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    Gone... Images of Pokemon you've never seen before flicker into your dreams. Sad voices repeat the words; Gone. Help us. Find her. These dreams would appear in the minds of several individuals, including you. You see a flash of blue and of yellow; slowly the colors come into focus. You see Azelf and Uxie, although you don't know what they are yet. They keep repeating, You have to find her. We need her. Help us. The Pokemon wear worried expressions. They exchange glances before they disappear with a final Please.

    That morning you go to the towns' local Pokemon professor. Professor Alder. You notice several other people from town gathered outside, all with the same confused, worried faces. As you get closer you are shocked to learn that everyone there seemed to have had the same dream as you. The professor explains that these Pokemon are called Azelf and Uxie and the she they must be referring to would be Mesprit. The professor tells you that if Azelf and Uxie said she was gone it could be trouble. Mespirit is emotion. If Mespirit is harmed or killed the world would lose emotion. No one will know love or happiness or fear or anger, everyone will feel exactly the same. Everyone will feel nothing. Azelf and Uxie came to you because you're all trainers. You and your Pokemon must go and save Mesprit before it's too late.

    It's up to all who had the dream to save her from whatever lies out there. You're going in blind but the world needs you. Save Mesprit before it's too late.


    Rules: (open)

    1. Absolutely NO text talk.
    2. No god modding.
    3. No constant auto dodging/blocking, a few here and there is understandable, but you aren't God.
    4. Each post must be at least a few sentences, and you can make it long, just don't write a book on one post.
    5. Grammar is worth something! Use periods and such where it goes. Use quotations when talking. Capital letters at the beginning of sentences, italics for thoughts, and spell the best you can. Spell check is great if you have it, so USE IT.
    6. Use ((Enter text here)) for OOC
    7. You can only have 3 characters (Twins I guess will count as one, but you can only have one set of twins.)
    8. Please put your character pic in your post, I like to see what your character looks like. Anime is preferred however not mandatory.
    9. Do not use ** -- or other symbols to indicate actions. type them out.
    10. No fighting in OOC. Take it to the PMs. If needed, I will be a mediator.
    11. If you have any questions or comments, ask them in the OOC thread.
    12. Please try to be serious in the roleplay. I can understand if your character is kind of goofy, but take the roleplay seriously.
    13. Don't make a profile and not post. IT'S RUDE.
    14. If you want to quit the roleplay or want to make a third character, Make up a story or an excuse for them to leave the group.
    15. Try to post at least every other day, once a week at a bare minimum.. I want to keep this roleplay active as possible.
    16. If you know you won't be able to post for a few days, but don't want to be left behind in case things happen, let me or a friend know and have them somewhat control your character, giving actions such as, "Billy Bob followed the group" or "Mary Sue fell into a deep sleep, and her pokemon carried her along".
    17. Cussing is allowed but don't drown us in it, okay sailor mouth?
    18. After profile is accepted go ahead and start.
    19. Romance is encouraged, but not above pg-13. This is pokemon people.
    20. If i change/add/delete any rules, i will announce it in the roleplay using OOC.
    21. As far as battles go, please put effort and details about what happens, get creative! Let your inner Pokenerd out!
    22. All of you have been trainers for some time now. Your pokemon will be trained but not to extremes, okay? Make it fair.
    23. Give yourself a pat on the back for reading the rules so far, and somewhere in your character sheet put; Brown Peanut Koffuzels to let me know that you read them.
    24. Some violence and rivals are encouraged, but for the love of Arceus, DON'T JUST RANDOMLY KILL OFF OTHER PEOPLES CHARACTERS! You MUST have their permission to do so.
    25. I am the game master, ultimately I'll lead the roleplay where it should go.
    26. Rare Pokemon: You may have one rare Pokemon per character, I will start a list here so that it's easy to see who has claimed what rare And it is first come, first serve. When you Post your profile, in the skeleton I will have a space for what rare you will get. No, you cannot get it at the flipping start of your adventure. You. Just. Started. The rares can be at any point later in the adventure, no matter what region they come from, so don't panic if I won't let you catch your rare because you started in a region that your rare is home to. There is one exception to this rule however, you cannot have Arceus as a rare Pokemon, it's too powerful and not really fair to others. Sorry, but there's over 50 legendarys, I'm sure that you can pick another one.

    ~Taken Rare List~
    Mew: Keekayani

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  3. Kinra stood nearby the professor with Vane at her side. Her brow was furrowed as she began to plan out her next moves. Of course, she'd be going to find Mesprit. But in truth they had no idea where to start. She stroked Vane's soft fur as she looked down to him, "What do you think, buddy? Where should we look?"

    Vane looked up at her, tilting his head to one side. He was a rather intelligent ninetails, but even he didn't know where to start. Vane turned his head side to side, sniffing the air and looking at the others gathered there.

