The Longest Nights (FNAF RP)

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  1. Tracy couldn't believe it when she was hired at the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place. She got the job when her Father passed away. A mixture of pleasure and sorrow filed Tracy's brain. As she entered the facility, another emotion she couldn't explain swept over her, fear. Somehow, the singing animals that Tracy once knew so well seemed… different. The feeling was inexplainable. She felt like she wasn't welcome at the establishment. Brushing off the feeling as just first night anxiety, Tracy waited for more of the night staff to show up.
  2. The Marionette dwelled patiently in his box. It was a cute little box that had it's own nice red bow on top of it, it looked like a present. All he was waiting for was the time, 12am, to make it's way. Usually another animatronic would let him know when the time had come, it made him happy to not be forgotten. He gently lifted the lid just enough to see his prize room. It was a little dark and a few toys were missing on the shelves, for when kids would win a prize. Every now and then a lucky kid would get to see the Marionette and he or she would usually get a free prize of something of the like... But at night... That was a different time. The Marionette got to have his fun. He couldn't wait to see his friends... They usually couldn't wait to see him. All he wanted was some freedom... Really soon... He reached for his music box, having to tilt his box slightly to reach it. When he did, he gave it a few god cranks on the handle and the nice little tune kicked up. It had calmed him down... He hid back in the box and put the lid on properly. There, he waited...
  3. Bonnie
    "Sometimes to do some good. You got to be the bad guy!"

    It was early in the morning where Bonnie had to do his duty. He happily played his guitar while greeting the children with a smile placed on his face. The same old songs left his lips as he continued to play, though he did sneak himself away for just a little bit. The children would be playing while they were in the 'backroom', but Bonnie decided it was time to walk a little bit away from everything. "Master~!" He chirped as he skipped down the hallway and gave the prize room's door a little knock before entering and seeing the box. He did worship the marionette, but never did he think of him more than a friend. Though the formal title of 'Master' was always used to address him. "I am on my break Master! Ready to play tonight?" He asked with his cheerful smile and crimson eyes that seemed to light up a little bit in the dark, his guitar was placed near the box as he sat down in front of the box. His mechanical ears moved over to the side, fixing his ponytail and bow tie a little bit. He had to go soon in case someone came to look at them, but.. for now he was safe. "Oh! I heard there are new night guards here! It is going to be fun to play with them~! What do you think Master?" Bonnie asked. He was probably the one that continued to go to the prize room all the time. He loved the Marionette, in a master-servant kind of way, so being with him always made a smile creep up on his lips.
  4. There was a knock at the door and a cheery voice that sounded ever so familiar. It was Bonnie! "Bon-Bon? P-play time? Tonight..." Periods of time without speaking left his voice box frazzled, it took him a minute or two to get it properly running. "I'm always ready for playing. New g-guards? Do you think they'll tell me a s-story?" He reached over to Bonnie's guitar and plucked one of the strings with a small finger. He giggled softly and turned to Bonnie again. "Where are m-my other friends-s?" He was talking about the other animatronics of course. The more the merrier...
  5. Freddy sighed as the pizzeria opened for business for another day. It had god knows how long since him and the others were first placed here. Singing the same songs and telling the same jokes had worn on him. He scowled and watched as Bonnie wandered off, leaving him and Chica to deal with the public.

    "Um....hehe, sorry folks, we'll be back in a few moments." He said in his normally goofy voice before the curtains closed. As soon he was outta the public view, he growled and stalked after the purple rabbit. He stopped when he got to the Prize Room. He peeked inside and noticed Bonnie talking to Marionette.

    "Bonnie!" Freddy barked angrily
  6. Bonnie
    "Sometimes to do some good. You got to be the bad guy!"

