The Longest War: Shards of Power

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    The war between heaven and hell has been going on for longer than anyone can remember, longer than written history can recall. Locked in a stalemate, both sides will do anything they can to turn the tides in their favor, up to and including using humans in their fights. However, both sides harbor a dark secret...

    God has left. The angels no longer have a leader. Their forces are fracturing as their ranks fight over whether they should follow the Archangels' commands, and continue their creator's war, or try and reach an accord before there are no more angels left.

    Lucifer has been killed. His highest command, his son among them, destroyed him to avoid his proposing a ceasefire. The demonic horde is growing in power every day, and they threaten to overrun the angels any day now. Why would they give that up now, when they're so close to victory? What no one predicted though, is what would happen when such a powerful demon was destroyed....

    Lucifer's soul was shattered into 108 pieces, each shard holding a fraction of his demonic power. The shards have recently begun appearing across the world, with unknowing humans finding them and awakening hidden powers within themselves. Without realizing it, they've become pawns in the longest war. Now, it's up to "The Awakened," as they've come to be known, to become the force that turns the tide and puts an end to this insanity. Of course, it wouldn't be interesting without something fighting against our intrepid, wannabe heroes, and believe me, there's plenty working against them.


    Night breathes on the back of the neck of this town. Anybody with the means has got out, fleeing desperately from the demonic energy strangling the city. They don't know why they run, only that something seems to grate at their very soul. The only ones who don't flee are those that create the same energy, those that have Awakened. They seem to be drawn to it, instead. Their bodies are pulled inexorably toward the shards, and possibly to their doom. Such is the case on the night when a motley crew of Devilspawn found themselves up against the mighty Apocrypha...

    Will they survive? Only by working together can they hope to beat something holding so much demonic power. And if they don't, their souls shall be torn apart by the Devil Shards, denying them any chance at peace until the end of days, while their hollowed husk becomes a slave to the power they once wielded.
  2. Current Target

    Original Picture

    Name: Apocrypha
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male?
    Personality: NONE

    Apocrypha is, or rather was, one of the Awakened. After gathering several shards, he eventually succumbed to their control, and the rest of his days were spent hunting down the shards, and those that wielded them. One fateful evening, he came against an awakened bearing 5 shards; he was weakened, bloody, and half unconscious, but still put up a tremendous fight against the beast. The Awakened, whose main ability was to create explosions using the leftover potential energy in corpses, decided that if he would die there, he would take out this interloper as well. He struck the body of the slain Blood Knight - his previous opponent, a high ranking soldier of the demonic horde - and caused it to explode. The resulting explosion could be heard from three counties over. The Awakened, and the man who would become Apocrypha, were no more.

    There was an unforeseen consequence of this action, though. With no one to remove the shards from either awakened, they began to reform as revenants, their mangled bodies twisting and reshaping themselves under the corrupting influence of the Devil Shards. Soon, they became nothing but vehicles for the shards to continue to seek out one another. The man who succumbed to the power of the shards was gone, and Apocrypha was born.

    Motivation: As a semi-sentient manifestation of the shards, his only motivation is to collect more and increase his own power.

    Skills: superhuman strength, savage fighting style, Shard Tracking.
    Talents: Tracking, spiritual energy manipulation
    Non-Critical Skills and Talents: NA

    Number of Shards: 15
    1. Kinetic Energy Manipulation - Apocrypha's already immense strength is increased by receiving kinetic energy. Basically, if he's hit by something, his mass and strength increase by the amount of force he's absorbed. His body will show this by increasing in size, particularly his muscles.
    2. Mitosis - Should Apocrypha absorb more kinetic energy than his body can handle, he will split into two clones. Both new Apocrypha will have power equal to approx. half of the original, and share a hive mind. The clones can split themselves as well if they become overloaded.

    Corruption: No longer living, immune to corruption

    Anything Else You want to include + Additional Images:
    During rare moments of clarity, he remembers his former life and wishes someone would kill him.
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  3. Damn this bloody city to Hell. And damn his body even more for taking him here.

    Jotham leant against a lamp post, flicking a coin through his fingers indifferently when the demonic beast came into view. He'd been expecting it; after feeling an attraction so bizarrely strong in this area, he knew something horrible was around. But still, he was questioning himself why he didn't feel even the slightest bit scared when he looked into the eyes of this... demon. Instead of being frightened, he felt a terrible desire. A desire to kill and absorb whatever he was looking at. Wincing as his hands ached, Jotham did his best to hold back his animalistic feelings. You had to stay civil and gentlemanly in the eyes of danger, after all.

