The Lost Heir ~MxM- RP Request!

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  1. ☪ Storyline ☪

    Kelsidin, a long hidden city in the wretched mountains of Kheldarim, ancient mountains that had seen the rise and fall of countless of races, including the Old One's, the ancient dragons. Only a handful of people today on Earth know of Kelsidin and the mountains of Kheldarim, for these parts of the world are now lost, and haven't been seen for thousands and thousands of years.

    Meet YC1 and MC1, who have gone on many explorations and adventures together that always leads them into some sort of trouble... Which usually leads 99.99% of the time back to Quantum, a corrupt and evil organization hellbent on acquiring all of the lost totems, ancient relics of the Old World that had great significance in all different cultures, that held incredible power. Put in the wrong hands and one totem could be used to destroy a lot of the world. This is what Quantum is after, wiping out the world we know and rebuilding it in the form they desire, where they control anything and everything, and they would stop at nothing to achieve this terribly goal.
    Long ago, men and women with pure hearts and good intentions of protecting their people came together known as the Great Gathering. They were in a horrible war with corrupted men and women who wanted to use the lost totems to do a lot like Quantum wished to do today, to control the new world, complete domination. They new that the only way to make sure that the corrupt didn't get ahold of the totems, were to hide them, and hide them well, so good that they would get lost for centuries, even thousands of years for some. Then, they began to war, trying to destroy the evil that was no plaguing their lands, and although they won, they did not get rid of all the bad seeds... To this day, those bad seeds grew, spread their roots throughout the generations until it formed the large multinational and multibillion corporation know as Quantum.

    Continuing with YC1 and MC1, their parents have always been great archeologists and adventurers. They had uncovered many ancient ruins, lost cities, cultures uncovered, old languages discovered... But they had never ever uncovered the ultimate mystery, the mystery of the lost city of Kelsidin in the lost mountains of Kheldarim. They had dedicated their lives to uncovering them, and although they made many breakthroughs, they did not succeed in uncovering the city, not before both couples died, leaving their two young children to fend for themselves.
    Their deaths were written off as "accidents" but YC1 and MC1 knew very well that they were murdered, by Quantum leader's Arthur and Lilith Quantum, brother and sister, twins in fact, and rotten to their very cores. Their parents too, their whole family, had been apart of the business, power-hungry bastards that wanted to be rulers of the entire world. Their terrible greed drove them to even more terrible deeds, like tearing two families apart and leaving two little boys without parents.

    YC1 and MC1 have always wanted to carry on in their parents footsteps ever since their untimely deaths. They wanted to uncover what their parents didn't, it made them feel like they were still there with them. Through the years of trying to uncover any other clues, YC1 and MC1 had grown very close, more intimate than they had ever been before, they became lovers... Then one of our characters strikes gold, they uncover a map of Kelsidin in the ruins of a smaller city that was connected to Kelsidin way back, most likely they traded supplies together, since Kelsidin was so isolated in the mountains.

    ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪

    Kelsidin, almost as ancient as the mountains surrounding, protecting, and hiding the cities, was the capital of the Old World. To live in such a great, beautiful, and powerful city was a privilege, and to be able to lay eyes on the Pureblood's, royals in other words, of Kelsidin, was an even greater honor. Creatures of all kinds, supernaturals that seem to be long extinct now, use to flourish and thrive there. The Pureblood family were known for their powerful gifts of healing magic, they could cute any illness, disease, anything, which was why their city flourished the most out of all of them. When the heir of the Pureblood family reached a certain age, the healing gift would be transferred to them, and they would take the place of the leader of Kelsidin.

    Thousands and thousands of years later, now in the present, very very few people believe that the generations of Kelsidin heirs survived, one currently alive, and still with the gift of healing... The heir is actually one of the lost totems. Long ago, when the very first people of Kelsidin stumbled upon a gorgeous valley hidden in the mountains, it was said that the first heir of Kelsidin found a cave, and in that cave was a dragon. To be specific, a dragon of earth, who possessed powerful healing abilities, but also terrible destructive abilities. The men of the small tribe wanted to kill the dragon, dragon skins were extremely invaluable and priceless, but the girl who found the dragon fought fiercely for the dragon, not wanting one of the last dragons to be killed, but ended up being overpowered by her own tribesmen.

