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    “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”

    The Lost Doctor
    A Doctor Who RPG

    Our wibbly wobbly timey wimey adventure begins here! We have the trusty Tardis, we have the capability to visit any time or place we would like, we have the sonic screwdriver able to open anything but a wooden door, and of course our dear and trusted...

    Wait. The Doctor is missing!

    Our characters will awaken aboard the Tardis with a bit of short term amnesia. They have no recollection of how they came together, no memory of the Tardis or Doctor either.

    Our main mystery-to-solve will be finding the Doctor himself! And it wouldn't be a good Doctor Who story with a plethora of side quests, adventures, planets and creatures new and old.

    So, if you feel inspired! Please make a character...

    Character Sheet:


    Home Planet: (With a short description please.)

    Species: (With a short description please)​


    Abilities and Skills:

    Fighting Style: (If applicable)​







    FUN fact:

    Current Cast:



    1. Be nice, be a good team player, no fighting in the war room!
    2. I hate rules, but you can assume that the same rules apply for this forum as they do for this RP.
    3. Find the Doctor!


    Can I play someone who already knows the Doctor?
    Sure! If they have seen, or heard of, or encountered him before that's fine. But they can't remember how they got into this particular predicament, basically the events leading up to the Doctor's departure.

    Can I play someone from the show?
    I'd prefer you play an original character!

    Can I play the Doctor?
    He's missing! You'd be waiting an awful long time for your first IC post...

    What is your favorite color?
    Purple! Thanks for asking!

    Ask more questions I'll post them here ^_^
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    Let's call that our official first jump through time-space!
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  9. I can put up my characters sheet first if you like. :)
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    I'll have my CS up sooooon!
  11. Name: [BCOLOR=transparent]Máóhk Rodger Lune[/BCOLOR]. Commonly known as "Rodge."

    Home Planet: Earth

    Species: Human! A surprisingly diverse species, both fragile and enduring, they breed like rabbits and dispute a decidedly mediocre level of physical and mental ability they manage to accomplish quite a bit while they have a particular talent for finding and getting themselves into trouble.


    Abilities and Skills:
    - Mechanic: Fixing cars is her particular specialty, but she knows her way around around an engine, exhaust system, and even a bit of electronics.
    - Waitress: Balancing trays, suggesting a wine to pair with that meatloaf, skinny-mocha-Appalachian-caliente-iced-caramel... WHAT? She hates it but it's a living!

    Fighting Style: Not applicable. She prefers to ally herself with someone who can fight and lets them do the dirty work.

    Equipment: [BCOLOR=transparent]Rodge never goes anywhere without her… *regular* screwdriver! And monkey wrench… and a wine key… just in case.[/BCOLOR]

    - "Macgyver": She's a mechanic, but has also lived her life on her own with not a lot of cash on hand. She's good at improvising together what she needs, and using non-traditional items as tools.
    - Poker Face: She's a tough cookie, what she feels is not what's on her face. She can keep cool in a tough situation, and keep focused under pressure. Her poker face isn't always tough-girl, as a waitress she's learned to have a friendly-face in the face of stress as well.
    - Street Smart: Rodge has a measure of street smarts from her upbringing and her street-racing days.

    - Commitaphobe: Rodge is reluctant to put down roots and make true allies. She has moved around every few years, and will develop superficial relationships as it suits her, but never expects such things to last.
    - Aqua-phobia: Rodge does not know how to swim, and is afraid of large bodies water. She will choose a shower over a bath every time, will not go in the pool, by the river, or beach ever. She gets grumpy when it rains hard, and will step around the puddles.

    Personality: [BCOLOR=transparent]Rodge is quite, standoffish, and a bit rough around the edges. She's introverted, meaning that she thinks better when it's quiet and lonely, and while she does not shun social interactions requires it to 'recharge' her mental batteries. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]When people meet Rodge, they meet someone level headed, they find her grounded and confident, calm and even pleasant. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the inside Rodge is very insecure, she tends to wander and is reluctant to form friendships and attachments. She has learned to put on a smile and might promise friendship or a long-term-commitment, but rarely follows through with her actions. She will be reliable at first, but will move on after a time, she rarely states in the same location or company for more than a few years. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She is a mechanic by nature and by trade, with a knack for puzzles and crafts. A good puzzle is a great stress relief to Rodge, she spends her free time fixing up old 'hopeless' cars and sometimes toasters.[/BCOLOR]

    Rodge comes from the great state of Montana on a native reservation, she was raised by her grandfather. Grandpa was the town mechanic (He didn't exactly have a license or certification, and he didn't exactly have a shop, but had a big yard full of half working cars, and fixed the neighborhood cars in exchange for cakes and beer.) He was a kind man who kept Rodge close by when she was little. It is by his influence that Rodge was able to discover her talent for mechanics at an early age. She grew up climbing over, under, and into these half-working cars.

    She loved her grandfather, but as she grew up she found trouble. When she wasn't fixing cars she would get wasted with her friends. Her very best friend, Otahko, would steal one of her grandfathers car, and drive until they ran out of gas. Depending on how far they went they would walk home, or call up grandpa and beg for mercy and a ride.

    This all changed after the car accident. They were on one of their 'escape' excursions and another driver ran them off the road and into a river. Rodge survived, Otahko did not.

    After that Rodge harbored any resentment she could find. She grew to hate her home, her people, her situation, their situation. As soon as she was able she booked it out of town and went to a trade school in Helena to become a mechanic. She worked at a coffee shop to help pay her bills.

    She tried to make it as a mechanic in Helena, but continued to struggle. She tried working at a nicer restaurant to make more money, but she grew more and more unhappy.