    Eventually pocketing the coin and standing up from the lamp post as the beast drew closer, Jotham sighed and adjusted his top hat. He wasn't sure if any other people were around, but he sure as well wasn't going to take his eyes off this demon to introduce himself. He needed a plan. Damn these stupid hands for forcing him into this mess.
    "What have you got yourself into this time, Jotham..." He mumbled to himself under his top hat, holding the brim. Chuckling, he shook his head. "...Well, no backing out now. Let's test how bloody stupid this dear fellow actually is. And then... maybe there'll be more for the collection. Keh heh heh..."

    Jotham threw a knife behind him, the blade sticking in to the wall of a faraway building. Then, in a tauntingly casual manner, Jotham began to walk towards the demonic creature, hopping on the top of a car, and clapping his hands before going into a boxing pose, waving his fists.
    "Right! Come on then!" Jotham shouted out to the demon from the top of the car, trying to lure it over to him. "You obviously don't like me very much, so how shall we settle this? A bit of the old fisticuffs?"

    Whilst Jotham might've looked like he was acting the fool, that wasn't his intent. As soon as the demon made a move to swing for him, he was going to switch positions with the knife he'd thrown behind him earlier to dodge the attack. Then, if the beast was as strong as Jotham had predicted, it might blow itself up by colliding with the car. After that, Jotham could survey its weaknesses and strengths if it was still standing, and get on to one of his famous plans. Maybe he'd even get some helping hands in the matter?

    He could sense some other people might come around soon - they might even be near or watching him from not too far away - but introductions would have to come later.
  4. Johnathan

    Johnathan crouched on top of a nearby house, staring down at the two down below. One a monster, the other another awakened. It was quiet, except for the sound of the beast and the awakened before him, the latter seemingly wishing for death as he taunted the beast.

    "Perhaps he wishes for death? Perhaps I shall give it to him?"

    Johnathan smirked under the hood of the makeshift cloak he wore, made out of what used to be a rain poncho. His clothes were patched from their years of use, Johnathan hadn't the skill, desire, or time to fix them properly. Instead he had patched them up whenever he had the material, and moved on.

    His thoughts moved back to what he had been nigh those years ago, and thought of his daughter and wife, then strengthened his resolve even further with the image. What he did he did to prevent continuous suffering on the part of the rest of the world, no one would suffer any further then what they already had.

    Johnathan flexed his right hand, then grabbed a pocket knife from a pouch on the inside of the makeshift cloak, popping it open then drawing it across his palm in a thin yet deep cut, and watching as the blood welled to the surface. Johnathan quickly concentrated on the blood and formed it into a small spear like needle, and let it float a couple inches from his palm, before studying his target.

    The large beast had something akin to horns sticking out of what Johnathan assumed was the beast's head. It was also why Johnathan could only assume that's where it's weakness was located. Which of course he assumed was the monster's eye. After all, if Johnathan could blind the beast, it would be easier to kill.

    With that in mind, he let the small projectile he had formed fly, moving towards a very small target, the beady red thing would be hard to hit, but worth it if he did, and if he didn't..... hopefully it would only be the idiot on the car that would suffer.
  5. Griffin had been feeling weird ever sense he had found that odd rock. He couldn't say why he had picked the rock up. He wasn't the type to collet rocks. He rarely noticed rocks. Still that one had appealed to him for some reason so he had picked it up. Now he spend a lot of his time wandering the city looking for more rocks. He wasn't sure way. But he couldn't seem to stop looking for the odd rocks.

    He was walking through an area he hadn't been in before. He frowned as he felt an strong draw and an unusual presence. He was surprised when saw a strange looking beast. The creature felt powerful but he didn't know why. But he was curious. He didn't attack it. Not yet. He want to watch it first. It wasn't wise to attack something without knowing what it was capable of. So he found a place in the shadows where he could watch without being easily seen.
  6. GM POST
    The beast known as Apocrypha roared savagely as his eyes caught a glimpse of Jotham. He snarled as he watched the man prance around, coming to a halt on top of a car. As his attention was focused on Jotham, he never noticed the spear until it buried itself in his head. As his neck snapped to the side from the impact, his muscles bulged, his body absorbing the force and channeling it into his already obscene strength. He roared once more, slammed a crystalline fist into the ground toward Jonathan, sending a shockwave toward him. Not waiting to see if his attack connected, the beast ran toward Jotham, slamming into the car with full force as Jotham teleported away. Had Apocrypha still had a functioning brain, he would've seen what happened next coming. Of course, if he had a brain, he might still have done it anyway.