    In grave condition, the dragon went to her side after throwing back the men who had wounded the girl. With the dragons great healing abilities, if healed her, but also for her valor and courage, the dragon bestowed a gift upon her... The great gift of healing. The dragon also warned her, that if her heart was tainted. The gift could turn destructive, just like the dragons abilities, and to use them with care and with a pure heart. With that, the first Pureblood was born, and the line continued down, up until this present day, with MC2 being the last heir of Kelsidin.
    Quantum's goal is to hopefully obtain the heir, if such legends are true anyways, and turn MC2's power into that destructive force the dragon warned the first heir about all those years ago.... They believe they can control the power, use it to form their new world and be the leaders of that world. So fearing the destruction of the last remaining piece of MC2's home, he seals the remaining people and himself inside of Kelsidin, hoping to keep out any outsiders.

    YC2 is MC2's most trusted advisor, bodyguard, and friend. They are never seen apart, and YC2's ancestors were the greatest warriors of Kelsidin ever known. It was their duty once they were old enough to hold a sword, to protect the heir with their lives. They lived by a code, to protect the heir with their dying breath, to make sure the heir is content, but to never ever fall in love with the heir. MC2 has been in love with YC2 for since he can remember, YC2 has always been with MC2, but at birth the heir is always promised to a suitable match, to ensure that there will be another heir, even though years and years have passed, the tradition had never died, and so YC2 and MC2 can not be together, even if they wish it with all their hearts.
    Then something unbelievable happens, Kelsidin is broken into for the first time in centuries... By none other than MC1 and YC1, and these outsiders being grave news... That Kelsidin is about to be under attack, and they are coming for the heir, and will stop at nothing to get him.

    ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪

    **This side storyline is optional**

    MC3 is just a normal soldier, the one thing you could say isn't normal is that he lives in a hidden city in a lost mountain that has been lost for thousands of years until now. YC3 is his squads captain. Although it isn't uncommon to sleep with someone for a night or so, relationships with soldiers are strictly forbidden, reason being is that with how small their army is already, they need them to focus on their training and protecting Kelsidin and the heir, and not protecting their lover.
    Which is unfortunate for our characters as they have set their sights on each other for awhile, though the general of the whole army, if he found out, would make sure they'd never ever be together again.
    And with outsiders coming in now, speaking of people threatening to invade Kelsidin, it gets increasingly hard to keep their little relationship a secret....

    ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪

    ☪ Information ☪

    1. Alright, so you can obviously see that this storyline is very detailed, so, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to come to me! I'm planning to post some pictures of what I envision Kelsidin and the mountains to look like to give some visual aspects to it, and perhaps describe it a bit as well in the thread I make when we get the rp started!

    2. Characters! Yes, this will most definitely be a multicharacter rp. I just feel like it would add more depth to the storyline and make it a million times more interesting with more than one character! Not to mention more realistic! I do not mind if your character is of another species, but please don't get all crazy with hybrids, such as a neko with wings, can control fire, and is indestructible, please no. XD Just a note though, our first characters, the archeologists will be humans, but other characters may be different creatures, just no furries please!

    3. Continuing with the characters, I was thinking our first characters could play seke's for bed positions, though my second character will be a uke and your second character a seme. If you do the third characters storyline or have other side characters, they may be seke's as well. However I am only comfortable with playing uke's or seke's, just stating that now.

    4. Although I don't mind anime or realistic pictures, anime pictures would probably be best for this storyline.

    5. I'd like at least 2 paragraphs. I feel like we definitely can do more considering we have more than one character, so please do not give me one liners or a measly 3-4 sentences. >~<

    6. Third person, past tense only please. I'd also like proper grammar and punctuation, I definitely understand a few mistakes here and there, but please, I do not want to be deciphering your posts. XD

    7. If you want to chat with me, go right ahead, I'm a pretty friendly person and I love getting to know my partner, so don't hesitate to throw me a pm or just out a spoiler in the thread and chat with me like that, either way is fine with me. [​IMG]

    8. I'm pretty lax regarding kinks, but I do have a few no-go's. No extreme bloodplay, mutilation, loss of limbs, potty play, or watersports please. However I am find with mpreg, incest, and non-con. Please tell me if you are not okay with any of these things, or if you wish to do any of these! ^.^

    9. Most importantly I want you to have fun, if your not, talk to me, we can try and work something out. I hope someone is interested in this storyline, I put a lot of thought into this and it could be extremely fun filled with action, adventure, fantasy, the supernatural, and romance! Who doesn't love that? ^.^ PM me if interested please!
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