a headlight of any sort. It flickered poorly and seemed smaller. Almost like....Flames.

    The thing came into view, before rearing up on hooves as it unleashed that scream once more.


    It was the black of coal and charred wood. Lightning struck, as flames flared bright. From its hooves to its mane and tail, fire burned brightly illuminating the monster in terrifying detail. John Marston knew what it was. A childhood terror, suddenly come to life.

    "Oh god. The Night Mare!"

    The Night Mare screamed and charged. Marston didn't stay to find out, running helter-skelter, fear lending him wings. He could hear the beat of hooves, feel the heat as his back. He stumbled up the porch and quickly slammed the door.

    Outside, there was a crunch of metal and shattered glass, a final scream and then silence. An hour later, John Marston took the opportunity to peek out from a window.

    His car was totaled. With nothing more to show for what had happened, save a hoofmark seared into the car like a terrifying brand.

    The Night Mare was real. His grandfathers curse had come to life and pale, John slumped to the floor.

    And it was coming for him.

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  2. [​IMG]

    New Austin, Texas. The Lone Star state.

    More specifically, the Grune Hall where the best fried chicken this side of the city would be there by the basket, for those who ordered. Say what you will, but Texas cuisine had earned its way to the top by being just what people wanted. Sauces at a discount.

    At the table, a lone figure sat at her groups table as she frowned and flipped through the case file once more. One she had taken to compiling, in between their adventures.


    Holding a recorder to her mouth, she spoke.

    "New Austin. A veritable hotbed of the paranormal and unusual for as far back as nineteen-eleven. About a week ago, me and my friends received a new message from a man we know only as 'Mr. E.' He told us about a new mystery in this town, of a horse that burns and gallops in the night as it hunts down victims. Its current choice....A man named John Marston VI. The owner of a mining company in the area, though...Local news coverage reveals that there's some controversy over that. Led by Rancher Rain Stoker as the land is apparently sacred to the local reservation. So plenty of reasons to want to take him out."

    She paused for a moment and then added.

    "End report 1."

    And with that, she sighed as she went over the newspaper clippings again. The live band in the meantime, would continue on with- What else? Their usual country hits.

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  3. The lone Star state. Waking up there was not how James Hunter wanted to start his day and especially not in the back of an alleyway, among the trash. How the hell did he even get there? The eighteen year old coudn't remember much. He knew that he was mugged in New York, knocked out and now he was in Texas. How the fuck did that happen? Why the fuck did that happen? He liked a mystery just as much as most, but he didn't like this one. Not one where he was knocked unconscious and flown across the state against his will.He dusted himself off and looked over to the side of his pants. He still had his wallet... what the fuck sort of muggers were these that they left the victim with his wallet? Ugh, better not question it. He walked into the Grune Hall and he spotted a woman sitting alone... and well, a dog ordering food. Why was this not the strangest thing he had seen?

    " Rone rhicken rlease, rhree ramburger, ran rorder rof ries rand ra rilkshake,"*1 the dog said.

    James paused. He knew that type of speech anywhere. That was the dog with the mystery solving sleuths... what were their names? Ahh, yes, Mystery incorporated. James decided to approach the woman. " You're Velma of Mystery Incorporated, right?" He asked. If she was, that dog was indeed Scooby Doo.

    *1 One Chicken please, three hamburgers an order of fries and a milkshake.

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  4. "Whatsammater, Scoob? Going on a diet?" Shaggy lightheartedly ribbed his long time friend before placing his own order. "Like, what he said, I'll have the same. I gotta watch my boyish figure, right?" He chuckled then headed over to where he saw Velma.

    "Like, way to pick a place to meet. I guess you plan for everything, right Velma?" The lanky casually dressed man took a seat, smiling over at her as he did.

    "You think everyone will show up? I'd love to have the whole gang together this time around. It'll be like old times." That last sentence was said more quietly and in a higher pitch than the rest of his words, as was his speech pattern.

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  5. " Rumph, ro rof rourse rot, rhis ry rhird real refore rack 3,"*1 Scooby said, making a point to point out that he still had his huge appetite. He did wonder about the strange boy- person- mn- whatever that person was who was talking to Velma. He had never seen him before today too.

    Scooby totally wasn't jealous of the fact that he was being friendly- totally not. The dog wondered if Daphne and Fred would arrive to meet them here. It had been a long time since they had been together.

    The dog looked over at Shaggy and decided to point out the other person who was at the table. " Raggy, ri rhink rhis rerson ras ralking ro relma rirst," *2 he said to his owner, wondering if he had ignored him or had not noticed him in the slightest either.

    " It's okay, I am used to being invisible, spent my whole life being unnoticed. Works for what I do," the man replied. Scooby finally caught that the voice was deep, man indeed or a teen.

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    *1 Humph, no of course not, this is my third meal before snack 3.

    *2 Shaggy, I think this person was talking to Velma first.
  6. "We were."

    Velma said casually, glancing up at James as she placed her records facedown. You can't be too careful after all as she added with a small smile and shrug.

