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    D E V I N O L I V E R P I E R C E || || || 21 || J U N E 1 3 T H
    Devin Oliver Pierce had never been particularly afraid of anything, so when his best friend Jerome offered to take him sky diving for his 21st birthday, Devin jumped on the opportunity. After some persuading, Devin and Jerome had managed to convince their significantly less-enthusiastic friend, Caleb, to come along for the trip. The date was set, the tickets booked, and their weekend was all planned out --- the three boys would drive up to the jump site together Friday morning. They'd sign the waivers, take the orientation, and be up in the plane ready to jump by noon. Afterward, they were to check into a cabin for the remainder of the weekend where more of their friends would come to meet them later that evening.

    It would be the best 21st birthday party that Devin could ask for.

    Devin tapped his hand against his thigh in rhythm to the music as they sped along the forest highway toward the jump site. Jerome, who was the least anxious about the upcoming experience, was driving with the window down and the music blaring while Caleb fidgeted nervously in the back seat.

    "Are you guys sure this is safe," Caleb shouted over the music.

    "Dude, seriously, it'll be fine," Jerome replied, turning down the music enough to make his voice audible. "Stop psyching yourself out about it."

    "It's just... I really don't like heights. Or planes. Or the entire concept of what we're about to do."

    "C'mon, man," Devin piped in, turning in his seat to flash a reassuring grin in Caleb's direction. "Would we do anything to deliberately put you in danger?"

    "No, but..."

    "Exactly." Devin turned the music up again, and they ceased talking for the remainder of the drive.

    The pulled up to the site a half and hour later, and the three boys climbed clumsily from the car. Caleb nearly face planting in the gravel as he tried to climb through the narrow gap between the front seat and the door.

    "I can't feel my toes," Caleb whined.

    Devin had to admit --- Caleb did look a bit green. "Come on, this is an experience of a life time."

    Together, they made their way to the little run-down building with a giant "SKYDIVING" sign plastered in the window.

    "They didn't waste any money on aesthetics," Jerome commented, opening the door.

    A bell tinkled as they walked inside, and a frail-looking old man came hobbling toward the front counter from the back.

    "Morning, boys. Got an appointment?"

    "Uh.. yeah," Jerome replied, examining the old man skeptically. "Are you... uhh... are we going up with you?"

    "Oh, heavens no," the old man replied laughing, "no, you'll be going up with my two sons."

    "Right." Jerome looked visibly relieved, and Devin couldn't blame him. He didn't particularly like the idea of placing his life in the hands of a whithered old man, either.

    The three boys filled out the paperwork, Caleb a little more reluctantly than Jerome and Devin ("I feel like I'm literally signing a death wish right now"), and handed it to the little old man who looked it over briefly before leading them through the back door.

    "Eric and Adam are very professional," the man was saying to Caleb as he held the door, "you've got nothing to be afraid of."

    Caleb's only response was a nervous laugh that, judging by the green tinge in his face, was cut short by the urge to vomit.

    "Morning!" A muscular, dark-haired man approached them with an enormous smile across his face. "You boys ready?"

    "Yes," Devin and Jerome replied in unison.

    "Excellent, my name is Adam and I'm gonna be directing you through the safety procedures. My brother, Eric, will be piloting the plane."

    "Umm... Aren't we supposed to, like, be attached to someone else the first time we jump?" Caleb asked nervously.

    "Don't worry about that, it's just a formality. You boys will be totally fine."

    The three boys exchanged looks. Wasn't it a law or something? Oh well, these guys probably knew better than they did anyway. They followed Adam toward the hanger where he walked them through proper use of the equipment before strapping them into their parachutes.

    "Ready?" Adam asked as the plane roared to life behind them.

    "Yup!" Jerome replied, stepping forward enthusiastically.

    Devin nodded, stepping forward. Caleb didn't say or do anything apart from wobble forward with his eyes closed. They four of them loaded into the back part of the plane and within twenty minutes they were up in the air over the dense forest.

    "Where are we going?" Devin shouted over the engine.

    "We have to get out of the forest before we jump," Adam replied. "There's a van there that will shuttle us back to the base."

    Just then, the engine chugged and the entire plane shook. Adam looked nervously toward the cockpit.

