The lost Arcane

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  1. This RP got almost every races there is,from a Vampire to Lycan,Werewolf to Demon.It's a fantasy Rp mate~cheers.

    Sets in a devastated city,
    This RP is about another world beyond the world boundries where magic and spells are the real deal.A war once exploded between the Witches and the Wizard.Because of that,a gateway was accidently open and those Witches are now disguising theirself as a human being and staying in Earth.Meanwhile,human doesn't know anything about it until one of theme were murdered with a strange ritual.What would normal human being do to stay alive and continue their legacy?

    As you see,there a lot of races~
    -Human(Hunter,Sniper,Lone wolf etc.)
    -Fallen Angel(Lucifer,Seraphim etc.)
    -Cursed/Gifted human being
    -Time Lord
    -Half animal

    Each of them could only have one element except for HUMAN!(They cant have one)

    NOTE:Only Time Lord could open a gateway to another dimension/world/void.

    Happy Roleplaying oh and it's my first RolePlay thread I ever made~Sorry for grammar mistakes :)
  2. Zack would look through his scope for Witch that he could made a kill count and beat last year witch killer.Zack's rifle was a costume made by a Craftman from another void dimension and uses special ammunation for supernatural beings.Doesn't matter if it a werewolf or a vampire.It's still got its stings.He'd then take a sip of his coffee,"Ah...such a warm coffee."He'd then spot a movement around 3 yards away,in the abandoned mall.It's just a raccoon,"God damnit...One more witch and I'll be this year champion."He'd mutter to himself.Zack then moves to his next sniping spot,ontop of a abandoned skyscraper."This views,It's still fresh in my memory.It's just like yesterday."A smiles comes out from his face after a years without of it.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Moriko
    Race witch
    Facts: Unlike most witches she has been called beautiful Most witches have green brown or black skin. She looks absolutely normal and isnt very witch Like
    Magic: Telekinesis, Sound and Wind
    Moriko walked in the desolate city looking at her reflecting and then normally breaking the glass and putting it in a purse. Her headphones were around her neck and her white hair slouched over her shoulders. She knew it was dangerous to walk in the city especially for her but ignored this fact, She needed materials. She would stop and kneel down at times looking through small piles of debre and when wind gusts came by her vest would flow behind her as did her hair. She was beautiful for a witch while some had green skin and rotting teeth she had beautiful features. She sat down and took out a small bag filled with a small sandwich and an apple with a bottle of water. Directly across from where a hunter sat atop a building.
  4. Zack would spot a figure down below around 4 or 5 yards away."Oh~I'm gonna win this year competition"Zack laugh and take aim for the head.As the winds blow smoothly,Zack takes the shot and it's a miss.Zack bang his head to the wall because of the failure."Well...There gonna be next year isn't it,Zack?"Zack mutter to himself.He'd climb down the building,avoiding the trap that were set by other hunter and his own trap."The heck wrong with me today?"He'd question himself.
  5. The shot grazed morikas cheek and a trickle of blood left the spot it stung it stung bad, she screamed out noticing the hurt it caused her. "Ow ow ow ow ow ow owwww!" She quickly grabbed a small cloth wiping the blood and found a bandage sticking it on to her cheek. She took off her vest showing a white tank top and a tattoo of vines wrapping around her shoulder. She stuck it in her bag and sat back down eating her apple and sandwich. "God people have no respect!"
  6. Name: Alex
    Race: Gifted/Cursed Human
    Facts: Alex was mainly raised by his green dragon familiar Jasmin from age sixteen. He's usually quiet, shy, and polite, but has been known to get a little hyper and playful. No one knows about his past other than Jasmin.

    Alex heard the screams from a few blocks away. "Should I care...?" he wondered. Then ran in the direction he heard the screams from, Jasmin following closely behind.
  7. Morika looked at the man running towards her and put her hands up "Dont kill me" Tears seemed to be welling in her eyes "I've already been almost shot today Please dont kill me!" She looked helpless but obviously wasn't. Her hair shined behind her creating almost a reflection of silver instead of white, "If your going to kill me let me put on my headphones first!"
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    Name: Tytan.
    Race: Demon.
    Facts: She's pretty short [5'0"] but has extreme strength. Doesn't like to wear shoes most of the time.
    Power: Earth.

    Tytan was walking along calmly, eyes looking around carefully for enemies. Hearing some commotion and what not, she peeked at it, trying to stay quiet.
  9. Lydia-Angel (open)
    Name: Lydia Powell
    Age: 17
    Creature: Angel
    Powers: Healing (Light wounds and scars), Light (Balls of light and energy she can make and shoot), and gravity manipulation (freezing things and or moving things with her hands though she can only hold it for a limited amount of time). [Though all of her abilities are not yet perfected and tend to get her in more trouble then actually help her.]

