The Lost Artifacts of Olympus {IC}

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  1. [​IMG]

    Conversation; Thanatos, Schmetterling
    Mentioned; Thanatos, Schmetterling, Kayleig (NPC) and Gideon @DoomyCakez
    Mood; Annoyed
    Location; His own apartment --> Shopping mall


    A male, young and old at the same time, approached him. Those eyes, holding innocent and wisdom, looking down on him. However Daniel was more focused on the strange surrounding, it seemed as if they were in a cave of sorts. An island, surrounded by dark water. “Daniel” The voice, cold and distance, yet warm and welcome. This male seemed to be a living paradox as the young male looked up to the black cloaked male. “How do you know my name?” He asked, taken aback by the appearance and the knowledge. There was a sound, like a gust of wind, light as if filled with laughter, yet that cold feeling never seemed to let go of him. Though he did not shiver, he was used to the cold, unaffected by it as he waited for his answer. The hood was brought back, striking blue eyes pinning down on him, thin lips curled up in a soft smile, a proud smile maybe? “I would be a bad father, if I did not know the name of my only child” That heavy voice resonated around him. The words weighing down on him as he stepped back further. The cold water lurking up his ankle, soaking through the light fabric of his pants. “Who are you?” He demanded to know now. The person, his father, seeming to float just before him. His heart beat almost non-existent as he stared back into those never-ending blue orbs. “I am Death, Thanatos is my name. And I need you to bring back my sword. But not without help. Find the others, one of them already being very close to you” The voice faded more and more, the last words almost a whisper. Another step back and the water came to his knees. “My father is Thanatos? The Greek personification of Death?” He asked to reassure himself. Somehow that was all so logical now, still he did for some reason not want to get closer to this male. The cloaked figure nodded once, those eyes growing in intensity.

    “I am Death and you are my son!”


    Eyes flew open as he sat up straight, sweat pearling on his pale skin. It took him a few moments to realize where he was. He took a few deep breaths as the paper work fluttered from his body and fell to the ground. Damn, this case had been giving him more stress than he thought it had been. He rubbed a sore muscle in his shoulder, he must have fallen asleep while going over the case.

    “It is not your work. It is the truth.”

    He froze in his movements. “Gideon?” He asked, it wouldn’t be the first time that kid had snucked into his apartment. Though he knew that voice was far too light, far too feminine even for that hyper active boy next door. His eyes searched on, was he still sleeping?

    “You are no longer asleep, Daniel.”

    The butterfly, that annoying little thing that had been following him around for years, landed in front of him. The wings slowly opening and closing, that same blue glittering in the rays of sunlights that hit those fragile wings. Okay, he was officially having to take a few days off. This… this was madness, this was really going too far.

    “Oh for the love of Olympus, you are just as stubborn as your father!”

    Was… that voice coming from the butterfly? Did she really just say Olympus?

    “Of course, the voice is coming from me. I am your guide, your watcher, or whatever you want to call me. I am here to help you.”

    The young male snorted as he sat back. This was really absurd. He shook his head as he got up from the couch.

    “So my father… is Death… the merciless Thanatos…. And he is sending me a butterfly to help? Sorry if I find this all a bit hard to believe. My father is just some lousy bastard who ran when my mother died and couldn’t face his fucking responsibilities to take care of his kid.”

    “The Greek saw a butterfly as a symbol for a soul.”

    The voice was soft in reply as he picked up those papers and arranged them. His hands making quick, obvious annoyed movements, to strike all the folds flat again.

    “That does not change the fact that HE LEFT ME!”

    God, had he really just yelled at a fucking butterfly? Why was he even talking to this stupid thing? He just needed some decent sleep and then all would be alright. He slammed the papers on the table, those blue wings only having seconds to carry the little helper away before it was smashed underneath them. Stubbornly he opened the case again, his eyes moving over the lines that were written down. However his mind… his mind was somewhere else completely.

    That dream, it had seemed so real. Of course, in dream everything seemed to be realistic. So why was he thinking about this? It was not true, it could not be true. Come on, him being the son of Death, that sounded like one of those stupid anime stories Gideon was a fan off. Still, all those things that had happened to him. Those weird things that could not be explained… not really at least. He leaned back on the couch again, eyes falling shut as he shook his head. No, he wasn’t ready for any of this to be true. “Find the others… one of them already very close to you” That voice immediately resonated through his mind and Daniel jerked up again.

    “It is not like you have anything to loose…”

    “My sanity maybe?!”

    No, that was already far gone. He was arguing with a butterfly. A tropical butterfly that was not supposed to survive here. He needed distraction from this. Real distraction and he got up, leaving his paperwork for what it was. The court date was tomorrow anyway. He quickly buttoned his shirt again, pulling his tie straight as he walked out of the door. Without flaw he ripped of the beautiful written shopping list that was taped to the door beside his as he watched it over while going down the stair. He had always preferred the stairs over the elevator. “Not now. I already have a talking butterfly following me around…” He simply stated as a soul immediately came up to him as soon as he had set foot out of the apartment. Shopping mall was the next destination.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Interactions Khione, Ravi & himself
    Location His own bedroom
    Mood Sleepy & bothered
    Darkness. It was all around Leo. It was even scaring him how it surrounded him in such an ease worthy state. It was empty and so quiet that he was able to listen to his own heartbeats and breaths without having to close his eyes. Every breath he took left a small cloud of white in front of his mouth and nose before it disappeared into the dark, just like the dark swallowed up everything else. Despite the comfort of the quietness and emptiness it was... cold. 'Cold' was a physical state that Leo was unable to feel after he had been brought to the world, but there were times where he held the 'feeling' of being cold. It wasn't as if his skin was trembling or his bones shivering, but more of a feeling inside of him that he imagined to be the same as everyone else's when they spoke about winter, ice or snow. Everything Leo loved that he watched melt every single winter when the spring came along.

    "Leonard...?" His full name was used to call him as he looked in the direction of the soft voice calling him out. A woman standing in a radiance of light was standing in front of him, standing in a gown shining in as if it had been made out of beautiful crystals. Her hair was long enough to reach below her hips and they were in the same pure white color as the snow. "...I need your help. My precious emblem... it was taken from me. Without it I cannot travel to Earth and neither can I use my powers," She spoke in a soft tone that was gentle and yet held desperation and a pleading part of it to make Leo take pity in the unfortunate events that had hit her. "I know I have not been the best mother in the world, but Leo... please can you not help your mother this one time?" She was pleading him to help him.

    Unfair words being shot in his direction as she was the reasoning for everything. His father was long dead and his hands were frozen. Smiles were as rare as him going out in the summer and laughter rarer than rubies. His lips parted, but no words were formed. Leo had wanted to give her an answer, but his vision had been swallowed up by the darkness surrounding him and with that Khione was gone and so was he.
    When Leo's eyes opened they were met by the dull dark wooden roof his bedroom. There had been a time where he wanted to paint it white, but he had been too lazy to do so. He wanted to do something more than to cover the wood with a plain white. One day he would take the time to paint it in a beautiful dark blue color... and then let white dot across the wood to give him the view of the summer night sky, while he was stuck inside of those four walls he loved to call his bedroom. It was always cool due to the AC and most people would complain about the coldness, but it was the only way Leo managed to find himself being comfortable all year around. It was only during winter that he managed to let the AC stay off. Spring could become too hot for him too, but that was mostly because of his strange body temperature.

    "HEY! I saw your dream! Ki... Kino... Kiki wanted us to find that thingy right? Thingy thing!" Oh that was right. In his dream Ravi was not present however it did not mean that he was not there at all. "Ravi" had been his imaginary friend when he was younger. The reasoning he managed to survive inside when all of the other kids went outside, how he managed to cope with the death of his human father. It was all thanks to Ravi and over the years they had grown close, however now Leo felt as if Ravi had stayed as a child and Leo was the only one who had managed to grow up. Leo was twenty one years old, but Ravi was stuck being eight inside of his mind despite his body aging as well.

    A low sigh escaped from the artist as he sat up and looked at Ravi. They were so different. Ravi's hair was pure white while Leo's was black. Ravi had light blue eyes and Leo's eyes shared the raven color of his hair. It was not only their looks, but it was their personality as well. Ravi was his 'familiar' and not just a mere figment of his imagination, but Leo liked to believe that Ravi had begun as a spawn from his head. How had Leo managed to make him like this in the first place? Even as a child he decided to stay away from people, to hide away from the world. That was the reason why Ravi was there in the beginning. Back then he could make him disappear and appear at will, when did that ability stop working?

    Without a word he sat up and moved over to the kitchen. He had fallen asleep with a pair of black jeans and shirt which saved him from having to get dressed for the day. An empty canvas was blocking out the sun as paintings were arranged on shelves all around his room with each color having their own respective shelf with different shades of the color being gathered in one place. Brushes and pencils were stacked in cups and jars as paper was lined up in one corner and some were scattered down on the floor. "...I will not help her," Leo answered as he walked over to the kitchen to reach into his fridge grabbing some ice tea before taking a small sip from it.

    It was nothing to be discussed. "Why not? Leo! She needs our help! We can be like superheroes! Like... Bam bam BAM!" Every 'bam' had a kick or punch being delivered from the white haired familiar as he kicked around a little bit. A long sigh escaped from Leo as he turned around. Talking was one of his least favorite thing to do, but Ravi had some sort of secret ability to make him have a conversation with him. "What will I get in return? Frozen sculptures of thieves? Waste of time in the sunlight? Forced social interactions? I have much better things to do than to help a stranger daring enough to call her my 'mother'," Leo spoke in an ice cold tone that matched his powers as he put the cup away.

    The ice tea had frozen into solid ice tea from the anger he felt from the silly request of him getting the emblem. If she was stupid enough to lose it in the beginning, then it was not Leo's doing to get it back. His tall and slender being walked over to the chair in front of the canvas and picked up the brush before he stopped. Ravi was standing directly behind him and the atmosphere in the room was a lot heavier than before. "We must find the others Leo. We must help KiKi! If not then she shall bother you to the end of your life!" Ravi said as Leo sighed and then turned around to face him. "Much like you? I do not need a second you..." He murmured to himself before standing up and brushing Ravi out of the way.

    Was he going? He wasn't sure. The only thing he knew was that food was required and the empty fridge was not going to help him much. "I still don't want to-" Ravi stopped his sentence as he pushed him up against the wall. The direct side of Ravi was different from himself too. "You should help her. Aren't you a bit nice too Leo? You're not made out of ice are you?!" The white haired one shouted into his face. "...I wish I knew," Leo whispered before brushing Ravi away for the second time and then peeked over his shoulder to look at Ravi. "If I find her that emblem... will you shut up about it?" "Yes of course!" Ravi's mood changed like a snap of a pair of fingers and Leo let out yet another sigh.

    It seemed as he was helping Khione find her stolen emblem after all.​
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  3. [​IMG]
    Interaction: Edita Vasquez - NPC || Aristomache - NPC
    Mention: Daniel Vylar - @DarkiusHeavenstein
    Ramiro had his heart on sleeping in with both his day jobs having failed to schedule him for work that day and the night shift at the gas station not starting until 6: 30 that night, and was having a pleasant dream too when a pair of hooves stomped on his chest and he awoke with a pained gasped. "Son of a--" He groaned and rolled over, curling in on himself as he did so.

    "Awaken, mathētēs," a deep, yet feminine voice rumbled. "He has grown weary of your petulance."

    "Tell 'em to shove his petulance up his ass!" Ramiro grumbled, pushing the wild boar away from him. The Hispanic knew he was the son of Ares since the day he shot fire out of his lucky zippo, and well, it just made sense honestly. As a kid anger and violence were his best friends until he over did it and had the Mexican nearly beat out of him by a hysterical woman who claimed to be his oh so loving mother... with a spatula. That's the last time he picked a fight (while high off his ass) before dinner. That's not to say he didn't have a "yeah, what have you been smoking?" moment and disbelief phase, but really, who else could be hit by a car and go on to work morning shift at a crappy fast food joint? A job which he may or may not even have if it weren't for a certain dark-haired white boy.

    He was lucky, however, as having a god for a father meant having a mother who had relations to said god, and picked up a few tricks on how to prevent him from poking into her son's head. As she so brilliantly put it, "No child support? No visitation!" That ultimately left the War God resorting to shoving an overgrown pig into his son's life. Most people got their son's cellphones!

    Rubbing his sore chest, Ramiro clambered out of bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers with an over stretched waist band and lumbered toward the bathroom with said overgrown pig at his heels. "Güey, privacy!" he exclaimed before slamming the door in her snout. But Aristomache, or Mache as Ramiro had take to calling her, had a nasty habit of refusing to be ignored. Proven so be the sound of scratching at the door. For something that wasn't quite there, she made one hell of a racket. Then again, if she was actually there his mother would have fried her up by now; honorary messenger of a god or not.

    "This is an emergency, Ramiro! Lord Ares' armor has been stolen and he needs your help to recover it!" Ramiro rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness of it all. An immortal asshole needing the help of his bastard son? The thought was laughable. He rinsed off his hands in the sink before exiting and trailing back to his room, the sounds of his mother's favorite soap opra reaching him from down what could barely be called a hall. Her friend from worj was mind enough to record them for her as long as Ramiro supplied the blabk disks. He wasn't sure if the jeans he picked up off the floor were clean or not but he was eighty-percent sure he wore them only twice before but wasn't about to dwell on it as he threw on a black t-shirt and his favorite red jacket. "Ramiro! This is not the time to ignore me!"

    He continued on down the "hall" and into the frontroom where the figure of his willowy mother could be seen curled up on the couch in her bathrobe shouting Spanish at their old T.V. "Morning, mamá," he greeted her with a kiss to the cheek.

    "Hey, where do you think you're going?" she demanded when he heard him gather up the keys to his car. "You have a wrap in the microwave since you're lazy ass decided to sleep pasted noon."

    "I'm just running up the street! Chill," he replied. His mother was like a short and stocky pit to be honest. She may not have looked like much but she sure had a bite. Speaking of which... "Hey, where's Diablo at?"

    "You mean Pooky?"

    "Pooky? Man, who names an attack dog Pooky?"

