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    The subtle scraping of metal on tile is brain boiling. The shifting, grunting, sighing, laughing... All of it can be quite distracting as one stands, walking to the podium and tapping the mic.

    "Mic check - one....two....three..."

    That's all a distraction really. All things one does so they can prolong talking as much as possible. The speaker inhales once. Then opens their maw.

    "Uh, hello."

    They swallow.

    "My name is Bojana...."

    The audience repeats verbatim.

    Hi Bojana...

    "And I...."

    Another inhale.

    "I have a identity complex."

    You aren't sure how you ended up in a 'self help' group, and yet, here you are - about to tell an odd bunch of people about yourself, and possibly learn things that you didn't even know existed in your own personal being.

      I really shouldn't have to explain this one.
      We all have problems, and this is a way to be able to talk about them in detail - but no one likes to hear someone that constantly moping in their own misery.
      People are going to be talking about some of the personal stuff that they've been through in their life. If you don't agree with some of their choices, and you wish to give advice, or help in any way - present your opinion in a respectful manner. If you cannot comply, it's immediate determination.
      This role-play is about YOU. Not one of your characters. It's an outlet that can make you really get into the nitty-gritty of yourself, and help you personalize other characters in the future. Play as you will in your real life - and don't be afraid to add your own personal habits and such into the mix.
      The best way to learn about yourself is to post as if you were a character. Plus, it makes the story flow much better.


    The Basics;;

    *full name;
    martial status;
    sexual orientation;


    *hair color;
    *eye color;
    clothing style;

    Do you see what I see?;;

    *basic personality traits;

      • [x]

      • [x]

      • [x]


      • [x]

      • [x]

      • [x]


      • [x]

      • [x]

      • [x]


      • [x]

      • [x]

      • [x]

    opinion on self;
    how people view you;
    Dare you to Move;;

    *current location;
    And time goes by;;


    Note: You don't have to give certain personal information if you do not wish to. However, those with '*' are things that are needed. If it gets too personal, don't make it detailed.

    Example: (Only use this as a reference! Copy the one above for your own!)

    Bojana Milenkovic;;
    [CENTER]The Basics;;
    *full name; Bojana Milenkovic
    *nickname; Boky - and others that are too much to count!
    *age; 20
    *race; White
    *job?; Substitute Teacher/Student/Pizza Deliverer
    martial status; Single
    sexual orientation; Straight
    *height; 5'3 1/2
    *weight; 125
    *hair color; Brown (Dyed Red recently)
    *eye color; Brown
    *physique; Pear-Shaped
    clothing style; Relaxed, constantly wearing yoga pants.
    Do you see what I see?;;
    *basic personality traits;
    	[x] Sarcastic
    	[x] Funny (At least, she thinks so!)
    	[x] Creative
    	[x] Drawing
    	[x] Web Design
    	[x] Video Games
    	[x] Selfishness
    	[x] Those that are uncouth
    	[x] 'Feminists'
    	[x] Insects
    	[x] Heights
    	[x] The dark
    character's opinion on self; Feels worthless, unmotivated, and lazy.
    how people view your character; Overly-driven. Confident. Wacky.
    Dare you to Move;;
    *family; Mother and Father still married. (Svetlana and Milos.)
    Sister. (Biky.)
    Brother-in-law (Sasa)
    Niece (Mila.)
    Aunt. (Nina)
    Uncle. (Cica)
    Older Cousin. (Mitar)
    Younger Cousin. (Marija)
    pets; Dog #1. Sophie
    Dog #2. Vuk
    friends; Three best friends. Chris, Jake, and Cori.
    *birthplace; Abu Dhabi. UAE
    *current location; Oklahoma
    *history; Born in Saudi - dragged out to the United States as a child - Boky was always....Odd. Now in her twenties, she's trying to come to terms with her oddness, and herself.
    And time goes by;;
    other; This is just an example! Copy and Paste the original sheet above for your sign up! 
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