the longing for luna

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  1. deep within the Forest beyond the point that any man has roamed. there is a place you must be lost to be able to find. its a place where many have lost their lives and many have made theirs. Its the place that the guaru call home "Luna's Gratia". a city built in the trees where no true man has walked before only the guaru and their kin. many monuments span this great city all attributed to father wolf or their mother Luna. but unknown to them a great war was waged on the outer rim of this expanse and it was threatening to to bring them into the fight.

    walking through the great city enjoying the serene grace that filled his lungs as he wafted in the great odors of the city he calls home abovus begins his decent into the lower city as he walks he greats the many people he calls his family. thinking that everything was going to go on like a regular day until a messenger calls him and hands him a letter.
    the letter reads "Dear Abovus we are sad to report that our patrols have not returned from their daily expedition. me must ask you to go and search in the outer regions for the patrol. we are also aware that your son attended this patrol and wish to hear back from you by this evening. we hope your search goes well"

    scared and outraged Abovus rushes off to the expanding outer region in search of his son and the patrol. as Abovus reaches the outer rim he hears the cry of battle. recognize some of the cries he blindly rushes into the opening as he enters he comes upon the most horrific site many different fey are at war killing each other like nothing he has ever seen before. he searches the opening for the site of his son and the patrol he notices many of the men are fighting with other fey but he doesn't see his son. he charges into the battle in search of his son rending heads and limbs as he charges through the bloody battle.
  2. A warrior of tan skin and hair blacker than the night sky ran through the soldier before him. His face was freckled with the blood of the human soldiers he had slaughtered, bringing attention to his cold glare. Those eyes burned bright with fury, even though they were black. The fey screeched, his translucent wings stretched out, pushing fear into the dying man's eyes as the shadow rolled over the man's face. The fey's fingers flicked off the soldier's helmet as if it were a leaf, exposing the fleshy human under the hard metal. The fey's teeth stretched as he screeched and tore apart the neck of the soldier. More blood coated the fey's face, making it ever more terrible than before.
    But this fey had been careless, blinded by rage to not see the boy running up behind him. With one swing from the boy's blade, the fey's wing was severed from its body. Another screech, this one of pain, like the howl of a woman who has lost her son at night to a thief. The fey turned to the boy, his teeth sharpening again, ready to rip the boy limb from limb.
  3. astonished by the speed of this fey all abovus can do is stare in bewilderment. instantly he notices the boy soldier running at the fey is his son. he goes to stop the his son but he gets ambushed by several other fey. luckily these fey are underlings not like the fey he was watching before he slowly scans the gang of fey and picks out the weakest and lunges drawing his fetish blade as he strike his blade straight through the feys neck blood comes pouring out all over abovus as he roars his rage consumes him and he transforms from his human form to his guaru war form now a hulking 9 ft high with redish silver hair. he turns quickly throwing his blade into one of the other fey as it strikes the other fey jump all over abovus tearing chunks of fur and flesh from his body. he rapidly bites down rending them from his body with his fangs and claws like they are mere chew toys. as he gains his composure he twists wildly looking for his son and the fey suddenly he spots them.
  4. A pale creature stood in the middle of a pile of bodies with his red hair blowing in the wind. A long black coat with silver chains covered his body. Two long silver blades covered in a rainbow of blood attached to his wrists with covered guards to protect the forearms. He laughed as more enemies, mainly fey and werewolves, charged at him while at the same time tried to fight themselves. Gemini jumped with one blade outstretched in front of him, "Come at me if you think you will live to tell this horrid tale." His red hair waved behind him. His main goal was to reach that fey with the giant wings, he seemed like a worthy opponent.
  5. The great fey, through with his mutilation of his last victim, was still in fumes for losing his great wing. He smelled the blood of the man who had taken his glorious wings long before he saw him. The smell of deification and urine was almost as strong as the blood by this point, but he did not care. He would take revenge for his lost wing and protect the last sacred place on the earth if it meant his life. With his long, thin arms, he slammed the soldiers out of the way like a poorly made fence made of twigs. Their panicked screams whizzed through the air like a swarm of annoying bees to him without their poisoned thorns. His eyes were locked on the boy, ready to shred him into smaller pieces than dust. If this fey were to get a single hand on the boy, there would be no stopping it. The boy would be reduced to a pretty slime on the battlefield.
    It was that moment that the fey felt a tug on his leg. A quick look behind and he saw that there was a small group of soldiers weighing him down with a sturdy chain. He snarled and turned, raising his claws to cut them up, but his arm was ripped down by another chain. Whipping his head around, he hissed at another group of men holding him down with chains again. With a large shift of weight, he tried to lift them off of the ground to unsettle them. He managed to lift two with their combined efforts. Soon another chain joined the others, and another and another. But his sights had not been moved from the boy yet. Locking eyes with the boy, he started a slow crawl to him, snarling all the way.
  6. Abovus hearing the clanging of heavy chains rushes to his son to save him but it was to late his son was quickly chained angering abovus even further he starts to rip through the humans that threaten to take his son from him. as he tears into the weak human flesh he feels his body begin to be weighted down realizing that he is being rapped in chains as well he begins to try and get free but to no avail to angered to transform back to his normal form abovus lays writhing in the chains that bind him he looks on as many of the captured are being loaded in to cages on the back of metal machines the likes of he has never seen before