    "Hang on a second," he shouted, unstrapping himself from his seat and heading toward the front of the plane. The engine chugged again, this time worse than before.

    The three boys exchanged terrified looks. The engine chugged again, before sputtering and dying completely. There was complete silence for a moment before the entire plane slowly dipped into a nose dive. Adam hurtled himself from the cockpit, followed by the pilot.

    "JUMP!" He shouted, before he threw himself from the plane.

    Devin didn't have time to think --- mostly because Jerome had ripped Devin from his seat, shoving him toward the door.

    "I'm stuck!" Caleb cried, trying to unhook the seatbelt.

    "JUMP, DEVIN!" Jerome gave Devin another shove. "I'll get him!"

    "I'll ---"


    Devin jumped. He fell freely for a few seconds before pulling the string that released the parachute.

    "Come on..." Devin's eyes were still on the rapidly falling plane. "Come on guys."

    The plane continued to fall, and still there was no sign of Jerome or Caleb. To Devin, it happened in slow motion. He was still miles above the forest when the plane hit the ground, but the crash was deafening. Devin couldn't make a sound. He couldn't think.

    He floated for what felt like an eternity, stuck staring at the smoke that billowed from within the trees.

    Finally, the trees came rushing toward him more quickly, and his parachute became entangled in the many branches of the densely packed pine trees. Devin dangled helplessly for a while, before figuring a way to detach himself from the chute, and climb down from the tree.

    Finally, he was on the ground. He blundered through the underbrush in the direction that he thought the plane would be in. He had no way of telling how much time had passed, but the only thing he could focus on was finding Jerome and Caleb.

    Please be alive, Devin scrambled up a steep hill. He could hear crackling flames in the distance. Please, please, please be alive.

    Devin stumbled to the top of the hill, and looked warily down the other side. The plane was there --- or rather, what was left of it.

    "No..." Devin threw himself down the hill, half running, half falling in the direction of the wreckage. Waves of heat radiated from the plane, and the entire cavity was an inferno. Nobody could survive that. Nobody.

    Devin fell onto his knees and began to sob. And that's where he stayed for several hours. He was completely and totally in shock --- and hadn't so much as considered what he was going to do to get out of this mess. Heavy drops of rain began to fall, slowly at first, but more rapidly with each passing minute.

    Devin needed to find shelter.

    His mind was numb. He dragged branch after branch back to the wreck, his clothes completely soaked from the rain. Propping the branches against the fat trunk of a pine tree, Devin managed to make a moderately secure shelter, piling branches on in a way that kept most of the rain out.

    The fire in the plane was still roaring as Devin crawled inside his make-shift shelter, collapsing against the earth. His two best friends were dead. And it was his fault.

    Devin began to sob again, and didn't stop for hours. The sky was completely black by the time he finally drifted of into an uneasy sleep, from which he wouldn't wake until morning.
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    Alaister Meredith Florian | 19 | March 8th | Heterosexual
    "The forest is not so bad, he said. You won't get lost, he said. Collect the data, he said. Well I am here, collected the data, and I am f@!cking lost." Alaister Florian stumbled around inside a national forest, with no sense of direction. She had been in here for what seemed like a few hours, and well she was frustrated with the entire thing. If it wasn't for her boss, she would have never came into the woods alone, and especially without leaving behind a make shift trail of bread crumbs. "No allowing people to know you were there, so no leaving bread crumbs of any kind, he said." At this point in time, she really wanted to watch her boss choke on some bread crumbs.

    Though as she walked within the forest, Alaister felt a wave of heat come over her, and she needed to sit down. Leaning against a tree, she looked up into the sky and yelled. "All I want to do is get out of here, why must I keep seeing trees surround me." Alaister was all for the environment, but she wasn't all the in tuned with it today. She had never been in the forest alone, mostly because she would end up like this: lost and no clue of how to fix her situation. Pulling out her phone, the 'no service' sign flashed. "Ugh!" She groaned and threw to phone into the air.

    As she did, a roaring noise came colliding with her ears. Alaister scream and cuffed her ears. "What is that?" She said to herself, that was not much in the forest that could make that sound. Looking up she saw a plane closing the distance between it and the ground. "Oh my god." Alaister watched in shock at the event unfolding in her mind. Keeping her ears cuffed, Alaister watched the planes descent, until it disappeared. A loud explosion followed.