    "What dumbass names a dog after the devil? We need to improve the image of pit bulls, not encouraging stereotypes! Now eat." The Ares' heir wasn't given much of a choice as he grumbled his way to the kitchen to fetch the now-cold breakfast burrito.
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  4. Rylee Jacobs

    Mentioned: Zeus, Freda (Mother, NPC)
    Location: His apartment to the Mall
    Interactions: None
    Mood: Frustrated

    ylee Jacobs, wake up my son." A thunderous voice boomed throughout the land startling little Rylee Jacobs awake. The small boy shot up into a sitting position as he stared around the dark room. Only the glow of the clock could be seen clearly. "W-who's t-there?" The boy's voice was shaky and uneven, the fear was clear. A tall muscular man moved out the shadows, dressed in unusual clothing. Rylee stared at him in awe. He looked to be god, little did Rylee know he was, not only a god, but his father. "My boy, do not fear me. I am your father." The man from the shadows said as he started to come closer to the small blonde haired boy. "My name is Zeus, and you have nothing to fear...I will not hurt you as you are my son." He added. Rylee shook his head multiple times. "My father died...he was struck by lightning." Rylee spoke, trying to find a way to escape. The man was too close to run for the door. There was no escape. "You can't be my father." Rylee said again more firm. Poor Rylee Jacob had grown up with the belief his father was killed by lightning, but his slightly insane mother was just trying to cope with seeing her lover disappear in a flash of lightning. Zeus sat on the edge of the small bed smiled at his son. "If that is what you think, than I will let you, but the facts are I am your father and you are my son." He said a bit stern. Rylee looked at Zeus' face and noticed the same golden eyes he saw in the mirror, the same colored hair he brushed each morning, and the same small birth mark between his neck and chin. This man was his father.

    Rylee woke from the dream like memory in the comfort of his own bedroom. Rylee had dreamed of that night many times after it had happened. Sure he had heard of the gods coming to their children in dreams or once in a while in person, but he didn't think the king of the gods would act so gentle and compassionate towards him. Maybe it was because of Rylee's young age or because he knew that he would have to rely on Rylee one day to help him. Either way, Zeus had shown Rylee a kindness none of his mother's boyfriends ever did that was why he respected his biological father more than his now step-father.

    Sliding out of bed, Rylee made his way to the bathroom. After a hot shower, Rylee stood in front of the mirror in a white robe. Grabbing his tooth brush from the holder Rylee then spread toothpaste across the top of the bristles. Running the brush under some water, Rylee began to brush his teeth as he stared into the mirror. "You need to find it, Rylee..." A voice seemed to say in his head. "Find my staff." It continued in a raspy voice. Rylee recognized the voice, despite it being vague. It was Zeus. What staff are you talking about? Rylee wondered, but the voice was gone. How was he supposed to know what his father meant if he never answered Rylee's questions. However, complaining about his father's lack of answers wouldn't get Rylee to figuring out why his father was talking to him this time.

    After dressing in a basic pair of jeans, white v-neck, and a flannel, Rylee slipped into a pair of black Chucks before hiding out of his apartment. Rylee needed to go to the mall to pick up a gift for his mother's birthday. She wanted one of those glass knickknacks that said world's best mother. Sure she wasn't the world's best mother, but she tried and that was good enough for Rylee. So hoping into his black Chevy Camaro, Rylee took off towards the mall.

    Traffic was hell. There was a three car accident on one of the intersections, and Rylee just about blew up. He may have been a patient man, but when it came to driving he had zero patients for it. Rylee had road rage to the max. If he wasn't going fast enough he'd complain, so moving five miles per hour for three blocks was a nightmare. Once past the wreckage, Rylee sped up and got to the mall asap.

    Rylee parked in his car by the south entrance; however, he did not remove himself from his car. For the last three blocks, Rylee could feel that someone was following him. Maybe it was someone that knew he was Zeus' son? No. It was a co-worker from Divine Imports. Rylee was the CEO to Divine Imports and since working there he had made some interesting friends including stalker Steve. "What do you want?" Rylee questioned as he stepped out of the vehicle.

    Steve looked at him with a blank expression. Drool seemed to slowly make it's way out of the male's mouth as he stayed silent with his mouth wide open.

    Rylee's expression turned to concern. "Steve?" He stepped closer to the man dressed in a suit and tie. "Are you okay?" He asked.

    All of a sudden Steve lashed out and grabbed a hold of Rylee's shoulders. "Find the staff of Zeus...return the power, must return the power." Before Steve could say another word, his nose began to bleed and he passed out.

    Catching the poor male before he hit the floor, Rylee looked horrified. Sure Steve was a bit crazy, but he didn't deserve to be a possessed messenger from Rylee's father. Rylee knew that the guy wasn't dead, but he would suffer brain damage. Not many human's could handle possession and by the way Steve was bleeding he wasn't one of them. Dragging him to the yellow car that belonged to Steve, Rylee leaned him against it. Pulling out his phone, Rylee dialed 911.

    "911, where's your emergency?" The operator came through, her voice was calm and even.

    "Shopping Mall on Monroe Ave, south parking lot. A man collapsed and is unconscious, his nose is bleeding." Rylee informed her.

    "Sir could you please stay on t-"

    Rylee hung up. Sure he was a nice guy, but he wasn't sticking around to try an explain what he was doing here. The police in this town found any reason to arrest someone. Hurrying inside, Rylee walked to the escalator and rode it to the second floor. The stand that sold the stupid knickknacks was located near the food court, and that was exactly where he was going. He wasn't going to look around like his ex girlfriend did, he was just going straight for what he came here to get. However, there was the feeling that there was more here that he needed to do than to buy a twenty dollar glass gift.
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  5. [​IMG]

    ○ Hermes- Father ○
    ○ Thibault- Familiar ○

    ○ Hermes ○

    ○ Thibault ○
    ○ Daniel- @DarkiusHeavenstein

    ○ Confused ○
    ○ Lazy ○

    ○ School Rooftop ○

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    This dream... It always started the same... For the past few days it had been replaying within Gideon's fragmented dreamscape... a constant annoyance that only offered confusion and mild irritation when he woke up.

    He was standing alone on what appeared to be a reflective pool; however, it's depth never rose higher than the color line of his sunkissed feet. Above his head was the sky, which reflected upon this clear surfave to give the appearance that he was flaoting among the clouds. The temperature was always the same, despite the high altitude Gideon finding that the air was warmer and the water cool underneath his bare toes. His head turned upon feeling something brush against his foot, only to find it was nothing more than a white lotus blossom, which floated by as if carried along by some invisible current... some gentle pull.

    The breeze blew, blowing those rust colored lock about his head in a careless mop. Slightly frazzled, Gideon would lift his hand to settle them back, a repeat for the past few days. There was also a smell in the air, like cooper and bronze... mixed with aroma of mountain breeze. It was odd how Gideon was able to pinpoint those two... how oddly familiar it was despite him never laying a hand om any of those objects...

    And that's how it usually went, leaving Gideon in this lonely scape, void of any noise except the sound of his own levelled breathing... but... something was off.

    "Iyo...Are you just going to stand there with that dumb expression on your face? You look like a turtle!"

    Gideon blinked, compact form stiffening as that strange voice called out to him from behind. It blew through the wind, something youthful, yet seething with an incomprehensible wisedom and age that left Gideon shaking where he stood... This was a new development.

    "Oi oi oi... What's this? Your mother didn't teach you enough manners to answer your elders then?"

    "W-what?" Gideon whipped around, expression contorting to one of pure irritation... Only to find... "Uh...Where did he go?" There was nothing there... Just an endless span of sky and the reflective pool connecting at some far off horizon. That youthful face contorted in minor confusion, emerald orbs shifting around the blue, cloud coated sky in search of any sign of the voice he had just heard. "W-who's there?" He asked, voice falling slightly as he lost a bit of the initial momentum... He was speaking out into the vastness, waiting as silence started to cling in the air... until.

    "Behind you, Gidget!~"

    Gideon felt that tap on his shoulder, temper flaring slightly as the strange voice called him by the nickname on his mother used to use...That anger was quickly overshadowed by furthur confusion, head whipping around to address the voice of the owner... Only to find no one once more.

    "Ick... Stop playing your games! How do you know that nickname? Who are you?" He barked into the vastness, compact form stepping through the reflective pool, watching the water ripple under his bare feet. The voice seemed to follow, wafting through the breeze with a playful lull. "How else would I know, little one... unless..."

    Something suddenly tapped his shoulders, Gideon whipping around once more... Only to find a stranger standing a few feet away. He was only slightly taller than Gideon, sharing the same compact, athletic build and sun kissed skin. He looked to be no older than his late twenties, golden locks tied back and secured by a golden helm. His eyes were the same as Gideon's, emerald green, except they held a glimmer of endless wisdom, contrasting the playful smirk upon his lips. He was dressed in a short, white tunic of sorts, the muscles of those power legs tensing and disappearing into his golden sandals.

    "Unless I made the name up myself..."

    Gideon stared in silence, marveling this stranger who seemed to emit an unearthly glow... How familiar he was, yet still a stranger to this young man... Their likeness was uncanny, however... "Who are you?..." He asked, dumbfounded expression only amplified by his wide eyes. The strange chuckled then, strong arms folding over his chest as that youthful head fell lazily to the side. "Geez... and I went through all the trouble to contact you...I guess Rose really did hold up her side of the bargain..."

    There he went again, talking about Gideon's mother as if he had the right. Who the hell was this jerk?

    "How do you know my mother?"

    "Simple, really, kiddo..." The stranger straightened then, hand coming up as he pressed his thumb into his partially bare chest. "I'm your Old Man!"


    Silence... Oh such bittersweet silence as Gideon simply stared at this man who claimed to be his father...

    "Eto... I don't think that's possible..."

    "Ehhh!? What makes you say a thing like that!?" The stranger seemed to visibly deflate, emerald eyes losing s bit of their mischievous glimmer.

    "...How old are you?" Was he really having to spell this out-

    "Gods do not age as mortals do, Gideon."


    Silence seemed to corrupt Gideon's form once more, Emerald orbs narrowing as they simply took in the form of the other with quite a bit of suspicion... until...

    "...No more Airheads before bed... They make my dreams weird..."

    "This is not a dream, Gideon." The stranger's voice was suddenly serious, that playful smile pressing to a thin line. "I have managed to contact you through your subconscious... My name is Hermes, and I-"

    "Waitwaitwaitwaitwait!" Gideon raised his hands, interrupting Hermes midsentence. "Hermes... as in the God?"

    "Yes yes! I have come to you because I need your assistance... my son."


    "My artifact, the Caduceus, has been stolen, which prevents me from using my powers, as well as being able to travel inbetween the Realms of existence... I'm pretty sure you can understand the hassle."


    "I, as well as the other Gods on Olympus, are gathering the aid of our Children upon Earth to help collect and regain our artifacts...Naturally, I decided to go with my most powerful spawn... you."


    "Okayokayokay! So, maybe my other brats are either dead or encarcerated... but you've got spunk, kiddo!"


    "So how's about you help out your Old Man this once, eh? Retrieve the Caduceus for me... bring it back to Olympus and restore my power!"


    "Oi! Don't just stand there like an idiot! Say something!"

    "...You're my dad?"


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Those same emerald orbs squinted before finally breaking free from the holds of sleep. They were met with the same, yet somehow different sky, which currently grey and clouded with the pulls of winter. It also lacked the gentle glimmer and gold the Dreamscape Sky had held...

    "Ugh... what the hell was that?..." Gideon groaned in mild discomfort, the dull throbbing in his skull causing his hand to lift, momentarily resting upon his furrowed brows. What had he been doing just now?...For the ties of sleep easily caused one to forget their current surroundings. The male of about 5'8" (176cm for the normal measurement) shifted in his position, taking notice of the hard, cold, concrete surface under his back... Ahh... That was right. He was on the school rooftop. "How long was I out?..."

    Gideon was always prone to catnaps, mainly because the veils of sleep often evaded him through his nights, which were usually filled with copious amounts of anime, videogames, comic books. It was an endless streaming session, his computer being dragged through the dirt by those never tired eyes... until Gideon managed to grow bored enough to simply waltz around his small apartment, or finally collapse to let that seemingly bottomless energy replenish itself. Today was no different, Gideon having chosen to skip his Calculus class in order to find some sort of relaxation atop this prison... this work camp known as a school.

    The young man grumbled, youthful face dotted with freckles scrunching slightly at the nose, which was currently red from the cold, as he caught that familiar whiff of city pollution. There was no escaping it, this odor that clung to the backs of everyone. Gideon had long ago coined the term "Urban Musk", referring to the blended smells of hot dog stands, stale coffee, sewer drains, and sweaty geezer wafting down the streets... He could not really complain though... this was home afterall.

    You are my son, Gideon...

    That voice still clung to his subconscious, picking at the fragmented remnants of his fading dreamscapr inorder to further prod at his overall psyche. Who was that person, and had it really been just a dream, or like how this so called 'Hermes' liked to call it... More importantly...

    "What the fuck is a Caduceus?"

    Gideon jumped, feeling something squirm in the left breast pocket of his army green overcoat. Oi! Simpleton, you awake yet!? That familiar voice called out to him, vocalizing in his mind and increasing the throb in his head. He grumbled, sitting up and parting the pocket of his navy varsity coat to glance inside, taking notice of miniscule struggling mound of green shell. Get me out of here, Gideon! I'm going stir crazy!

    "Oi. Calm down Thibault. You'll rip my pocket again if you keep squirming..."

    I'll rip more than that if you keep me in here another second! Explain turtle shit stains to the ladies once I'm done with you!

    "Okay okay...It's cold out though..." Gideon did not hesitate to fish the small turtle from his coat breast pocket, balancing the struggling crestin between his thumb and index finger before finally letting the small creature rest on his knee. "Happy?...Sheesh... Give a kid a break, Thy. I just woke up."

    The small turtle, only about 3 inches in length, shifted upon that army green fabric covered knee of his human, yellow eyes blinking as they adjusted to the increase in light. Extactic...Do you remember your dream?...Did you really meet him?

    Gideon only frowned, emerald eyes grazing over the turtle in mild suspicion. "Met who?...It was just a dre-"

    It was not just a dream, idiot! You recieved a real siren's call from your father, Hermes!

    "How the hell do I even know he is my father?" Gideon's frown only deepened, weight leaning back on the palm of his hands as that lovely head rolled back, eyes momentarily falling closed. Thibault scoffed. I believe him. Who actually wants to be the father of a stupid pigboy anyways?...

    "Why you little!-"

    Will you help him find his Caduceus?

    Gideon paused, letting his raised hand fall as he immediately deflated. "I don't even know where to begin... there is no starting point... Where do I look first?...Besides, why should I help him?"

    ...Point taken. There is a rather large lack of clues to begin the search...

    "I say let's quit while we are ahead." Gideon rose then, lifting Thibault into the palm of his hand and dragging his brown leather backpack, throwing it over his shoulder. He dusted his hand off on his grey shirt and gave a small shiver toward the icy gust in the air... It would probably snow soon. "This guy just waltz in and expects me to automatically help him?...To much of a hassle for someone I never met..." The tiny turtle did not answer, simply staring back at his companion with judgemental eyes.

    "Oi... Don't look at me like that, Thy!...I won't do it. Just like I WON'T be finishing class today~"

    Skipping again? Daniel is going to be mad..

