The Lost Island

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  1. Welcome to the Lost Island!!!


    A tsunami has swept you onto a mysterious island. You discover a girl that lives there. She says she's called Kiara Biard, or Kiki. She is the 'leader' of the island because she has lived there since she was very little with her pet parrot, Blue. Will she admire you, or despise you? What will happen if she decides to hate you? Like you?


    Appearance: (Anime picture or description)
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  2. Name: Kiara 'Kiki' Biard
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Face~ [​IMG] Outfit~ [​IMG]
    Personality: Friendly, short-tempered when upset, fearful, mostly follows people. Stubborn.
    Pets?: Blue (Parrot Bird)
    History: Her parents died when she was little. The whole family was on a plane that crashed into this island. The pilot survived. He kept her safe for a while until he ate some poison fruit that killed him. Kiara raised herself from then on.
    Fears: Storms, earthquakes, death, cats.​
    Name: Keiji Mura
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (open)


    Personality: Quiet, childish at times, calm, analytical, helpfull, empathetic, stressfull (sometimes)
    Pets?: N/A
    History: Keiji had lived a sheltered life being homeschooled by his parents for most of his life, now, since he had grown up enough he had been sent off to a private college over the seas, but through an unfortunate twist of events, the ship was beset by a tsunami throwing him overboard when he had gone out on the deck to check what was going on. As the wave of water washed over him making him freeze in fear, he was deathly afraid of drowning after all, he could do nothing but lay still as the waves tore up his ship and sent him adrift into the ocean where he was certain he would die. Then, after a few moments of drifting he passed out, and when he awoke, a strange girl who called herself by multiple names was looking over him, she'd introduced herself in a strange way sure, but he was glad he was alive and wasn't alone on this strange island...
    Fears: Drowning, dark places, being alone, insects
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  4. @york ~ Keiji is accepted!! We just need 1 other before I set up the IC thread~
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  5. Yay! :3 I guess I shall wait for that o.o *is hyped*
  6. However, if within 1.5 weeks no one else comes around, I'll go ahead and start the IC
  7. Alright XS though I'm sure at least one more person will join X3 (it just takes a little while for everyone to arrive sometimes)
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  9. Name: Cheiko Sawamara
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Biggish Picture! (open)

    Personality: Mysterious, and of an intelligent train of thought. When he opens himself up to people, he's quite loyal and friendly, although sometimes he can be too honest in his opinion sometimes, which can irritate people. He also uses long words and speaks unnecessarily complex at times.
    Pets?: He doesn't have any, due to his pet budgie being killed and eaten by the local savage cat. (Like this post if you cry everytime.)
    History: A student of a high-end university, all that really mattered in the past to Cheiko was his studies to become a scientist at a local research facility. His dreams now impossible due to the tsunami activity, it seems he'll finally have to be social - which was something in life he just wasn't good it - if he wants to pull through this alongside comrades. Ever since he was a child, he always had shown a bright spark of intelligence and individuality, although he was never one for being social.
    Fears: He's quite afraid of cats, and he hates enclosed spaces even more so.
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  10. @Jakers ~ Accepted!

    So I'll be putting the IC up soon. If it doesn't bother anyone, Kiki will stumble across Keiji, then Cheiko ^~^
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    But seriously, thank you! And that's perfect UwU
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    If posting ever goes too fast or anyone is having trouble keeping up because of irl things, please let me know ASAP! I don't like leaving fellow members behind and would be very grateful to make sure everything stays okay ^~^
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  17. Name: Travis Reign
    Appearance: anime 4.jpg Personality: He's super optimistic,Very friendly,Playful,Really fun,Emotional when sad and angry, and Needs some one to guide him
    Fears: Dying, being alone, wild animals, and drowning
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