    "Holy." Alaister took off running towards the site, though it was a ways away and Alaister wasn't one for exercise. "Okay, you know what" She huffed out. "I am just going to walk there." She was bent over catching her breathe. In all honesty, she hated not being in shape, it made her feel super bad about herself.

    After a half a hour, Alaister was nearing she sight, when rain started to fall. "Great, just great." Alaister threw her hands up and seemed to scold the heavens for this. Looking around, Alaister noticed a low hanging tree, with thick branches. "Okay, slightly more great." Going underneath it, Alaister sat her back against the trunk of the tree. "Looks like I am going to be here a while."


    Dozing off, she was able to sneak in a several hours of sleep. Dreaming of her mothers house, Alaister had a smiled spread across her face. It was thanksgiving, and her mom always made the best food she had ever tasted. Her twin brother was there, and so was her four older brothers. It was a marvelous event, that resulted in her family being rebounded. However, as she opened her eyes she knew that dream was far from reality.
    The last time her family actually had a get together like that was when Alaister was seven, before her parents divorce. Afterward, her father had left with her four older siblings and left her and her twin, Aaron, to live with their mother. She hadn't seen her father or any of her siblings, besides Aaron, since that day. Alaister sighed at the though of her family splitting up like that, she lost all faith in others that day.

    Pulling herself from the trunk, she exited the trees branches and walked into dawn. The storm had passed, and well she at least admired that about this whole situation. Looking around she wondered why she was here again. Looking around, a breeze hit her, and the scent of burning oil and flesh hit her. "Oh god, what is the stench?" Alaister choked on the scent."Where is that coming from?" She looked around, and up to the sky; that is when she remembered the events of yesterday. A plane had crashed. Alaister's eyes widen and she began running towards the scent.

    Arriving on scene, she looked at the scar of the earth, and the wreckage. There was plane parts scattered everywhere, and the pit of the plane was slightly ablaze. It had crashed into a small hill of rock, which stopped the spread of the flames. Alaister stood a slope that caved into the crash. She could see the outlines of two bodies, with it. "God." She managed to say. Looking around she began screaming for help, but there was nothing. No one could hear her this far out in the forest. Examining the sight closer, she noticed a few irregular dips in the dirt on the adjacent side. Looking closer she realized there were foot prints. "No way." It wasn't possible to walk away from a crash like that.

    Walking over to them she realized they caved in, and another set pushed the dirt down in order for the person to get out. "So someone else witnessed this." She followed the angle of that the foot steps pointed in. "Well better go see if I can find anyone." With that Alaister climbed out of the scar, and walked in the direction the foot prints had pointed.

    It wasn't long before she saw a boy underneath a tree, he looked pretty banged up. Her anxiety started to kick in. -What if he caused the crash? What if he killed those people? Don't go over there Alaister.- she thought to herself. This was the reason she had next to no friends, she over thought things frequently. Looking up she noticed the boy was waking up. She gasped, which caught his attention. "S@*t" She whispered. She smiled, waved and turned, booking it deeper into the forest.
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  3. Devin opened his eyes wearily, and was immediately struck with the stench of burnt metal and flesh followed by the realization of his situation. He looked toward the plane and felt the lump return to his throat. And then movement. His eyes snapped to the figure standing just passed he crash, and he sat up so suddenly that his head began to spin.
    "H-hey!" Devin called as the girl turned and began to run into the forest. "Wait!"
    Scrambling awkwardly onto his feet, Devin began to chase after her. He could barely see her in the twilight, darting in out of sight between the trees and underbrush.
    "Please! Wait!"
    Despite the pain in his head and body, Devin ran as fast as he could --- which was fast. He'd done football and track in high school with Jerome and Caleb for the full four years --- and Pop Warner before that. After a few minutes of running, the girl began to look visibly tired, and Devin caught up, catching her by the wrist, pulling her around to face him.
    "P-please," Devin gasped, becoming painfully aware of his throbbing body. "H-help... me..."
  4. Alaister could hear the boy gaining on her. "Oh, why can't I run faster." She thought to herself. Her lungs were burning by now, and her mouth was quickly drying out. Her pace was slowing down, and she soon felt the pull of her wrist. Spinning around she looked up at the pleading boy. She had two options, one: hit him and try to run again, or two: help. It didn't take long for her mind to be made up.