    "Yes! Play time!" Bonnie repeated as he loved the nickname he had gotten. He knew that the Marionette's voice had a little bit more problem than his own, mainly because he was singing and playing his guitar all the time, while the marionette had to be hiding in his box most of the time. Bonnie always thought it had to be really boring, but it seemed as if his voice would come along after some time. "They will tell us tons of stories!" He told the marionette with a bright smile. The sound of his guitar made him look over, though the soft giggle made him giggle as well. Tonight they had new people to play with! "I think Freddy and Chica are still in the backroom. They are probably on their way!" Bonnie said in his usual cheery tone as he looked at his guitar. "Want to try and play it? We can sing a song together!" He cheered as he loved to spend time with all of his friends together. Despite how it had gone with the previous night guard, or their previous playmate, it didn't mean his usual cheerfulness ever changed. It rather stayed the same at all times. Humans looked at it as 'killing' while Bonnie was just 'playing'. "I will come here so we can all gather up! Play together with the new night guards too!" Bonnie said with a bright smile before the angry bark of Freddy appeared behind him. "...F- Freddy...? Hi...!" He smiled as he was a little bit startled at the sudden bark, but tried to brush it off with yet another one of his shinning smiles. He wasn't mad because he walked away... right?
  7. The Marionette looked at Bonnie, a sense of wonder in his 'eyes' the whole time. "We should not-t sing whi-while people are here... When t-they leave, we will p-p-play." He was getting excited, all these things Bonnie was telling him were riling him up. He couldn't wait, time moved so slowly but he could not wait until night arrived. Suddenly Freddy poked his head into the back room. Before The Marionette could greet him, Freddy had hissed Bonnie's name. He must've been needed back out there. "Fredrick? What is the problem..?" He'd always kept a professional demeanor around Freddy, until night time of course, and Freddy would be professional back. It was nice, but he sometimes wanted to just be silly. That's why he had Bonnie.
  8. Freddy stalked over to Bonnie. He looked at Bonnie as a younger brother, an annoyingly cheerful little brother, but his brother none the less.

    "What doing you think you're doing, You're not supposed to leave the stage while we are playing the show! You can't just leave without giving me or Chica a notice of when you'll leave and where you are going!" Freddy scolded, folding his arms across his chest.
  9. That question was answered rather quickly. Bonnie was just trying to keep the poor Marionette from going bored. There wasn't anything wrong. but he did have his job... "Bon-bon is not at fault. I told him to join me. I was bored. Sorry." He looks at Freddy and the grin on his mask dampens to a slight frown. The Marionette was over reacting, but he didn't mean too cause any trouble... At least he covered Bonnie so he wouldn't be in any trouble... Hopefully.
  10. Bonnie
    "Sometimes to do some good. You got to be the bad guy!"

    Bonnie knew he was going to get yelled at for disappearing out of the blue, but he wanted to greet his Master! Poor Marionette, he was stuck in this room all day. It had to be so lonely... he couldn't even greet the children while Bonnie had to play his guitar and sing to make sure that the children stayed happy. Sure, he might not be the one that the children loved the most, but he loved being there nonetheless. "Ah! Don't apologize Master!" Bonnie said as he looked at him and smiled, bringing him in for a small hug. "I came here out of my own free will Freddy! I wanted to go here so I did!" He stubbornly said as he looked up to Freddy from his sitting position. It was probably a bad idea, but Bonnie always acted on impulse and never really thought his plans through. It was one of those things that Freddy kept scolding him for doing, just like now. "Can't I have a little break...? I wanna play with Master more! And then I'll come back to the stage?" He asked in a very pleading tone while bending his ears to the side to make him have a 'puppy' look by him. Freddy was also one of those that he considered to be his 'Master' so he did listen to him, but of course it wasn't on the same degree.
  11. Freddy turned to Marionette, his stern look remained on his face. He respected the little Puppet, after all, it was the thing that gave him a second chance at life, after his first one was so rudely torn away from.

    "I understand that Marion, but we've got a job to do, Bonnie has plenty of free time to talk to you."

    Freddy's gaze softened somewhat when Bonnie gave him the puppy dog eyes. Freddy always had a thing for that kind of thing.

    "F-fine Bonnie, but please don't be to long....we've got a full house out there."

    Freddy walked through the door, before turning and nodding his head to Marionette and walking down the hall back towards the stage
  12. As tough and cold hearted as he seemed, Freddy was neither of those at all. As he Walked out the door The Marionette kept his gaze locked on the door until it closed completely. He slowly turned his head to Bonnie, the massive grin back on his mask. He leapt out of his box and practically tackled Bonnie with a hug. "Yaaay! What should we do f-first!?" He was ecstatic, Bonnie was staying for a bit and he wouldn't be alone. It wouldn't be long, but he was going to make every minute count.
  13. Bonnie
    "Sometimes to do some good. You got to be the bad guy!"

    "I'll come back soon! I pinky promise promise!" Bonnie said as his ears shoot straight up when he was allowed to stay there for a little bit longer. He loved the Marionette just as much as Freddy, but he could stay with Freddy the entire night and day, but usually he could only see the Marionette in the evening. Freddy walked out as he waved a temporary goodbye to him. He'd be back soon enough and then he would make sure to see Freddy and give him one of his best performances ever! He was about to turn around and face the Marionette, but instead he soon enough felt himself being pounced and laughed as he was hugged. "Let us play! Want to play tag?" Bonnie asked as he was really up to play anything. They were restricted to this room, since it wasn't really visited much except from the staff who had to get prizes from here, but that didn't happen too often either. Bonnie was planning on staying until Freddy decided to come and get him again. He wasn't the fan favorite, Freddy himself was, so he could stay here a little bit longer than what Freddy probably wanted right?
  14. "T-tag..? But there is no room..." He looks a little bummed out and slumps down a bit. He perks up quickly. "W-why don't we p-play Hide and seek?" The Marionette loved hide and seek. It was the best. He was always found but had a lot of fun. Maybe Bonnie would be good as well. time was ticking at a better rate now, not too much time left... He was excited. new people...
  15. Bonnie
    "Sometimes to do some good. You got to be the bad guy!"