    Gideon shrugged, a light hearted smile brightening his once dark features. "He'll be fine. Let's go!"

    Not a good idea, Gid-

    The turtle was cut off as both he and his companion were covered in an aura of blue, Gideon's form shaking as the pressure built up around him. He hunched, body shuddering with power as those pesky white wings sprouted from the side of his head... his coat and shirt were billowed up by the quickening wind, exposing the light tan of his skin... And then.. Pppppffzzzipph! They were consumed by that energy, as if simply devoured and wiped out of existence, leaving nothing behind but an icy gust of wind, dust, and discarded papers.
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  6. Tyler Marie Athens

    Apartment 44A
    Shopping Mall's - Newbury Comics

    Tae @Luxii

    Happy, Excited


    The Carzy - Jazz 04
    Godly Parent - Athena

    Familiar - Leo (Lay-o)


    It wasn't a lie that Tyler had gone to bed at two in the morning with a completed research paper and coffee cups littering her kitchen.Tyler was asleep in her custom fit bed, it was a square and the edges were softened. The sheets of the bed an inviting gold were the comforter was white, the Pillowcases and throw blankets were red. Tyler stirred slightly letting her computer hit the floor. With the loud crash Tyler sat upright, a little too quickly for a headache followed her. Tyler rubbed her head and reached for her phone. Picking up the small Cube Phone Tyler saw the time 6:34 AM Sat, 12. Tyler had six minutes before she had to actually move, but seeing as how Tyler was already up she saw no reason to lie back down. Tossing aside the covers Marion sat at the edge of the bed. Tyler was about to get up when the room began spinning.

    Tyler was no longer in her room but rather sitting in a tree in a vast flower field. Tyler tried to dismount the tree, but she was Completely paralyzed. A woman who in appearance looked quite young, but held an older air about her held her hand out to a young infant, the Infant had soft blond hair upon their frail head and stunning blue eyes. The infant recoiled and fell over, Tyler wanted to run to help the child so young, but her paralysis wouldn't let her. The woman walked over and reached down to help the child up, this time the child had no protests. As the woman raised the child to her chest Tyler could see that the young child was a girl. The female child began ageing in the Woman's arms and pictures flooded into Tyler's mind. So many events from the past came flooding into her mind making them fresh they other girl, was Tyler. The Woman put down the Tyler copy and began walking toward her, the paradox of herself in stride. Tyler suddenly found herself able to move, dismounting the tree Tyler met the two halfway. The woman never spoke seeing Tyler's attention more focused on herself. Tyler looked at the other body who mirrored her movements, cutting straight to the point Tyler went to go and reach for the other Tyler. The moment their hands touched the other Tyler became translucent and had walked right into Her, a cold chill went up her spine paralyzing her once again. Memory's she had with her father now showed a mother present, besides her a owl whom always seemed to be perched upon a branch of some sort that was tucked away in the girls belt, it was almost like photo shop, but now Tyler can even feel her presents when pulling up the event in her mind. "I'm sorry you know." Tyler jumped at the sound of the woman's voice, it was so warm and inviting yet Tyler found a reason not to trust it. Tyler's words were harsher than she wanted them to be, but they came out the way they did "Who are you?" The woman let out a light laugh. "From what your more interested in, to you I'd be Minerva." Tyler stopped a minute. Minerva Goddess of Wisdom and War Tactic. Tyler shook her head "Try again, Who are you?" The woman, no, Minerva or Athena or whatever she was going to be called shook her head "I'm Athena or Minerva or Athene, I am ruler or goddess of Athens and I'm - Oh nope never mind." Tyler wanted to slap Athena for not finishing her sentence "And your What? What else are you all powerful Greek goddess Athena?" Tyler said with a bit to much attitude because Athena turned around to fast and found herself in front of Tyler in a blink of an eye. Athena calmed herself before she began talking to Tyler again "I want you to believe me" Tyler rolled her eyes "Tell me what you want first." Athena smiled "You know me so well, yet we've only met." Tyler nodded "I'm good at reading people" Athena smiled widely down at Tyler "I'm missing something very important to me, something that says I'm ruler of Athens no matter where I am. Without it I need to stay in Athens so nobody comes and claim's it." Athena's voice drifted off as her face filled with remembering. Tyler looked down "Okay, say I won't help you unless I have a valid reason to help you." Athena shook her head "Hears the part you won't believe," Tyler listened intently, the more times Athena said that she wouldn't believe her made her want to believe her "Your my daughter." Tyler was bewildered "And how could one of the embodiment of Virginity have a daughter?" Athena smiled at the question knowing it would be asked "Your father seduced me. and I fell madly in love with him, I went down to earth fully and I expressed my distaste for sex, he didn't mind, but he still wanted a child and I loved him too much to say no, he donated sperm to me I held you for three months, because your a godly being you developed so quickly." Everything sounded real to Tyler and with every word Tyler trusted Athena's words more. "Alright say I would help you I don't even know where to start." Athena smiled and called upon a lion. "He'll be your guide, your friend though your the only one to see him, he'll be like an imaginary friend." Tyler nodded and the soundings spun turning back to the bedroom. Leaving Tyler lost in her thoughts.

    Tyler couldn't believe what she had just witnessed, but coming back into reality the thought of school came crashing down on her she had to be out of the house at seven thirty if she wanted to make it to school on time checking her Cube phone it was 7:23 Tyler panicked. Running to her dresser Tyler chose the first outfit she found and thew it on. It turned out to be a nice blue shirt and some Black Jeans, deciding on her red leather jacket Tyler tied her combat boots and she picked up her purse putting in her wallet, phone and makeup case. she was out the door by 7:28 smiling Tyler walked out to the car. Pulling the keys into the ignition she was off to school.

    ~*^*~ Time Skip ~*^*~

    Tyler smiled widely happy to know that her Research paper was finished and that she got a good grade on it. Walking out to the MSFL Tyler made her way to her car. Once found Tyler leaned up against the car, the Brand Carze the model the Jazz04, and pulled out her phone. Her fingers tapped at her screen in a frenzy "Hey you Sober?" Sending the text to Tae she shoved it back into her pocket and settled into her car. Sitting in the car Tyler began to aimlessly drive around thinking of her dream what happened, she remembered that her mother was Athena, and that she had a Familiar, but where was he? Tyler was pulled out of her thoughts when she realized that she was in the Mall parking lot. Pulling into a spot Tyler turned off the engen and walked toward the building, and sitting their next to the door was the Lion from her dream, the Lion seeing her stood and raised his wings as he walked giving him deadly air like if anyone got in his way it wasn't going to be very pretty. The lion then stood next to Tyler waiting for her to to move Tyler took a step to walk in, the lion mimicked smiling Tyler strode it and directed a question to her Lion Familiar. "Do you have a name?" the lion chuckled "No" Tyler thought a minute "That must be upsetting not having a name you know, something that's really and truly yours?" The lion thought "Yes I do suppose it's upsetting, but I won't name myself." Tyler nodded "Maybe I could name you" The lion smiled "What name?" Tyler thought a minute "How about Snuffle Burn?" The lion bellowed with Laughter then in all seriousness replied "No" Tyler thought again "Leo (Lay-O)?" The lion was silent. Walking into Newbury Comics The lion resounded "I like the name." smiling down at the Lion Tyler began searching the store for anything Doctor Who

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  7. Kasumi lay in her bed after a long day. "Yaaaa~ I guess it's time for a nap. After all these years and I'm still not used to it~"

    Kasumi's brain and body outdid themselves on this very day. She was practically crumbling onto her nest, unable to remain awake no matter how much she tried. With that, her eyes were finally closed.

    It was mere seconds before she finally opened her eyes, finding herself in the middle of... somewhere? It was not a familiar place. She was standing upon a cliff, witnessing what appeared to be a... fight? There was a bearded man in a Greek toga, launching numerous lightning bolts at a many-headed monster. The monster fell and was buried and burned, as a mountain formed above him.

    In mere seconds, the cliff starting the crumble as Kasumi soon found herself falling into an abyss, before she was grabbed by the collar by a rather giant hand that placed her on another giant hand.

    "I don't even do drugs," Kasumi laments.

    "Of course you don't. Runs in the family, huh?" a masculine voice bellowed. "All my children were seperated from me. Captured, killed, but you... I'm just glad you were seperated... in a way that ensured you were safe."

    "And... who is this?" Kasumi questions.

    "I'm your father. The one who died early. Remember~?"

    "And you are speaking to me from the afterlife?"

    "No. Yes. No actually. I'm not dead. I never truly died. That was just a very long, involuntary coma that looked like I was dead."

    "So, you-"

    "No, I did not- alright, maybe I did, but I had to..." a humongous, beast-like face pops into vision, causing Kasumi to jump in shock, "my name is Typhon, the Father of Monsters. And you are my spawn, Yamamoto Kasumi. I have fathered many monsters, and you are the youngest of them all."

    "So," Kasumi ponders, "I'm a-"

    "Not on the inside," Typhon replies, "as a god, I cannot remain in the human realm for too long, so I had to leave. It's probably a little difficult for you to absorb, so I will tell you about the Olympian War Crimes some other time, but now, I need you to take note of something important, so get a pen and paper, and write it down."

    "I can't get a pen and paper. This is the dreamscape," Kasumi remarks.

    "Alright, just try to remember my words," Typhon speaks before he begins, "numerous Olympian artifacts - Aegis, Gorgoneion, the Lightning Bolt, all that - have been stolen. Among these artifacts stolen, is a religious book that was stolen by the Olympians from my worshippers, which in turn got stolen by the unknown thief. Well, that's quite an irony, right? Haha~"

    "So, what does it look like?" Kasumi questions?"

    "Look below," Typhon's eyes dart to the area beside Kasumi, where she would see an odd book. "It goes by many names. 'Typhonomicon', 'The Typhonian Bible', 'The Book of Monsters'. It contains a language that only you and your brethren can understand. I would go in depth with backstory but... yeah you need to find those fiendish Olympian juniors. It's hard to accept, but... we need to work with them, no matter their crimes. Once we get that book, it's all good. We go our way, they go their way. Also, you can be the new religious leader of Typhonism. Bishop, Priest, kind of a cool vibe to things."

    "Religious leader... do I have to cut myself and give blood and flesh and all that?"

    "Do I look like an Olympian to you?" Typhon sighs.

    "I've never seen one before."

    "Fair enough. You really are a chip off the old block. Get some rest. Hey, you still want that puppy, kid? Hello? Oh, you're sleeping. Sleep tight dear, don't let the bed bugs bite. And tell mom that I love her, through your texts or something. You still there? Alright nevermind. Good night."
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  8. Octavia Lynn Mortelle

    Octavia had been sitting in the cold morgue. She was waiting for another body to enter the morgue. she sat back with her feet up and sighed closing her tired eyes. she let out a yawn and fell asleep. Her body was fully relaxed she wasn't at all freaked out in the morgue.

    "Octavia." A male voice called out to herm she sat up and looked around. she wasn't in the morgue any more. their was gravel at her feet a river behind her and literally Skeltons walking about as well as spirits. she opened her mouth and looked around as she started to walk to the voice calling her. she stopped at black onyx gate. she gently pushed on it and walked Father along till she spotted dark haired man. She stopped and felt like she must bow to him."Rise my child." He said." I am sorry, sir but I don't mean to sound rude, but who are you? where are we?" She asked.

    The man smirked and laughed." Do you not recognize me from your books child? look around" He said. Octavia looked around at her surrondings."Underworld." she said as she remembered all she read "and you must be the almighty lord Hades." She said. She breathed out. This was the weirdest dream yet. " I am sorry again my lord why come to me?" She asked him. He stood and walked down to her.

    " well my dear believe it or not this is partially yours. you are my child and some one has stolen my staff from me. however only you can retrieve it. Now with your time off tomorrow you must go to the mall. Do you understand me child." He said to her. she nods her head. She had thought she had no father, yet here he was." Yes Father I shall do you proud." She said. He smiled "I know you will, now here are some gifts it is time for you to go back to your world." He smiles and sends her on her way. she clutched the black bag as she qalked back through the gates.
    Octavia woke to some one saying her name and shaking her awake. Octavia jumped up. she was clurchins the black bag. she looked up to see her Co worker." Oh James thank god, I just had a odd dream." She said as she slowly hid the bag." Yeah you were out thought you hit your head. you okay?" He looked at her with concern." Yeah fine, Hey I have to go can you cover for me." She said. she grabbed the bag and rushed out of the room trying to breathe normally. She went to her locker to grab her purse and put her lab coat up.

    Octavia made her way home in her black Car. she pulled up to her house and parked. she looked at the black bag and shook her head. Octavia grabbed it and walked in." Hey you long day, home early." She called out to her dog shadow. The dog came running in."About time you fed me" a male voice said in her mind." Shadow?" She asked him and looked around.

    "Yes me, who else I am a hell hound your guide/ familiar." He said and looked at her. she went to say something but was awww struck." Alright so my father is Hades, my dog is my guide. Great I am going insane. I am also talking to my dog. Nuts " She said. She looked at the dog. She looked around"Okay Shadow I am going to feed you then I am going to shower to got to the mall.. Umm what do you want?" She asked him." Not that awful kibble anything but that." He said. she nods and went to make him breakfast and put it at the coffee table for him. Octavia looked at the bag and started to lay the items out. Her guardian told her what it all was, Sword of Styx, dagger made out of rock from the under world a skull pendant to represent her father and the ring He has been saving for her. she quickly put it back. Octavia went to shower and dress. she dressed in jeans, a black shirt and leather boots. she put her black bag and purse in the car. She had the necklace around her neck.

    She got shadow in and drove for the mall. She yawned, but she did as her father had aaked. She sighed as she looked at Shadow."what am I doing here?" She asked." just follow me." The dog said and jumped out of the car and went towards the building. Octavia sighed and went after the dog locking her car. They went in and walked around the dog stayed at her side protectively.​
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  9. [​IMG]

    Lynx was told to meet his senior officer who was training him at the mall, he had got a ride from his police officer father who dropped him off about 20 blocks away due to getting an emergency call on dispatch on the other side of town. "OK dad stay safe see you at home" he said to his father as he drove off and he turned to head in the direction of the mall and everything froze for a brief moment.


    "Not quite my son" he heard a voice say .... as in a flash he is up in the sky way above the earth in a temple stood a man who looked a lot like Lynx stood before him. The man had to sit at a about 12ft tall and had the mass of a giant, he had golden blonde hair [​IMG] "Ok this is the worst episode I've had yet, usually when everything stops I don't go no where let alone see some hallucination like you"

    "YOU IMPUDENT DEMIGOD, MATHIAS YOU DARE CALL YOUR FATHER A FIGMENT OF YOUR MIND HAST YOUR MOTHER LAURA TAUGHT YOU TO RESPECT I AETHER GOD OF LIGHT AND AIR" he bellowed causing Lynx to fall to the ground and cower due to his booming voice. Lynx gripped his ears .... "Look I don't know who Mathias is but you got the wrong guy, my name is Lynx Philips and my mother as you say died during my birth and I was adopted so you saying that her name was Laura is the first I'm hearing of this... so I'd like to end this hallucination and go to work" he replied turning his back on Aether.

