The Longest Nights (FNAF RP) OOC and Sign Ups

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  1. Plot: 5 years after Fazbear's Fright burned to the ground, A new pizzeria has been built with all the classic animatronics restored and ready to begin business. For good measure, a priest has blessed the place. But a little Holy Water is not going to stop the animatronics from causing chaos. Will the new security staff finally stop the animatronics from driving the new pizzeria to the ground?

    • Freddy (Taken by: Nater Taters)
    • Foxy (Taken by:Libirian Cat)
    • Chica (Taken by: Chica the chicken)
    • Bonnie (Taken by: CrystalTears)
    • Marionette/Puppet (Taken by: Twisted Painter)
    • Balloon Boy (Taken by: Zenlock)
    • Golden Freddy (Taken by: ResloverOshawatt)
    • Springtrap (Taken by: -Kryuko-)
    • All general rules for this sight are still applicable
    • This RP contains Religious Themes (Mainly Christianity), If you support another religion, respect other user's beliefs
    • No Godmodding
    • Please make your characters at least 16+ years in age
    • Post at least once a week (If you will be gone longer than that time, please let me know so I can make arrangements)
    • You can play as an animatronic and still have a security staff member.
    • Have Fun!
    My Character Sheet

    Name: Tracy Smith
    Age: 16
    Appearance: TaylorSwiftHaircut1.jpg
    Tracy is a bit shy when you first meet her, but once she knows you, she is a good person.

    History/How did you get the job?: Tracy practically grew up with Freddy and friends. As she grew older, she also enjoyed going through the accompanying horror attraction. In fact, her father was a security guard when she was younger. On her 16th Birthday, her father was killed on the job. To deal with the pain of her Father's death, she filled his position as a Night Watchman.

    Extra: Tracy often carries a purse with everything from pens and paper to scrapbooking materials.
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  2. Sure! Would you like to post a character sheet, or sign up as one of the animatronics?
  3. yes id like to sign up for chica
  4. Ok, Chica wasn't taken yet, so it's yours. :3
  5. Can I snag me the marionette? pls. Senpai....
  6. Ok, now the Marionette/Puppet is yours! :)
  7. I would love to snag up the role as Bonnie! :D
  8. Alright, he (or she) is yours! :3
  9. Mine~! *snuggles*
  10. I'm going to post the IC soon.
  11. Should we do our CS's here...? :O And are we allowed to use (human/anime) ish pictures for our appearances...? :O Got to ask after all xD
  12. You Mind if I take the role of Ole Freddy?

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  13. Alright, The IC is already up. :3
  14. For the CS, you can post it here and use Anime or Realistic images.
  15. Bonnie


    (Killed at the age of 8 years old)

    Bonnie enjoys playing around and play the guitar. The nights always seems too long, but that doesn't stop the little bunny for playing a game. The night guard is what Bonnie finds to be the most interesting. Not in a friendly or in a dangerous manner, while the thought of revenge is always there, Bonnie is also curious. That and Bonnie loves to be mysterious, one of the many reasons why we have yet to know what Bonnie's real gender is. It tends to be rather confusing as he one day decides he's a 'he' while the next day she will decide that she is a 'she'. In other words, no one really knows Bonnie's real gender and that's exactly what it wants.

    Is this okay...?
  16. Do we really have to make a super detailed CS for the animatronics? Everyone knows them, and (hates) loves them.
  17. I felt as mine was really simple... though I suppose I am also waiting for my CS to be approved xD I'll totally make Bonnie sort of worship the puppet like a master~ <3 It did give them life after all ^^!
  18. The CS does not have to be super detailed.
  19. Hey! Could I take foxy? And I'm just wondering, but if I do take him does he have to be male? Or could I play a female foxy?
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