The Lost City of Yamasu

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  1. The City of Yamasu

    There once was a city that was extremely wealthy and prosperous named Yamasu. It was ruled by the royal family of Aion. They ruled the lands fairly and everyone was happy. There wasn't a single person who was poor, and no mouths went unfed. It was the perfect society, technologically advanced. The only thing that hadn't been corrected in their lifetime? Disease and illness. However, there was legend of a jewel that belonged to the gods, that granted good health. One night, the youngest son of the royal family snuck into the land of the gods, and took this jewel. Of course this angered the gods, and punishment was in order.

    Yamasu was submerged into the ocean, never to be seen again. They were cursed to never see the sunlight, and their kingdom was erased from all maps. The only thing that kept the city alive was the stolen jewel. It kept the city safe, supplying it with air The gods allowed them to keep the treasure, but all the technology they once possessed was lost, and they were cursed to age slowly, but never die unless murdered. Their amazing city became overgrown by forests and fields, animals running free. The people were forced to hunt, and revert to what people now days refered to as amazons, or wild folk. The jewel even gave them extra abilities, such as talking to animals and plants, and some could even shapeshift. However, whatever gift they received, it was only to create and heal, rather than destroy.

    In present time, the city is still hidden, however there have been legends of the lost city, and the treasures it contains, particularly the jewel. The only time the city can be reached is during a full moon. A whirlpool opens in the middle of the ocean, and whatever is in the water gets sucked in to the city's outer edges in the forests. And somehow, travelers find themselves there, whether on purpose or by accident.
    Currently, the son that stole the jewel is in power of the throne, and outsiders are not welcome. Some of the residents of Yamasu are interested in newcomers, and some stick to the opinion of the king, and do not appreciate the modern society above the waters snooping in their territory. Some residents hope the city will return to the surface.


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    >> You Can Either Be From The City Or Someone Who Happens Upon It. Please State In Your Biography Which You Are

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    My Birth Name Is
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    But You May Call Me
    Blowing Out The Candles
    {Age - Yamasu Citizens Can Be Very Old, But Look Young}
    I Am Full Blooded
    You Can Tell Just By Looking
    {Personality Description}
    I Love
    & I Hate
    I Am Above Average
    {Special Abilities For The Yamasu Citizens. Be Creative.}
    The Pages Are Torn And Frayed
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  2. Katyla sat quietly, perched in a tree. Her bow was drawn at the ready, an arrow notched and aimed. She let out a quiet, drawn breath to steady herself, and then released the arrow, sending it flying toward her prey. It hit, striking the deer in the chest, and piercing it just in the correct place. She dropped from the branch she had been crouching on, and grabbed it to swing herself to the ground. She inspected the buck, it seemed healthy enough. It would feed a family or two.
    She wandered over to a nearby spring, washing the sweat from her face. Her long ebony hair draped down to her waist in a long braid.

    Tyla was dressed in a silk blue top that covered her chest and a long skirt to match it that allowed room for movement. Her feet were bare, but she wore anklets on her left ankle and some bracelets on her wrists. Her crystal blue eyes looked down at the necklace that dangled from her neck, which had a small shell. She raised it to her lips and blew on it, making a soft, musical sound. It was a call to her fellow hunters, in hopes that one would come to assist her with carrying the deer. If she had to do it on her own, she would, but a pair made the work go faster. She returned to the deer, grabbing hold of her arrow and yanking it out with some effort. She wiped the tip off onto the grass, and waited patiently. She began to hum and sing to herself while she waited. If no one showed up in a few minutes, she would make it back to the city on her own.

    Tyla glanced up at the sky, which was actually the top of what appeared to be a cave. There was a difference between day and night, but she wasn't sure how it worked exactly. They had been stuck under the sea since she was but a child, but light resonated from rocks to create the light of day, and they stopped when it was considered night. Bugs flew at night that had glowing wings, and that created some light during the night time, but their light only lasted for brief moments.
  3. Splash~

    Diana only blinked as she watched a frog leap into the water. The ripples that were made from the jump had caught her eye and she couldn't help but to let her eyes be drawn into the slow hypnotizing effect. Slowly, creeping out from the shadows of the trees, she let her eyes drop to the now stilled water. The waters had calmed, and smoothed out, but what really irked her was that they reflected absolutely nothing. Perhaps at an another angle or another time in the day, they may have reflected specks of light or something similar.

    With a huff, she drew herself to stand at her full height and smoothed out the invisible wrinkles of her hunting clothes. They consisted of a one shouldered shirt that was black in color to blend in well with the forest surroundings and a skirt that was knee-length long, also black in color. They were loose clothes and perfect for the job. Not that Diana would've complained about much anyway. She had two belts strapped on both of her biceps that held small knives and currently, both knives were properly strapped and not in her hands.

    Suddenly, a quite hissing caught her attention. Knowing better than to panic or show panic, she only directed her eyes down and her eyes locked on with the slits of a snake's eye. Narrowing her eyes, she only tilted her head slightly. After only a moment of a silent staring contest, Diana heard it. A familiar note that hung in the air long enough for Diana to properly identify it as something that was not a animal hum or roar.

    She nodded down at the scaled creature as she quickly made her way to the one who made the call. She passed by low branches and overgrown roots that were above the surface. When she made it near what sounded like humming, Diana saw the dead deer first rather than her hunting companion. With a small breath, she exhaled and turned her head around, finding Katyla.

    "Good catch," she praised, giving a small smile, "could probably feed 2 or 3 families for 3 days, maybe more." She added as she stretched her arms, knowing they would have to carry it back to town.
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