    Aether looked upon the boy ... "You are my son Mathias... you may have been given the name Lynx but you were meant to be raised by Laura a woman of my choosing... you have my apologies son she was supposed to inform you of your lineage as I knew a day would come where Olympus would have need of you and your gifts" he said.

    Lynx looked at the man, he was clearly upset... wait so this is real, your telling me you are my father a GOD name Aether who I never heard of when it comes to the Gods of Olympus like Zeus or Hera. You an all powerful GOD DID NOT SEE THAT MY MOTHER DIED ALL THESE YEARS OF MY LIFE... are you serious... and is it because of you time freezes around me and that I survived instead of Noah... and now Olympus needs me" he replied.

    "Yes I am responsible for your gifts son, you or I have no control over time as a demigod your brain processes information at a quicker pace even faster then some demigods as you have power of light. You have other gifts which some have yet to reveal themselves to you. I am Aether and yes most of humanity has forgotten about thee I yearn for the day I can take my place in Olympus among Zeus, Posiedon, and the Pantheon. Artifacts from Olympus have been stolen those that have great power ... the thief is unknown, but you do posses the skills to locate the thief. My artifact is my symbol an egg engulfed by a serpent, but I want you to find the thief so Zeus can recognize my son above the other demigods and grant me domain within Olympus."

    Lynx began to laugh... "You abandon me as a child, discard my mother... and ask for me to help you... your a fool if you think I owe you anything and i'd off you my help" he replied.


    Lynx eyes widened thinking of having Noah back or even seeing his birth mother.... "So if I do this for you then I can have Noah back and my mother... fine where do I begin?" he asked.

    "CHILD OF MINE THIS IS NO SIMPLE TASK OTHER DEMIGODS WILL BE ON THIS QUEST, I WILL GRANT YOUR WISH SHOULD YOU FIND AND CAPTURE THE THIEF ... YOU WILL NEED THE OTHERS... but keep close to the child of death Son of Thanatos and the daughter of Typhon... now I will give you one more gift while I still have the power ... your right hand will emit a light that is cobalt blue when another demigod is near until you find them and only those of Godly lineage will be able to see the light, now go on the quest will show itself to you but my crow Holtaru has been in the skies above you and will assist you as my connection is weakening and soon I will not be able to contact you... NOW GO LYNX" he said.

    In a flash Lynx is back where he was a couple of blocks away from the mall.... he looked up in the sky and saw the crow ..."I guess I just have to go about my day."
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  10. [​IMG]

    "I thought I told ya, I came to party~!"

    Taehyung had always known he was special.

    It took turning sixteen and having his demi-god powers manifest in order for his heritage revealed to him in a dream. He'd laughed and laughed and laughed at first. The son of Dionysus? That was rich! It was uncanny the resemblance, the more he researched his so called father. Taehyung was always at any party, even drinking those older than him under the table; and he wasn't afraid to flirt and seduce, anything to charm someone into bed with him. If it happened to be more than one person, that was cool too! The more the merrier, right?

    Once senior year rolled around, Taehyung wasn't afraid to admit that he had slept with a good portion of the school. Girls, guys, it didn't matter. If alcohol was involved then that was just the sweet cherry ontop! But he never dated, that would suck the fun out of everything, wouldn't it? The closest he came to any sort of true feelings for anyone would have to be the little crush he had on Min Hyuk. Little Hyukkie was the male equivalent of a dumb blonde, but an adorable dumb blonde! No matter how much Taehyung flirted with him, it all seemed to go right over the other senior's head. Taehyun's next tactic might have to be shoving him up against the lockers and sticking his tongue in his mouth, but in all honesty, it was kind of fun to mess with someone that didn't give into him right away.

    The end of the school day was Taehyung's favorite. As soon as the class bell rang, the honey blonde was up and out of his seat before anyone. He downed the rest of the vodka in his water bottle, giggling and chucking it into the wastebasket before he scampered out of the classroom. Drinking was the only thing that made school bearable, and the teachers never seemed to notice, or maybe they just didn't give a shit. Whatever, as long he could get away with it, Taehyung would continue to do it.

    He didn't drive (he wasn't that irresponsible) but his parent's house wasn't far. Two blocks maybe? His phone vibrated in his pocket as he skipped down the sidewalk, so he retrieved it and scanned the text. It was from Tyler, one of Taehyung's friends who had graduated last year. A good girl, but a bit of a buzzkill sometimes. She'd gone off to college, but the two of them still texted daily and tried to hangout as often as possible. "She wants to know if I'm sober," he chuckled to himself, thumbs tapping out a reply and then hitting send.

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?! ;D

    The walk home didn't take long. Taehyung's mom worked two jobs and was hardly ever home, so when her car was missing out of the driveway it wasn't out of the usual. He fumbled with his keys for a moment, finally fitting the house key into the lock and twisting.

    "Lil! I'm home!"

    Tigerlily usually greeted Taehyung at the door when he arrived home from school, but today she was just draped languidly over the couch, tail flicking just at the end.

    "Nice to see you too," Taehyung mocked, setting his backpack by the door and stepping over to rustle her fur.

    "Are you drunk?" The tone in Tigerlily's voice was all judgemental, but Taehyung was used to it. "You are your father's son, I swear. . ."

    Taehyung flicked the kitty's forehead and laughed. "Just because you're a stick in the mud doesn't mean I have to be~. . . Anyway, I'm going to Leo hyung's house, so I'll be back later, maybe. Love you!" He kissed Tigerlily on the top of the head before bounding back out of the house and down the sidewalk.

    Leo had lived next door to Taehyung for a long time. He was quiet and kept to himself, but his roommate Ravi was always fun. Taehyung wanted to go to the mall to kill some time, maybe grab some food, and Leo had a car so obviously he was the best choice! He didn't even bother with the front door, instead walking around to the back. He knew the back door was almost always unlocked, so he pushed it open without knocking.

    "Leoooo~! Leo! Come on, let's go out!"

    Mood: Bored & a little tipsy
    Mentioned: Tyler (@The Mernsicle ), Hyukkie (@CrystalTears) and Leo (@CrystalTears)
    Location: Home --> Leo's House
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  11. ★Marco Vanderbilt★

    A giant smoke cloud filled the basement of Marco Vanderbilt's home. The young man was with a couple of friends, doing their usual routine, getting high. Since Marco has moved into his parents' other house... farther from them, he has made it into the Smoke House. This is where all of his closes friends would come over and have a good time, some of them lived there with him now as well. "Shit! Ha!" Marco laughed and coughed at the same time. "... this is fucking beast, right now." He was sitting on the yellow and gold couch in the basement, his friends were all over the place.

    Through the smoke, he could of swore he saw something or someone floating in it. "Yo... did you guys see that?" Most of the other people in the room were asleep, only one person shook their head no. "I KNOW you saw that." Marco's friend just laughed and shook their head again. Marco decided to let it go, it couldn't be who he thought it was. "Nah... I haven't seen him in a few months, had to have finally gave up on bugging me."

    He went back to smoking. Closing his eyes, taking a long drag of the joint. Once he opened his eyes... a blue figure floated in front of him. "What the fuck!" Marco's yelling only made the sleeping bodies move a bit. "Marco! What do you think you are doing?" He rolled his eyes at his familiar, Nix, The Enchanted Dolphin. "Ummm... smoking my weed, what does it look like?" He stood up, heading towards the bathroom in the basement.

    He knew that Nix wouldn't just let this slide, the dolphin would nag him to stop "killing his brain cells", the little ones he had left. Closing the bathroom door behind him, Marco waited for Nix to appear. "Marco!" Right on time, the silver haired boy sat on the edge of the sink counter. "What now?!" Nix came closer to Marco's face. "Listen, I know that your father told you about his Lyre being stolen, along with the other Gods and Goddesses Artifacts." Apollo had gotten into contact with him a few days ago, and Marco wasn't up for becoming a damn SUPERHEROOOOOO! "Yeah, my dad did. What does it have to do with me?" SMACK! "Ouch!"

    Nix had slapped Marco with his fin, the only way the high male would hopefully pay attention. "You're lucky I don't abuse animals." He rubbed his sore cheek, he was now pretty annoyed. "I apologize, but you know how you can be." He looked at Nix. "Whatever, just don't do that again, can't have this beautiful face all bruised up." Marco smirked, feeling a bit better now. The dolphin became less parental and stern, seeing as he might've finally got into the male's head. "Okay, now let me tell you what it has to do with YOU, and all of the other Demigods." Marco rolled his eyes... not ready for this long and probably boring ass story.
    ~~Later In The Day~~
    After Nix told him everything about why he was needed for some mission to retrieve his father's Lyre, Marco actually agreed to meet the others in the mall. The only thing that annoyed him more than being sent off has his father's Personal Errand Boy was that he didn't know not one of the damn other Demigods. What if they were annoying and boring? He couldn't be around people who don't know how to have fun. Instead of asking that question to Nix, who wouldn't know about them either, Marco sent most of his friends, who didn't live with him, home. He went up to his bedroom to change into a new outfit. "Can't go to the mall smelling like weed, well, not today." He smirked in his vanity mirror.

    After getting dressed, and putting on some amazing smelling cologne, Marco grabbed his jacket and shades and left his house. He didn't really need the shades, since his father is the God of the Sun, it wouldn't bother his eyes at all... he just liked wearing them. "I hope we can get this over with quickly, and I can go back to a normal life." He could feel the Sun on the back of his neck. "... I know, I'm not Normal!" He smirked up to the sky. Hopping onto his Motorcycle, he made his way to the dreaded start of his ADVENTUREEEE! Even on a cold day, the Sun always made sure to shine on him to keep him warm. "Here goes... fuck it." He sped off towards the mall.

    |★|Godly Parent: Apollo
    |★|Location: His Home-Riding Towards The Mall
    |★|Mood: High/Annoyed-Annoyed/Apprehensive
    Marco's Outfit
    |★|Interaction(s): No One
    |★|Mentioned: No One
    |★|Tagged: No One

    ★Fredrick Smith★

    Fredrick Smith was jogging around the city, he did this early in the morning everyday. He was in his basic exercising outfit, nothing too fancy. As he passed by other joggers, one guy winked at him. "Hi!" Fredrick gave a giant grin towards the man, who in turn... kept jogging. Fredrick didn't realize the man was trying to flirt with him, and he probably would never realize it. He was working up a good sweat. He loved feeling the breeze on his skin, since he was usually always super hot for obvious reasons. While he was running, Iridescent, his familiar, was flying right by him. The Graceful Phoenix loved to watch over him, and Fredrick loved her company.

    "Hey Iri, do you think we will find all of the artifacts?" He turned to Iridescent, while still paying attention to where he was running. Iridescent gave a elegant laugh. "Of course Love, you are the Son of one of THE Greatest Gods." The Phoenix flew in front of his face, causing him to halt his movement. "Your father wouldn't have chose you to find his most powerful weapon and tool if he didn't believe in you." That made him smirk, Iridescent always knew how to cheer him up.

    Fredrick made it back to his apartment after an hour run. He was just getting out the shower and changing in his bedroom. Respecting his privacy, Iridescent didn't appear to him until after he was fully clothed. "I don't know what to think about this... I just know that I will do my best to find my father's Flaming Hammer, and make sure whoever took it will get what they deserve." Fredrick smirked at the way Iridescent twirled around after hearing his words. "Now, THAT's how the son of Hephaestus is suppose to act!" Iridescent nuzzled her beak into his neck, which just made Fredrick laugh. "Stop." He laughed harder.

    Iridescent finally granted Fredrick's wish, and she stopped nuzzling his neck. "Thank... you." He let out one more small giggle before standing up. His father has recently made sure that Fredrick knew he would always be there for him, so when Iridescent came into his life, right around the time his mother had died, Fredrick was more than happy to have her as his close companion and confidant.

    "I guess the mall is where I'm suppose to go, right?" Iridescent nodded her long elegant head yes. Hephaestus told Fredrick everything about what he was going to have to do, the man came to him through his fireplace a few days ago. He was determined AND a bit nervous about going off with a group of strangers to who knows where, to find artifacts. Whoever stole the powerful items, they have to be super powerful or super dumb to take them, either option was still not a good one to have to face soon enough.

    He went to grab his hoodie and hat, seeing as it was "cold" outside. Fredrick never noticed the cold, since his body was like a human heater, but he had to play the part of a "normal" human. Being cold was something he would never feel, being super hot and sweaty, now THAT was something he was accustomed to. He went outside to get into his car. "Come on Iri, let's go say hi to the others." With a giant dimpled smirk he set off towards the meeting spot, The Mall.

    |★|Godly Parent: Hephaestus
    |★|Location: The Streets-His Apartment-Driving Towards The Mall
    |★|Mood: Rejuvenated/Determined/Happy/Nervous
    Fredrick's Outfit
    |★|Interaction(s): No One
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  12. [​IMG]

    "Well, I suppose that some days have to be taken off from my job. There goes my leave~" Kasumi sighs as she walks across the streets, wearing her lucky business suit(she had two). Just then, she heard something.

    "Woooo~ woooo~"

    She turns to the source to find what appeared to be a canid creature, identified as a jackal.

    What was a jackal doing here? Nevertheless, she decided to pursue the beast. As she looked at where it was headed to, she notes that it was entering - a local mall? Well, this was odd.

    The jackal looked at Kasumi. "Come on, Princess, we don't have all day," it spoke in a rough voice. "I've been sent by the King to assist you."

    "The... King?" Kasumi questions.

    "King Typhon, my leader. Some call him 'King of Monsters' My kind has served him for mellenia, as sacred animals of his religion."

    "All monsters?" Kasumi questions.

    "Not exactly. Some work for others. You can ask questions later, now let's go."

    "I have another question," Kasumi begins.

    "Ask that later. Later. I just hope you're really like what the King said and this exterior is just... what's the word?"​
  13. [​IMG]


    Conversation: Himeros, Barnaby
    Mentions: Hermes, Adonis, Himeros, some guy that he took home
    Mood: Totally at ease and relaxed
    Location: Room of Lust --> Personal Room (plus hot steamy shower) --> Somewhere on the streets
    Parent: Himeros, God of Sexual Desire

    A redhaired male frowned as suddenly a door appeared in front of his nose. He could hear music on the other side of it, sensual music and he shrugged his shoulders. Without a second thought he pushed the door open, grin growing as he noticed all the hot half naked ladies around him. "Not a bad place" He muttered to himself, not one second asking himself how such a thing like this was possible. He was more an Carpe Diem person, than down to earth thinking about all possibilities. "Yeah, I thought you'd like it"

    The sudden voice had made him swirl around to the very attracitve male behind him. A true Adonis most would say. "No, no Adonis is someone else. But at least you are searching your answer in the right culture" The young male frowned, really unable to keep his eyes off this youthful male. He had always known he swung both way, so it wasn't really a surprise to him. And hell, how could resist a body like this? His deep amber orbs slided shamelessly over the body as the music, the sexual atmosphere pulsed around him, hyped him up.