    The car he smashed erupted into a ball of flame and smoke, letting out an ear-shattering boom. As the flames slowly died down, it seemed victory might be close at hand. Could something that felt so menacing really die so easily? The answer came moments later, as Apocrypha stepped away from the burning wreckage, seemingly unharmed. And then another stepped out from the flames...​

  7. Leaning against the wall and breathing heavily, Jotham did his best to overcome the intense dizziness after teleporting away. It was certainly a nifty trick - but had it worked? Hearing the loud explosion, Jotham smirked as he got his answer.
    "Just as I thought. A bloody idiot." He mumbled under his breath, looking at the explosion as the smoke drifted into the skies. Jotham was ready to say he'd won there and move on to trace the trajectory of that strange needle - but the beast walked out of the flames, seemingly unharmed.

    Seeming annoyed at first, Jotham's expression of annoyance quickly turned to one of immense frustration as a second demon stepped out of the flames.
    "Oh, you can honestly piss right off with that." Jotham grumbled. It duplicated when it died? Well he'd be damned if that wasn't the most annoying thing since socks and sandals. How the bloody hell was he going to... although, was it just him, or did these two copies seem to be slightly weaker? They seemed less muscly, less ferocious...

    Holding his thoughts for a moment, Jotham thought back to the strange, needle-like object that'd struck the demon before he'd made a hasty exit. Was that fired from a potential ally? Looking back to the direction it'd been thrown from - sure enough, there was some sort of chap dressed up in patchwork clothing. An awful fashion sense, really, but he could criticise on that later. It looked like that man was about to be his ally.

    ~ ~ ~

    "Oi! You there!" Jotham called out, sprinting over to the grey-haired, scruffy-looking man whilst the demon seemingly recovered. Briefly, Jotham put up his gloved hands to show he wasn't about to attack. "Easy... don't cut me down to pieces. Obviously, fighting you isn't in my interests. Fighting that... or should I say, them, is in my interests, however." Jotham explained, straightening his tie as he struck a nervous look to the two demons. It wouldn't be long before they started to give chase.

    "What we need is a plan. Or, to be precise, an explosion that can take both of those out at once. That needle you jabbed into its head should've 'killed' it, but it just didn't seem to do the trick. It'll take more than mundane weapons to split one again." Jotham paused, and sighed as he tilted down the brim of his top hat. "I know we're terribly unfamiliar with each other, but would you humour me for a moment and work with me here? If we can lure both of those bastards to a truck - or, even better - some sort of petrol or gas station, we might have some hope! If they split again, rinse and repeat - it has to end at some point. I'll even buy you a drink afterwards; sound good? Good!" Jotham said quickly but clearly, fumbling in his pockets for something.

    With insane dexterity, Jotham chucked some sort of spherical object much further than a normal man would be able to towards the two demons. With a small bang, a cloud of smoke filled the area around the two demons. Smoke bombs were but a small part of Jotham's arsenal of tricks hidden in various pockets and positions around his outfit - after that, he only had two left. It might be completely ineffective, but it was worth a shot at trying to confuse them and buy a little time.

    "There! Lead the way; high ground is preferable!"
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  8. The moment Raelin felt the intense desire well up from her bones, her lips curved into a wicked smile, her heartbeat picking up with the thrill of collecting another shard. She tossed her notebook filled with new recipe ideas and flavor combinations aside to don her scarf and a hoodie. Even if it was nighttime she couldn't risk having her abnormalities spotted or her identity recognized by anyone within the immediate area if she were going to be murdering someone for their power. Her mouth started to salivate at the thought of fresh meat and her excitement turned to utter disgust, but that didn't stop her from grabbing the hatchet from her garage or stalking off towards the direction of her next obstacle.

    "You gotta be fucking kiddin' me," she muttered to herself at the sight of the ugly lug that threw himself into a car. She was certain she had saw another, an Awakened, but she didn't see him disappear from the roof of the car in time. He wasn't the only one, there were others lingering in the area. There wasn't any way to pinpoint their exact locations, and even if she could her attention was better off on the beast- no, beasts that waltzed right out of the flames. She shook her head in disbelief and retreated just against the corner of a building, hiding herself as the pair emerged back out towards where she stood. They had to have at least a handful of shards between them. The way their energy pulsed and felt on her skin made that clear.

    That thrill returned and with it came a plan to take them out. Rae lifted her hand and lowered the fabric that covered her mouth, exposing the thinning lines of crimson that licked at her skin along her chin and jaw. No sooner than when her lips parted did a voice catch her attention and dash through her own idea, her eyes flickering over to the two Awakened given away by the sound of their rather one-sided conversation. Allies. The thought made her nose wrinkle. Yeah, right, allies until the creatures were dead then they'd turn on one another for the shards... Leaving room for her to swoop in and steal them all while they were distracted with one another.