    Every part of her wanted to run, go find a safe haven, but something told her not to. "What happened?" She managed to slip out, her body was shaking in fear of his answer. There was no telling how this accident happened, let only if he was to blame. Pulling her hand away gently, she eyed him as he spoke.
    The boy was about five to six inches taller than her, he was slim yet his muscles were defined even through his shirt. Looking at his hair, it was a ash brown color, and seemed to be well kept. He wasn't the standard killer type, so Alaister took a breathe. "Besides what killer would chase after you to only ask for help? None...I think." She thought to herself, still determining if she should trust him.​
  5. Still panting, Devin loosened his grip allowing the girl to pull her hand away. At least she wasn't trying take off running again --- he was still aching all over, and didn't want to chase her anymore.
    "We were supposed to be going sky diving." Devin was regaining his breath now, but his voice quivered. He didn't want to admit it out loud. "It was my birthday present from... from..." His eyes wandered back in the direction of the crash. Though the plane itself was no longer in view, the trees' shadows danced in the fiery glow. "My friends were still in that plane---" Devin choked on the words, as a wave of nausea came over him --- that horrible smell was his dead friends burning in the wreckage of a plane. He stumbled away from the girl so she wouldn't see him throw up all over the ground.
    "Oh my God," he moaned. The reality was really hitting him now. He'd jumped from a plane leaving his friends to spiral to their deaths. "Caleb didn't even want to come, oh my God. This is all my fault."
  6. Looking closer to the boy that had vomited, Alaister saw a difference in herself. The boy was no longer scaring her, but worrying her. She listened closer to what he had to say, regarding each event he spoke of. A frown soon found its place on Alaister's face, as she heard his best friends died giving him a birthday present. "I can't imagine what your going through right now." At the sound of her own voice, Alaister jumped, she didn't think she would be able to say anything to the boy. He looked like he was going through hell. He was.
    Shaking off her fear, she stepped closer. "It's not your fault, tragedies happen, sometimes we are meant to witness them." Again she stepped closer to him. She had no clue how to claim someone, besides to act claim yourself and reassure them you are there for them. Smiling walked around to face the boy. "My names Alaister, whats yours?" She spoke in soft tones.
  7. "Devin," he replied, wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeve. "I need to get back to the car and call for help." He straightened up, turning to face Alaister and attempting to regain some sort of composure. "Their families need to know that... they need to know what happened."
    Without waiting for a reply, Devin stumbled back in the direction of the crash through the foliage, tripping over the brambles and branches below. The twisted metal wreck came into view; the sickening smell growing stronger with each step evoked waves of nausea that made Devin question how he'd stomached the stench though most of the night.
    The jet fuel had burnt out by now and the fire was starting to die down making it possible to see inside. He wanted to see them --- to be absolutely certain that they were in there. Despite his better judgment, Devin approached the carnage, stepping carefully across the torn earth. Heat still radiated from the site even though the flames were much smaller now. Less than ten yards from the wreckage, Devin hesitated, afraid of what he was about to see inside.
  8. Alaister raced after the boy, though he moved fast she couldn't get to him before he saw the disaster. Running up in front of him and pushing back on his chest, she looked up to him. "Devin, you don't need to see that." As she pushed him backwards away from the crash site. "I know this is hard, but yes your friends have passed. I have no clue what your going through, but I will be here to help you." She spoke in a calm soothing voice. At least that was how she was told to handle situations like this, but who knows each incident is different and no one person is alike.
  9. "You don't even know me," Devin snapped, taking a step away from her and taking a deep breath. She was right, though, of course. Seeing what was surely inside of that plane wasn't going to change what had happened.
    "C'mon," Devin mumbled, breaking eye contact to stair miserably at the dirt. "We need to figure out how to get out of this forest."

    He turned his back, walking briskly in the direction that he thought the plane must have come from and hoping that Alaister would follow. They walked silently for a while. Devin maintained a good distance as he did, unsure of what to say to her. The entire situation was a nightmare.
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