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  1. HELLO, little idea here:

    We have a Doctor-Who-Style adventure here. We have a Tardis, we have companions, we have the technology... but NO Doctor!

    Your character can be from any world or species so long as it makes sense plot-wise and is not over-powered. Perhaps you have met the Doctor before, perhaps not. We all wind up on a crazy zany adventure in the Tardis trying to find him, what happened to him, and figure out what is going on!
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  2. A character sheet:

    Image or description:



    Species (If not human please describe):

    Special Skills & Advantages:

    Weaknesses & Disadvantages:

    Preferred Weapon(s) & Personal Item(s):


    Relationship Status:

    Favorite Food:

    My character Sheet:
    Máóhk Sun
    Nickname: "Rodge"
    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): She is not a fighter and has no weapons. She will always have a monkey-wrench and a wine-key handy.
    Special Skills & Advantages:

    Cars: Fixing cars, driving cars, knowing cars. She is an engineer by nature and inclined toward mechanics.
    Waiting/Bar-tending: A skill she picked up to help pay the rent when the car-thing was slow.
    Independent woman: And decisive, she has a get-it-done-now attitude.

    Weaknesses & Disadvantages:
    Non-combat oriented: not a fighter by any means
    Impulsive: She makes decisions to quickly, without taking the time to consider the full perspective.
    Not a team player: Likewise, she will make a choice and take action before she asks anyone else what they might thinks.
    Phobia: Cynophobia, fear of dogs. She was attacked by a dog as a child, and still fears them.


    Rodge was born and raised life in Montana on a Blackfoot reservation by her grandparents Her grandfather had a gift for repairing cars despite low resources. Their yard was always full of random parts and rusty cars. This was her childhood playground. Her grandmother was a kind woman and an excellent cook. She claimed to have had a spiritual ‘gift’ of some sort. Whenever Rodge asked her to prove it, Gram wound out the same old story about how she had abused the power when she was young and foolish, god took the power away as a consequence, but cursed her to have to tell everyone she met as a warning. When Rodge learned the word 'Senile' in school, she thought of her grandmother.

    As she got older she helped her grandfather with cars. She was relatively happy, until her best friend died in a drunk driving accident. She began to hate home and everyone in it, everywhere she looked reminded her of the tragedy.

    Her grandparents were very old, and had trouble relating to her, she didn’t have many friends after that. She never felt better after the accident, and no one wanted to be around her. She lacked the resources to feel fulfilled (rusty cars only drive so far…) and decided to leave home.

    She applied for a technical college in Helena. She worked at a diner and a car garage to support herself while she was in school.

    Earning associates degree in auto-mechanical engineering, she felt ready to take on the world. She souped up an old ford-truck and drove until she ran out of gas. She proved her skills and tried to settle down. But things never seemed to settle for Rodge. She got into an argument with her boss, and got fried. Rather than try to get a new job in the same city, she decided to start from scratch. Souped up an old beetle and drove until she ran out of gas.

    She wound up in New Orleans. She got a job as a mechanic again, and met a nice boy. Ricky. This boy introduced her to street-racing (NOTE: I am not thinking that this is anything like the fast and the furious). She was better under the hood, but wasn’t bad behind the wheel, she had fun with that for awhile… Until things went sour between her and Ricky, a misunderstanding. He figured that violence was the best way to communicate his feelings, he misunderstood. Rather than try to find a new boyfriend in that city where she was fairly well established, she hit the road, looking for a fresh start. She souped up an old Chevy and… well… you get the idea.

    She bounces around the dust-bowl like a ping pong ball, never settling in one place long enough to realize her ‘full potential’.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Favorite Food: She'd never admit it but she misses grandma's berry stew... If you asked her, she'd say her second favorite, which is chocolate covered pretzels.
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  3. Image of Character:[​IMG]
    Leah Veen, (As in "Living")
    Nickname: The Living Auton, She Who Wrested free, The Auton Consciousness
    Age:She is about 32,000 years old, but she became self aware only a few weeks ago.
    Species: Auton (Quote from the Tardis Data Core (Doctor Who Wikia) ) The Autons were metamorphic Androidrobots, artificial life forms which were essentially life sized plastic dummies animated by the Nestene Consciousness.
    Preferred Weapon(s)/Personal Item(s): She can shoot a tranquilizing gas from her hands. She also has a sharp blade that can slide out of her left wrist that she can fight with.
    For tens of thousands of years, this Auton was like any other Auton. It was a husk for the Nestene to inhabit. But one day, it started to be aware. Aware of its surroundings, itself, and of the controller chip deeply embedded into her plastic spine. No one knew how it could possibly happen, (Not even The Doctor!) but, it did. She felt emotions, the ground below her feet, and the sun of the planet Earth.