    Lydia was sitting on a curb waiting for someone. She didn't know who but she knew they were important, this person.
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  10. "Kit" (open)

    Name: Zak "Kit" Yards
    Race: Cursed Human
    Power: Ice
    Fact: Never takes his mask off in public


    Kit came running down the street being chased by what looked to be a giant bison. He would use his Ice abilities to try to stop it, but it always knocked it down and him. He passed a girl on a corner, running straight passed her this is all he said: "Take it from here!"

    The bison now charged the girl on the corner.
  11. Aliah Green (open)

    Name: Aliah Green
    Age: 17
    Creature: Half-Animal
    Powers: Water, Morphing of Legs

    Aliah out of the lake and onto the land she morphed her legs back and walked into town. She saw a boy running with a bison behind him before another it charged towards a girl waiting on the street. "Need help there?" Aliah asked as she ran towards the girl and wrapped the bison's feet in water hoping the boy would freeze it
  12. Lydia looked up at the boy, startled and then at the bison. "Oh.. Shi.." She pushed her hands out in front of her to halt the charging bison with her gravity manipulation. "Woah!" She said as she started to back away. "What's going on?!"
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    Name: Wade Moore

    Race: Cursed/Gifted Human

    Facts: A young man who's nothing but a comedian, however he's best at killing. If he's asked to kill he will with no mercy or hesitation, otherwise he's just like a normal teenage boy. He's been trained to fight with virtually every weapon, but his specialty is definitely anything that has a trigger. He can make different gadgets and devices from virtually anything and is an excellent acrobat. Thanks to a witch that he impressed as a child, after she slayed his parents, he was granted a huge enhancement in his physical category. In present days he wears his bionic rabbit mask to protect his identity when he is asked to kill. He is known by the media as "Jack Rabbit"

    Powers: Extremely enhanced, agility, stamina, endurance, speed, and strength. He wields a teleportation device that he stole from the same witch that killed his parents that allows him to disapparate and reappear wherever he chooses, as long as he can see where he wants to go in his mind and/or with his sight.

    ((I hope it's okay if I play in 1st person. If not just let me know, and I'll gladly stop! lol))



    The pain was too much. Even for me. What kind of weapon was this. Something I've never seen before. Before I got hit once more I rolled out the way and struggled onto my feet. I spoke through my mask, which had a voice changer which makes my voice pretty damn intimidating. "If you attempt to hit me again, there's a chance you'll be looking death in the face really soon," I said before mustering up the last of my strength to teleport behind the man as he tried to strike me once with his strange weapon. The man seemed puzzled for a moment, but before he could understand what happened his neck was broken. I couldn't find the energy to hide the body and evidence as I usually do, so I just ran. The mask's air seal released and I took it off of my face. The masked quickly folded itself into what looked like a small chip. I clutched at my side which was bleeding out. My skull may have been fractured, but I never really figured that out, due to some kind of miracle that happened shortly after I fell in front of two girls and a frozen bison. All I can remember is muttering "help," at them. My vision blurred then everything went black.
  14. Kit was panting He jogged back over to the bison and stabbed him with a needle that reverted him to a cute little bison. "Sorry. I forgot to feed him." The bison scampered off. "Thanks for the help... What's your name?" He rubbed his head a bandage wrapped around his arm.
  15. ((Dude that guy is way overpowered you can keep the CS, but be diligent when using his powers and things.))
  16. Lydia's powers were about to give out any second but thankfully a girl helped her. "Oh god.. Thank you! I can't keep that up for long!" She said smiling slightly at the girl. She watched as the boy stabbed the bison with a needle and watched the little bison run off. "What.. the" She asked curiously towards the male. "Can you explain what just happened there?" She asked before noticing another boy, who was extremely weak and looked as if he wa about to pass out. "Shoot!" She said leaning down. "I hope I remember how to do this.." She said, closing her eyes and placing her hand on the weak boy's wound.
  17. "Guy's this kid right here he needs help!" Aliah ran over and used her powers to help to heal the wound. "Here try infusing the water it'll help" Aliah said to the girl who was also helping the boy. "2 healers are better then one?" Aliah said while laughing quietly before concentrating to heal the boy.
    ((Katara healing powers activate)
  18. Lydia smiled, grateful for the help. She closed her eyes and focused her light power into closing his wound, leaving a scar in it's place a the flesh mended together. "Yeah, always! I'm not very good at it yet. Hi I'm Lydia, I'm a light angel. You two are?" She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly.
  19. ("Kit just stood enjoying the fanservice" I wish ;D)

    Kit watched as the girls took his arm and began all sorts of different things. "Kit, and to answer your question... Well, I said it earlier, but I forgot to feed him and he got a little pissed." He said itching his non-exsistent sideburns with the other hand.
  20. "I'm Aliah, I'm a mermaid actually hard to believe I bet as I'm walking on land but yeah I can morph my legs it's quite helpful." Aliah said as she stood up, "Lets get this guy in a chair over here?" Aliah said as she bent down to pick him up