    The noise of the smoke bomb detonating on contact near the monsters made her flinch and recoil further into the alley. Just like them she could no longer see as the opaque gray started to waft into her hiding place. "You son of a bitch." The words were muffled into her scarf as she pulled it back up to conceal her face. She turned away from the opening between the buildings then leaped up to pull one of the rusty fire escape ladders down to get herself to the rooftop. It fell, the bottom of it landing with an unfortunately loud clang against the concrete, but there was no way she'd be able to do anything from down there now, not until the smoke cleared, and by then they'd probably all be out of sight.
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  9. "Well that was stupid." Griffin commented as he watched the idiot interact with the creature. He shook his head. Some people simply didn't have the brains to live. The moron hadn't killed the creature instead he had created a second one. Now they had two of the creatures to deal with rather then one. The fire and smoke was helpful to him. It gave him more cover. He had grown up on the streets so he knew how to stay out of sight. He doubted that he could avoid the beast long though. Not if it could track the rocks. At the thought of the rocks he frowned. He still didn't know where his had disappeared to. He had a mark on his palm where it had it had vanished. Sometimes he thought the thing had gone inside him. But that didn't make any sense. While he could do things now that he couldn't have done before his feet were firmly planted in the reality he knew. He moved closer to the man that attacked the beast. He needed to keep the idiot from creating more.
  10. To avoid confusion, Original Edgar's speech is in Peach, while Clone Edgar's speech is in Royal Blue

    Edgar climbed over the rooftops, tracking his prey through the unique energy it let out. He had been following and trying to fight Apocrypha for days, since the original explosion that spawned him took place. He'd originally hoped to kill him and take his shards, but that plan had obviously backfired. He'd been brutally beaten, or at least his clone had, and knocked unconscious. By the time he recovered, he had tracked the man who'd become Apocrypha to a burning warehouse, the site of his apparent demise. Figuring he'd come back when it was slightly cooler than the sun, he didn't realize what a colossal mistake this would be until after Apocrypha had been born. He'd been trying to rectify the mistake ever since.

    He arrived at the scene just as the car exploded below him. Red hot glass and shrapnel shot past his face as he tried to find cover. Shit, now he's going to be even harder to fight. These idiots don't know anything about what they're doing! he thought angrily. He slid into the shadows as another Awakened climbed up the rooftop toward him. As he watched what was going on, he figured he might wanna step in before the jackass in the spiffy clothes made things worse. Still, revealing himself might be a bad idea. Some of the other Awakened were just one step above the beast they were fighting below, and he'd have to put a lot of faith in that not being the case, at least with the girl(?) on the roof next to him. Fuck it, here goes nothing.

    He stepped out of the shadows into the flickering light next to Raelin, smiling politely as he did, in the hopes that he wouldn't scare/anger her. "Hi, sorry to bother you, but I need your help with something." He looked down and noticed that he had enough of a shadow to activate his power and smiled a little more. "One moment though." He said, closing his eyes and concentrating on his power. The shadow at his feet flickered and shimmered before inflating into a copy of himself. It stood up and brushed itself off before smiling the same way.

    "Normally I wouldn't do this, but I've been hunting this thing for quite some time, and what I'm about to do is much easier if I have something to work with." The clone said, before quickly unraveling Raelin's scarf. "I'll bring it back, I promise." It lied, before jumping down the side of the building and landing on Apocrypha's head. "Been a bit, tall, bright, and ugly! Miss me?" the clone said, trying to get the thing's attention through the smoke. Apocrypha!B roared again in response, blindly clawing at the air around him. Apocrypha!A followed the others slowly, like a jungle cat stalking its prey.

    Meanwhile, back on the rooftop, the original Edgar tried to smile and defuse the situation. "Umm, before you get mad, just know that my power will make me explode when I die." He lied. "It's a useless power most of the time, but it's something to consider before you murder me. Sorry about that, I didn't expect him to do that, honest." He lied. The clone acted just like he would in the situation. "I'm glad he did, though, because if he didn't, I wouldn't know just how beautiful you are." That part was true, Edgar was indeed attracted to the girl next to him.

    While Edgar Classic was trying to get his groove on, New Edgar was running from the two beasts, following the others. "Hey, bloody jackass and spiffy jackass." He said, addressing the two in front of him. He sensed another nearby, but didn't let on. "This big, dumb, animal's ability is centered around converting physical force to power. You try to blow him up again, he'll just split again. Any other bright ideas?"

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  11. Before Jotham could even stop to think and listen to what the man had to say in response, a man with funky facial hair and clothes was calling Jotham by his newly-acquired nickname, 'spiffy jackass'. Not stopping to question it, Jotham more focused on what the man had to say, before the two demons leapt from his smokescreen and ripped him to pieces.