    Kinira checked her bag, she still had quite the stock of potions and supplies from her previous adventure. She chuckled as she found her pokepuff case. She pulled out a frosted citrus pokepuff, Vane's favorite, and gave it to the ninetails.

    Vane's tails wagged in synchronization as he chewed the delicious treat. He barked up at Kinira, asking for another.

    "No, that's it for now, buddy. We've got to get going," Kinira chuckled and patted Vane's head,
    "Let's see if anyone else has an idea of where to look."

    Vane nodded and stood up, walking alongside his trainer as she moved into the crowd.

    Vane: (open)
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  4. The Boss, orange He stood there watching Mesprit as she floated in a glass tank, lights blinking in greens and reds over head. Mesprit stirred, a machine that detected psychic energy rang an alarm. He frowned and turned to a pair of grunts that were guarding the door. "Mesprit's sending for help. Be prepared to protect this base. Every member on high alert for meddling trainers. I won't be defeated like those before me." The boss grabbed his coat and walked toward the exit.

    "Where are you going, boss?" One grunt asked.

    "Out in the field. Do not let anyone get into this facility. Send the admins into the field on my orders. We won't be defeated." The boss left the facility, the grunts running around and spreading the word.
  5. Sylenne was just in a hallway in the base, right next to her was her typhlosion who was also not doing anything in particular til a grunt told her that The Boss had ordered the admins to go on the field. "Right finally something to do at least " she muttered making her way to the exit with her typhlosion following her.

    (Yea not good at making intro's maybe The Boss can confront her?)
  6. The Boss, orange As he was leaving the facility, he passed by one of his best admins. He stopped and looked to her, "Sylenne, I have a special task for you. I want you to go to the Cave of Ancients. It's rumored that Uxie and Azelf reside there. I want you to keep them... Incompatitated." He handed Sylenne a set of capture balls, the very same ones that captured Mesprit. "Do what you must." With that he went on his way, having his own business to attend to.
  7. Among the trainers that were gathered outside of the professors field lab was a cute girl, who was named Aya. She was wearing a long flowing white dress, a straw hat with a white ribbon around it, and some flowery flip flops. She had her arms behind her back and was shifting nervously. Next to her side was her faithful and lovely ninetails, whom was normally colored and nuzzling her side. Aya had recently had a strange dream, and over heard many others saying they had the same dream, so Aya decided to group up where all of the people were going. However, being around people made Aya quite nervous. Her ninetails was trying her best to calm Aya down, until the ninetails saw another of her kind, this one of exotic colors. The female ninetails had not seen another of her kind since she was a mere Vulpix, so the ninetails suddenly started leaving Aya's side and got curiously closer to the other ninetails. This made Aya even more nervous.

    "W-wait, Rao, don't leave me!" She squeaked out, following her ninetails slowly.
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  8. Sylenne was a bit surprised by the sudden special task orders actually scratch that she darn surprised when she was given the task of capturing Azelf and Uxie quite an unexpected order. She was going to ask some questions but The Boss seemed to have gone elsewhere which annoyed her a little bit but then again he was quite busy since he was The Boss and all.

    Once she exited the facility she took out a premier ball and letting her sawsbuck who was in autumn form out. She climbed onto its back "Now Celes we're going to The Cave of Ancients now i know you're confused since this is pretty much the first time iv'e ridden you but i can't use Lugia to get there it would attract far too much attention". She said reassuringly to calm down the confused pokemon at least a little bit.

    "And Lexi hmm i would let you follow us as much as i want to return you back into your pokeball but i know you wont like that". And with that the trio were off to The Cave of Ancients.
  9. Vane lifted his head as he noticed another ninetails. He padded over to the other ninetails, wagging his tails in greeting. "Hi there!" He spoke in his native tongue.

    Kinira chuckled and followed close behind Vane, "Did ya find a friend, buddy?" She stood by his side and let him do his thing. After all, you didn't see many ninetails around here.

    Vane barked playfully and crouched down, lifting his tails into the air as he invited the other ninetails to play.

    Kinira smiled as she noticed the ninetails trainer running after her, "Oh, hello there. Is this your ninetails?" She smiled at the young girl.
  10. The pretty ninetails stepped closer to the shiny one of her kind. Seeing that he was playful, she barked back happily in response, lifting her tails as well in a playful manner. "Hello." She responded back in the same language only the two spoke. She playfully pounced forward, wanting to play.

    Aya followed quickly behind her ninetails who's name was Rao. She was not comfortable being separated from her first friend, but she understood why Rao had walked away once Aya saw the shiny ninetails. She even stared at the two of them in awe for a moment, before being distracted by the pokemon's trainer.

    Looking up, their gazes locked, which made Aya nervous. Her hands latched onto her dress and she squeezed the fabric nervously, averting her eyes from the locked gaze.

    "U-uhm Yeah...that's Rao...she's mine." She replied timidly.
  11. Vane bounced around, running around the other ninetails with playful energy, "My name is Vane." He told her, barking jovially.