    She was an invader, and her job was to kill humans. She burst out of the display of a shop where she was hiding, no control whatsoever of her body. She felt the glass scratch her plastic body, and she felt something she had never felt before. Pain. She felt the controller chip make her walk towards a screaming human girl. She was so young, she couldn't have been a day over 8. Without any control whatsoever of her body, she unsheathed the blade in her wrist compartment. The little girl just stood there and started to cry. Lea started to resist. She had killed thousands of time before, but no other times felt as real as this. She felt the stark cold reality of the situation with every inch of her being, and Lea thought a single word. "........Stop......". She continued walking purposefully towards the girl, blade in hand. ".....Must....stop...." Lea thought. She tried to slow down, her body shook and her limbs moved in random directions. Her head jerked from side to side. and electrical sparks arced inside her plastic spine. Leah heard a loud static noise and her vision went back.

    When she gained consciousness it was the middle of the night and she was in a dumpster. She felt very strange, like every part of her plastic body was under her complete control. She"Free..." She thought to herself. It was an odd word, one she had heard before when she was stalking her victims. It meant many things, one of which was having control over her own body. She felt a surge of energy and excitement as she thought of this delicious possibility. Could she move? For once, her chip wasn't giving her body orders, and she felt alive! She tried to lift her left arm, straining with effort. Her limb shook and a grinding sound could be heard. It jolted upwards, hovering above the trash in the dumpster. She gasped and her arm immediately fell back down. She could move!

    She struggled to get out of the dumpster, then she looked around. She saw the display that she leapt from just a block away. She made a snap decision. She would hide among those mannequins until she could find a way to escape from this underdeveloped world without making a scene.

    Some reasons she may want to find the Doctor would be so that she could escape planet Earth, escape her past, and ultimately distract herself from what she has done when under control of the Nestene Consciousness. She also seeks to do good in the world to make up for the sins that the Nestene Consciousness forced her to commit.

    Special Skills & Advantages: She has built-in weapons in her body. (Tubes filled with tranquilizing gas and a blade in her left wrist.) She cannot die from old age.
    Weaknesses and Disadvantages: She is made of hard plastic. She is not agile at all, because she is still getting used to walking without someone else controlling her body, and also because Autons were built in a way that made them bulky and clumsy.
    Relationship Status: No one.
    Favorite Food: She doesn't eat.
    Theme Song: It would be either Still Alive from Portal or perhaps Kokoro.
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  4. Sweet! Congrats on being the first officially accepted character!
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  5. Image or description: ((I will have image soon, friend hasn't given it to me yet.))

    Name: Wilohem Darkblade ((Pronounced Willow hem Dark Blade))
    Nickname: Will
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23, when he stopped.

    Species: Wilohem is a corrupted/purified version of a human. An angel of darkness, a demon of light.
    Preferred Weapon(s) & Personal Item(s): He owns a rifle, and a small sword. Also, in his pack is some food, a cluster of clips of ammo, and a med-kit.
    History: He met the doctor while he was the War doctor, and aided him to some extent. During his time with the Doctor, he was exposed to a combination of radiation, the time vortex, and battle. Returning from his romp with the doctor, he found himself to be changing. Changing, as if the time he spent with the doctor had given him strength in other fields than just muscle. Will found he was beginning to be able to fade out, and back in, forwards and backwards in time, about for 5 minutes. He was toying with this development, when he went too far, and found the limit of the Fading. He fell into a "melting-pot" of bodies, who had slipped through the cracks of time, and died there. Will quickly escaped, and found himself to be winged. He wandered the ruins of a Auton raided city, in solitude.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Favorite Food: Moderately priced sushi rolls. ((Really though, it's anything except mushrooms.))

    Other: His song would be Get Your Boots On, from LBP.

    Special Skills & Advantages: Time jump, wings

    Weaknesses & Disadvantages: water, for it bogs down his wings. Time jumping has a cooldown
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  6. Sweet. I like the idea :) accept!

    Can he still do the 5 min jump thing?
  7. Yes, but if he goes too far, he and whoever is clinging to him will fall into the "melting pot" thing. In said pot, the bottom and the walls will melt all that touch it. Well... You don't get melted, your atoms split across time and space.
  8. Eek. How about the number of times he can do that? or a 'cool-down' time?

    I'm just thinking of how it will play out it IG XD
  9. Ok, well, what about 2x the jump time is the cool down?
  10. So, 10 minutes would be the longest cool-down? That seems a bit short...

    Also, I realize that I put it in my CS but didn't put it on the blank CS, I added two categories, can you add them XD sorry! ^^;;

    Special Skills & Advantages: (Such as your time-jump)

    Weaknesses & Disadvantages:
  11. Well, what multiplier should we have it at? And how will we count minutes for the cooldown?
  12. I can't wait until more people join, I have a good feeling about this roleplay~
  13. How about every 10 posts?
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  14. Im ok with that
  15. I mean its not up to me of course, but I thought it might be a good idea... >_>
  16. That's actually a fab idea! ^_^

    SOH, three so far, great! I was thinking that we all wake-up in the tardis to start. None of us remember how we got there. Whadayathink?
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  17. In also like that you both have theme songs... I think I'll add that to th CS!

    And I'll have to find one for Rodge...
  18. Hmm... It might not make sense for my character, considering that she is stranded on Earth right now...maybe we could think of some explanation for that?
  19. Also, I just updated my character sheet. Just so you guys know...
  20. What if the tardis is crashed in the center of the city, where the Auron soldiers are located.
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