    "Whatdayamean, right culture?" The boy asked, still trying to keep this person talking and hold some kind of intelligent conversation. His eyes slid over that ass as the male walked away, but that perfect spine to those incredible fluffy white wings. WAIT.. that... humans didn't have wings! He stepped back, stumbling over a chair as he fell into the lap of a female. Head landing softly on her breast as she immediately let her fingers wander over his skin.

    "Thank you for noticing the wings. It was becoming a bit weird for my son to have such thoughts about me" The male spoke calmly. There was a natural seductive tone in his voice, one that Lucian had been told he had himself as well. People seemed to be naturally drawn to him, even when their sexual preference was not men. Wait, did he just say 'my son'? He should really learn how to pay attention, but those hands that were working on his pants now, were so distracting.

    "Yes, I am your father, Lucian van Almend" The male stated with a hint of boredom in his voice. The young male frowned and moved up from the lovely lady behind him. "Are you reading my mind?" He asked, not impressed by the whole 'I am your father' line. "Plus that line is long overused thanks to Star Wars" He added "Only it should end with Luke Skywalker, or something" The attractive male didn't say anything else as he snapped his fingers. Their surrounding blurred and suddenly they were standing in his bedroom. A soft pout came to his features as Lucian had actually quite enjoyed their escape to the stripclub.

    "I am sorry, I am not made for creativity. Not that kind of creativity at least. Still you better wake up, son, before that stranger you took home last night wakes up and finds out you are not the lovely female he went home with. I suggest you take a stroll to the mall" The winged male spoke as he looked down at the bed where two male bodies lay enstrangled with each other. "Oh, and don't forget the bunny I got you for your first birthday... I hope that by now you have learned how to read the letter that had been attached to it" There was another snap of those fingers and Lucian could feel himself being drawn back to his body.


    Major headache pained him when those amber eyes opened again. Seriously, that had been one of the weirdest out of body experiences he ever had. And he had quite a lot. Though had those been really out of body experiences, since technically speaking he had stayed within his body, it had just changed its gender. He felt that chest behind him rise and fall against his back, the other far far asleep still as he rubbed his temples. Well, the male had been right. It would be troublesome if this stranger figured out that Luci was not really Luci. Though why was that bunny so important?

    His eyes traveled to the small baby bunny in the cage on his desk. He had it for, well since his first birthday, yet the animal had not grown an inch. Plus it had survived all the drama and there had been a lot of drama. Being a whores son wasn't that easy. No, he was not ashamed of his mother at all. She was who she was and he couldn't judge. He moved up, picking the guys pants from the floor and fishing out his wallet. He flipped through the billets. 500, yeah that would do. He lay the wallet back on the nightstand, hastily taking out a noteblock and pen. He quickly scribbled down some note, telling the other that he took the money he owned him, thanked him for the night and that he would not wish the other to be there when he came back in another hour.

    Slowly he moved himself out of that cage of arms and legs. He had actually liked this one, but alas... He was not able to stay in his female from for longer than a few hours. Plus it left him with a major headache like now. Besides it was just to bothersome to go through all that effort for one guy, when he could have a million others. He looked over the note, deciding to add a little heart to the end and his phonenumber for when he wanted to have some fun again. "So, what is so special about you, Barnaby?" He asked out loud as he took the baby bunny out of his cage. Oh, he didn't care for his own nakedness as he left the study/fuck room to go to his actually bedroom. He never took his one nighters there, he hardly took anyone up to his room.

    The redhead placed the little fluffy thing in the middle of his bed as he quickly disappeared into the adjoined bathroom. Just a quick one-minute shower. Okay... maybe ten minutes. His copper locks were dripping from the water as he rubbed a towel through them, while walking back to his bedroom. Those big black eyes were still staring at him from the bed that had been somewhat made up. "What are you looking at? You have seen my absolutely perfect body before" He grinned as he opened his closet. Dark purple briefs that would show all the right things he had to offer, tight ass, nice bulge. A true Adonis. Wait, right culture? What was meant with that? He needed to find that letter. It was the only thing that (like the bunny) had always sticked with him.

    Lucian moved over to pull open the drawer where he kept the letter. Again those weird signs. How was he even suppose to be able to read this? If his 'father' was able to speak normal English he could have at least written in English as well, right? "What language is this even?" He said with a sigh. One thing was for sure it was not helping with his throbbing headache. He searched through the drawer, yet there was no medicine anymore. Fuck, well than he had to get to mall. He tilted his head back as if staring up to the ceiling. Mall... did that man not also mention going to the mall?

    His shoulders fell with a shrug as he let the letter for what it was and returned to his closet. He picked out some torn, graywashed skinny jeans that once had been black. His eyes wandered over his pile of shirts, eventually picking out a tight black shirt with an unicorn that shot rainbows. It could be quite innocent, yet he liked to think of it as skittle sperm. Oh well.. He pulled the towel from his shoulders as in order to put on the shirt as he looked back at the letter. Wait, wiaaaaaat a minute.... where did those signs go?

    Dear beloved Lucian,

    I know that right now you are too young to read this, but I will learn to read this in time.
    By the time you read this, you have probably learned a lot more about yourself.
    You are probably aware of the fact that you are not like all the other kids.
    But embrace that, my son!

    Also this Bunny is one of my companions. He will guide you when I am not there for you.

    Love, Himeros, your father
    (and the God of Sexual Desire... Enjoy yourself, but responsible!)

    What? Himeros? A god? He let out a chuckle as he folded the letter and put it in his back pocket. That was one great joke. He opened the door to his shoes. Yes, he had a separate closet for his sneakers. For a moment he was in doubt. No, he wanted all the attention to go out to his shirt. Neh, let's stick to the rainbows. The wings on the sides made it actually look like Hermes shoes and suddenly his eyes grew wide. Adonis, Hermes. Himeros. Greek Mythology. Oh fuck, that... that was what he meant with the right culture!

    Anyway why press the matter on him at this moment? "Because the Bow of Debauchery is stolen. And you need to find it and return it to your father" He spun around as those words were spoken. The voice sounding like a young boy, though the words were far too complicated for a five year old. Besides there was no kid in his room. "You are so dense sometimes, Luca" His eyes fell on the bunny that hopped forward to him. He picked it up gently as he shook his head. "Greek god father, talking bunny, bow of debauchery. Yes, yeah I got it. As soon as I get rid of this ever growing headache" He muttered as he picked his leather jacked from the hook. Quickly he checked on the stranger in the other room. Still fast asleep. Damn that male needed to be gone when he was back, yet he did not feel like waking him. Oh well he could always play Luci's brother as he returned.

    Another shrug went through that youthful body as he left his home. Barnaby safely hidding in the pocket of his jacket. Though never before had anyone actually mentioned him being with the boy. Well, that just added up to the weirdness. He whistled some song as he carelessly walked through the streets, having no attention for where he was going as he walked towards the mall.
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  14. [​IMG]


    Interactions Artesti, himself, his father & Selene
    Tagged No one!
    Location His bedroom ----> Shopping mall
    Mood Sleepy & happy

    Hyukkie's dreams were usually filled with either sweets of all kinds or fried chicken, since that was his favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world, though this time it seemed rather different. There were no sweets or fried chicken anywhere nearby, and instead he was floating high up in the sky with stars being the floor. It looked so pretty! And it was so shiny too! "Can I take you home with me?" Hyukkie asked as he squatted down to poke at the stars to see them flee away from the little point where his small finger had poked, and he giggled as he found it rather entertaining and continued to poke around a few more times before a brighter light shone a little bit in front of him which caught his attention rather quickly. Maybe it was because he was attracted to shiny things, or because he just liked huge shining things in general. It could be a mix of both too... who knew? Hyukkie sure didn't! But he could count all of the things he knew on one hand anyway!

    There was a sort of ringing sound that entered his ears before a woman appeared in front of him. Memory wasn't really one of Hyukkie's fortes - what was really? - however he wasn't even thinking if he had seen her face before as he was too busy wondering how she managed to light her way into his dreamland. Quite literally. "I wanna do that too! Can you teach me? I wanna brighten up people's dreams too!" He asked excitedly as a child would for a toy, but she seemed to ignore his request completely. "Min Hyuk... can you help me please?" She asked kindly and it earned his attention rather quickly while he was poking around at a few sparkles that were leaving from her feet and into the air. It looked like small stars, but they popped like bubbles whenever he poked at them! It was so much fun to play with them really! Though he was paying some attention to the woman that had asked for his help.

    "My crown. It has gone missing I think someone has stolen it. Could you get it back for me?" She asked him and Hyukkie grabbed a little silver sparkle in his hand and smiled brightly before showing it off to her. "I caught one!" He smiled brightly before going back to the question she asked him. "Someone took it? Shouldn't you call the ambu- no it was the police! You should call the police!" Hyukkie caught himself as she let out a very soft and gentle giggle. A hand that matched the color of snow reached out for him to pet his hair as she opened his palm to him and showed him several more of those silver sparkles and handed them to him. "Will you help me? The police couldn't find it you see," She told him and Hyukkie felt like a detective right away. If the police couldn't find it, and she decided to ask him then he was going to be the coolest guy in the whole entire world! And the mere thought of how many fried chickens he could eat made him so happy he was sure he was going to die!

    Instantly he nodded. "Of course I can! I'll help you!" He gleefully smiled as her face visibly brightened up - Quite literally as there seemed to be a white/grey light glowing softly around her - Her hand reached out to grab his as she closed his palm. Once she let his hand go and Hyukkie opened his palm again he could see the little glowing star laying in his palm. "You wanted to take it home right?" She giggled and then stood up properly after giving his forehead a small kiss. "Take it as a small thanks for wishing to help me out. I'm proud to call you my little star after all," She smiled before Hyukkie's vision was blended by a bright white light.
    Very slowly Hyukkie's eyes opened as the first thing the sleepy youth did was grab his glasses so he'd be able to actually see something. Asteri, his familiar, was sleeping soundly by the window of his small bedroom. The sunshine was completely blocked away by the dark curtains. If there was one thing Hyukkie hated then it was the bright sunlight during the day. "...What a dream... Fried chickens..." He murmured as he ruffled through his dark brown/red strands before opening his palm. The shining and twinkling star that he had in his palm in his dream was not there, but instead it had been replaced by a small pin that was golden and shaped as a star. It wasn't the same, but it was so pretty that he took it anyway with a smile. His mother had asked him to find her crown and he would! She had even asked the police and they didn't find it! Hyukkie was the best at hide and seek!

    Sleepily he made his way downstairs in his dark blue pajamas with golden stars shimmering all around it. He had always had an obsession with the night, and he guessed it was because of his powers and his heritage that it had happened, but his father told him he was as bright as the sun so it didn't make much sense. He made his way over to the kitchen as he scrambled through a couple of the cupboards - with the help of a chair - as he was trying to reach for something.


    With the scream of the little vampire the white wolf instantly woke up as he rushed down the stairs, almost crashing through the door, as he was close to tripping down the stairs as well too. His enhanced hearing and smell let him easily find the scent of fried chicken and some sweets that Hyukkie had secretly eaten before going to bed and easily found himself running towards the kitchen. If Hyukkie had climbed the counters again to try and reach for those stupid plates then he was going to hit that kid if he hadn't hit himself bad enough already! "What's wrong?!" Asteri asked the second he came around the corner.

    "We're empty of cereal... We have no food left.. not even fried chicken..." Hyukkie answered as he watched the white wolf collapse down on the floor with a loud growl. The youth slumped down against the chair before he sprung up. "It is a crises! We have no cereal! I am going to die!" He ran around on the floor a few times before he stopped when Asteri grabbed his pajamas pants and tugged on them slightly. "Calm down! We can go to the mall and buy some! Now breathe! JESUS!" Asteri growled as Hyukkie giggled. "We're not in church and my name is Hyukkie!" If the wolf could have face palmed he would, but of course he couldn't so instead he just gave Hyukkie an empty stare before sighing and then tugging the other away so that they could get his cereal. Honestly, the way into Hyukkie's heart was a lunchbox and the boy would be like a cat that got food at some stranger's door.

    Hyukkie grabbed his jacket and threw it over himself before stepping into his shoes. "Cereal calls!" Hyukkie said as he was just about to charge into the door before there was a tug in his jacket that made him fall backwards instead. "Not with pajamas on! Go and get dressed!" Asteri commanded which only made Hyukkie roll around on the floor in annoyance before he sat up. His hair looked as if it had gone through a lightning storm and the shirt he wore was so huge on him that most of his chest was exposed. There was no way Asteri would let the boy walk into the street like that! He'd be hunted down by a pack of horny dogs if he did! "Okay! I'll be back in a flash!" Hyukkie smiled as he rushed up stairs to go and grab himself some clothes.

    In the end he returned to Asteri with a striped white and blue t-shirt and a blue shirt thrown over it and a pair of skinny jeans. "Now let's go!" He tried again, but was stopped once more. This time it wasn't Asteri. It was his father. "Where are you going so early in the morning Min Hyuk?" His father asked. "I am going to prevent world hunger!" Hyukkie answered which made his father laugh. "And how are you going to do that?" His father decided to ask him. "By buying myself some cereal!" He answered his father as another laugh rang out from the older man standing in his morning gown. "World hunger?" His father asked as Hyukkie nodded. "Yes! My world!" Hyukkie answered which made him laugh yet again. One thing was for sure, it was never a boring moment with little Hyukkie bouncing around. "All right then. Just be careful!" His father let him go easily as Hyukkie nodded quickly.

    "I will be! The wolfie here will keep me safe anyway!" Hyukkie smiled before he ran off. His father never understood what he meant as there was no 'wolf' anywhere close, but the boy's imagination was so huge anyway that he never bothered to question it. If he had an invisible friend, then he did. Min Hyuk was the kind of person that wanted more and more friends, so if he made one up for himself then it would not be surprising in the least.
    It didn't take too long for Hyukkie to find his way to the shopping mall - since Asteri had made him walk the right way and not the wrong one - which ended with him being in the shopping mall. "Fried chicken!!!!!" He shouted out as he jumped up and down - his hair doing very much the same - before making those jumps into small jumps that ended up in him turning in circles. Asteri was glad only other demigods could see him, because it would have been quite embarrassing if everyone else could see what he had somehow managed to end up with. It would be wrong to say the boy wasn't entertaining, but he could be quite the troublesome ball of energy that was flying through everywhere and anywhere as fast as possible.