    Kinira laughed at the two playing pokemon before turning her attention back to the shy girl, "Rao is a pretty name. I'm Kinira, what's your name?" She inquired gently, sensing the girl's nervousness.
  12. Rao pounced forward towards him and then back, playfully. "My name is Rao." She barked back at him in response, enjoying his lively energy and trying her best to come off as friendly and kind.

    "M-my name is A-aya." Aya stuttered as she spoke. She rarely spoke to humans anymore. Only Pokemon. Aya was so nervous and focused on herself that she could not even watch Rao make a friend of her own kind. This would be the first time that this has ever happened.
  13. Vane was enjoying his new playmate, playfully nipping at her tails as he ran around her. "I like it. It's a pretty name for a pretty pokemon."

    Kinira smiled at Aya, "That's a lovely name, Aya. I hope that we can be friends." She held her hand out towards the girl in a friendly manner, "Working in teams or groups is the way to save Mesprit, I think."
  14. Michael sighed, watching the poor Mesprit stir around the tank. Ever since they caught the cute pink legendary, he started to dislike being stationed to guard the thing. It looked so helpless and confined, which he couldn't help but sympathize for. He thought of breaking it out before, but thought that it'd probably be useless and that he shouldn't think of such things.

    He snapped out of his daze when the boss began to speak about the previously mentioned legendary calling for help. He was startled at first but regained his composure, after realizing that the idea of calling the rest of the trio was far from being stupid. He nodded once he was given his orders, and told the grunt next to him that he'd be back after passing the message along to the admins and he should stay with Mesprit.

    He ran to any admin he could find and after telling them of what the boss expected of them to do, he would go search for another. This pattern continued until he was sure he got all of them. Exhausted from all the running, he decided to just jog back to the main lab.
  15. "Thank you, I think you're very pretty. I've never seen another ninetails colored like you are." she barked and purred playfully, also pouncing and having fun. She was mesmerized by the colors of his tails.

    When Aya heard the mention of the Pokemon in need of help, her head quickly shot up and she quickly shook the girls hand with two of her own.

    "Y-yes! We need to save it! Pokemon like it are protectors of the world! I-I want to save Mesprit! More than anything!"
  16. Vane beamed and paused to stroke one of his own tails, "I do love my fur. It's quite magnificent if I do say so myself." Vane chuckled, his namesake showing clearly.

    Kinira smiled, glad to have found some common ground with the girl, "Then that's what we'll do. We're going to save Mesprit." Kinira smiled and looked down at Vane and Rao, "It looks like those two are becoming fast friends. All the more reason for us to team up, don't you think, Aya?" Kinira asked with a smile.
  17. Rao chucked as well, in response. "Yes, I think it is quite beautiful and magnificent. Why are you colored like that and I colored like this? I've seen ninetails before like me, but never one like you." Rao asked curiously.

    Aya glanced at the two ninetails conversing for a moment, and then looked back at Kinira with determination in her eyes. "I want to save Mesprit. It's my only reason to leave the forest. If you want to save Mesprit too, let's save Mesprit together." She said, her fist bunched up and her face looking serious. This was simply her way in saying that teaming up was good with her.
  18. Vane looked thoughtful for a moment, "I believe the humans call pokemon like me 'shiny'. It's just a unique variant in our genetic makeup that makes us look different." Vane replied, yawning and sitting next to Kinira.

    Kinira smiled, "Alright! Let's make sure we have everything we need before we head out to find Mesprit. Do you have an idea of where Mesprit could be?" She asked curiously.
  19. Dennis was in his lab looking at some D.N.A samples he had taken from the mesprit that they had captured. "Hhhmmm interesting simply fascinating I always knew a legendries D.N.A was different from a regular pokemon's in almost everyway." he said fascinated.
    Suddenly a grunt came in and said that Dennis had to go into the field on the Boss's orders. Dennis sighed "Why doesn't he tell me about these things before I do research" he said disappointingly. Dennis grabbed his pokeballs and his cane and exited his lab and proceeded to exit the base.
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  20. Morgan had hoped to relax after his tour of Kanto. He and his pokemon had worked hard, and felt he'd felt they'd earned it. Okay, so maybe he should've stayed home instead of bumping over to some other region for R&R, but this place had such nice brochures. Either way, what he and his friends wanted didn't really matter after last night. The dream itself reminded the Kanto contestant of so many cheesey old movies that he'd almost dismissed it, but passing by Alder on his soap box, talking about how the pokemon of emotions had gone missing. When the other two legends had approached with their plight, Morgan started to feel colder and more distant from everything around him. So now he's sitting in the police station, waiting to look through any public reports on pokemon abductions or poaching. He didn't expect someone to have a picture of a shady man spiriting away the missing mon, but legends don't normally get abducted by wild pokemon and the pink-haired adolescent doubted that Mesprit would be in any danger in a pokeball. What a way to spend a vacation.
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