    "So it'll split infinitely without ever stopping? Drat! There goes that idea... I don't know who you are, but that information is invaluable! Ugh... but still, damn it, how was I supposed to know this bastard would split in two?! It was a great idea on paper!" Jotham paused, realising this new man was running from something - likely the two beasts - so he decided to follow suit. Whoever this facial hair-wearing young man was, he didn't seem hostile - in fact, he was trying to help. Jotham just appreciated his company for now rather than pointing fingers. A slightly friendly face was a godsend in a hairy situation like this.

    He'd been asked for any other 'bright ideas', but how could you kill something that split into two when you killed it by force? There were other ways to kill - like poison, but Jotham had nothing of the sort. Burning it didn't seem to do the trick. And he didn't have the resources to do any other wacky killing methods. How the hell was he going to kill it without hitting it or blowing it up somehow? Strangle it with his bare hands? This was impos-


    Suddenly, Jotham's eyes lit up.

    "My good men. I have an idea so bloody ridiculous, it might just work. Emphasis on 'might'... keh heh heh!" Jotham said with a brief grin as he moved. "I don't care how stupid you think I am after my display - but hear me out a moment. While I walked to this town, the only building that caught my eye as I looked around was some sort of swimming centre with two indoor pools. They must've forgotten to drain them in the evacuation." Jotham began, breathing heavily. He knew how stupid this idea must've sounded, but somehow, he was convinced it would be on the road to something, at least.

    "Here's the thing though. There was a shallow kid's pool, and a very deep pool for experienced swimmers. When I looked at that deep pool, I thought to myself, 'that's quite dangerous, someone could drown in that.'" Jotham held the brim of his top hat, his eyes flashing as he grinned.

    "Get where I'm coming from? Let's see if our demon here likes to swim. If we can't kill him with brute force, we'll drown him to his death; the deep pool is certainly large enough and more than deep enough to host something his size. With a figure and intelligence like that, something tells me he can't even doggy paddle." Jotham paused, before lifting his finger. "There's a chance the demon might know how to swim, or he might just pull himself out. So we'll need to weigh him down, or find a way to tie him down. How we do that is beyond me so far..." Jotham seemed to be fumbling about in his pockets, shaking his head in dismay at the absurdity of his own plan.

    "It's still a rough idea with flaws, but it's an idea nonetheless. Making it run out of breath seems key here - it needs to aerobically respire to get that strength and blood pumping. If you two know any bigger bodies of water - like a lake - or know some way we can tie him to the waterbed so he certainly drowns, that'd be great. In fact, any better ideas in general would be great, because this faeces of a plan is all I can think of. Maybe I'm just going crazy out here..."
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  12. The female suddenly became wary upon stepping on to the roof. She barely had time to scan for the cause of her unease before the man stepped out of the shadows. She took a step back, her mouth forming a scowl behind the scarf wrapped around her face. "Hi, sorry to bother you, but I need your help with something. One moment though." Raelin remained silent, her eyes narrowed into a steady glare as she lifted the hatchet up in both hands, holding it in a position ready to swing from the hip. That did nothing to stop the shock of seeing another Edgar suddenly lying on the rooftop. She immediately tried to widen the gap between herself and them, but the weapon in hand didn't seem to phase the clone who came forward and snatched her scarf.

    "Hey, Fucker, let go!" she growled at the copy, struggling to keep the fabric close to her face. Failing, he was able to take it and leap down, leaving the dark red markings between her collarbones and mouth fully exposed. She stared down at the scene unfolding in the street that showed only shadows through the smoke due to the still flaming remains of the vehicle that was taken out. Her jaw visibly flexed while silently gritting her teeth together. Rae knew she wouldn't be getting that back. What the hell did he need it for if Apocrypha was already blinded? Both hands were white knuckled around the handle of the axe as she turned to face the original of the two that had pissed her off, steely brown eyes flecked with crimson anger trained on him.

    "Before I get mad?" Raelin quoted him, laughing. "Well it's too late for that!" She barked out at Edgar as she began to close the distance they shared. "I don't care if you explode, I can just shove you off of the ledge, you damn liar." Her vocabulary was only slightly vulgar with the potential of becoming much, much worse, but that's what happened when she wasn't playing the nice girl. Besides, she was sure his compliment was nothing more than a ploy to get her to not chop him into bits and eat him like finger food. There was no possible logic to his comment of explosive death. He'd have to have already died to know that and he looked pretty alive to her, so why not just murder him and take his shards? The femme lifted the weapon over her right shoulder and swung it outward at him like a baseball bat, the blade audibly splitting the air with a short, dull whistle.