    Speaking of which Hyukkie was already gone and he was staring at some fried chicken while he continued humming and bobbing his head left and then right while squealing to himself. "I'll have one miss!" He called out as he continued to jump and squeal, unable to stand still or not make a single sound as he was freaking out on the inside. If Hyukkie could ahve done anything he wanted right now, then he would have been running around in circles while cheering on the holiness that was fried chicken for breakfast. Sure he was here to get himself some cereal, but now that he had caught the scent of fried chicken there was nothing that was going to take his attention off it! He hadn't forgotten the quest for the crown, but he still needed to eat!

    Fried chicken, before anything really, and then he'd go and ask people for Selene's crown! ​
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  15. [​IMG]


    Godly Parent | Asclepius
    Interactions | Asclepius, Scar
    Mentions | Asclepius, Scar
    Location | His Apartment » His Car
    Mood | Confused, Upset & Curious

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ∴ Φίδι ∴ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    "Dammit! Someone get an IV in her!"

    The voice was familiar, yet not, but in the stress of the moment such a mystery was irrelevant. Stuart's hands were slick with the blood that coated up to his elbows, leaning over a woman in her thirties as they wheeled her through the emergency room. The nurse who was tasked with giving her the IV was taking forever, her hands shaking uncontrollably as she tried unsuccessfully to slip the needle into the right vein. She was already fit to a patient monitor, the hectic beeping audible over the frantic shouting.

    She was bleeding out on the gurney, despite the pressure Stuart was putting on the wound. He couldn't get it to stop for some reason, the blood continuously soaking the gauze he held. "Fuck.." He hissed under his breath, tossing yet another soaked pad aside, to replace it with another one. His own blood-covered hands began to shake, at the prospect of this woman dying.

    Suddenly someone else's hands were covering his own, moving them. "No, no. Like this." The voice, the one from before that he almost-recognized, said and Stuart glanced up into the eyes that looked startlingly similar to his own.

    Suddenly, they were somewhere else, standing in an empty operating room. The man that stood before him, wore a pristine lab coat with a stethoscope looped around his neck. His hair was dark, and flecked with white, and kind, caramel brown eyes that matched Stuarts, with a pair of spectacles perched on his nose. The only thing that did not match his doctor attire, was the long wooden staff, with a live snake wrapped around. Stuart could only stare.

    The man chuckled and leaned on the staff, smiling at him. "Hello Stuart."

    "How... how do you know my name?"

    "Because I'm the one that gave you that name." He answered simply, that patient smile never leaving. "I'm your father."

    Stuart shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, opening his mouth to deny it, but was stopped short by a sudden flashback, a memory. One so vivid, he swore he was there again.

    ∴ Φίδι ∴

    Flashback (open)
    He was young. Real young, and he was running after the kids in his preschool class. He had never been fast, always having trouble keeping up. They were going to the playground, and on this day he really, really wanted to catch up. And he tripped, skidded forward on his knees and badly skinning them. His glasses were knocked from his face, falling a couple of feet of way. Little him was devastated and in pain, on the verge of tears but before he could shed any, a pair of hands picked up his glasses and handed them to him.

    He looked up as the man helped him stand back up, sniffling. "Here, let me help you with that." The doctor-man as young Stuart would later call him, murmured. And with just one touch, both of the boy's knees were healed as if nothing had ever happened.

    Stuart blinked, and looked down at his knees before back up, wiping at a few tears that had spilled over. "Mommy says that I shouldn't talk to strangers."

    The doctor-man laughed, and shook his head. "Well, you don't have to worry Stuart, I'm not a stranger."

    "You aren't?"

    "Nope." He chuckled, bending down so he was at eye-level with the six year old. The trusting young male was easily put at ease, both by the fact that the man was a doctor dressed in a doctors coat, and that he had said he was not a stranger. "Listen Stuart. I have something for you."

    "You do? Is it a present?" Stuart asked, breaking into a smile as the previous trauma was quickly forgotten.

    "Of sorts." The man chuckled, pulling something out of his inner lab coat pocket. It was a small wooden box, patterned with what looked like snakes. "Stuart, I can't always be there for you. But he can."

    The young boy gingerly took the box with a confused expression. Inside was a small snake, coiled up, asleep. How did this man know his favorite animal was a snake? With an ecstatic smile he glanced back up. "I'll name him Scar!"


    "Like Scar from The Lion King." Stuart giggled, taking the snake out of the box. It stuck it's tongue out at him, and curled itself around his small wrist.

    "I think he likes the name." The man said with a smile.

    "Thank you." Stuart said, returning the smile and the man nodded. "Anything for you, Stuart. Keep him close. You'll need him someday."

    "But you can't tell anyone I was here, okay?" The man said, looking the child in the eye. Stuart nodded, really only half listening as he played with his new pet.

    Before Stuart could ask why, they were interrupted. "Stuart, who are you talking to?"

    He glanced up, and the man held a finger to his lips. So Stuart turned to his teacher with a smile. "No one."

    His teacher, Miss Phillips, furrowed her eyebrows with a smile. "Well, then why don't we catch up with the others, yeah?"

    When Stuart turned back towards the man, he was gone and so was the snake, Scar. "Okay." He mumbled, taking her hand and with her he walked to the playground to rejoin his friends.

    ∴ Φίδι ∴

    "You." Stuart whispered, glancing up to him. "It was you that day."

    "That it was." The man admitted. "Listen, Stuart, I need your help. Something's been stolen from me, something important. Something important has been stolen from each of the gods."

    "Gods?" Stuart asked incredulously, struggling to catch up.

    The man sighed. "The gods, yes. I'm Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine."

    "You... expect me to believe you're a god? That you're my father, and a god?"

    "Yes, and I don't have much time Stuart. You need to find the Physician's Cure. The other children of the Gods, they'll help you, as will Scar. You'll need Scar."

    "Scar?" Stuart scoffed, running a hand across his face. "I haven't seen that imaginary friend since the second grade."

    "You don't have to lie to me Stuart." Asclepius murmured, his kind eyes staring Stuart down, and it felt like he could see everything, like he knew Stuart inside and out.

    Stuart set his jaw and looked away, pausing for a moment. "Why should I even do this for you?" He asked, his voice cracking.

    Asclepius sighed, and stepped closer, looking him in the eye like he had all those years ago. "Because I am asking, father to son. Please."

    He swallowed, then nodded and with that, his dad smiled and the dreamscape faded.

    ∴ Φίδι ∴

    Stuart's eyes flickered up to stare up at the blurry landscape of his room. With a groan he rolled over, but not wanting to get up, he buried his face back into his pillow. So his father was a god, and had visited him as child to give him an imaginary friend that had tormented him for years. Wonderful. After the doctor-man - correction, Asclepius - disappeared with Scar, Stuart had carried on the day like normal, upset that his new pet had disappeared with the man, but otherwise fine. When he got home though, he found the box waiting for him on the foot of the bed, his mother questioning him where he had gotten it. She, however, hadn't seen the snake it contained.

    For years, Stuart was pleased that he had a friend snake to talk to, but by the time he got to the second grade, the reptile was still with him. He was bullied in school for talking to Scar and his parents grew worried. So Stuart stopped talking to the snake - at least, in public - and never mentioned him to anyone else. He was afraid that he was crazy, when he got into medical school, but he hadn't had any other mental or medical problems, so he had let it go.

    "Ssstuart." The familiar voice hissed and he sighed, rolling over to find the insistent thing sitting on his pillow.

    "What?" Stuart mumbled groggily, rolling over with no intention of getting up. The night before had been a long one; he had spent it at the hospital, working with the other doctors - almost-doctors in his case - in the emergency room. There really had been a woman, like the one in his dream, but unlike the dream, he had been able to help stop the bleeding and she had lived. He fumbled on the nightstand for his glasses, and slipped them on, the room before him finally coming into focus. And with it, his alarm clock. "Shit!"

    "Are you going to help your father?"

    "I don't know." Stuart huffed in exasperation, throwing off the covers and scrambling to get dressed. "But I do know, that I don't have time for this! I'm gonna be late."


    "I told you, I don't know." He snapped, hastily pulling on his favorite beanie. His top was slightly disheveled, and his hair was far from brushed, but he went stalking into the kitchen for his coffee anyway. "I don't know if I'm going to help him. Why even should I? Where has he been all my life? Nowhere. So why should I do anything for him?" He was second guessing his agreement to go on this silly goose chase - hell, he had no idea what he was looking for! Even though there was no way that the snake could have caught up with him, or could have gotten ahead of him, but sure enough, Scar was waiting on top of the coffee maker when he got there.

    "That'sss not what I was going to sssay."

    "Well, then what?" He asked irritably, opening the his coffee can only to find... no coffee. "Damn." He muttered.

    "I wasss going to sssay you have off today."

    Stuart blinked and glanced up at him. "Right. Thanks."

    "No problem." Scar replied, bobbing his head almost in a nod. "You should help him though, your father. He isss a good man."

    "How should you know? You're not even real." He turned once again to go back to his bedroom. He'd have to get some more coffee, but now that the prospect of going to the hospital was crushed, he had nothing left to think about but the dream. And now he was curious.

    "You really ssstill believe that?" Scar asked, appearing in his bedroom again, on top of the box he still kept.

    "What would you rather I believe? That you're a messenger of the Gods?" He snorted, opening up his laptop and turning it on. If his father wouldn't tell him what the hell a Physician's Cure was, he'd find out himself.

    "Well, not a messsssanger of all of the Godsss, but a messsssenger of your father, yessss."

    "What?" Stuart asked, his gaze shooting back up.

    "You heard me." Scar answered snarkily, shaking his little snake head from side to side.

    "You're a messenger of my father?"

    "Yessss. That isss what I sssaid."

    Stuart leaned back in his desk chair, chewing on his lip. "So then you know what a Physician's Cure is?"


    "And you haven't told me?!" Stuart exclaimed, throwing up his hands.

    "Yesss. Oh, I mean no."

    Stuart huffed in exasperation, rubbing his face. "Whatever. Then what is it?"

    "It isss the cure for death. It isss the reason your father wasss killed then resurected as a god. If it hasss been ssstolen it could be catassstrophic to the natural order of thingssss. Especially if thisss person hasss ssstolen other godly artifactsss."

    "Wow. Okay then. Greek Gods and Death Cures. This is starting out to be a wonderful day." He shook his head and pushed off from his chair, starting out of the bedroom. Scar suddenly appeared, wrapped around his shoulders, his little head resting behind Stuart's ear. "Where are we going?"

    "I'm going to the mall. I'm out of coffee." Stuart grabbed his keys from the little fancy bowl he kept near the door. "If the rest of the day's as bat shit crazy as this morning has been, I'm gonna need some caffeine."

    Stuart couldn't see it, but Scar's face spread into a snake-y smile.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ∴ Φίδι ∴ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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  16. [​IMG]
    Lynx finally made it to the mall to meet up with his superior a man named Adam... his mind was hazy as he was still coming to term with what just happen and a part of him actually didn't believe it was true.
    "Philips your early I like that, first day of real officer training but don't get cocky you little shit ... make sure everything is secure and your safety is on your weapon" he said. Adam was the type of officer who had been on the force for years and saw this job as babysitting. He was tall about the same height at Lynx with a much darker skin tone which shows that he was probably of mixed ethnicity, and he had a little gray peppered into his somewhat spikey black hair. Lynx heard a tone of jealousy and resentment like a old lion seeing the young cat in the pride that would take his spot in due time. Lynx removed his firearm and checked the safety.... and he froze for a second as he saw little imp like bat creatures without wings.... which didn't scare him oddly but he quickly aimed is gun and kept it trained on the imp for a second while the safety was on till Adam knocked his hands down.... "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ROOK WE'RE IN A FUCKING MALL.." he screamed and Lynx came back to reality.

    "No I zoned out was remembering target practice and my firearm was trained on the ground somewhat I was getting a good feel that's all" he replied thinking about what he really saw. [​IMG]

    Lynx was thinking until HOLT the crow appears.... "You did good not freaking out it must be the demigod blood in you, keeps you focused and your nerves in check you will be an amazing cop" he said. "Yea well I'm guessing I just saw a monster of some kind but why?" he asked. "Yes and no your a demigod and now that your aware of that latent talents will surface... like most demigods you can see through weak cloaking magic if you focus.. and what you saw was just messengers from the underworld.. they just search for damned souls and report them to death... surprising you saw it though maybe your vision can see through some barriers as death is not your wheelhouse" he said while Lynx was walking with Adam and being informed of the job lucky him and this bird had a telepathic link.[/COLOR]

    Adam was talking but Lynx knew everything he was saying already, but he acted like he was paying attention... Holt was right Lynx was feeling different he had his abilities manifest already but now that he's conscious about it he can hear better, see better, smell and think its like everything was enhanced.
    "Ok Philips... all you have to do now is make your rounds I'll be in the mall security office we are just here to back up mall security in case there's a major violent arrest..." he said drinking some coffee and walking off.

    Lynx turned and started walking around doing his rounds... hands in his pockets as he was slightly bored a cop in training didn't see much action... it was then that his right hand began to glow a cobalt blue which he knew meant there had to be a demigod(s) around .... seems like normal people could see it... now what was he supposed to do
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  17. [​IMG]
    Location: Bed (Dreaming) --> Closet --> Car --> Mall Entrance, Making way to Food Court
    Parent: Hera Goddess of Marriage/Family
    Familiar: Juno the Cuckoo Bird
    Mentioned: N/A
    Interactions: Hera, Juno
    Character Sheet: HERE

    Outfit: HERE

    A cool breeze blew Faith's brown hair to the side, her eyes closing to keep the hair from getting into them. She brushed the strands away from her face and when she opened her eyes the whole setting of her dream had changed. Instead of sitting in a park like she had been she was now sitting on a white and fluffy cloud. Above her was only blue sky, and in every other direction she looked she only saw more clouds. "Weird," the young female said out loud as she stood.

    "Perhaps to you, child, but to me this is home," a voice cam from behind. Faith whipped around in surprise, eyes landing on a beautiful woman before her. She recognized the brown locks they both shared, and the warm smile the older woman gave her. "Hello, Faith."

    Slowly, a smile stretched onto Faith's pink lips. "Hi, mom," she said, refraining from throwing her arms around her. "It's been a while since you've visited me."

    Hera gave a nod. "I know, I know... Things in Olympus have been occupying me lately. Which is actually why I've contacted you tonight."

    "Of course," Faith interrupted, shrugging her shoulders. "Why else would you visit me in my dream unless you needed something."