    Then she met a handsome man with a fancy car, he offered her a ride to Los Angeles... She took the ride and never looked back or called home again. In LA she tried to do what she had done in Helena, mechanic and waitress, but the man who had whisked her away helped her find a niche as a mechanic in street racing. It was funny, he brought her a long hoping she would be a nice piece of eye-candy for the crowd, but jumped in when a car was stalling. She had a lot to learn about these kinds of cars but caught on quickly. She was quite happy for awhile, until things went south with the man. Until she met another who offered her a ride to Vegas... She took the ride and, well, you can guess the rest. She moves between cities every few years, sometimes she's a waitress, or a street-racing-mechanic, or just a regular mechanic depending on who's hiring.

    She's a skeptic, she doesn't believe in time travel, magic, or aliens. She's in for a the ride of her life on the Tardis.

    Allergies: None!

    FUN fact: She makes a fantastic berry soup!
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  13. 2010.jpg Character Sheet:

    Name: Avery (Ava) Tawney

    Home Planet: Earth. Earth is the third planet from the sun in the Solar System. It's located in Sector 8023 of the third quadrant. It has various geological and geographical features, and is home to humans, Sea Devils, and Silurians, as well as many other species.

    Species: Human. Humans were sentient primates originally from the planet Earth, though eventually they became widespread throughout the cosmos.

    Appearance: Trying to get an image on here has been a pain, but I'll keep trying to get it here and not at the top.

    Skills and Abilities:
    -Planning: She's good at making somewhat elaborate plans that may or may not work. This was something she did growing up, with the plans growing more complicated every year.

    -Roller skating: Fairly self explanatory. This had always been a favorite mode of transportation for her ever since she learned how.

    -Acting: Is she amazing at it? Not necessarily. But she's decent enough to have gotten a few roles in school plays and to convince herself that she could try to make a living of it.

    Fighting Style: (If applicable) Her policy when it comes to fighting: be quick on your feet and just as quick at thinking. Or better yet, don't get in a fight in the first place.​

    Equipment: She's got her backpack, which has her roller blades and whatever random papers and pens in it, as well as her notebook she writes things down in.

    Strengths: She's a quick thinker, and is decent at making somewhat elaborate plans. She's also a little quick on her feet.

    Weaknesses: She's too sympathetic. She doesn't like to hurt things, no matter how dangerous it might be. She's also impatient, especially waiting for things to happen when she can't see them happening.

    Personality: Ava has always been very inquisitive and curious, yet quiet and somewhat withdrawn, except around people she's close to and trusts. She's constantly thinking, and sometimes zones out when she goes into very deep thought. She's always wanted to do things quickly, and tends to become frustrated when things are slow moving and take a long time.

    History: Ava hasn't had a very extraordinary life experience. She grew up in a small town where her dad worked at the bank. When she was five years old, her parents divorced, and she hadn't really heard from her mom since.

    While she enjoyed having friends, she was frequently one of the quieter friends in her circle. She'd go skating with them as often as she could, and she picked it up rather quickly. When they would play games together, she unofficially took the position of the strategist, since she easily noticed patterns in how the other children would play and take advantage of that.

    She lived in that town her whole life, not able to really go anywhere (though she was tempted to try and hop on a train and leave for a while). It wasn't necessarily that anything was bad, it was more her wanderlust inspired by books her dad would read to her when she was little. On multiple occasions, she did try planning it, but nothing ever seemed like it would work.

    As soon as Ava was able to, she left home and went to a larger city. Her plan was to get a small job there, and live in an apartment will auditioning for parts at a local theatre. That hasn't necessarily worked so far, and she's close to giving up and trying to figure out what she'll do next, since she never really made a Plan B.

    Allergies: Fire Ants

    FUN fact: About the aforementioned trains: she loved jumping off of them when she was a teenager (Although the first time was a complete accident and terrified her, and she broke her left wrist).

    Finally done. I hope you like it ^-^
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  18. Name: Sigfried Yugoslav

    Home Planet: Earth

    Species: Human


    Abilities and Skills:
    • Medical Knowledge: Sigfried has extensive knowledge of the human body. He is a trained surgeon and can use his skill to perform first-aid on people suffering from trauma.
    • Poker Face: Sigfried has used his ability to hide emotion to deal with patients and horrific accidents. He doesn't like showing emotions afraid that they'll weaken his resolve.
    • Eidetic memory: Sigfried used this ability to get through high school and college. It also helps him recall the places, information, and photographs.

    Fighting Style: Sigfried has no specific style but given his medical knowledge he could cause harm if it was at all necessary.

    Equipment: Sigfried has a small notebook he uses as a personal journal, and his clothing.

    Strengths: He is an educated surgeon and is used to making tough choices. He will do everything in his power to make sure that everyone remains safe.

    Weaknesses: He is socially awkward and prefers to be alone. He lacks the ability to empathize with others and can appear very rude and stand offish.

    Personality: Sigfried is very stand offish and has a tendency to hurt the feelings of others. He has never gone out of his way to hurt people and has always looked to helping people. His attitude towards fellow humans may seem brutish but he really likes people. He may seem like hes not listening or ignoring people when he enters moments of trance like thoughts, in these trance like states he'll murmur to himself.

    History: Sigfried was born in a small German town. He was raised on a farm and lacked communication with others. So instead of socially advancing he took the time to advance in his studies. Sigfried would soon move onto college and becoming a surgeon.

    Soon after graduating from Medical school he performed surgery on his sister, she died during the surgery. He constantly blames himself and has since vowed to helping people.

    Constant abuse and ridicule from his father over the death of his sister lead him to cut off ties with other people. He prefers saving their life then talking to him. This would also lead to him moving from Germany to the United States.

    Allergies: None

    FUN fact: Sigfried is overly curious and is always seeking ways to advance his knowledge.