  13. To avoid confusion, Original Edgar's speech is in Peach, while Clone Edgar's speech is in Royal Blue

    Edgar smiled and deftly dodged the swing, catching her grip and pulling her closer. "My dear, if I've survived Apocrypha, I can handle you, I'm sure." He said, kissing her lips tenderly before slipping out of her reach. "You're right though. I am a liar, and I won't explode when I die. Well, I might," he added, thinking a bit, "but I haven't died yet, so I can't say for sure. The only things that I can do right now are change the temperature or the air around me, make a clone of myself, and this." He produced a small collapsible cup from his pocket and swirled his hand over it. A small flash of light, almost like static, flashed over the glass as it rapidly filled with Everclear. He took a sip as a gesture of good faith before offering it to her.

    "I gotta say, you're the first person to catch the problem with the logic in my explosive death lie, that's either incredibly sad or impressive." Sitting against a chimney, he leaned back and watched the fight going on below. "I know you want to kill me and take my shards, but there's a problem there. I'm the only thing that can tell you all how to kill that ugly bastard down there." He cocked a thumb at the donnybrook below. "While you and I are relatively safe here, for the time being, if I die, my clone does too. At least I think." Again, he hadn't died yet to confirm it. "And if my clone dies, it's only a matter of time till it kills everyone. So for the time being, I'm invaluable." Fishing through his pockets, he pulled out a zippo lighter and a pack of thin cigars, lighting one and taking a long drag while his words sank in. "So, why don't I get to know my beautiful new friend and/or apprentice until the fight's over? Unless you've got something better to do."

    Clone Edgar dodged a clumsy claw swipe as he looked around to his allies. "Good idea, Spiffy, but unless we can seriously break him down first, a little swimming pool won't hold either one of him long enough." He looked back at the beasts, who seemed to be getting more aggressive as they fled. "We gotta weaken him first. From what I've learned fighting him, we've got three options available to us. One second." He turned to face the closest one and let out a breath slowly, stomping his foot on the ground and dropping the temperature around him 100 degrees in the span of seconds. The sudden shift made the air crackle and snap, and the beast was knocked back several meters. "He's gonna get back up pissed and strong, so I gotta talk fast." He kept one eye on the beast that was focused on them, having lost sight of the other one.

    "He's dangerous, but not perfect. If you haven't noticed, they're idiots. If I'd had my brain blown out, I'd probably be dumb too. They can be tricked easy enough, long as you're smart. As for weakening him, the best way is either fire, acid, or each other." He laughed a bit, remembering their last fight together. "The kinetic absorption doesn't work on things he causes. If it did, he'd get stronger with every single step. If we pit the two of them against each other, we can gain the advantage. Also, i don't know if you noticed, but they get weaker with each split. If you think you can handle a mob, it could be worth it to overload them some more."


    While the Edgars were chatting, Apocrypha!A had gotten the scent of another Awakened. He'd been skulking around while the others had been fighting more aggressively against Apocrypha!B. Apocrypha hated those that were too cowardly to attack head on, ever since his days as a human. He let out a vulgar snarl as he closed in on Griffin, certain that the man must know what was coming. A savage roar came from his lips as he picked up a motorcycle and threw it at the skullduggerous Griffin.

    Apocrypha!B slammed into a brick wall, Edgar's trick with the temperature causing a shockwave to tear through the air. He could feel bones splinter and crack as his body absorbed the kinetic energy and began to swell and distort from it. The pain from the transformation only made him more furious. Soon, he was charging at the trio of future victims. All he could see was red; all he could think was how it would feel to bathe in the blood of the Awakened. He would kill them, brutally, and he would eat them.

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  14. Johnathan

    As soon as the needle made contact with the beast, the results were almost instant. What Johnathan had assumed was a weakness was indeed not one, the damage he had done only made the beast angrier and seeing as Johnathan saw no visible effects of the attack, besides the fact that the beast split, Johnathan let the blood spear type weapon disintegrate. He'd need to rethink his plan of attack.

    Well at least he would have, had the spiffy idiot not been running towards him. With an annoyed look on his face, Johnathan used the wound in his own hand to draw another thin stream of blood to form another needle, and was about to attack the man when he got close, when the man began to talk.

    Instead of responding or listening to them man however, he simply neither said nor did nothing. When approached by the other man, he once again said or did nothing, simply listened as the man insulted them, then proceeded to explain just why the thing split.

    Ignoring the pair of them, he began to study the monster once more, searching for a weak spot. If he thought it was a traditional animal, he would have gone for the place that excrement was deposited from, as that would allow him a way into the animal's body without having to make a hole, however given that the beast was something otherworldly looking, he doubted that would work.