    The countenance of the Goddess changed slightly, her features turning sadder. Hera stepped towards her daughter, wrapping her arms around her in a tight hug. Acting instinctively Faith hugged her mother back, nestling her face into her mothers' shoulder. When Faith was a child her mother would visit her dreams often, but the older she grew the less often the visits became. "You know I love you, my beautiful little girl."

    "I know," Faith replied, inhaling deeply before she drew back to look at her mothers' face. "What do you need me to do?"

    "Many artifacts have been stolen from the Gods and Goddesses recently," Hera began, taking on a more serious tone. "We do not know who the thief is, and do not have the ability to seek him or her out ourselves right now. However, the matter must be handled immediately. I need you to team up with a few other demigods to retrieve these artifacts. Can you do this for me?" Faith nodded, and Hera's smile grew wider. "I knew you would not disappoint me, dear Faith. Now, the thing that was stolen from me is my Diadem-"

    "What's that?"

    "My... crown," Hera said, pointing to her bare head. "It is vital that it be returned to me as soon as possible."

    "Yeah, yeah, can't be the Queen of Heavens without your crown. Makes sense," Faith said, nodding her head from side to side as she spoke.

    A giggle escaped Hera as she played with Faith's hair. There were many bad things that could be said of this specific goddess, but no one could deny that she loved all of her children. "It is time for you to wake now, my baby," Hera said, looking back up to meet Faith's hazel eyes. "Listen to Juno. He will be your guide. And be careful... I fear I may be putting you in extreme danger." Hera leaned down and pressed her soft lips on Faith's forehead. "I love you, my child."

    "Love you too mom."

    Beep....... Beep....... Beep.......

    The familiar sound of Faith's alarm clock caused her to wake with a start. She sat upright in her bed, instantly turning to shut off the annoying buzzing. She then ran a hand through her brown hair, which was still slightly damp from the shower she had taken the previous night. A cuckoo bird flew into her room as Faith let out a yawn, landing on her nightstand. "Good morning Faith!"

    "Morning, Juno," Faith replied sleepily as she rose from her bed, walking over to her closet. She'd had her familiar since she was nine, as a gift from her mother. It hadn't taken her long to discover that she was the only one who could see the bird either. "My mom visited me in my dream last night," She called as she closed her closet door to get dressed.

    "I know." Faith heard him clearly despite the door that separated them.

    "Of course you do," She said, running her hands over her various shirts. "Do you know what the weather is supposed to be today?"

    "Chilly," replied Juno, "I would advise you wear something warmer."

    "Thanks," She called, pulling a black tank top over her head. "Anyways, my mom said that you'll be my guide or whatever, so I assume you know what I'm suppose to do?"

    "You assume correctly," Juno replied. "We're to go to the mall today."

    "The mall?" Faith repeated. She put on a grey sweater over her black tank top, and then slipped into black leggings. She then pulled on some black boots, and exited the closet. "How exciting."

    Juno followed her down the hall to the kitchen. "Perhaps you should get breakfast at the mall, Faith. I'm not sure when everything is supposed to begin, so I think it would be best for us to get there early rather than dilly-dally and arrive late."

    "Sounds like a waste of money to me," Faith said, turning to look at Juno.

    "I insist."

    "Whatever," Faith said, reaching for her keys. In just a matter of minutes she and Juno were inside her black Volkswagen beetle. She took a few moments to pick a radio station that both her and Juno would agree upon, and then drove off towards the nearest mall. Truthfully, she didn't mind Juno dragging her there first thing in the morning; Faith thoroughly enjoyed shopping... and, at a place like the mall she was sure she'd find something to do.

    As the drive went on Faith found herself turning the radio volume up every few minutes. She was a fairly calm driver, and it was rare for her to yell while she was behind the wheel. Juno on the other hand...

    "Oh, you wanted to get in front of us? If only there was a device to signal that!"

    Stereo volume increases.

    "Look at this moron! Know where you're going before you leave the house!"

    Stereo volume increases.

    "Oh for the love of Zeus, PICK A LANE LADY!"

    Stereo volume increases.

    Needless to say, Faith was very relieved when they finally reached the parking lot and Juno calmed down. She parked as close to the entrance as she could, clicking the lock button on her key several times as she walked away from her vehicle. Once they entered the building Faith dropped her keys into her bag, Juno landing on her shoulder as she did. "Where are we going first, Faith?"

    "The food court," Faith answered just as her stomach growled.​

    Location: The Mall (Victoria's Secret)
    Parent: Aphrodite Goddess of Love/Beauty/Sexual Rapture
    Familiar: Venus the Rabbit
    Mentioned: Aphrodite
    Interactions: NPC's, Venus
    Character Sheet: HERE

    Outfit: HERE

    "Here you are. Please push the button here if you would like assistance with anything, I'll be just outside," Gabrielle said cheerfully as she held open a dressing room door. She watched as the sixteen year old female gave her a thankful smile and stepped into the small fitting room. Gabrielle closed the door for the girl, her smile dropping as soon as she was out of the customer's sight. You are not a size C, she thought with a roll of her eyes, going to stand outside the dressing room hall. Maybe a B. Maybe.

    As she resumed her spot outside a couple walked past, and Gabrielle again forced a smile to them. "Can I help you find anything today?" She asked, looking directly to the female.

    The women opened her mouth to respond, but before she could get a work out the male that accompanied her- who Gabby assumed was her boyfriend- said, "No. We're okay."

    "Okay, please let me know if you change your minds," Gabrielle replied, watching as the couple walked away. While she was still smiling she stared daggers into the back of the male's head. Gabby could not stand when men had the nerve to answer for a woman, and she also found it very creepy when they came in to help their significant others find underwear.

    But, it was not in her job description to voice such judgement. So, she had made it a habit to just smile and nod. Her eyes drifted around the now empty room that she was supposed to be in for that shift. Today had been extremely slow, but that didn't mean business couldn't pick up at any moment. Especially in the later afternoon when all the teens got out of school. Teenage females seemed to like bra shopping together- which meant good business for any Victoria's Secret employee.

    Biting her lower lip, Gabby reached into the pocket of her black slacks and pulled out her iPhone. She then went to stand inside the hall of dressing rooms, where there were no security cameras. The last thing she needed was her manager to glance at the camera feed and notice that she was playing on her phone. Gabrielle opened up Google, typing one word into the search bar: Aphrodite.

    Of course, Gabby had learned a little bit about Greek mythology back in high school. But she hadn't actually cared for the subject, so she mostly just paid enough attention to pass the test at the end of the unit. She didn't even remember what Aphrodite was the Goddess of. She hadn't thought she'd need to know anything about the Greek Goddess until the prior night.

    In her sleep, she had been 'visited' by a beautiful woman:

    She had been in a room of red silk, with red and gold furniture to match. At first she was alone, and the the woman suddenly appeared, calling herself the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Naturally, Gabrielle was confused, and for the first time in her life she had been consciously aware that she was dreaming.

    "Something of mine has been stolen," Aphrodite had informed Gabrielle in the dream. "My mirror. I need you to retrieve it for me."

    "Why would I do that?" Gabrielle had asked with her usual attitude. She saw no reason she should stick her neck out for a woman she did not know.

    "You are my daughter."

    This had caused Gabrielle to laugh. "Sure, sure, I am the daughter of a Goddess. Right."

    Still, when Gabrielle woke from the dream she couldn't help but mull over her dream. Even when she was at work, she could not get the dream out of her head. She couldn't deny the strikingly similar features she had shared with the woman, and her presence had felt familiar. As if she had known the woman once.

    It was just a figment of your imagination, Gabrielle thought as she skimmed over website titles. Of course she'd look similar, I imagined her up to be my mother. She was rationalizing, as any sane person would do. Who would believe that they were the offspring of a Greek Goddess just because they were told so in a dream?

    But... I didn't even know who Aphrodite was last night, Gabrielle argued with herself. She skimmed over a short article of Aphrodite, but did not get the chance to actually read it. Instead she had to put her phone away- She was being called by the young girl she had been helping.

    Gabrielle approached the changing room. "Can I help you with anything?" She asked. The female opened the door and popped her head out, thrusting a pink lace bra towards Gabrielle.

    "Yeah, I actually meant to grab this in blue, would you mind going to get me one?"

    "Of course, I'll be right back." Gabrielle took the bra, turning and rolling her eyes. She walked over to the wall of bras, scanning the area for the bras that looked like the one she currently held. She spotted it almost immediately- but jumped when she noticed a rabbit was sitting on the counter beside it.

    "What the hell?" She muttered to herself as she edged closer to the rabbit, hands outstretched to pick it up. She tried to figure out how it had even gotten in the store: Her Victoria's Secret store was on the second floor of the mall. "Here, bunny, bunny," she tried to coo as she neared it.

    "The name is Venus," a feminine voice rang out, and this time Gabby jumped so hard she threw the bra up into the air. She whipped around, only to find that no one else was in the room with her. Gabrielle placed her hand over her fast beating heart as she took a deep breath, and asked the same question she scolded people in horror movies for asking:

    "Who's there?"

    "Just me, dear," The same voice, but still Gabby could not see it's owner. "I am behind you." Slowly, Gabrielle turned around, until she was facing the rabbit. Their eyes met. "Yes, me."

    "Oh God," She whispered, eyes wide. "I'm going crazy."

    "Not at all, dear," The rabbit, Venus, said, jumping down from the counter. "I am just your familiar. I am here to help you find your mother's mirror."

    Gabrielle stared at the rabbit in shock, shaking her head. "No, no. I am not going to give into some hallucination," She said sternly. "I bet you're not even really here. I'm just imagining you. In fact, I'm not going to talk to you again. Nope."

    She stepped forward and picked the bra up from the ground, as well as grabbed the same one in blue. She then hurried back to the girl in the dressing room, knocking on the door. As soon as it opened Gabby handed the girl the blue bra, and reminded her to push the button if she required assistance again.

    Then, Gabrielle returned to her spot just outside the hall, where she was supposed to stand unless she was helping a customer. She tried to ignore the rabbit that bounced after her, mentally telling herself that it wasn't really there.

    Location: Hunter's Apartment --> The Mall (Heading towards Cabela's)
    Parent: Artemis Goddess of Hunt/Moon/Virginity
    Familiar: Diana the Yellow Lab
    Mentioned: Artemis
    Interactions: Diana
    Character Sheet: HERE

    Outfit: HERE

    The only noise being made in Hunter's apartment was that of him chewing his cereal. In one hand he held a silver spoon, in the other was his cellphone. He was scrolling through Facebook, though he was not actually reading any of the posts. Mostly, the phone was just a prop that he was using as an excuse to avoid conversation with his familiar.

    But, alas, Hunter's familiar was an impatient and persistent one. She sat across the table with him, watching intently. All he needed to do was slip up once and she'd have her in. Thus far she had tried barking, licking his hand, yelling at him. Each attempt had only ended in failure. He refused to look at her.

    "Oh, come on Hunter," Diana said calmly, her next tactic. "We'll have to talk about this eventually. Might as well get it over with, right?" He still did not look at her. In fact, the stubborn male raised his phone closer to his face as he took another bite of cheerios.

    Diana huffed, clearly annoyed. She jumped down from her chair and went below the table, placing her head on Hunter's lap. "Please, please, please can we talk about your dream?" She begged, looking up to him. Hunter leaned forward, so that there was no way he could accidentally glance at her from the corner of his eye. "Fine! I'll just lay here on the floor and talk until you finally agree to talk with me," Diana said angrily, moving to lay at his side. She was silent for a moment, allowing him to think over her threat, but when Hunter did not answer she proceeded.

    "Very well then. I remember when you were a child and you would sit in your room and talk to me all day. Not that I blamed you for only talking to your imaginary dog, you were an odd child. It was really no surprise that you had no friends. Of course, you could have joined some sports and made some that way. But no, all you cared about at the age of four was guns, and bows and arrows, and hunting. Oh! Remember that girl you met in high school that also loved hunting. What was her name again?"

    Hunter raised an eyebrow, but did not look to his familiar. His grip on his phone tightened.

    "Right, right, Amy! She was a pretty one too, I really liked her. Too bad you had to go and tell her about your invisible dog and scare her away. Such a shame, you two were so cute, I truly thought it was a perfect match and-"

    "Fine," Hunter groaned, placing his spoon in his bowl that now held only milk and a few stray cheerios. "We'll talk about the damn visit from my mom, just shut up."

    "Drastic times call for drastic measures."

    "You're so annoying."

    "I think you should help find your mother's bow and arrows," Diana said, deciding it was best to get straight to the point.

    "I disagree," Hunter replied, setting his phone down on the table and turning towards Diana. "I haven't seen her since I was six in one of my dreams, she's never done anything for me. I don't even consider her my mother, you know that."

    "But she is still your mother, Hunter," Diana replied, sitting up. "And now she needs you help."

    Hunter shook his head. "I don't really care about what she needs."

    Diana barked, a sign that she was growing frustrated with the demigod. "Artemis does love you, she just can't stand to be around you."

    "I know, I know, because I'm a reminder of her failure to being the pure virgin she wanted to be her whole life or whatever," Hunter said. He paused for a moment, having a mini staring contest with the yellow lab before him. "You're not really persuading me to change my mind."

    "If you won't do it for your mother, do it for the rest of the world," Diana argued, deciding to appeal to him a different way. "Whoever stole the artifact must have something huge planned. Whatever it is I doubt that it'll be good for mankind."

    This caused Hunter to pause. He had never been able to turn down saving someone, it was in his nature to protect all. A trait he had inherited from his mother, whether he would admit it or not. Diana was smart to turn this into a situation where he either saved the whole world or allowed everyone to die in peril.

    Finally, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Diana's tail swayed side to side, she knew what this meant. "Fine, fine, I'll help find the artifacts," He said reluctantly, pulling his hand away to look at Diana. "But, before I go off on some adventure to find things that are supposed to be mythical I think we better stock up on ammo."

    Diana's tail swayed faster. "Do you mean?"

    "Yes," Hunter stood up, putting his bowl in the sink and rinsing it out. "We're going to Cabela's. I might as well spend some money before I die over a stolen bow and arrow."

    "Cabela's!" Diana jumped up, running over to the door. Both Hunter and Diana loved the store, because it had everything they would ever need whenever they went hunting. It was their own personal heaven. As Diana ran in circles at the front door she thought how lucky it was that Hunter already wanted to go to the mall, where Cabela's was located. She hadn't yet figured out how she would get him to the mall, and now she didn't have to worry about it.

    With a chuckle Hunter opened the door and locked it behind them. In minutes they were in his Chevy Silverado, heading to the mall. He took the route he knew to have less traffic, even if it was a bit out of the way. Before too long he was parked at the mall, and he and Diana were walking inside.

    "Do you think I could just buy my mom a new bow and arrow and call it good?"