    As abovus is loaded into the cage he notices that many of the creatures with him are very powerful and that this cage was built specifically to hold very strong captives. looking through the other cages he doesn't notice his son at all worried for the worst he lets out a great roar and starts to struggle against the chains that he is bound in.

    after a great while Abovus finally calms down enough to transform free now from the chains he starts to try and break free. realizing he isn't strong enough alone he starts to look around the cage for possible allies to break free from this hellish caravan.
  7. Stheno glances over and grins her long fangs extended "you have kin here? you smell familiar" she has a slight ssss in her voice and appears to be a normal small woman but her slit yellow reptilian eyes say different as she watches him bang against the cage. "Ssssssssir that will not work, thessssse barssss are reinforssssssed"
  8. Abovus releases the bars and turns to see the small woman. he Barks angrily "how do i smell familiar? have you seen my son?" as he lifts the woman into the air with his eyes glazed angrily and primal.
  9. Frustrated by his useless efforts, he let out a roar to cower lions. His teeth sank back into his mouth, becoming more human like. The blackness in his eyes shrunk away, like clouds clearing after a storm. Sitting back on his haunches, his limbs shortened and his skin became less like ash and more tan, as it was before he had lost his precious wing. Ironically, the only remnant of his former self was the splatter of blood on his face and the single wing on his left side. But his eyes, those eyes told everything, an unearthly yellow this night, to show is fury. He was now nearly in a human form, crouching in the corner and glaring out at the men from between the bars. Without a stitch of clothing to cover him, he shook, but it was unsure if it was from cold or anger. He howled to his companions across the battlefield, who were taking hostages of their own.

    The great fey saw the boy who had taken his wing and crawled over to him.
    "Are you proud, boy? Did you find what you had come for? Glory? Riches? You will hunt us until there is nothing but death and destruction, the true testament to the pathetic human race!" the great fey chuckled, "Tell me, boy, where is your father?"
  10. *she laughsss* "hesssss not in this cage but he ssssssmellssss all over thisssss foresst. Sssssssssuc unecccassssary forccccce. If I wasssss you, I would put me down before you loose that arm" she grins her fangs showing and he sees her forked tongue. " And if you are not beneath working with the likessssss of me, I can get ussssss out of this"
  11. the boy stared soullessly back into the feys eyes and chuckles "i am no human i am a great uratha warrior for Luna". "and i haven't a clue where my father is all i know is that he will find me and end who so ever stands in his way" as he spits in the feys face.
  12. Abovus slowly lowers the woman "how do you intend to get us out of here".
  13. *she arches a brow* "you're a big man, I bet myou can get the driver t come back here, the one with the key. Get him within ten feet of thisssss cage and I can promisssse you the key to thisssss door and then you can find your kin.... and I can not worry about being sssskinned, itssss not a fun experience I assure you"
  14. Abovus proceeds to move to the front of the cage. he reaches out and starts to bang on the roof of the vehicle and shouting. suddenly the vehicle stops and the driver steps out with a rod about 4ft long with a weird glow at the end the driver starts to jab at abovus with at about the 5th jab abovus falls to the floor and passes out.
  15. *she smirks and a long repitilian tail shoots out of the cage knocking the rod away and wrapping around the guards waist and slams him against the side of the cage* "you ssssssir are foolissssh" she removes the keys from his belt and crushes him with his tail dropping his body uninterested "well big boy.... I guesss I owe ya thissss much" *she picks him up with her tail and starts sniffing out his kin carrying him with her as she slithers off soon in her true form, that of the naga. Her hair turns to snakes and her she looses her legs her tail fully extending as she hums trying to assist this new man.
  16. The great fey snarled at the boy, "You spoiled brat of slime! I curse you and your family! I am the great prince of the forest, Prince Aran! And it is YOU who should fear my father, boy!!! If you ever let me from your sights, I will take you to the one place where you will beg for death. Release me now or suffer a wrath as you have never known before!"

    Aran snapped at the bars of the cage, attempting to tear apart the metal with his teeth. His yellow eyes meeting the boy warrior with rage.
  17. the boy raises his wrists showing that he is not the one that is his capture "i'm a prisoner as well not for long though my dad will be here soon enough i just know it. and who knows if you beg i might just have him set you free as well.
  18. "How cute." she shakes her head setting Abovus down, "which one of you isss hisss sssson? I owe him a favor ssso I figure I will give him hissss kin back, ssseeems important to him".
  19. Aran snapped his head to look at Stheno, then back to the boy. "You do not want me as an enemy boy. If you release me, you could have a great fey on your side. Keep this in mind before you decide to slaughter me. Your captor has come to release you now, but if you return my wing to me, I will make it worth your while. What is your name, boy?"
  20. Stheno laughs at the word captor, "Fey I did not put any one here in a cage. I jusssst owe thissss onessss father for helping me out of mine, assss a naga I keep my debtsssss, I would not be adverse to releasssiing you asss well if you make it worth my time"