    Once again his attention was drawn to the eyes of the beast, and he nodded silently to himself, continuing to study the beast, right up until the moment it began to run at them, and at that point Johnathan began to run as well, just to the left, and over the tops of two rooftops before finally coming to a stop and pointing his needle at the beast, but not letting it fly.
  15. "Bloody Hell... I like your thinking, Goatee, and I'd love to chat a little more, but it's as fast as it is ugly...! Although, on the bright side, only one seems to be following us now...?" Jotham panted, making a sprint for it as the beast recovered from the air-snap attack. The silver-haired boy had just made a dash for the rooftops; he hadn't said anything whatsoever, making Jotham think that he was just another threat, waiting to stab him in the back when the whole thing blown over. Typical. Goatee was his only potential ally for now, and he'd damn well take it - he had plenty of useful info.

    As Jotham made a run for it, the back of his coat suddenly spread out, spraying an array of small, sharp metal objects on the floor behind him: caltdrops. He knew the beast would just stomp over them like ants, but the puncture wounds might distort its feet and make the demon's body swell even more. And whilst that seemed like it should be avoided in hindsight - making its feet big and bulky was like tying weights to its angles once if it ever got in the pool. It was a start.

    "Maybe that'll slow him down. Probably not, but I might have one idea to weaken him if you're interested." Jotham said to the facial-hair adorning man who was hopefully still at his side. The blood needle dude didn't seem to be interested in them at all, and he'd just went off somewhere. Great. Now Jotham needed to be on his guard to avoid taking a spear to the head.

    Hopping up the bonnet of a truck and sprinting across the trailer of it to jump onto the rooftops, Jotham was beginning to tire a little from all the sprinting. He may have been fast and dexterous, but his endurance was nothing special. Panting as he kept balance on the tiled roofs, Jotham pulled out a bottle of red wine from inside his coat, taking a large swig from it to regain a little strength as he ran, before looking at it thoughtfully.

    "As nifty as the whole acid thing sounds - fire will actually work, you say?" Jotham asked, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. "...Tsk. It's a shame this Cabernet Sauvignon '03 is only 7% alcohol. That's nowhere near strong enough to make an improvised Molotov of sorts. But if we can find some sort of highly flammable liquid, we could cook away his flesh nicely with some liquid fire right to the face." Jotham suggested. "The question is, where to get said flammable liquid... hmff... any ideas?" Taking another swig as he ran, Jotham looked thoroughly upset when he emptied it on the floor to use the empty bottle later, but it'd have to be done.
  16. She followed through with the pull, keeping herself balanced on her feet and accepting the invitation to get up close to him. Her teeth clamped down on the tip of her tongue to keep from insulting the Original Edgar. Sure he might have survived the beast down below, but a few days with her would certainly be his death. When he moved in she jabbed the butt end of the hatchet into his abdomen, becoming flustered and nearly dumbfounded at the sudden kiss. "Fucking ridiculous," she muttered and quickly withdrew from him to look over the edge for the source of the sudden vibrations under her feet. The smoke was clearing and left her with the view of only one of the monsters who had chucked a motorcycle for no apparent reason.

    Raelin shook her head, slightly upset with the fact she had lost track of the other half of Apocrypha. Unfortunately the man jabbering away at her might now be telling her the truth, that he was the only one with enough knowledge to actually kill the thing going on a rampage. He was certainly right about her wanting to murder him, though at this point she was more than positive it was simply because he annoyed her. Her best choice of action now was to just... Go with it.

    The corners of her mouth tipped downward in a frown, a sigh leaving parted lips as she straightened up and reluctantly turned to the stranger who had already given away his abilities, declining the cup that he had offered with another glare. "Depends on how many people you tell that lie to." She made no comment about becoming his friend nor his apprentice, instead skipping over to his last inquiry. "Yeah, about that, shouldn't we be doing something about him," she gestured down to the only entity left within their sight. "If you know how to do something about it, Mr. Invaluable?"

  17. To avoid confusion, Original Edgar's speech is in Peach, while Clone Edgar's speech is in Royal Blue (actual color may vary because my phone is a twat

    "That's the funny thing about having a clone, love." Edgar said with a smile, drinking some from the cup and taking another drag from his cigar. "My better half is already down there taking care of things for me. Why put the original in harm's way as well? Especially since, unlike him, I can't come back." He chuckled a bit.

    Edgar looked over her once more, his eyes lingering on her chest a bit before going to meet her eyes. "Judging by your markings, I'm guessing whatever you can do, it involves your mouth. Unless you can breathe fire, I don't think you'll be much help against something made of crystals, bones, and hatred." Since he'd killed that other Awakened, he made sure to study as much about them as possible, in case he felt the need to kill another. "You're better off up here doing recon. Feed me the data and it'll transfer to my clone to help the guys on the ground." Given her obvious distaste of him, it might be wise to let her go, but wise moves were never his strong suit. Besides, why should they get to ogle her too?