    "If only it was that simple."​
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  18. [​IMG]
    Interactions Ravi & himself & Taehyung
    Tagged @Luxii
    Location His own bedroom ------> The shopping mall
    Mood Annoyed & bothered
    Leo had been just about to point out the fact that Ravi was probably not going to stop bothering him if he did it, because Ravi wasn't exactly known for keeping that particular promise. There had been countless times where Ravi had promised to stop bothering Leo, but - as clearly evidenced by their current positions - it hadn't exactly worked out. However instead of Ravi being the victim of yet another one of his cold retorts, the door opened by itself and Leo quickly pushed Ravi away from himself. He didn't know why, but he didn't enjoy when other saw him close with Ravi, especially not when he knew they could see him. If no one could see him, then he didn't mind much, but Leo was never a huge fan of people invading his personal space anyway. Taehyung was mostly lucky for his childish appearance that he was allowed to barge in on him like this, not that Leo thought it was fine, but it did save him from further discussion with Ravi that would probably end up in his loss anyway. It was typical of the two of them.

    "TaeTae!" Ravi called out instantly as the serious mood that had been in the air disappeared like the snow would in summer's heat. There were a few seconds that Leo figured that Ravi had been distracted so he could go back to work, and actually get something done for once, but of course not. Taehyung was going to make him go outside of those four walls he loved so much too. Taehyung and him had gotten to know each other when Leo had asked him to model for him... or more like Ravi had practically screamed in his ear to get himself a model and it happened to be one of his closest neighbors. Taehyung was a great model when he did what Leo told him to do and not anything of his... own choice of poses, and he was quite the beautiful shell. Yes, he never said 'appearance', because that wasn't true. Humans were like shells were the outside could lie of what was on the inside, and Leo never got close enough to anyone to get through that shell, but so was it with everyone else too.

    A huge part of him thought that Taehyung was really cute, but it was probably because of his child-like appearance and Leo felt himself more attracted to children than adults for some reason. Not in a bad way, but in an interactive way. It was just more pleasant to play with children and hear them laugh and talk in their gibberish language, then it was to interact with grown ups for him. However while Taehyung looked like a child - and could probably pass for one too - there was something wrong with the constant smell of alcohol that followed after the kid. Alcohol was a poisonous drink that people decided to drink in order to forget their problems, and then run away from them instead of confronting them. The cowardice way to go in life, because drinking a bottle of poison would work, but that was only if it consisted of actual poison.

    Hearing Taehyung wanting to bring him out made him sigh as Ravi was already bouncing around in victory. That kid just knew when to show up to benefit Ravi, now didn't he? Without anything to say, he stood up from the chair and brushed off his shirt a little bit before grabbing his keys. It was bad enough to fight with Ravi over going out, but even worse if Taehyung was going in on it. He'd whine and bicker like a spoiled brat and do all kinds of things, before Leo's patience eventually ran out. "...Let's go," The reason he gave up so quickly was because he had said no once, but Taehyung had ended up almost stealing his car. That little brat got far with it too, if Leo hadn't caught him right as he was about to start the car. There was no way he was letting him drink and drive. He could hit a cat or a child, and he was not letting Taehyung do it with his car.

    Without another word he walked out as Ravi happily skipped after him, giggling some words of victory with Taehyung as he was bragging how he had managed to make Leo do something again. Why did he always bend to their will? Was it because he didn't bother the discussion? Or because he secretly wanted out too? Nah... he never enjoyed forced social interactions with other annoying human beings that was wasting the earth's perfectly made oxygen. He opened the door to the driver's seat and waited for the two other, forcing Ravi in the back by giving him the choice of the back seats or the trunk, and then he drove off to the mall.
    It took them about ten hour long minutes to get to the mall with Ravi bickering and talking the entire time. Leo had been in his own world, and he had heard Taehyung cheering in the passenger seat that he got a free ride to the mall. What did Leo get out of this again? Except from breathing in polluted air from all of the exhaust and other smoke sources, and annoying and huge crowds where he could hardly move and forced social interactions with other human beings that he absolutely didn't want? Absolutely nothing was the answer wasn't it? "We're here... happy?" Leo asked Taehyung as he parked his car and stepped out. With the first step out of the car he saw something white and soft float before his eyes, coming from above. He stared at it, as he held out his hand to catch the little snowflake in his hand. It didn't melt like it would in most people's hands, instead he had the pleasure of watch it before another one joined.

    His eyes scouted up to the sky that was filled with grey skies now, seeing as they had gathered up to let it snow. The corners of his lips pointed a bit up as he looked back down on his hand to see a couple of new snowflakes gathered in his hand, staying there with him, equally as cold as him. The only thing he could compare himself too. "...beautiful..." He murmured to himself as yet another one came to join his hand, all of them unique in their own structure. Unique, untainted, cold, falling...

    Truly snowflakes was the only thing he could relate too. ​
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  19. [​IMG]


    Lynx looked at his hand and the light was splintering .... "What the hell does this mean that there is more then one demigod here how many of us are there?" he asked Holtaru. "Well to be honest there are many many god offspring they tend to have their way with humans they desire ... but Aether knows this only demigods deemed worthy by their God parent should trigger your light so I guess there's multiple worthy demigods here" the crane replied telepathically. "Well I'm supposed to move around a mall of all places undetected and just show up around these demigods and go on some adventure" he says sarcastically.
    "Well you can move undetected I wasn't supposed to tell you all that your capable of its something that you have to learn on your own but one nugget won't alter your destiny... your father is the God of Light and air... you should be able to bend light around you and those around you and become invisible" the familiar said.

    Lynx couldn't believe he was actually listening to this.... he had half a mind to ignore this whole thing and just stay on his patrol but he has manifested gifts before involuntarily maybe he could actually voluntarily activate this power he has. So he walked into the woman's bathroom which confused his familiar...."Lynx...LYNX!!! THIS IS THE BATHROOM DESIGNATED FOR WOMEN" it shrieked....
    "Yea I know... I can't become invisible in the middle of the mall and I'll be damned if I turn invisible around men.." he replied as he went into the handicapped stall and shut the door behind him and stared into the mirror and strained for a couple of minute trying to will himself to become invisible.
    "What are you doing ...?" the familiar asked.... "What do you think I'm doing trying to become invisible... " he replied
    "Look your not a super hero... your power is not something you will on your own ... you have to command it... work with the light itself don't do it on your own... just relax."

    Lynx relaxed and tried to speak to the light with his mind and spirit and will it to shield him from sight... he heard women coming into the bathroom but he kept his focus as his saw himself becoming transparent and eventually faded from sight...
    "This is amazing... I can see myself but infared... am I invisible?" he asked
    "Yes and your the son of the GOD of light you can see yourself just in a different light spectrum.. others cannot see you"

    A rather busty woman came into the stall... she wasn't handicapped but she got on the phone with tears in her eyes... "LISTEN JOHNNY YOUR NOT GOING TO KEEP MY SON WITH YOU WHEN YOU DON'T PAY A DIME IN THE CHILD SUPPORT YOU OWE ME....I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING IF YOU DON'T BRING MY SON BACK BY TONIGHT I WILL BE AT YOUR DOORSTEP WITH COPS" she screamed

    Lynx must have been invisible because she was going in on the father of her child... so he slipped out of the stall. Now it was to find one of these Demigod children maybe
    they could help clear this up for him... besides
    it would be comforting to find someone like him at least he's not alone, he just had to decide
    which he would go after. He soon decided he'd go after the brightest splinter of light and it led him to a Victoria Secret... it was nice to get around without having people staring.

    He had never been in Victoria's Secret while he wouldn't have minded looking around... but
    he had a job to do... he was led to a fitting room. He decided to wait for the attendant to leave and knock and ask to speak to the person. He should have came inside visible as a cop he could have knocked but now he can't just appear in Victoria Secret... on camera.
    So he had an idea and knew it was illegal to have camera's in the dressing room itself...
    Lynx concentrated focusing on the aspect of air.. he did what Holtaru told him just focusing on air.
    Lynx felt lighter then air but he did feel pain but he didn't know why... but he had to stop so he walked through the fitting room door.

    Lynx almost dropped when he saw who was on the other side a woman with golden hair and
    a body that he was at a lost of words for. Lynx dropped to one knee loosing the invisibility and intangibility and covered his eyes after staring for a moment.

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  20. [​IMG]

    ○ Thibault- Familiar ○

    ○ Hermes ○

    ○ Thibault ○
    ○ Daniel- @DarkiusHeavenstein

    ○ Cold ○
    ○ Irritated ○
    ○ Brooding ○

    ○ Enroute to Mall ↠ Mall Parking Lot ○

    Show Spoiler


    Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

    You know you don't have to keep on pressing the button.

    "Eh?...Oh... Sorry."

    One could say that Gideon was distracted, finger remaining pressed against the activation button, signalling for the crosswalk sign to switch to "pedestrian crossing"; however, all it had done for him was constantly spout for him to be patient in that monotone droll of an automated voice. Who could blame this distraction in the young male though, for it wasn't every day that you were contacted by your dead beat father, who just so happened to be the immortal god of thieves, travel, athletics, etc... It also wasn't everyday said father would ask you for help, even though you knew nothing about them for over... Well Gideon could not say exactly, but he quessed about 18 YEAR OF LIFE. In all honesty, this whole situation felt like one big FUCK YOU to the face, Gideon's youthful expression contorting to a deeper frown as he once again pressed the crosswalk button.

    Wait. Wait. Wait.

    "Fuck. What's taking this thing so long?"

    Well, maybe if you stopped pressing the button every two seconds, the damned thing would actually change.

    Gideon had to admit that he could not be fully upset about the situstion though, being that for about 18 years he had had no idea where he had come from. His father had always been a touchy subject in his household, his Mother hardly ever mentioning the, now known, God. Gideon had grown up believing he was a product of adoption, or his personal favorite idea. He had come up with a theory after the emergence of his powers, that he was some freaky testtube baby, or an alien that had been implanted in his mother's womb. That would have explained his freakish abilities...

    "Ughhhhhh. Hurry up!"

    Impatient, aren't we, Princess?

    He had never even told his mom about his powers, even after they reaked havoc in his daily life. Random disappearances, random emergences, destruction, fear, etc. He had fallen victim to all of this because of these pesky powers: Teleportation, Super Speed, and the like... Such a hassle they had been in the beginning; however, slowly but surely he started getting them under control, keeping these Teleportation fits at bay until now, where they only escaped when he was nervous... or embarrassed. The super speed was another thing entirely, being that Gideon avoided using it at all cost. What was the point of moving at the speed of sound, when you had not fucking control over the direction? It was a useless fucking ability and Gideon was FARRRRR better off with just teleporting all over the place...

    But he could not do it in publice.


    With a small ding, Gideon was brought back from his wandering thoughts, hand pulling back from the button to slight back into the pocket of his green joggers. "Mn..." He turned, stepping off the curb into the street as the cars around him came to a halt, the young male following the crowd to the other soide of the road. It was like marching in a band, or with a military platoon, how all those feet stepped in sync out of habit and mild OCD. All eyes were ahead, forgetful faces either glancing at the screen of their phones, the faces of their watches, or simply eyeballing the shining tops of their shoes. Gideon did none of these, shoulders hunching as he shivered at the bitter cold. He hated this sort of weather, sniffling softly as he wiped his nose on the back of his hand. He had not expected it to be this cold, the grey sky threatening to burst at any moment.

    "You think it'll rain, Thibault?" Gideon asked rather absent mindedly, emerald eyes scanning the clouds for any sort of oncoming danger. He had not brought an umbrella today, which more than likely would spell out his demise if the sky decided to actually cry today. He could use his backpack, or pull his coat over his head, but that would only expose his back to the cold... and all he was wearing was his grey, UNIQO sweater underneath. He felt Thibault shit in his pocket, Gideon having moved the small turtle to his jogger pocket so that it could snuggle to the warmers parts of his body. It did not say on the forecast... I think there is a 40% chance of-

    "Oh!" Gideon halted his march, stepping up onto the curb as he held his hand out to the small white droplets that floated down to his palm. Shit. Gideon had not expected it to snow, expression souring further as he watched the tiny flakes of death dance slowly across the sky. How much worse could this day get? Gideon pulled his large headphones from around his neck and rested them over his ears, if anything to keep his, already red, ears somewhat warm. He softly bit the inside of his cheeks, arms folding over his chest as he shoved his bare hands under his armpits... That always kept them warm.

    He stepped off again, eyes glued ahead as he made his way down the crowded street, moves agile as he stepped around more forgetful faces, happy voices layered with excitement for the winter's first snow. Gideon disliked it. He always had, for it made his limbs stiff... It also made it more difficult to catch his breath when he played sports... Nope, all there was to look forward to were stiff fingers and toes...Not exactly a pleasant experience.

    He turned a corner, tongue light licking over his thick lips to alleviate any of the dryness that was there. He had a CARMEX in his back pocket, but he did not want to expose his hands to the cold, stubbornly licking his lips as he caught the eye of a nearby stranger. He made eye contact out of habit, tongue continuing to twirl over his icy lips. The man, possibly about in his thirties, winked and blew a kiss, causing Gideon's eyes to widen drastically, blush rising on his cheeks and gaze diverting as he picked up his steps, crossing the next crosswalk by springing across in the last few seconds.

    Well that was embarrassing...


    The mall parking lot was fuller than Gideon had expected for a Wednesday afternoon of about 13:30. Odd that adults actually had lives and did stuff instead of being st their jobs or doing whatever it was that nonhighschool individuals did. Gideon was huddled over, shiver as the shower created a small thin blanket on the ground. It wasn't cold enough for it to remain completely solid upon impact, Gideon having many times slipped and slid in the retarded fucking sludge that tripped up his tractionless shoes. That's what he got for going with comfort over function, eyes wandering over the lot as individuals made there way inside. He was a ways off from the entrance itself, shaking his head to ride himself of whatever flakes had fallen upon his head...

    He moved slowly, avoiding the cars that passed to take hold of any empty spaces. He kicked over any garbage on the ground with the front of his shoe, mind wandering to what he was going to do. He had the rest of the school day since he was here, being that he wasn't going to head home to face the wrath of Granny... He sure as hell wasn't going to head over to Daniel's place next door, either. He knew the guy would be upset with him, mainly because the class he skipped one the one he was struggling the most with... Math... Calculus to be exact. He coughed into his hand, red nose already crunching with the early stages of a cold. If anything, Gideon was going to have to lie his way out of another tutoring session with the older male, frown growing as he pushed past another row of icy cars, bypassing an overturned plate of cheap Chinese. He grimaced, wiping his nose on his sleeve this time as he continued to walk, coming to a halt as a seriers of cars past by...

    "Maybe I'll get a churro..."

    Or some cold medicine. Hurry the fuck up before I freeze to death!

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