    Bonnie looked around and hit himself in the head, lightly of course, while bending his ears a bit to the side with a small embarrassed expression on his face. "Silly me! I completely forgot!" He chuckled a little bit and looked at the Marionette with a very thoughtful expression before the suggestion of playing hide and seek suddenly came up and his ears perked straight up and nodded very enthusiastically. It had been a while since he had played hide and seek! That sounded like a lot of fun! He could have asked Freddy to come and play too, but he seemed to be busy working so he would ask him to join another time. "Okay! You hide and I will count!" Bonnie said as he turned around and let his forehead rest against the box, the same box where the Marionette usually hid, and then closed his eyes. "I'll count to twenty!" He announced before he began counting, out loud of course. They couldn't leave the prize room, but there were more than enough places to hide in the prize room right? Once they had played a couple of rounds he would return to Freddy to work some more. Though he wasn't really that excited to play with the children, what he really wanted, was to play in the night. That's where his new playmates would be introduced to him.
  16. Well, didn't it just seem....lively to say the very least. It was odd seeing it progress from a pizzeria to a horror attraction that burned down to another pizzeria. Nonchalantly Alex walked in; the place seemed extremely bright, a sharp contrast from Fazbear's Fright. On a small notebook that he carried with him detailed some of the animatronics- Chica the chicken, Freddy the bear, Foxy the fox, Bonnie the-. On second thought, where was Bonnie? Then again, it probably didn't matter much, these things were said to have a roaming mode so they could walk around and whatnot. He didn't really know any of the animatronics personally, he had never been to Fazbear's before, so it was all new, and a bit nauseating for him honestly, seeing the stark constrasts in himself and the place he was working at. All the same though, he still had no idea what he was doing. Deciding not to show his indecision, he casually leaned on the wall near the door. His dark clothing was replaced by a lighter blue shirt and jeans, probably to fit in better with the establishment. He honestly had no idea what to do when hired, he was just told to show up.
  17. The Marionette watched as Bonnie started counting and rested his head on the box. The Marionette carefully creeped to the box and hopped inside without a noise. He closed the top of the box and and huddled in the bottom. Trying to hold in a giggle, he waited for Bonnie to find him. He was always found, but he was too scared of any other place than his own box. He waited patiently as Bonnie reached the last few numbers. Thoughts flew through his mind, new guards were here soon. He wanted to see them...
  18. Tracy managed to look up to see a kid around her age wearing a light blue shirt. She nodded and said "There's some ruckus in the Prize Area, if you want to check it out." She finally said. Tracy knew that probably some kid could've snuck in, but she wasn't so sure. As she stayed near the stage, she noticed that Bonnie was missing. "Must be in for repairs." Tracy thought, even though the unease grew inside Tracy.
  19. Foxy was sitting silently behind his violet curtain, reflecting over his role in the new establishment. It wasn't unlike the old days, but now he never left Pirate Cove during the day to serve and play with the children. That wasn't to say he was still out of order though! No, he worked just fine apart from the hinges of his jaw sometimes coming loose or oil staining the fur because of it. He stood in between two broken halves of a boat and sang a song that lasted maybe a minute and a half once every two hours, which wasn't much, but it filled him with so much joy to see the kids crowding around the edge of his small stage and singing along. Some even mimicked his little routine of pacing back and forth in the ship while swinging a hook around, or placed their foot up on the ledge of a chair as he did a treasure chest. After that minute and a half though, he could only watch them from afar to make sure they were safe.
    As closing time approached the curtain to Pirate Cove had been shut, leaving Foxy to watch through the purple veil that was somewhat translucent from his side. There had been rumor of new night guards coming tonight, so maybe he'd come out to say hello...
  20. Grant nervously parked his old Chevy cavalier in the parking lot of Freddy Fazbear's, his nerves getting the best of him for now. He normally wasn't this nervous, he just wanted to make a good impression, fresh out of college and all.

    He walked through the front door and notice that the place was starting to empty out, there was still quite few kids in there, but not as much as there probably was during the afternoon.

    Grant looked around for anybody to talk to about his new position.
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