The Lost Island

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  1. "Alright! GET YOUR ASSES OUT HERE!"

    The men brought in a round of people and forced them to the ground and stepped back, standing behind them.

    Jessie Branch, an archaeologist on the ship Old Ironside was on its way to finding the Lost Kingdom of Hiroshi, an island that was wiped from history, or so the History books said.
    One day while they were on their way to Japan to grab some supplies for the search at hand somebody started bombing the heck out of their ship, next thing she knew there were men gathering people from the wreck, they had killed some for disobeying them, or trying to run away.

    The men that ordered the other men to come had a gun as well as the ones that were holding the crewmates hostage, one spoke Russian to the others, thats when Jessie spoke out.
    "Please don't hurt them!" The woman begged.

    The biggest man shoved the woman against a nearby tree, "silence girl..." he said as he started feeling her up.
    Jessie was a gorgeous woman, she was 25 years old with a gorgeous body and firey red hair...her skin was light with no freckles...her body was amazing, even when wearing a black tank top and cargo pants, they showed off her gorgeous curves.
    Jessica tried running away but the man grabbed her, thats when another man spoke out.
    "Leave her alone you pervert!" he shouted, the man shot him and everyone scattered...but Jessica couldn't, her arms were tied and the russian man was right next to her.
    The man, who became angry slapped Jessica across the face, "don't you fucking move!" he said and walked away..Jessica ran against a wall and hid.
  2. Vladimir spotted a quivering female who had futilely hid behind the ship's serrated barricades. The man, who was wearing a black hood with black military pants as well as black gloves which somewhat wrapped his hands tightly, crouched over to the woman as he removed some of his golden locks of hair which fell on his eyes. "They're still going to find you, don't you know that? Then, what will happen if they do?" Vladimir casually asked, twirling the revolver between his gloved fingers. "Tell you what... I'll save you, but... you're gonna owe me one in the future, right, Jessie?" the lad chuckled, seemingly knowing who this quivering woman was. Before Vladimir went out, he tucked the revolver in his pockets, messing up his hair for a bit before revealing himself.

    "Captain! I found the woman! She's here!" Vladimir spoke in russian, pointing to the hiding female.

    "Well, good job, Dr. Kovalenko. You've proven yourself useful." a voice replied.

    "However, I'd just like point out that I want her to be under my care." Vladimir spoke in english now.

    The captain now appeared on the brig, his eyes glaring at Vladimir then at the shivering archaeologist. "What makes you think you have the right to tell me what to do?"

    "If you've forgotten... I'm the only one who knows how and where to find the Hiroshi Kingdom. Unlike you, I've got nothing much to live for, and so, jumping over this ship would be an easy task for me. Then, where will you find your replacement for me? Another 10 years, captain Pavlov?" Vladimir smirked, shrugging. The captain said nothing, but launched an earth-shattering fist at Vladimir, toppling the lad.

    "Do what you want, Dr. Kovalenko, but know this, if you don't lead us to Hiroshi before the month ends... I'm gonna enjoy feeding you to the sharks." the captain gritted his teeth, threatening the scientist. After a while, the captain stormed off, yelling orders for the men to bind the other captives.

    Vladimir stood up groggily, apparently dizzy. He staggered around for a while before finally reaching the woman, and sitting beside her. The lad smiled as he removed his hood, revealing his messy blonde hair, and dull blue eyes which seemed to fade lightly. His complexion had been darkened a little bit by the sun.

    "You're welcome, Jessie." Vladimir laughed as he rubbed the spot on his face where the captain almost knocked the living daylights out of him. "Oh, you probably don't remember me much, but I remember you... quite clearly." the guy shook his head. "I was your classmate in one of the history courses back in college. I didn't really see you again after I graduated.... considering that I was a bit special, if you would put it."

    "Nonetheless... Let's pretend that we've never met before! Hi! I'm Dr. Vladimir Kovalenko, historian and anthropologist. I'm aged 21, and I was suppose to take my doctorate in Geography, but I got abducted as it seemed." Vladimir smiled, introducing himself yet his face twitched for a moment before it relaxed again. The lad also shivered unusually. A sickness? Deformity? Special? Maybe.

    "Pretending that I never knew you, could you introduce yourself?" Vladimir inquired, twitching a little bit once more.
  3. She nodded, "my name is Jessica...Jessica Branch..." she began then looked around when she heard sounds of shooting and men screaming. She turned away "oh, gosh...why are they killing people..." she asked, more to herself than anyone else. The beautiful woman then looked at the man who saved her, "I can't stay way or another they will kill us...please! You have to let me go!"

    She gasped when she heard more gunshots, "please Vladimir ...come with us, or at the very least give me your revolver! I can make it look like a struggle and that i've gotten away! I can come back and find a way to free you!"
    More gunshots were heard, "you have to let me go! People are dying!"
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