    "Just us now as it were, right Shaggy?"

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  7. For a moment, and just a moment, that smile left his face. "Yeah. Just us three amigos for now." He looked over at James and gave a shrug. "So what, you like, want an autograph or something?" He may put on an airhead personality but underneath, he knew things. He was a rich, powerful seasoned investigator - branding to the contrary notwithstanding. It could just be a fan, but it could always be worse. There were plenty of people who were plenty angry and vindictive toward the Mystery, Inc. brand and you could never be too careful.

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  8. James paused as he heard that. They were.

    He noticed that she was glancing him up at him before she turned the records over. He looked at her and didn't say a word about the records that she had turned over.

    I wonder what happened to them. It wasn't exactly broadcasted.

    James noticed that even Scooby was giving him a look with middle concern, almost as if he had opened a can of worms and he couldn't put it back. He took a deep breath before he decided to answer Shaggy's question, but not before introducing himself. His mother would scold him for having such bad manners. " Sorry if that seems random to you, but before I continue, I should introduce himself. My name is James Hunter, I am a freelance detective from New York," he said. " I just happen to wake up here a while ago and run here, everything here seems way too out of place. So, I was wondering, why exactly are you? It might have a connection to why- I am here."

    Scooby tilted his head. " Rames Runter? Rou rouldn't rappen ro rnow ra rmall rup ry rhe rame rof Rappy?"

    James looked at the dog. " A pup by the name of Scrappy? Well, I did have one- well, one client by that name. Kept asking about his uncle before he got arrested for being involved in a literal dog fight. Never did figure out that case,meh, only failure of my career."

    *1 James Hunter? You wouldn't happen to know a small pup by the name of Scrappy?

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  9. Velma frowned at that, fingers tapping the table before she finally spoke.

    "You've come a long way, just to do your job. Who hired you exactly and what kind of mystery are you talking about?"

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  10. Scooby noticed that Velma seemed to be in her thinking phase, tapping her fingers on the table.

    "There is where I am at a loss. I was called by someone and paid..and now I am here. No other information,not their name, not the job,just took it, was weirdly mugged without anything be stolen, wake up in Texas and now I am here . All I got was a vague ' you'll know'. "

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  11. "Like, do you normally take money from strangers before you vet them?" Shaggy asked, and when Scooby recoiled a bit he added, "Not that kind of vet, Scoob."

    Shaggy took a deep look at the man, opening up his awareness. All right, this man was involved in a lot of mysteries, but he wasn't seeing conspiracies or the sense that he was also an Illumnatus, so the wizard relaxed a little.

    "Someone's set you up, man. Either that, or it's like that whole Mister E thing, Velma. Remember that?"

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  12. "You do realize just how weird this sounds, right? Even considering its us." Velma replied dryly as she leaned back in her chair and sighed out. Well, maybe it'd distract from her current attempts to get some form of comprehension in their current mystery. And putting up her recorder, she clicked it on and spoke.

    "Maybe you should start at the beginning. And don't leave out any details."
    "Considering he's still acting as our benefactor? I don't doubt it. There has got to be more then one Mr. E out there, using people for their own purpose."

    Still, each case seemed benevolent enough.

    For now.

    So helping herself to a hot wing, she watched James with expectation as she added.

    "Please introduce yourself again, as well as mention your job. For our records."

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  13. Shaggy shook his head. It wasn't like Velma to tip her hand, or to point out flaws or missteps of her own team in front of anyone other than, well, the team. She must really be puzzling over something. He'd been trying to be as vague as possible until he knew if this guy was on the good guys' side or not. Still, the words Mister E in and of themselves weren't much to go on, so he supposed it was safe. He decided to play dumb.

    "Like wow, how could I forget that? Sometimes, when food is in front of me, everything else disappears, you know?" The milkshake had arrived before the rest of the food he'd ordered, so he sat down and started in on it.

    "So like, yeah, lay it on us man."

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  14. Scooby paused and wondered why he felt that this was either going to be a mistake or something. He did recoil a bit when Shaggy said the word that was his least favorite place.

    There was something about the man that seemed to show a form of kindness. He seemed nice enough for now, but so many people had seen fine to the dog in the past. He had trusted the con artist kid and that had ended poorly, kid was locked up for thirty years.

    Scooby was a little confused when Shaggy mentioned Mister E as if he was in the past. He was still very much in the present.
    James understood that it was indeed weird, even to the remains of the famous mystery incorporated. He wondered if she would believe him about half of the crazy things he knew about the world- and then there was of course, the defunct shield power that worked so very strangely even to him. He wondered how far beginning he should start for her.

    Was it important the he mentioned his past or should he leave out those details for the gang to not know.

    There was of course the even littler details, like his shield power, his past and his family. It was the little things that made his life so strange and unique. It was always the little things.

    Hopefully his case was easy enough to solve for the sleuths.

    Somehow, he had his doubts.

    He paused and wondered if he should also order some food, he couldn't remember the last time he ate.

    " I am James Hunter, I am a freelance detective," he said, making it known on their records.