    Clone Edgar watched Jotham drop the caltrops and wondered himself if they'd even make a dent in the beast. "Good thinking Spiffy, you never know what might hurt the ugly bastard." Sure enough, as the beast charged toward him, he stomped into the caltrops and stumbled, falling to the ground.

    He watched Jonathan run away, up the building to a higher vantage point. Squinting, he saw another blood needle appear in his hands and hollered at him. "Hey, Bloody Jackass, slam a couple of those into him! We need him to split again!" If they split again, it might give Jotham and himself a better chance to kill the damn thing. Looking back to Jotham, he noticed him pull out a bottle of wine and start drinking it. He got closer to Jotham as he began talking about a molotov. "A Molotov is actually a great idea. I can take care of that." He said, gripping the scarf in his hand a bit tighter. When he saw him go to pour out the wine he rushed to grab it, opting to chug it instead. "I know it's just a 2003, but there's no reason to waste alcohol." He let out a deep breath as he polished off the bottle, before tearing the scarf in his hands in half. He held one half in his mouth and stuffed the other in the bottle, before focusing on it and using his power to convert the molecules of the thread into pure ethanol. As soon as the bottle was full, he shoved the other half of the scarf inside before handing it to Jotham. "Think you can throw it properly when he splits again?" It was right after the split when the beast would be weakest. If they were lucky, the firestorm they were about to unleash on him would be enough to kill him outright...

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  18. Johnathan

    Johnathan was merely irritated by the man who called him a jackass, but he also had a point. The two halves didn't seem nearly as strong as they did together, so splitting it again would definitely help. If all else failed, Johnathan always had his trump card, even though it would hurt like hell.

    "Damn this world."

    Johnathan flexed his hand, opening up the wound he had inflicted there and flooding it with fresh blood, which he then pulled out and formed into five separate needles. Taking careful aim, Johnathan shot each of them in rapid succession at the beast's eyes again, perhaps he could get lucky and hit one. In this case, there was a catch, as soon as the needles hit, they would split into miniature versions of the big needles, and each would imbed themselves into the nearest patch of skin of the monster, causing superficial but no doubt painful damage.
  19. Well so much for going unnoticed. Griffin thought as he dodged the motorcycle. He was barely able to avoid the large machine. He was grateful that he was fairly fast and agile. He figured it wouldn't be long before the creature was onto him. He still didn't attack the creature. He wasn't going to do anything stupid. He wanted to watch and study the creature. He knew he would only get one change. Maybe two if he was lucky. He looked at the others. They seemed to be coming up with a plan. He hoped it was better then the one that had divided the beast. He debated going over to there and listening in. He wasn't exactly a people person. But he felt drawn to them. He wasn't sure way. He was usually happy on his own. He looked from the beast to the group. They might be easier to watch. And they might be able to prevent more creatures from being created if they worked together. He slowly made his way towards the group sticking to the shadows even though he now knew that the creature could see him.
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  20. Taking the Molotov the man had made on the spot with a highly impressed expression, Jotham leant over to sniff the clear liquid that was in the bottle. Holy crap. Ethanol - there was no doubt about it. Jotham's eyes seemed to light up. This had saved tons of time, and made things much easier. His power was extremely convenient at this moment - to say the least.

    "Holy moly... this is... this is perfect. I don't know how you did that, but I could kiss you right now, good Sir. This is just what we needed!" Jotham said, his face an expression of almost childish levels of excitement. "And don't worry. If there's one thing I can do properly - it's throwing things. It's a shame we have to burn this scarf of yours, though - it had a wonderful pattern." Jotham said with a regretful sigh, feeling the fabric at the top of the bottle in his fingers for a moment, before bearing a fancy, jewel-encrusted zippo lighter with his other hand. Flicking on the flame, Jotham waited for the scarf at the tip of the Molotov to catch alight properly.
    "Oh, and as lovely as 'Spiffy' sounds, please call me 'Jo' from now on. Compared to some of the other shard-bearers I've met in the past, you seem okay. Perhaps I'll buy you a drink when this is over."

    Thankfully, the silver-haired, blood-throwing chap listened to Goatee, and chucked a barrage of needles at the demon whilst it was recovering from the caltdrops. Clicking his neck from side to side, Jotham took a few steps back, before hurling the Molotov.
    "Well then! Two demons a la flambé, coming right up!"

    When Jotham threw it, the Molotov travelled so insanely fast that it just seemed to disappear from his hand, and in the blink of an eye, it was going straight for a space between the two demons so it'd hit them both - assuming the needles had managed to split the demon. If it hadn't split, Jotham would just aim for the face.
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