    James decided the morning was the best place to start. It was the only place to start. " I woke up early the day, it was a Monday I got the strange call, early enough that I managed to eat before the sun rose. I also walked to the office, something that I rarely ever do. As soon as I got into my small office, the phone rang. The voice was crackly, asked if I wanted an important case. I agreed and asked where to meet. He told me that I would know, that was all and he hung up." James stopped for a moment and caught his breath.

    " I didn't think much of until my bank call and told me that somebody had deposited money, a sum of 10,000 dollars and told me this message. ' You'll know'. I assumed it was from the stranger, obviously. I decided to go for a walk- and," he trailed off.

    " Well, I was mugged and knocked out, transported here. Speaking of things, what time and day is it?" James had left one detail, that the muggers had not been immediately sucessful with knocking him out, his shield had blocked a lot of their hits, but not enough that he could escape. It was still a lot to him.

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  15. Kiana Ortiz
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    Oh how typical! Kiana was very late, to what could possibly be the investigation of her life no less; a nightmare, the stuff of children's dreams, roaming around and killing off members of a certain, well known owner of a Mining Company in the area. Was it truly a vengefull spirit? Or did they in fact have someone in an big elaborate horse costume running amuck a place like this... As this was Texas, little seemed to surprise her anymore, all Kiana really wanted, was to uncover the truth behind all of this, but how was she to do so if she couldn't even time her arrival right? Though to be fair, she blamed the very delayed flight on her late arrival if anything.

    As soon as she arrived at Grune Hall, she decided to make her "best" entrance, by abruptly barging through the doors, looking around for only a moment before she spotted three, well make that four folks including a talking dog, already gathered together. She had a feeling they were part of the group she was informed she might be running into, also investigating the case with the Nightmare, splendid.

    "So... What brings you chumps out to this dump?" She asked abruptly.

    Despite the somewhat rude nature of her words, she appeared almost... Casual about talking like this, as if speaking this way was well, perfectly normal, which it was... At least, to Kiana, these days.​
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  16. "Its a little after sunset now. And that sounds....Odd. Very odd."

    Why pay that much to get him here? Why that amount of money? If they hired him, they would hardly just knock him out and send him here, right? Moreover...The fact he was mugged as well didn't sit so well for whatever reason and she finally sighed out.

    "Well, at any rate? I think we have everything-"
    Who was this? Velma glanced over at this newest person before saying straight out.

    "We're here for the sunshine and fresh air." : |

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  17. "Like, something smells fishy here, man. I'm not digging that everyone is like, almost literally coming out of the woodwork. I don't dig it at all, man." That didn't stop Shaggy from digging into his food the moment it came. He wasn't that nervous. But, it felt far too coincidental and contrived. Something was up, and it wasn't good.
  18. Kiana Ortiz
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    Well, that response gave Kiana a good little chuckle, but she was pretty quick to get back on track of her purpose here, clearing her throat a little.

    "Riiight... So, you don't happen to know about some recent... Nightmares, do you?" She asked, taking on a serious tone.

    Looks like Kiana wasted little time getting down to business, but, well... Hopefully she wouldn't be treading on too many toes in the process.​
  19. "Does everyone know about this thing?!"

    A moment later from a close table, someone on a laptop began to laugh as he called over his shoulder.

    "Preeeetty much. If they weren't curious before, with that van outside? They certainly are now."

    He finished his work, showing a glimpse of his wallpaper-A white background and a blue pine tree before turning his head as he grinned.


    "As it is, the Paranet is buzzing like crazy. People are curious and the real seekers all end up here."

    Velma blinked.

    "Wait, the Paranet? I thought that was a hoax!"

    Dipper shook his head.

    "Nope. Its as real as tumblr and 4chan and just as serious in its aim as them....Maybe more. Point is, yes the Paranet exists. Its the best way people like us stay connected."

    He adopted a lecturing pose, one finger raised to the air.


    "The Paranet is an online community of ghost hunters, monster trappers and even reputably, people with magical talent. Everyone who doesn't enjoy the protection of the heavy hitters. Normally, they tend to keep an eye on each other and share information if anything bad is going down-But they also act as a paranormal hotline. They advertise self-defense classes in local areas and on occasion, post information that may be useful. That's one of my duties as a 'Netter. So right now, you got pretty much every occult hunter, detective and otherwise wanting to look into this...But very few experienced."

    He shrugged briefly and added.

    "But-Did you hear that?"

    It was a faint sound, right before the power went out. People began to scream and Velma stared at the window, as something bright outside approached.

    And then a horses scream pierced the night.

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  20. "Zoinks! Like, what was that?" Shaggy stared at his burger skeptically for a moment."You don't think that they use horse meat in these burgers, do ya?"

    Then he realized what was going on. The scaredy cat act was just an act, except when the danger was real and it was no joke. But there were were 'fans' here so he had to put on airs.

    He crept over, hunched down, towards the window, and took a peek. "Please don't let it be a headless horseman, please don't let it be a headless horseman, please don't let it be a headless horseman..." he chanted while he peeked.

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